Cicero’s 90 Best Quotes

Marc Tuli Cicero, Born in 106 BC. AD, was a politician, philosopher and of course Roman writer. Considered perhaps one of the best writers of the ancient Roman Republic, he was a famous defender of the republican system and fought against the dictatorship of the so-called Caesar, by all means at his disposal.

As one of the most important figures of ancient Rome, we’ve all heard of him before, but would you like to know a little more about his more personal ideas?

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    Best quotes and famous quotes from Cicero

    Someone as relevant as Marco Tulio Ciceró, he definitely needed a selection of his 90 best phrases like the one below. We hope you enjoy them!

    1. Let arms give way to the toga.

    Laws are, without a doubt, more powerful than weapons.

    2. He who seduces a judge by the prestige of his eloquence seems to me more guilty than he who corrupts him with money.

    Not everyone has the gift of eloquence and knowing how to use it is an extraordinary thing.

    3. There are diseases of the soul that are more pernicious than those of the body.

    The emotional damage we receive can be very damaging to ourselves.

    4. How long, Catilina, are you going to abuse our patience?

    Being patient is something not everyone has, patience is a wonderful gift.

    5. The testimony of my conscience is more precious to me than all the speeches of men.

    We will never forget our lived experiences, no matter what others think.

    6. We are slaves to the laws in order to be free.

    The law is the same for all men and whether it is fair depends on the rulers.

    7. Being happy with what we have is the safest and the best wealth.

    Being satisfied with little in life can bring us many benefits, we need to be practical.

    8. Of men, it is error; fools, to persist in error.

    We must not fall back into the same mistake over and over again. Other great thinkers have also made this fantastic meeting their own.

    9. Where you are good, there is the homeland.

    Finding the right place to live is something that has always been with man.

    10. Strength is the right of beasts.

    The one who uses force is not more powerful than the one who uses intelligence, otherwise this civilization would not exist.

    11. Honesty is always worthy of praise, even if it brings no use, no reward, no profit.

    We must always be honest, it may not be beneficial to us but it will allow us to sleep peacefully at night.

    12. The cultivation of memory is as necessary as nourishment for the body.

    Memories are perhaps our most precious possessions and will always be with us.

    13. Since nothing is more beautiful than to know the truth, nothing is more shameful than to approve the lie and to take it for the truth.

    Lying is a scourge that humanity must get rid of, it does not bring us anything positive in the long term.

    14. Eat and drink, for there will be no pleasure after death.

    We must make the most of life, as this quote from Cicero encourages us to do.

    15. Poets are born, orators are made.

    In this quote Cicero shows us the difference between a poet and an orator, do you think this is true?

    16. Thinking is like living twice.

    Without a doubt, when we remember, we instantly come back to this place.

    17. Although I am older, I continue to learn from my disciples.

    You can always learn with a nimble and brilliant mind, it’s never too late.

    18. Nature itself has imprinted on everyone’s mind the idea of ​​a God.

    The idea of ​​believing in a God is something that has always accompanied man, whether it is true or not.

    19. Never offend a friend, even by joking.

    Being respectful is a sign of intelligence, you have to know how to keep your friends.

    20. There is no man of any nation who, having taken nature for a guide, cannot come to the truth.

    Nature, as science is governed by the law of good or bad, will accomplish its task over time.

    21. Victory is inherently insolent and arrogant.

    He who is always used to winning, like a spoiled child, will adopt bad attitudes.

    22. The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.

    These most valuable things are always the hardest to come by.

    23. Nature wants friendship to be a helper of virtues, but not a companion of vices.

    A life of vices will lead us unequivocally to loneliness, vices are not good company.

    24. We were not born just for ourselves.

    We need to work together in the society we find ourselves in in order to feel fulfilled as individuals.

    25. Not only does fortune blind, but it also usually blinds those whom it caresses.

    When we live surrounded by fortune, we tend to settle down and let ourselves be carried away by events.

    26. What could be greater than having someone with whom you dare to speak like yourself?

    Friendships allow us to talk about our own shortcomings with someone other than ourselves.

    27. History: witness of time, light of truth, life of memory, master of life, witness of antiquity.

    History is a great source of knowledge from which we can all learn.

    28. There is no justice if everyone is not allowed to have their own.

    Since Roman times, private property has existed, an important aspect of our society.

    29. There is nothing made by the hand of man that, sooner or later, time does not destroy.

    Time destroys everything in its path, after enough time we will be nothing but dust

    30. There is no time in life that is exempt from homework.

    There are always tasks we have to do, we will never be exempt.

    31. Virtue is the perfect reason.

    When we reach a very high level of perfection in any need, we get there, mastery.

    32. My books are always at my disposal, they are never occupied.

    Reading is an activity that can give us great personal pleasure and enrich us intellectually.

    33. Nothing bothers human life and the ignorance of good and evil.

    Not being aware of what is right and what is wrong will lead to guaranteed error.

