James Cameron’s 80 Best Quotes

James Cameron is a well-known Canadian filmmaker, Born in beautiful Ontario in 1954.

In his role as a director, Cameron has made some of the most iconic films of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Since the famous film “Terminator” was shot in 1984, this director has never ceased to amaze us with all these great films that he presents to us.

Some of his most famous films are: “Terminator”, “Rambo”, “Titanic” or the famous “Avatar”, with which he won 3 Oscars and swept the box office.

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    Phrases and thoughts of James Cameron

    Leaving aside his professional side, Cameron is also a very interesting person, as a vegan and environmentalist lives his life in a very different way, as other great artists in the film world usually do.

    Then you can enjoy director James Cameron’s 80 best quotes, One of the best filmmakers today.

    1. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. Don’t limit yourself, others will do it for you.

    We should never put limits on our imagination, thanks to it we can live a much more interesting life.

    2. Take a camera. record something. It doesn’t matter its size, it doesn’t matter how cheesy it tastes, it doesn’t matter if your friends and your sister are the stars. Put your name as director. You are now a director. After that, all he does is negotiate his budget and rate.

    In life, everything must begin, every great path always begins with a small step.

    3. Hope is not a strategy. Luck is not a parameter. Fear is not an option.

    We must be courageous and persevering if we are to be successful in our lives.

    4. People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not. I am a right winger. I do something until everything is fine, then move on to the next one.

    As a director Cameron is very demanding with his work, a way of creating that he certainly shares with many other artists.

    5. If you set your ridiculously high goals and it fails, you will fail above everyone’s success.

    Our goals can be as high as we can imagine, because even if we fail today, we risk not achieving it tomorrow.

    6. There are many talented people who did not achieve their dreams because they overthought, or were too careful and unwilling to take the leap of faith.

    If we are not courageous we will never achieve our goals, sometimes we will have to take risks if or if in order to have the opportunity to be successful.

    7. Your only competitors are your past successes.

    We must never stop surpassing ourselves throughout our life, because our success tomorrow may be much greater than what we achieved yesterday.

    8. I set my goals much higher than possible. And when he fails, he fails at a very high level. This is my process. It’s really crazy, but it really works. When you aim really high and do something new, you also need to be prepared to fail, learn from your mistakes, and start with a new plan. More motivated than before.

    Like this famous director, we must set ourselves big goals if we are to be successful in our lives.

    9. Your imagination can create a reality.

    Our imagination can take us to worlds that are completely different from reality, thanks to it we can be completely free even if we are closed.

    10. Sometimes your whole life comes down to one crazy move.

    Certain actions can be decisive for our possible success or failure, the way we carry them out will be what gets us to one place or another.

    11. Inspiration can strike your head anytime and in any setting. It can happen in a conversation. When you talk to someone at a party, you can get a feel for it. But you have to remember these inspirations.

    When we find a certain inspiration, we should always take advantage of it, because inspiration is much rarer than what we usually imagine.

    12. Action is a way to externalize an emotional state. You can’t run, jump, climb, and do all of that. But, the way to create that emotional state in a movie is to put the characters in physical danger that they have to work against.

    This director’s films contain some truly awe-inspiring action scenes, some of which we will always remember.

    13. I love the night in India, the only magical time when the sun sway over the edge of the world, and silence descends, and ten thousand officials return home on a river of bicycles, reflecting on Lord Krishna and the cost. of life.

    India is a truly magical country, very different from the western world in which this director usually lives.

    14. I had read tons of science fiction. He was fascinated by other worlds, other environments. To me it was fantasy, but it was not fantasy in the sense of pure escape.

    Science fiction is an always-excited genre, a fact one can often see reflected in its films.

    15. To get people to support your idea, you need to sell it and know when it’s time. Sometimes that means waiting. It’s like surfing. Don’t believe in energy, just grab the energy that is already there.

    The sea is for him a total retreat of peace and quiet, not in vain Cameron is one of the few people in the world to have descended in the so-called Abyss Challenger.

    16. To make people cry for Terminator at the end of T2, that was the point of this film for me. If you can get audiences to feel some excitement for a character who in the previous movie was utterly despised and terrified, then this is a cinematic arc.

