Dante Alighieri’s 80 Best Quotes

Dante Alighieri was a renowned Italian poet born in 1265 in the famous city of Florence, Italy.

The most recognized work of this author has been called “The Divine Comedy”. This work gave way to Renaissance thought and is currently considered one of the best ever written in universal literature.

Considered the father of the Italian language, which until now was called volgare, Dante wrote during his writing career on politics, philosophy and literature.

He fought in the Battle of Campaldino where, as a citizen, he collaborated in the defense of his own city, expressing very clearly his personal opinion on the need to separate state and religion.

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    Excellent phrases and thoughts from Dante Alighieri

    Below you can enjoy Dante Alighieri’s 80 best quotes, With which you will surely discover a lot about him and his literature.

    1. The demon is not as black as it is painted.

    Often times people are not as bad as others say.

    2. There is a gentle thought that sometimes makes me feel alive, because it’s a thought of you.

    Thinking about the person we love always brightens our day.

    3. With wine, poetry blossoms in the hearts of men.

    Alcohol can inspire us, but it might not be.

    4. For the one who makes my veins and my dust tremble.

    This person we love so much will always get nervous, no matter how hard we try, we can’t help it.

    5. The sad souls of those who have lived without fault and without praise.

    We all have good times in life and also bad times, life is a bunch of circumstances.

    6. We should not be afraid of anything apart from those things which have the real power to harm others. Of all the rest, there is nothing to fear at all.

    We must not let fear dominate our lives, but we must also respect what can hurt us.

    7. Above, below, here and there, he carries them; and no hope comforts them, not of rest, but of less pain.

    In this quote, Dante tells us about his descent into hell in his play “The Divine Comedy”.

    8. The best gift that God gave to his abundance was autonomy of will.

    We are free to live our life as we wish, “We must take our time!”

    9. The destination arrow, when expected, moves slowly.

    Whatever happens, in the end we will reach our established destination. Do you think there is a fixed destination for all of us?

    10. The truth that seems to be a lie must be silent as long as it can, so that without guilt it can be ashamed.

    Talking too much can lead to more than one problem, it’s best not to say something that might make us look foolish.

    11. There is no way I can separate the heat from the fire or the beauty from the Eternal.

    There are things in the universe that are simply indivisible, they can never be separated.

    12. It was the hour of the morning, when the sun was taking its place above the stars which shone with it, when the love of God itself first established the righteous movement of things.

    Dawn is one of the most beautiful times of the day, it is always worth experiencing a new dawn.

    13. Love is born quickly to this gentle heart.

    Kindness is a quality that magnifies everyone.

    14. Now, I can see you nest in your own light, and take it out with your eyes, because when the rivers shine; neither who you are, nor why you are, worthy soul, in the degree of sphere that the other rays hide in men.

    This quote refers to the moment when Dante meets former Caesar Justinian, on his journey through hell.

    15. No one thinks about how much blood it costs.

    Some successes may not be worth it because you have to sacrifice too much for them.

    16. I hope we can no longer see the sky. I have come to guide you to the other side, to eternal darkness, fire and ice.

    The descent into hell can be quite tortuous, which no one would certainly like to have to live with.

    17. Oh! Human race, born to fly, How then can a little breeze bring you down?

    As human beings we are able to do great works in our lives, we must always be the best version of ourselves.

    18. Open your mind to what is manifesting to you and hold it within; that no science is made, without retention of what has been understood.

    The important thing to study about something is to be able to understand the concept in its fullness, because in this way we will always remember it.

    19. But thou shalt make him captain of the sword, and make him a king to reign over him. and so your route is lost.

    We must not get carried away by third parties, they can be wrong. We must always act on our principles.

    20. Good is the dominion of love, for it separates the understanding of its servants from all things base.

    Love can help us improve our life to a great extent, a life with love is always led in a different way.

    21. However, what kind of person are you who dare to judge facts that occur thousands of miles away with your vision only covering a short stretch?

    We don’t have to judge others, we may not be fully aware of that person’s past.

    22. Come in, but I warn you that whoever looked back comes out.

    To be able to reach paradise, we will never have to look back. A place we will all reach one day.

    23. Now our minds are like smoke, but soon they will be like fire.

    Certain situations can greatly change a person’s mood, even pushing them to certain extremes.

    24. Your apprehension transforms illusions into illusions, which incite desire, and the pleasurable seduces soul.

    Our predisposition to something can trigger a series of events, which eventually make that thing come true.