    34. The whole life of the philosophers is a meditation on death.

    It is very common among philosophers to ramble on about death and how it will eventually trick us.

    35. This is the first precept of friendship; ask your friends only for the honest, and do for them only the honest.

    As this quote from the great master Cicero tells us, we must act honestly with our friends.

    36. Men are like gods when they do good to men.

    The best way for a man to act is, without a doubt, to do good to others.

    37. There is nothing so incredible that the oratory cannot be acceptable again.

    Often, words are not enough to explain the greatness of a feat.

    38. To live without friends is not to live.

    Friendship is a wonderful aspect that makes our lives much happier.

    39. There is nothing more unjust than seeking a reward in righteousness.

    Justice does not comfort the oppressed or the aggrieved, because the latter deal fairly with the aggressor, possibly causing embarrassment to the counterpart.

    40. Do not take a step, do not plot, do not conceive a single thought without my knowing it; and I say more, without knowing it in all its details.

    Cicero tells us in this quote, how he could advance the movements of his enemies.

    41. I pay more attention to the testimony of my conscience than to all the judgments that men make of me.

    You have to know listening to the voice of our conscience, it will often lead us on the right path.

    42. So if you want to look up and see this seat and eternal, do not trust what the vulgar say, nor put the hope in your actions in human rewards; it owes the same virtue with its attractions to lead you to true glory.

    We must act in a fair and honorable manner, not for the applause of others but for the simple pleasure of doing good things.

    43. No man has grown up without a touch of divine inspiration.

    Without a doubt, great works are always the fruit of great inspiration.

    44. The loss of our strength is due more to the vices of youth than to the ravages of years.

    Knowing how to act with one’s head in our youth will give us a better old age.

    45. The happy and joyful life is the sole object of all philosophy.

    We all want to achieve happiness in life and for many of us, oddly enough, this is not elusive.

    46. ​​We know everything: the light of day is not as clear to us as the guilt.

    An accusing quote from Cicero that we can use at a time of tension in our lives.

    47. It’s good to get used to fatigue and running, but you don’t have to force yourself to walk.

    Wanting to go too fast can make us lose consciousness and thus not achieve our goal. As the saying goes, “dress me slowly I’m in a hurry”.

    48. The things we say are always more sincere when the mood is angry than when it is calm.

    Anger can cloud our judgment and make us talk more, we need to calm our minds before we speak.

    49. Nothing is more attractive to a man than his courtesy, his patience and his tolerance.

    Without doubt these are three virtues that we should all have, a great advice that Cicero gives us.

    50. Observation of nature and meditation gave birth to art.

    In nature we can find the most perfect shapes, because over time it is nature that in her wisdom created them.

    51. There is no absurdity that has not passed through the mind of any philosopher.

    Even the most absurd aspects of life are often studied by philosophy.

    52. Superstition, that in which is condensed a sterile fear of the gods; religion, which is based on a pious cultivation of divinity.

    In ancient Rome, superstition and religion directly affected the population in their daily life.

    53. Not caring at all what people think of oneself is not only arrogance, but also shamelessness.

    The opinion of others towards us can bring us great misfortune, be careful what others think.

    54. It is clear that if a lawyer were to be appointed ex officio, it would be preferable if, by combining the authority of the magistrate, the talent of the orator, he was invested with the dignity of the accused.

    In this quote, Cicero tells us about law and the qualities needed to practice it.

    55. I have explained to you, senators, the reason for my departure: I will now briefly explain the reason for my return, in which there is nothing to do but admire.

    Even someone as important as Cicero himself, had repeatedly entrusted part of his whereabouts to the authority of the time.

    56. Here are the others with what they say about you, for they must speak; because everything they say will also be circumscribed by this small space of the regions that you see, because the fame of no one has never been eternal, because it disappears with the death of men, and is extinguished with the forgetting of posterity.

    Much will be said about us in our lifetime, but when the time comes they will all be forgotten.

    57. If you think that my feelings have changed, that my steadfastness has been broken, that my soul has been broken, it is a strange mistake.

    Cicero has always been true to his ideas and his personality, nothing and no one would change him.

    58. It seemed that a new dawn had dawned, banished not only the tyranny that had held us captive, but also the fear of returning there: and gave the Republic a great piece that wanted the freedom of the city. , having completely banned the name of dictator, which had often been correct, for the recent memory of the perpetual dictatorship.

    A fervent defender of the republican system, Cicero wanted a government of the people, for the people.

    59. A house without books is like a body without a soul.

    Books are goods of great intellectual value and in ancient Rome certainly much more valuable.

    60. I can’t help but take an interest in what it’s like to sail in the same rough seas.

    We must support those who dare to innovate, the evolution of humanity depends on it.

    61. To be sure, ignorance of impending evils is more useful to us than knowledge.

    Many times, knowing that something bad is going to happen makes us even more unhappy too soon.

    62. I do not consider as free those who do not sometimes have their free time.

    Leisure is a necessary thing for human beings, it helps us to de-stress and relax.

