Jennifer Lawrence’s 60 Best Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress and film producer, who gained great fame for her leading role as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” or as Joy in her eponymous film, which won her the Oscar for Best Actress.

If you want to learn more about their one-sided philosophy, keep reading; here you will find a selection of Jennifer Lawrence’s best quotescommented.

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    Jennifer Lawrence’s most memorable phrases

    Being a professional actress does not take away from being an honest, funny and very spontaneous woman, who loves her personal life and is not afraid to show herself as she is, which we will see below with this collection of Jennifer Laurent’s best phrases and thoughts.

    1. A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind. And he also knows how to get what he wants.

    A balance between being ambitious, kind and humble.

    2. It’s my body, and it has to be my choice, and the fact that it’s not my choice is absolutely disgusting.

    Despising the situation that happened with her nude photos being leaked without her permission.

    3. I am not applauded out of pity for falling.

    The first thing he said after his fall at the Oscars.

      4. I went to the hospital for x-rays to see how my lungs were after the pneumonia I had. When I saw myself shirtless, I discovered that my breasts were of different sizes.

      A funny anecdote about his body.

      5. Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, doesn’t mean I have to apologize for that.

      No one shall be exposed without the consent of another person.

      6. I don’t want to look cheeky, but (acting) is stupid. Everyone tells you, “How can you keep a cool head?” And it’s like… Should I be pretentious?

      A reference to the fact that there are no excuses for actors whose fame goes to their heads.

      7. Eating is one of my favorite times of the day.

      Be honest about your love of food.

      8. I was raised as a Republican, but I can’t imagine voting for a party that doesn’t support basic women’s rights.

      Each party must be inclined to support the rights of men and women.

      9. I think the film is excellent. The bad thing is that I’m leaving.

      Sometimes she is a little uncertain about her performance.

      10. Don’t worry about female dogs. It would be a good “motto” because you will meet people like that all your life.

      There will always be mean people along the way, which we must learn to ignore.

      11. I love making movies, which doesn’t mean I want to watch a very boring…stupid black and white movie.

      Just because you work for the movies doesn’t mean you have to love all movies.

      12. I would spend more time in the chair, less time in the bath. If I have nothing to do all day, I risk not putting my pants on.

      Talk about your routine when you have the day off.

      13. My biggest worry is that people are starting to hate what I hate about myself.

      One of their biggest insecurities is being a nuisance to others.

      14. I don’t really like going out. I am like an older woman. After 11 o’clock, I say, “Aren’t these children tired?”

      Jennifer has the soul of an older woman.

      15. Yes, I have big ambitions, but I think we all do. I just want to keep working hard and being happy.

      Our ambitions should not conflict with the desire for a happy life.

      16. Yes, when you’re making a movie, the book is a good tool, but once you have the script and you’re making a movie, you have to ditch the book.

      The book becomes a reference, but what dictates everything is the scenario.

      17. Women are paid 21% less than men.

      A problem that persists in the Hollywood sphere.

      18. The voice of citizens is increasingly heard.

      Everyone has the right to express their opinions.

      19. I actually had to learn how to cut firewood; I don’t think my father would have let me cut firewood in the garden while I was growing up.

      One of his “demands” when he lived in his hometown.

      20. Be strong. Don’t be a follower and always do the right thing.

      Do not let yourself be carried away by the current that governs society.

      21. What makes me the most nervous is starting to laugh at how weird I run. And I try to make it look aerobic and normal or something, and my hands are stiff, like I’m going to do karate.

      Talk about his particular way of running and how it can be a disadvantage in playing.

      22. “Reality” is the icing on my cake.

      Show his love for reality TV shows.

      23. I like how I look physically. I’m sick of these little actresses.

      Proud to show her body as it is. The ideal place to fall into the trap of social stereotypes.

      24. I’ve never understood why people have to get rude when they’re successful.

      Success is not a pass for forgetting to be humble and kind.

        25. A gesture of my affection can make people happy. It helps me forget the bad things about fame.

        Doing good deeds voluntarily helps us to dispel the darkness in the world.

        26. When I hear girls say, “I don’t like girls,” I say, “Well, girls don’t like bitches, so…”

        If you don’t get along well with others, it may be time to rethink your own attitude.

        27. I never do roles that look like me because I’m bored. I wouldn’t go see a movie about me.

        Something she loves about acting is playing people other than herself.