    “Terminator 2” is arguably the best film of the entire saga, with a director like James Cameron guaranteed to be a hit.

    17. Writing a screenplay, for me, is like juggling. It’s like, how many balls can you lift into the air at one time? All of these ideas have to float to some extent and then crystallize into a pattern.

    The job of a screenwriter is more complicated than many of us usually imagine, because to be successful you first have to be great writers.

    18. The nation that leads renewable energies will be the nation that leads the world in 10 or 20 years.

    Renewable energies are the future of humanity, a future that our planet urgently needs.

    19. It is about human imagination and curiosity. What is there in the great hereafter? What are the levels that we cannot see with our five senses?

    The human mind is able to imagine anything, one could even say that our limits as individuals, are directly related to our capacity to imagine.

    20. Literature is now so opaque to the common man that you couldn’t take a short sci-fi story that’s being published and turn it into a movie. There would be too much groundwork to do. It’s okay to have detail and density, but if you trust yourself to be a longtime sci-fi fan to understand what the story is all about, it won’t translate into a bigger audience.

    In today’s literature, many authors have been very detailed, a way of writing that makes their works much more complicated to be able to take them to the movies.

    21. Every time my cameras come out in a movie, we learn something new, and then we take what we learn and incorporate it into the next generation of cameras, so we’re constantly improving. It’s like building a race car, racing, then going back to the shop and working on the engine a little bit more and playing around with it to improve it.

    With each film, this director learns from his mistakes, a practice we can all apply in our daily lives.

    22. I hope we can study the ocean before destroy.

    The ocean is certainly a wonderful place, an environment that, as many of you already know, Cameron is very familiar with.

    23. Old Rose: It’s been 84 years and I can still smell the fresh paint. Porcelain had never been used. The sheets had never slept. The Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was.

    With the film “Titanic”, this director managed to become one of the most famous directors in the world. A film that is definitely worth seeing, at least once in a lifetime.

    24. Every time you dive you expect to see something new: new species. Sometimes the ocean gives you a gift, sometimes it doesn’t.

    You never know what you can find while diving in the open sea, because you can be more surprised than you imagine.

    25. Usually when you go to the movies your consciousness hovers above the movie. 3D absorbs you and turns it into a visceral experience.

    Thanks to new technologies, the films of this well-known director always manage to stay one step ahead of the spectator’s expectations.

    26. I have given up agnosticism, which I now call cowardly atheism. I have come to the position that, in the total absence of data to support the persistence of the individual in spiritual form, one must operate under the provisional conclusion that there is no other life. and then be ready to modify that. If I find out otherwise.

    As science now tells us, there is no other afterlife. This is why, according to Cameron, the most logical conclusion would be to live our lives as atheists.

    27. “Broken Horses” is an artistic triumph. Beautifully written, acted and imagined, this film slowly wraps around you like a serpent king and hugs it.

    “Broken Horses” is a great movie with a plot that revolves around the world of drug trafficking, a movie that, as we see in this quote, this director highly recommends.

    28. I’m a curious guy, I can’t stray from a research story, when it comes to forensic analysis. I did 33 dives, at the site of the Titanic wreck. I spent over 50 hours piloting robotic vehicles in this crash trying to reconstruct what happened during the disaster. How the ship broke down, comparing the historical record to the forensic record. Documentaries are kind of my new life. I love the documentary film.

    For the movie Titanic it took a simply awesome investigation, thanks to it we all got to see how wonderful this ship was at the time.

    29. It is not an obligation to eat animals, we have simply chosen to do so, so it becomes a moral choice and it has a huge impact on the planet, using resources and destroying the biosphere.

    As we see, Cameron is a man who practices veganism, animals from his point of view do not currently have to be our natural food.

    30. I tried to be a tycoon. It bores me. I really don’t want to produce other people’s films. Because it’s adult filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh or Kathryn Bigelow who didn’t really need me, and I produced them both. It’s fun to sit down with them and be collegial, but they don’t need me. They can make the film without me. I do my own thing. There are tons and tons of other things that interest me that have nothing to do with movies or documentary projects.