    63. My vengeance will be provided to the various kinds of attacks directed against my authority or my person.

    I wouldn’t want to be in the place of those who once attacked this philosopher.

    64. I speak, but I cannot affirm anything; I will always seek, doubt frequently, and be wary of myself.

    Doubt is a natural thing for all great thinkers, without it we would never find the truth.

    65. His irritated soul thought only of punishing his enemies; I do not think of mine, and I will remember them only insofar as the supreme interest of the republic requires it.

    Believing that justice will work against all wrongdoers can help us lead more fulfilling lives.

    66. If the buyer with the formalities prescribed by law is excluded from the claims of a third party when the seller justifies the ownership of the thing sold, all the more so when the right of a consul to exercise such a high magistracy , the call to justify the designation of the municipality is the consul who proposed it and must give it to him.

    The defense of justice is a very important thing that was already practiced at that time, corruption never got easy in ancient Rome.

    67. The law is therefore the distinction between just and unjust things, expressed according to this ancient and first nature of things.

    A very controversial definition that tells us what Cicero meant by The Law Do you agree with him?

    68. Here, consecrated fathers, here, among us, within this corporation, the most holy and the most august of the universe, sit men who premeditate my death, and yours, and the destruction of Rome; What should I say? The ruler of the world!

    This philosopher knew his life was in danger by reciting these same words.

    69. Finally, review with me the penultimate night, and you will be convinced that I am careful to save the Republic more than you do to lose it. I tell you that the penultimate night you went to the blacksmith’s quarter and you were, I must not be silent, at M. Lecca’s; there the accomplices of your furious criminals have gathered in large numbers.

    The Roman Republic was a melting pot of plots and conspiracies, where some still plotted the death of others.

    70. A bad peace is always better than the best war.

    Peace is the highest goal that a man must pursue, politicians as well as elected officials must dedicate themselves to this end.

    71. If we do good out of self-interest, we will be cunning, but never good.

    It is not necessary to act out of interest, to be honest in life is a very important thing,

    72. Friendship begins where it ends or when interest ends.

    Knowing how to guard against these people who act out of interest can be very beneficial to us.

    73. Confidence corrupts friendship; many contacts consume it; respect preserves it.

    Respecting our friendships is something we all need to do, give them their personal space and know how to understand them.

    74. How long must we still be a plaything of your fury? Where will the cramps of your unbridled audacity end ?

    There are people who try to manipulate others to achieve their own ends, you should not get carried away by such individuals.

    75. Violence, injustice, the fury of the wicked, could uproot and destroy other things; but they could not and will not be able to strip me of my spirits nor diminish my strength.

    Our firm decision is the one that will allow us to achieve our goal. Nothing can stop our will.

    76. To stumble twice on the same rock is a proverbial misfortune.

    Humans are the only animal that stumbles twice with the same stone Has this ever happened to you?

    77. I am not ashamed to admit that I do not know what I do not know.

    When we don’t know anything about a problem, it’s important for others to know.

    78. The life of the dead consists in being present to the spirit of the living.

    We will always remember those people who unfortunately had to leave us.

    79. The democratic aspiration is not just a recent phase in human history. It is the history of mankind.

    Since the beginning of civilization there have always been leaders and there has always been someone with an interest in overthrowing that leader.

    80. Friendship in favorable contingencies makes it more splendid; and to adversaries, separating and communicating them, more bearable.

    Friendship is a force that can make us much more powerful, a group of well-meaning friends can be unstoppable.

    81. True glory takes root and spreads; pretentious openings fall to the ground like flowers. The fake does not last long.

    When something doesn’t have a good foundation, sooner or later it is doomed to collapse.

    82. The truth is corrupted by both lying and silence.

    When we know something is wrong, we need to make sure those around us know it too.

    83. All men can fall into error; but only fools persevere in him.

    As Benjamin Franklin said so well, “to make mistakes is human, to persevere in them is wrong”.

    84. Laws are silenced with guns.

    Armed struggles do not understand laws or rights, they are always violated in such a conflict.

    85. It is not enough to attain wisdom, it is necessary to know how to use it.

    When we have a wealth of knowledge, we must know how to use it.

    86. No one who trusts himself envies the virtue of the other.

    What others have should not give us an equal, what matters is what we have.

    87. If you want to age long, age fast.

    Old age is the last stage that human beings go through, in ancient Rome this stage was quite short.

    88. He is eloquent who speaks humble things with humility; with gallantry and splendor those of the highest category, and in a moderate style the average things.

    Possessing the gift of prayer can allow us to know how to express ourselves in the most difficult times.

    89. All pretended things fall like withered flowers, for no simulation can last long.

    Only those authentic and better things persist over time.

    90. The law was not established by the ingenuity of men, nor by the command of peoples, but is an eternal thing which rules the universe with the wisdom to rule it and to forbid it.

    Thanks to the laws, men can live in society. Otherwise, only chaos would reign in the world.

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