David Broncano’s 70 Best Quotes

David Broncano Aguilera is a famous Spanish comedian and radio / television presenter, Born in Santiago de Compostela in 1984. Although born in Galicia, he spent his childhood and adolescence in the town of Orcera, in the province of Jaén.

This winner of two Ondas awards has achieved success in his profession with the radio program “La vida moderna”, and is currently breaking all plans with his television program “La Resistencia”.

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David Broncano’s Phrases, Expressions and Jokes

Who does not know at least one of these two programs? Broncano is fast becoming a humorous phenomenon that no one can miss. Would you like to know their best phrases and expressions?

Then we are going to show you the 70 funniest David Broncano phrases and expressions, You will surely enjoy them!

1. But what is pachado!

This is one of the funniest phrases Broncano repeats frequently on his shows.

2. Don’t call me Broncano today, call me Lord Pachacho.

During an interview on the Batega Motiv show, Broncano introduced himself in this particular way.

3. A living hole!

A curious phrase from this great actor who talks about drinking a little at a time.

4. Porcí, Marrano, Cochino, Pork, enceball, Gocho, Garrí.

The ways in which Broncano can refer to a simple pig can be really quite varied.

5. Does anyone help me understand what this song is? Tititi Tatata uuu Tatata.

Broncano constantly interacts with his audience, which people around him will certainly appreciate.

6. He was a person and became a puppet.

The word doll is widely used by this particular comedian and comes from the expression “stay doll”, stay dead.

7. Go to the scree of stone, Madonna.

No doubt Broncano has a really curious way of expressing himself.

8. If the amoche is very messed up, you may end up with a doll.

“Amoche” is another expression commonly used by Broncano, meaning simply “dead”.

9. Why does the egg swell so much when you get rich?

The topic of wealth is very common in his interviews, Broncano is always interested in knowing how much money his guest has.

10. At the Picos de Europa, go to the coast!

It is well known that the Peaks of Europe have a great altitude, the simple name tells us everything.

11. With this you go to the farm to kill the sparrows.

In certain regions of Spain they are told like gorriatos, to the birds to which he hunts them.

12. I’m sorry, but I don’t even know him.

The sincerity of this actor, leads his own interviews to talk about anything. If you don’t know a topic, pull out a new one.

13. “Pff a great subject!

This way he refers to the songs he likes the most. Many of us can do it the same way. Do you agree?

14. Could they sum up World War II?

As we see in this quote, Broncano is not a great understanding of WWII.

15. He kicks me out and gives me this gesture which I think indicates that I have to continue for 5 more minutes with the program.

There is no doubt that this actor is known to have brought the opposite of his detractors on several occasions.

16. “Pachacho, you bastard!”

The conspiracy in his programs is a key aspect, which allows his viewers to establish a great harmony with the own comedian.

17. The best fiber.

Whatever the subject, as mundane as it sounds, Broncano can make a good joke. Fiber, for example, can mean several different things, depending on the context in which we are speaking.

18. Ortega Cano on the back of an albino zebra.

The jokes in their programs can get very surreal. We have to be careful not to miss anything.

19. My hands sweat a lot.

The spectators of Broncano know very well this intimate side of the young presenter.

20. I can show Mufasa the eggs.

“You never know where Broncano will come from! This showman has a very special way of making humor.

21. Simba, pull this one.

Poor Simba was also a victim of Broncano’s humor.

22. “Those people who keep going with Pokémon Go!”

How many people do you know who are still playing this game?

23. GNE, today David was cowardly.

He has always been his biggest critic, he knows very well that the bar is very high.

24. My brown cock.

Sometimes the resistance program may not be for everyone.

25. Living doll.

Stay doll or just die.

26. Last night I snuggled up in a refrigerator.

During a program with the famous Andreu Buenafuente, the two discuss the meaning of this funny phrase.

27. The pachachos.

A very curious way for Broncano to refer to his boys.

28. Because you still have 1 taenia agarrao here.

When you have a Taenia, you have a parasite that does not allow you to gain weight no matter how much you eat.

29. Welcome!

Broncano refers to this expression in reference to the fact that you are tired of eating or getting very fat.

30. I have all the vinyl.

Who laminated it or like new.

31. Jo amochaba toros.

A very particular way of saying that he killed oxen, which of course is only a joke, has never really been devoted to this profession.

32. A callao glop!

Without making noise, as if to go unnoticed.

33. Cocaine damages the brain, but in your case it seems the damage has already been done.

Can you joke about drug use? Yes you can.

34. How tall is Andreu Buenafuente?

In this funny sentence, Broncano accuses his boss Andreu Buenafuente, another great actor of Spanish television.

35. To me and to God, he has already given me support for the tablet.

A funny joke from this comedian, which all men will surely understand quickly.

36. It gets stuck, you have to hit it with the machete.

This particular way of pronouncing certain things has won him a large number of admirers. It certainly brings fresh air to the world of humor.

37. Let it peak.

Who hasn’t left a door with something to top it off? Especially so that it does not close.

38. Here dies a pashacho.

When a pachacho dies, he deserves a farewell.

39. Better than stramonium!

Stramonium is a drug that causes severe hallucinations and, in high doses, causes death.

40. My joke about when North Korea qualified for the World Cup was that like they said it was the kill group because it was with Brazil and the Coast. Ivory, I said that any group in which North Korea is the death group is the death group. .

You have to have the courage to laugh at North Korea, one of the bloodiest dictatorships in the world.

41. The other is that the parties with North Korea decide to die suddenly.

With North Korea, it can be very difficult to play a game of football, which no one would certainly want to have to do.