    The job of a producer is simply not for him, his place in the world of cinema should always be close to where the action takes place.

    31. I love short trips to New York; for me it is the best three day city on earth.

    New York is the most important city in our society today, a city that the vast majority of people around the world dream of someday being able to visit.

    32. I imagined myself as a filmmaker, but never imagined myself as a director if that made sense.

    From an early age, he was always interested in audiovisual production. But it was years later that Cameron was able to find out what exactly a director does.

    33. My mother was a housewife but she was also an artist. My father was an electrical engineer.

    His father has always been a great inspiration to him because as we all know it is very normal that our parents are the ones who did not inspire the most.

    34. The worst evil of long dictatorships: the loss of all political experience.

    Dictatorships should never be allowed, because sooner or later they end up violating the rights of the people they lead.

    35. Do not listen to those who say no, because there will be many and they will often be much more qualified than you and will make you doubt yourself.

    We are able to make all of these goals we have set for ourselves a reality, but for that we must learn to believe in ourselves.

    36. It is important for me to have hope because it is my job as a father, to have hope, for my children, that we will not leave them in a ruined world, that it is is a chaotic place, that it is a dangerous place.

    To make the world a better place for the future, we must all do our part. Because if we don’t take care of our environment, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

    37. You cannot be an environmentalist, you cannot be a manager of the oceans without really walking and you cannot walk in the world of the future, the world in front of us, the world of our children, without eating a diet. herbal.

    As we see from this director, veganism is the most interesting logical choice for our future. A diet that perhaps in the future many of us could try to adopt.

    38. I try to live with honor, even though it costs me millions of dollars and takes a long time. It’s very unusual in Hollywood. Few people are trustworthy: a handshake means nothing to them. They feel pressured to only make a deal with you if you are successful or if they need you.

    In Hollywood voracity, words are usually blown away. Honesty is something that shines more and more every day by its absence.

    39. As I was writing the new movies, I realized that the world, the story, and the characters of AVATAR got even richer than I expected, and it became clear that two movies would not be enough. To capture everything I wanted to put on. screen.

    Avatar was a movie that unexpectedly managed to sweep the box office, hopefully we can get at least one sequel soon.

    40. If it depended on the studio, everything would be filmed with a video camera.

    Cameron always wants to be able to innovate with his films, which with the typical studio of a lifetime, could never be done.

    41. With “Avatar” I thought to myself: Forget all those girl movies and create a classic boy adventure movie, something in the mold of Edgar Rice Burroughs, like John Carter of Mars: A Soldier Goes On March.

    Avatar is inspired by other much older stories, generally people often compare it to the story we usually know as “Pocahontas”.

    42. I dive a lot. I love being in the ocean, under the ocean. I live on the ocean side.

    In the vastness of the ocean we are all very small, many people around the world often feel a great passion for this wonderful natural environment.

    43. If you are facing a long period of hunger with nothing between you and hunger but some barley and a pig, you had better turn the barley into beer and let the pig starve.

    Veganism does not allow us to eat animals, but on the contrary, beer is fully accepted there. A curious aspect of this diet, which surely makes it much more bearable for more than one person.

    44. The fastest way to destroy ocean science is to get human explorers out of the water.

    Our respect but the natural environment should certainly be much greater, currently a large number of companies and nations around the world, operate on a daily basis everything they find in their path.

    45. I guess “Titanic” because he made the most money. No just kidding. I really don’t have a favorite. Maybe “Terminator” because it was the first movie I made when I was basically a truck driver.

    As we can see, the film “Terminator” was for him a before and an after in his life, after this magnificent film, nothing would be the same for him.

    46. ​​Failure is an option, fear is not.

    Fear should never rule our lives, if we are not brave people we will never achieve our goals.

    47. Gently trample the earth so that the faces of the unborn child are looking at you.

    We must learn to take care of our planet if we want future generations to be able to live on it. The future policies of all countries should certainly try to protect the environment more.

    48. I lived in a small village. There were 2,000 people in Canada. A little river that went through it and we swam in the … you know, there was a lot of water around. Niagara Falls was some four or five miles away.

