Isabel Allende’s 70 best quotes

Isabel Allende is a popular and well-known Chilean-American writer and journalist born in Peru who has produced many works, some as well known as “La maison des Esperitos” or “Eva Luna”.

Throughout her long life as a writer, this author reflected in her novels a great number of reflections on various aspects of life. In this article, we will show a series of sentences from his literary work or interviews that show us some of these thoughts.

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    70 quotes from Isabel Allende and her books

    Below is shown a small collection of quotes from Isabel Allende which allows us to get closer to her reflection on various facets of life.

    1. Affection is like the midday light and does not need the presence of the other to manifest itself. The separation between beings is also illusory, because everything is united in the universe

    This sentence reflects that the importance of the bond between two people remains even if they do not see, or even if one of them has died.

    2. Face obstacles as they arise, don’t waste energy fearing what might happen in the future.

    We don’t know it’s got to come and we can’t control it, so worrying isn’t productive.

    3. Fear is inevitable, I must accept it, but I cannot let it cripple me

    Fear is normal, but we must learn to deal with fear in a way that does not prevent us from living and adjusting.

    4. Love makes us feel good. It doesn’t matter who we love, it doesn’t matter if we are mutual or if the relationship is lasting. You just need the experience of loving, which transforms us

    Loving someone wants us to be good for them, to protect them, to see and experience the world in a positive way.

    5. Maybe we are in this world to seek love, find it and lose it, over and over again. With each love we are born again, and with each love that ends we take a new wound. I’m covered in proud scars

    Loving can be painful. But it makes us learn and grow stronger, helping us both with successes and failures to grow and build our way into life.

    6. I repent of the diets, the delicious dishes rejected out of vanity, as much as I regret the occasions of making love that I let pass to face the unresolved tasks or by the puritan virtue

    Sometimes we put aside the things we would like to do out of duty, out of appearance, or out of fear. These are missed opportunities that we can regret. It is therefore better to avoid this avoidance.

    7. Death does not exist, my daughter. People only die when they forget about it; if you can remember me i will always be with you

    Even if we die, we will remain alive in the memory of those who remember us. He who dies does not abandon us: he is always with us.

    8. We can all change, but no one can force us to change. Change often occurs when we are faced with an indisputable truth, forcing us to rethink our beliefs.

    Change is only possible if we want to do it, usually in the face of something that shakes our previous beliefs.

    9. Maybe you should try not to dominate your body with your mind. You have to be like the Himalayan tiger, pure instinct and determination

    This phrase prompts us to stop trying to control everything and to be able to experience what our nature dictates to us.

    10. Writing is like making love. Don’t worry about the orgasm, worry about the process

    Like sex, writing is an art in which the one who does it puts and expresses a part of his being, and it is not the priority that is the end result but what happens during its course.

    11. What I fear most is power with impunity. I’m afraid of the abuse of power and the power to abuse

    Power must be regulated and must not abuse those it must protect. He must obey the service of the population and not the benefit which derives from it.

    12. Just like when we are born, when we die, we fear the unknown. But fear is an inner thing that has nothing to do with reality. Dying is like being born: just a change

    We don’t know what happens to death, just as we don’t know until birth. These are changes we should not be afraid of.

    13. Reality is not only the way it is perceived on the surface, it also has a magical dimension and, if it sounds like it, it is legitimate to exaggerate and color so that the traffic through this life is not so boring.

    Illusion and the ability to dream allow us to enjoy life much more.

    14. I like people who have to fight to get something, those who have it all speak out against it. These are the people who fascinate me. Strong people

    Delivery and the ability to fight despite the circumstances is what makes us strong and worthy of admiration.

    15. The longer I live, the more uninformed I feel. Only young people have an explanation for everything

    With experience, we understand more and more our limits, as well as the need to update and adapt to new times.

    16. We all have an unexpected store of inner strength, which arises when life challenges us.

    We are stronger than we think and we can face great adversity.

    17. True friendship resists time, distance and silence

    Friendship is not a temporary thing if it is true, but it involves a bond of affection that will last over time and through circumstances.

    18. Silence before birth, silence after death: life is nothing but noise between two unfathomable silences

    Life is short and we must live it to its fullest extent as long as we can. Make noise and make our approach meaningful.

    19. The library is inhabited by spirits who come out of the pages at night

    The stories told in the books allow us to explore new worlds and travel to unknown lands.

    20. I have plenty of time and for the first time in my life nobody expects anything from me. I have nothing to try, I do not run everywhere; Every day is a gift that I appreciate to the fullest

    Old age is a vital stage in which we can enjoy without anyone asking us anything, as long as we know how to invest this time.