    25. It is known that the burning flame of love does not last long in a woman, when the looks and the hands are unable to intensify it continuously.

    Time and distance can calm any love affair. It is something that we have all discovered at some point in life.

    26. Love insists that love return, from the beloved.

    Forgetting someone you once loved can be very complicated.

    27. To love in order to delight in beauty, and in virtue, for sovereign highness.

    The pursuit of beauty has been a constant goal in the history of human beings themselves.

    28. We will not talk about it; rather watch and move on.

    We need to know when to talk and when to be quiet, in some areas it is better not to get involved.

    29. Everything about her was always so brilliant that no one, sighing softly, will be able to forget her overwhelming grace.

    Some people are just impossible to forget, they will be forever etched in our memory.

    30. We are lost and only half have been punished.

    There can always be a new situation worse than the current one, we have to be thankful for what we have.

    31. Speak briefly and clearly.

    It is without a doubt the best way to explain something to someone.

    32. The human race reaches its best state, the more freedom it has.

    Freedom is an inalienable right of human beings, we cannot live in any other way.

    33. High fantasy lacks strength; but already my will and my desire were turning like wheels driven by the one who moves the sun and the stars.

    Imagination can allow us to travel wherever we want, maybe our fantasies have no limits.

    34. I am the way to the city of affliction, I am the way of eternal pain, I am the way to be followed among the lost.

    We all have our own path in life, but it will be up to us where it takes us.

    35. Your fortune reserves so much honor for you that both will hunger for you.

    When our life smiles on us, everyone around us will want to be a part of it.

    36. Love, which does not exempt any loved one from loving, has taken so much of its charm from me that, as you can see, it has not yet left me.

    Love is a feeling that can accompany us throughout our life, even if this love is not reciprocal.

    37. In the center of the Universe, at the farthest point from God, among the frosts surrounding the shadows, this Lucifer, emperor of the realm of pain, pulling half of his body out of the ice surface.

    The place Dante is talking about in this quote is certainly hell itself.

    38. There is nothing to fear, nothing can deprive us of our destiny, it is a gift.

    We will all come to our own destiny no matter what, as the fates of some people, including Dante, are considered immutable.

    39. They yearn for what they fear.

    What we fear so much is perhaps one of our most recurring thoughts.

    40. My route has been traced on an uncharted sea.

    Traveling across seas and oceans was, in the past, a veritable odyssey.

    41. All hope is abandoned by those who enter here.

    When we walk through the gates of hell, as Dante tells us, hope is something that leaves us.

    42. I did not shed tears, my heart was made of stone.

    Those who have been through a lot in life are much more reluctant to share their emotions with others.

    43. The rigid righteousness that hurts me uses the place where I have sinned, so that I can flee more sighs.

    Our memories can torment us gravely, we will never forget some things that we did not have to do.

    44. So honest and so sweet my lady shines, when her greeting is pronounced, that she makes all languages ​​tremble and be silent, and even her eyes dare not look at her.

    The sight of someone we love or beauty captivates us, can leave us speechless on more than one occasion.

    45. The wheels of heaven are above; they bring you their everlasting glories, but your eyes are always on the earth.

    Often times we are not really aware of how much we have, but when we lose it we realize how lucky we have been.

    46. ​​He who listens well takes notes.

    If we pay attention to what is going on around us, we can learn a lot of things that will be useful to us in the future.

    47. You will know from experience the salinity of other people’s bread, and how sad it is to go up and down the stairs in another’s apartment.

    We must learn to respect others because they can go through difficult situations in their life.

    48. Art, to the extent of its possibilities, follows nature, as the pupil imitates his master; in such a way it must be your art. Goddess.

    Art was born because people tried to capture everything they experienced, not in vain in the prehistoric times that man reflected in his art, especially hunting and animals.

    49. Through me you will visit the city of tears, through me you will enter into eternal pain, through me you will walk among the lost.

    As Dante tells us, this is an inscription found on the very gates of Hell.

    50. You were not resurrected to live like beasts, but to seek virtue and wisdom.

    Humans are certainly a unique species within the animal kingdom, there is no other like us.

    51. Beauty awakens the actions of the soul.

    Beauty is something that Dante, like all of us, loved to be able to contemplate.

    52. This precious fruit by which men undertake an anxious search in different couples, will be given today to your hungry soul.