    Canada is a country with a really interesting natural environment, being born specifically in this country, it certainly helped Cameron to have a greater ecological awareness.

    49. Literary science fiction is a very, very small group within the publishing industry. I love science fiction in a more pop sense. And by the way, the line between science fiction and reality has blurred a lot in my life doing deep ocean expeditions and working on real space projects etc. So I tend to be more fascinated by the reality of the sci-fi world we live in.

    The world is a truly wonderful place, if one day we have the opportunity to explore it, we must not waste it.

    50. I actually started out as a model maker and made rapid strides in production design which I felt because I knew how to draw and paint. But I kept watching this guy moving the actors and making the shots.

    Working as a director has always caught his attention. A profession thanks to which he could achieve everything he dreamed of.

    51. You know, in the filmmaking business, nobody gives you anything.

    The world of cinema is very complicated, to achieve it could be considered practically impossible.

    52. I started a long time ago as a simple reporter, I decided that the facts should never be interposed in the path of the truth.

    Some media often distort the truth, with the firm intention of selling more copies of their newspapers. The media should never fall for yellowing.

    53. Strong female characters tend to like it. They just interest me dramatically. A strong male character is not interesting because it was made and is so cliché. A weak male character is interesting: someone else hasn’t done it a hundred times. A strong feminine character always interests me because not much has been done, to find the balance between femininity and strength.

    In the world of cinema, it is very difficult to innovate. All filmmakers are always on the lookout for new ways to grab the attention of audiences.

    54. Everyone will do 3D slightly differently the same way people will treat color differently. Some films minimize color, some colors are very vibrant. The color design is very different. We have to see 3D as a color or a sound, as part of the creative palette with which we have painted and not as something new that completely redefines the medium.

    3D has been a very interesting advancement for all filmmakers, because thanks to it, viewers can enjoy a greater immersion in the movies.

    55. I don’t want to just associate with good 3D movies and the audience says everyone else is crap.

    3D really isn’t as relevant as some viewers come to believe, because as we all know a good movie always will be, whether viewed in 3D or not.

    56. Religions satisfy the deep-rooted psychological needs of people, and if I don’t get it in a specific religious doctrine, I will get it in the kind of movies I love to make. A film like “The Terminator” consciously aims to give the individual a sense of power.

    Post-apocalyptic films like “Terminator” often give us a lot of food for thought. This strange feeling is exactly what seeks to awaken in us a project of this type.

    57. The universe is like a lock in the vault of a giant bank, where the glasses are constantly moving and from time to time the vessels line up and you must hear the click. Then you have to be ready at that point to go through the door.

    The universe is a place full of mysteries, as simple human beings we still have a lot to discover.

    58. I choose my feature film battles very carefully. They will be personal and will take a lot of my energy. I won’t be a big production company and I won’t be Jerry Bruckheimer or anything like that. It does not interest me.

    The battles in his works are very relevant. A logical thing when you consider that such dramatic scenes are generally very appealing to the viewer.

    59. It took me a long time to realize that you need to have a bit of interaction with the actors. You have to give them something that they can work with.

    In order for the actors to act as the director wants, there has to be excellent communication between the two. Something without which, no film would come out as the director wishes.

    60. Don’t be fooled by your own affairs. Don’t do drugs on your own supply. The hardest thing as a filmmaker is watching a movie you’ve been working on for several years. You know each image so intimately that the hardest part is having a lot of objectivity from a new viewer who has just seen it for the first time. Every cosmetic decision you make, and you make thousands of them every day, you have to make it, in theory you have to make a blank slate of it. You almost have to run a program, like wiping the mind, every time you watch the movie.

    Filmmakers usually don’t see their own films, the normal thing with them is usually to consume as different kind of cinema as possible.

    61. Avatar is the most high-tech movie in terms of execution, which is essentially a very low-tech theme; what is our relationship with nature … and actually the irony is that the film is about our relationship with nature and how our technological civilization has brought us to various points of a truly natural existence and the consequences of that for we.

    Avatar is a film that tells us about many philosophical subjects. If some of you haven’t seen this great movie, maybe now is a good time to check it out.