42. If you’ve been that distance and say you know him … From that, I also know (Roger) Federer.

Broncano is a well-known tennis fan and, as he often says, a friend of Rafa Nadal.

43. You are Oprah Winfrey from Albacete.

This way it baptized Ernesto Seville, when this one gave money him to one of its spectators.

44. How am I going to have a Murcia accent? It’s worse than having an STD.

As we can see from this sentence, Broncano is not an admirer of the region of Murcia.

45. I would have liked you to tell me something else in David’s plan, you seem to be running out of water.

Lack of cleanliness can be a good mockery and this presenter takes any opportunity presented to him.

46. ​​In Spain, jokes are more punished than insults.

Being a comedian today can be a challenge, as many bands report any jokes they find offensive.

47. I had no comedy vocation, I was just a fan, but I wrote a monologue … and that’s it all roll up.

The monologue Broncano refers to is the one he wrote for the famous program “The Comedy Club”.

48. I’m 31, they’re all much older, eh.

Many of today’s comics of the highest level are, as we see in this sentence, much bigger than this well-known millennium.

49. Over the past year, I have noticed a surge in popularity. The sum of appearances in different media created a Broncano bubble which gradually inflated. But it’s small, eh. A mini bubble.

The success of this comic has increased in recent years, currently being at the highest level.

50. Although I noticed the thing was getting out of hand when L’Drogues, frontman of Barricada, approached me to tell me that he was a fan. And I went crazy because I imagined him knocking down the pillars of Western society and not watching YouTube.

Who would expect a rocker of this level to be their fan? This time, Broncano received a healthy dose of reality. Fame can surprise anyone.

51. Laughter is laughter, now and always.

Humor has always started from the same base, but over time that base has grown and changed in its course.

52. The big difference is freedom. We are allowed to do and say whatever we want.

Nowadays, comedians can use spaces like YouTube or social networks, to be able to convey their message.

53. There are no limits to humor. No nuances. If anything Muhammad, because they kill you and it’s not flat.

Making humor out of the Muslim religion has always been something very disapproved of by its believers.

54. The environment, the public, the climate … everything is better now.

Today, the public is able to assimilate a mood very different from what was done in the past.

55. A comic doesn’t necessarily say what you think or feel about a topic, it says what will make you laugh.

When a comedian makes a joke on a topic, he is not expressing his true opinion by simply making a joke about it.

56. This happened to me recently with an ETA joke, which looks like the ETA joke market has been liberalized, but at the last minute I held back because it was going further and I knew it was going wrong to interpret.

The issue of ETA in Spain can be very complicated to deal with, as an issue like this can really hurt a lot of sensitivities.

57. What is worrying is that we speak of the limits of humor in Spain as if we were in a transgressive and avant-garde country, where nothing serious is said. It’s a very light humor that offends.

Humor in Spain is currently widely scrutinized by some social groups, as it seems today there will always be a group that feels bad about our humor.

58. If I can think of something really funny about some fucking topic, I should say it. I owe it to my profession!

As we can see from this quote, Broncano never censors himself when he shares a joke.

59. If in addition to the permanent facade barrier, the left won’t let us make stupid jokes, we’re screwed.

Politicians on all political sides have at one point attacked any comedian for his jokes.

60. If you’re from Social Home and yelling through a megaphone that you need to kill those fucking bundles, you’re serious. And here it is not punished.

Some radical groups insult certain groups and are not punished as much as comedians.

61. Those who define themselves as politically incorrect and are in fact more facies than the mother who brought them into the world.

As can be seen from this quote, Broncano doesn’t feel very comfortable with people who turn out to be far-right. Most likely, Broncano himself feels akin to a center-left ideology.

62. A by the pot, oé!

This is a sentence that in the program “La Resistencia”, Broncano with all the spectators who are on the plate said to his richest interviewees.

63. I was in the Sierra de Madrid rock climbing and skiing, because I had a day off, and I was asked to do the program. I told them that I was leaving for a bit in the afternoon, but that I was going.

This presenter does not miss an opportunity to make a joke, certainly for him, presenting “Batega Motiv” has been a very important thing in his career.

64. It is a brutal responsibility, because it is the most powerful television program. It’s like wearing a Ferrari.

One of the greatest honors that Broncano has known was to be able to present this great program directed by Andreu Buenafuente.

65. You took me by surprise. I hope I don’t throw the flag down.

Sincerity is one of the most important aspects of this presenter, something that helps him connect with his audience.

66. The other day someone told me on Twitter: “There are eggs that the biggest representative of the Catalan language in Spain at the moment is David Broncano.”

Although he is not Catalan, Broncano defends himself very well in this particular language, which to a large part of his audience seems at least curious.

67. Does the “Process” give a lot of play. For those of us outside Catalonia, it doesn’t matter to us, and even to those of us who get into it. a “go ahead, go with everything” position is less of a sensitive fiber.

What Broncano calls “The Process” in this quote is a conflict that is currently dividing the Spanish population as a result of which one of its regions, Catalonia, has a strong nationalist movement.

68. In my career, there is never a consecration. It is one more step.

Great careers never have a single end, their protagonists are always developing throughout their working life.

69. If this crosses your mind, fine, but now I’m very happy with what I’m doing.

Today, this actor leads a life he is satisfied with, but also does not shut down to make certain changes in the future.

70. Would you dare to take note of yourself? This would give me a “Child is progressing well” as a primary.

He knows full well that getting to where he was able to get there is already a big step, but we all know it’s a career that’s only just beginning.

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