    Love is something that we human beings seek all our life, we feel the need to love and to be loved.

    53. In the middle of the path of our life, I found myself in a piece of wood, lost in a straight path.

    Life can go around in circles and sometimes we can even get lost.

    54. It’s so bitter, and death is so little over.

    Death is something that no one wants to go through.

    55. The arms of divine justice lose their cut before confession and the Whole and the delinquent.

    Feeling repentant is the first step in being able to earn our forgiveness one day.

    56. Open your mind to what I am going to reveal to you, and keep it within you: he who listens, but does not remember what he has heard, does not learn anything.

    We have to make our own all those foreign thoughts that we can learn from.

    57. Maintain the firmness of the tower, the cusp does not tremble in storms or winds.

    Being strong in life is something that can be tricky at times, but we have to do it if we are to be victorious.

    58. There was a time when we were men, but now we have become trees.

    In the Divine Comedy, the wasters suffer the curse of ending up transformed into trees.

    59. The most perfect things are also those which are most likely to receive both love and abuse.

    A beautiful quote that brings us a great metaphor, the key that stands out is struck more times.

    60. A mighty fire is but the continuation of a small spark.

    Smaller actions can trigger very complicated situations. Something commonly referred to as the butterfly effect.

    61. Pride, envy and greed. These are the sparks that set the hearts of all men on fire.

    Certainly three qualities that can cloud the judgment of anyone and those that should not be taken away.

    62. The path to heaven begins in hell.

    To be able to reach the highest it will always be necessary to start from the bottom, life can be compared to climbing a mountain.

    63. If you, free as you are, have been here; it is unlikely that even a living flame will continue to burn above.

    We are all responsible for where in life we ​​are and know where we would like to be.

    64. You are subject to a freer force and a better nature; and it uplifts your spirit, in which nothing can paradise.

    Freedom is something that human beings need in order to fully develop their lives. We were born to be free by nature.

    65. Without you having said it, I understood your desire better than you, nothing true; because I see him in the real mirror which is reflected in other things, but the others in him are not reflected.

    The truth is something that must prevail in our lives, with it we can go very far. As the saying goes, lies have very short legs.

    66. After your damage will come the tears caused by just punishment.

    In hell, as we all know, sinners are punished for all eternity.

    67. He who knows pain knows everything.

    When we have suffered so much in life, few things will surprise us.

    68. At the moment of climax, the capacity which gives me the capacity to describe fails.

    Descriptions are something every writer should be proficient in, but on the contrary, they can get a bit tricky at times.

    69. Our peace is in his will.

    For all believers, world peace is due to the will of God.

    70. The old fame in the world says blind, people are stingy, envious and arrogant: always free yourself from their customs.

    Even if other people have inappropriate behaviors, we should not fall into the same habits.

    71. Aristotle is the master of all who know.

    Aristotle was a genius in antiquity and the teacher of Alexander the Great himself.

    72. Lust can occupy a place which can be forgiven when it is on the path of learning to love.

    Lust can sometimes lead us to do things we are not proud. Over time, we will learn not to get carried away.

    73. Do not be afraid, for as far as you can that will not prevent this rock from coming down.

    We have to put fear aside so that we can be completely effective at what we do.

    74. Your fame is like the flower, which so soon sprouts, dies and withers the same sun that made it rise from the ungrateful land.

    Fame can be fleeting, we can have it today, but maybe not tomorrow.

    75. To whom we give a lot, we expect a lot from him.

    The one who is continually rewarded is usually the one who is most anticipated when the time comes.

    76. Now you, you already know how much my love for you burns deep within me, forgetting our emptiness, facing shadows and solid things.

    Love can lead us to do those things we never thought we could. Love is a big motivator in anyone’s life.

    77. Overcome laziness with a mind that overcomes all struggle, if with the serious body that does not prevent it.

    Laziness is, according to the Old Testament, a cardinal sin. We don’t have to be lazy in our lives.

    78. At the bottom of such pain, the tongue moves in vain; the language of our memory and our senses has no vocabulary of its own for such pain.

    Some emotional pains may not be able to be explained in simple words because there may not be words that can accurately describe them.

    79. He who paints there has no one to guide him, but to guide him, and from him springs the virtue which gives shape to the nests.

    We have to lead by example with our own way of doing things, that way we can make the world a better place.

    80. The wiser you become, the more boring it is for you to waste time.

    Our time in life is a very, very limited commodity, we must not waste our time.

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