    62. All my films are love stories.

    From a good point of view, all of this famous director’s films are a love story. Yet all of his films tend to contain special effects and very fast-paced action.

    63. So my message is in any area, whether in space or on the high seas, you have to balance the yin and yang of caution and daring, risk aversion and taking of risk, fear and fearlessness. No major milestone is taken, whether it’s a movie or a deep sea expedition, or a space mission, without some kind of dynamic balance between the two. Luck is not a parameter. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option.

    You should not be afraid if you want to succeed in life, as they say: luck favors the daring.

    64. You really can’t tell environmentalist if you keep consuming animals. You just can’t.

    Society needs to understand that animals also feel and suffer, which some people still don’t seem to have discovered today.

    65. We have a great responsibility, what we do will become the truth, the visual reality that a generation will accept.

    Cinema is a medium by which we can convey a lot of information, filmmakers should be aware that with their films they can change the way of life of many people.

    66. Do not be deceived by your own things; he works hard to maintain a pristine mental state every time he sees his film.

    If we are filmmakers, we always have to learn to see our works from the viewer’s point of view, a very different perspective from ours, which can take us a long time to learn to master.

    67. But failure must be an option in art and exploration, for it is an act of faith. And no major effort requiring innovation has been made without risk. You have to be prepared to take these risks.

    If the time comes, we are not brave, we will never be able to achieve what we dream of. If we have confidence in ourselves, in the end, luck will be with us.

    68. There is a big border that will take us a long time to understand … it was very lunar, a very desolate and isolated place.

    The so called Challenger Abyss must be a truly impressive place, it is so inaccessible and inhospitable that it is often compared to the lunar surface.

    69. I want to challenge you all as people of deep conscience, the people who are the custodians of the environment of the earth and the oceans … By changing what you eat, you will change the whole contract between the species. human and the natural. world.

    Veganism is for Cameron a totally necessary future, because thanks to it, we could start to build a much better world for our descendants.

    70. There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding something that to me is a yawn, frankly.

    We don’t have to waste our time, life can be wonderful if we focus on the things that matter most to us.

    71. Magic does not come from the mind of the director, it comes from the heart of the actors.

    The actors put their body and soul into every movie they participate in. Intense emotions that viewers can perceive, from the other side of the screen.

    72. When you feel like anything is possible, sometimes you end up acting on it.

    If we believe we can do it, we most likely will. In order for us to be more successful in the future, we need to be confident in ourselves.

    73. If you want to get around in a virtual reality video game call, it has always been there.

    Video games have been with us for decades and as we all know they are very attached across the world today.

    74. What are the lessons learned? Well I think the first one is curiosity. It is the most powerful you have. Imagination is a force that can truly manifest a reality. And respect for your team is more important than any laurels in the world.

    Being curious and innovative has been the key to his success, all his films have always sought to be able to go further.

    75. This is my philosophy of life: if there is a fire, put it out. In the event of a flood, fill sandbags and build a dike. He rolls around and gets to work.

    Without work, we can never be successful, because every big goal we set for ourselves will always require us to work hard.

    76. I mean, you have to be able, you have to have made the commitment within yourself to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to try to inspire other people to do it, because obviously the first rule is that you can’t do it for yourself.

    For a very big project to be realized, we will have to count on the help of many people, because being able to join them in our cause will be the decisive factor that will allow us to finish it.

    77. The future is not fixed. There is no fate but what we do.

    With our day-to-day decisions, we choose the destination to which we are heading, there is probably no fixed destination pre-designed for us.

    78. James Cameron does not do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is … James Cameron.

    James Cameron there is only one, his way of working is completely different from that of the other directors.

    79. The job of a director is to make something happen, not to happen by himself. So you get angry, you get seduced, you flatter people, you tell them what to do. And if you don’t give it passion and intensity, you shouldn’t.

    If we want our film work to be successful, we have to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Success only reaches the most daring directors.

    80. If you wait until the right time to have a child, you will die childless, and I think making movies is almost the same. Take the plunge and start recording something, even if it’s bad.

    If we are not courageous we will never be able to move forward in life, what better time to do something than now.

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