    21. Reading is like looking through different windows that open onto an endless landscape. For me, the unread life would be like being in jail, it would be like my mind was in a straitjacket. Life would be a dark and narrow place

    As in the previous sentence, the author indicates the importance of reading to help stimulate our imagination and our ability to dream.

    22. Happiness is not lush or noisy, like pleasure or joy. She is silent, calm, gentle, she is an inner state of satisfaction that begins with loving herself.

    True happiness appears unexpectedly, quietly, in the face of what we do in our lives.

    23. No one can ever belong to another … Love is a free contract that begins in a spark and can end in the same way.

    Love means freedom for both parties to the relationship, wanting the other person to be who they are and to be able to act based on their feelings, not just to explain what one side views or feels. No one belongs to anyone: love is not possessiveness.

    24. Age alone does not make anyone better or wiser, it only accentuates what everyone has always been.

    Older people are often considered the wisest, and they don’t have to be. They just had more time to experience it.

    25. Although dazed and hungry, many sang, for it would have been useless to add to the misfortune by complaining.

    Crying and complaining about injustices without doing anything to change it is useless, while helping to keep the mood going still allows you to visualize the situation with perspective.

    26. Life insurance of all kinds is diversity … Diversity guarantees survival

    Diversity is a positive thing that allows us to learn and enrich ourselves.

    27. My life is full of contrasts, I have learned to see both sides of the coin. In the most successful moments, I don’t lose sight of the fact that other very painful people are waiting for me along the way, and when I’m mired in unhappiness, I wait for the sun to come up later.

    Nothing is eternal: we will always have to face moments of great pain, but also moments of indescribable happiness.

    28. But it’s never too long again

    Refers to the feeling that we won’t want to fall in love again after losing someone, this phrase reflects that everything happens and we can never say never.

    29. Today’s experiences are tomorrow’s memories

    Memory is nothing more than the experiences we have had in the past. It is therefore better to live intensely so that our future memories are proud.

    30. Reality is a pot-pot, we can neither measure it nor decipher it – because everything is happening at the same time

    Stopping to try to define what reality is is not viable: everything happens at the same time and time does not stand still.

    31. You will only get the gift. Don’t waste your energy crying for yesterday or dreaming about tomorrow

    Phrase that prompts us to take advantage of the present.

    32. Enough war must be given. With mad dogs no one dares, while the meek ones suffer them. You always have to fight

    We must not allow ourselves to be dominated and mistreated, but we must strive to live as we think is right.

    33. It is easy to judge others when you have not had this experience.

    Isabel Allende expresses that only those who experience something are able to judge with justice.

    34. You are my angel and my condemnation. In your presence I reach divine ecstasy and in your absence the descent into hell

    Phrase that expresses the feelings that passionate love can provoke.

    35. At any age, a purpose in life is necessary. It is the best remedy for many ailments

    Having goals and motivations is always the key.

    36. No one wants to end their life with a mundane past

    We all want our lives to be meaningful, for which we will have to live according to our values ​​and beliefs.

    37. He who seeks the truth runs the risk of finding it

    The truth can be painful, something we should keep in mind as we seek it.

    38. The only thing you learn is what you discover for yourself

    Phrase that refers to the fact that in order to learn, we must be able to doubt and value for ourselves the information that comes to us.

    39. If something hurts me, it’s because I’m dead dead

    Life involves dealing with both joys and sorrows. In life, we will benefit but also suffer.

    40. He knew that nothing in the world is permanent: everything changes, decays, dies and is renewed in another form; so clinging to the things of this world is useless and causes suffering

    This sentence is related to the idea of ​​rebirth and the cyclical view of life of Buddhist philosophy.

    41. In the end, you only have what was given

    This sentence is based on the idea that the world gives you back what you give.

    42. Under the skin hide hidden desires never made, hidden afflictions, invisible marks …

    Life, while wonderful, is tough. Each of us has our own wounds.

    43. The storm tears the oak from the ground, but not the reed, for it bends. Don’t calculate my strength, but my weaknesses

    This fragment highlights the need to be modelable and able to adapt to situations.

    44. What is essential is often invisible. The eye does not catch it, only the heart

    Sometimes we get giddy thinking about the accessory and we see what really matters. But part of our being is able to recognize it.

    45. Life is made by walking without a map and there is no turning back

    We don’t know what life has in store for us and we have to risk living it even if we are wrong.

    46. ​​The same is true for sexuality as for violence: it is more and more exaggerated to interest an already satiated public. There is nothing new to offer, but the special effects can always be stepped up

    In cinema, literature, advertising, and society in general, sex or violence is used to gain attention.

    47. Ask yourself what you feel and what you refuse to feel

    Sometimes it would be good to reflect on what aspects of our being we deny, and what we really feel, in order to better understand who we are.

    48. It is not the revealed truth that makes us vulnerable, but the secrets

    Truth is a virtue which is not reprehensible but which has been concealed by secrets and / or prejudices which make it shameful.

    49. Despite the distances, people everywhere look the same. The similarities that unite us are more than the differences that separate us

    Nice sentence that declares that despite everything that can differentiate us, we are all human with a similar core.

    50. They were to see the enemy as a teacher who gave them the ability to control their passions and learn something about themselves.

    Those who oppose us and how we feel about them allow us to learn more about ourselves and our ways of reacting and seeing the world.

    51. It is impossible to change the facts, but you can change the way you judge them

    Things happen regardless of our will. But we can manage our perspective so that we can deal with it in the best possible way.

    52. Expressing their relationship in words meant defining it, setting limits, reducing it. If not mentioned, it has remained free and uncontaminated

    This phrase expresses that it still helps to understand and understand the world, sometimes categorizing something constricts and limits it.

    53. Fear is good, it is the body’s alarm system: it warns us of danger. But sometimes danger is inevitable and fear must be brought under control

    Being afraid is adaptive and allows us to survive, as long as it doesn’t cripple us and we can manage our reactions.

    54. Life is like a journey without a goal. What matters is the way

    We are all going to die. What matters is how we do it and what we do so far.

    55. Writing a novel is like embroidering a tapestry with many colored threads: it is an artisanal work of care and discipline.

    The author makes a metaphor on the difficulty of making a novel.

    56. A happy childhood is a myth

    It is often said that childhood is the happiest stage in life. The truth is that it depends on the case, and besides all the vital stages have their joys and their difficulties.

    57. The more serious the injury, the more intimate the pain.

    The author expresses that the things that hurt us the most are usually silenced and reserved, often remaining unspoken.

    58. We are all old enough to throw overboard feelings that are of no use to us and to be left alone with those who help us to live.

    Isabel Allende tells us that we should just live by sticking with what we want and forgetting all that is not necessary.

    59. Begin by forgiving yourself, if you do not forgive yourself you will always be a prisoner of the past. Punished by memory, which is subjective

    We all make mistakes. We need to be able to forgive ourselves for them.

    60. When you feel that the hand of death is placed on man, life lights up in a different way and you discover wonderful things in yourself that you have just suspected.

    Knowing that we will die, we value things more because they are temporary and we will not be able to enjoy them forever.

    61. The years pass furtively, on tiptoes, mocking and whispering, and suddenly they frighten us in the mirror, hit us in the knees or stab us in the back.

    Phrase that reminds us that time flies and that we must take advantage of it.

    62. Dance, dance, Zarité, because a slave who dances is free … while dancing – He told me that I have always danced

    Dancing, dreaming, music, art … all of these can make us float and feel free to be able to express what we wear inside.

    63. The calendar is a human invention; time on the spiritual plane does not exist

    The date, time, etc. it is still something that we have invented. Even over time, our mind stays the same, unless we experience things that change it.

    64. Accept children as you accept them in trees, with gratitude for they are a blessing but have no expectations or desires. We don’t expect trees to change, we love them as they are

    Isabel Allende expresses that we should not expect to demand or criticize our children so that they are not as we would have liked: they are free beings that we must accept and love as they are.

    65. The writer writes about what he wears inside, what he cooks inside and then vomits because he can no longer

    The author claims the liberation that it means for the writer to reflect what he wears inside.

    66. There is no light without shadow. There is no pain

    Without the existence of one, he cannot conceive that of the other. We learn and appreciate this because we know there is pain, as with concepts like right and wrong. If there were no vis-à-vis, we wouldn’t appreciate it.

    67. Music is a universal language

    Art and music allow us to understand each other because they reflect feelings that we all have in common.

    68. We are all drops of the ocean itself

    Again, it is established that we all matter and we are all equally valuable and precious human beings.

    69. Life is full of ironies. Better to take advantage of what you have now, without thinking of a hypothetical tomorrow

    The author tells us in this sentence that we should take advantage of what we have instead of thinking about a possible future.

    70. Lived happiness derives from the love that is given, and later this love will be the happiness of oneself.

    Love and happiness are closely related, it is one of the most important forces for human beings.

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