        28. I’d like to think I have a plan, but you really can’t choose which scripts you’re going to have or which movie to come.

        There is a lot of spontaneity and chance in cinema.

        29. My personal life is very normal and it doesn’t change an Oscar.

        A faithful devotee to have a normal life, even to be a public figure.

        30. I never liked having a system or a program, I always think I don’t know how to act. I adapt to any director because I don’t really have a set of things to do.

        His way of working is to be a chameleon for every type of role he has to play.

        31. No, I am not at all methodical. As soon as they shout “cut”, I think about eating and moving on.

        A woman who keeps things simple in various aspects of her life.

        32. I will never be hungry for a role. I don’t want girls to say, ‘Okay, I want to be like Katniss, I’m going to lose weight.’

        Being totally against dietary requirements to fit into a role.

        33. I will lend my ears and my voice to anyone who feels they cannot defend themselves.

        To be a microphone for everyone who has something to say.

        34. He yearned to live as normal a life as possible.

        This is where we find true tranquility.

        35. I can’t wait to be sexy. But no fucking.

        There is a very clear difference between the sensual and the vulgar.

        36. I don’t want to forget what it’s like to go to a coffee shop and have someone look me in the eye and see me as just another human being.

        Afraid of losing the simple but satisfying tastes of life for its fame.

        37. I think you should work a lot harder when you’re successful because people expect more from you. Success doesn’t mean you’re allowed to work less and treat people like crap.

        We can’t stop working when we’re at the top, let alone look down on others.

        38. I’d rather look chubby on camera and a normal person in real life than to be perfect on screen and like a scarecrow in reality.

        The look you want to keep on screen and in your everyday life.

        39. I have the soul of an adult. I don’t know how young people speak, I’m all out of cinema.

        Speaking of which, it has no real relation to young people’s tastes.

        40. In the end, there’s probably nothing that makes me happier than junk food and reality TV shows.

        Simple tastes that fill her with happiness.

        41. I think people are built the way they are built.

        Everyone decides to become what they want to be.

        42. If you can choose between good and evil, the right path is always the least stressful.

        When we do things right, we have no burden on us.

        43. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or anonymous, millions of people listen to your opinion through the networks.

        Networks are a platform that helps people get their message across to thousands of others.

        44. I feel uncomfortable asking for more money. I don’t want to become all those words that only serve women, those that don’t exist for men.

        A sarcastic comment on how they categorize affected women and not men.

          45. There is this freshness that is found in the first shots of the actors who really listen to each other and really react.

          Appreciating the element of naturalness on screen.

          46. ​​You resemble your appearance. Feel comfortable. What are you going to do? Being hungry every day to make others happy? It’s absurd.

          If you’re not feeling comfortable with yourself, it’s time to work on how you view and treat yourself.

          47. When I go out, I think about my chair.

          Jennifer is finally more inclined to be a housewife.

          48. I’m afraid everyone will think I’m really upset and just want to shut up. Which would make a lot of sense because I bother myself…

          One of his greatest insecurities towards others.

          49. The only thing I look for in a relationship is someone to watch TV with.

          Each person has goals that they want to share with their future partner.

          50. I can tell you a lot of things that taste better than being skinny. Dad, father. Stove. Cheese sticks and fries.

          Preferring food to any strict diet to maintain a specific appearance.

          51. I’m a bad dancer, I’m like a father at a ball.

          A talent that never came to life.

          52. I’m always impressed to meet stars.

          It’s always emotional when a celebrity gets excited about meeting a colleague.

          53. This is beyond me. I can’t imagine being so separated from humanity.

          A reference to how overwhelming fame can be.

          54. We don’t save anyone’s life. There are doctors and firefighters who do it. I make movies. It’s stupid.

          This isn’t to despise his acting work, but to give him that almost divine look.

          55. I can’t believe we live in this kind of world…I started writing this to apologize, but I have nothing to apologize for.

          No one should apologize for violating your privacy.

            56. When I dance, I look like my dad because I can’t move my hips. From my adolescence I have the impression that they and I do not understand each other.

            A funny way to describe his lack of coordination when he dances.

            57. I am the fastest pee in the world. Really, I’m known for that.

            An interesting personal fact.

            58. I think I want people to know that if they’re mad at me, I understand, that’s totally okay. Please forgive me.

            Jennifer considers herself a boring person.

            59. I grew up in Kentucky, but I didn’t grow up like this. It was hot and I didn’t have to film my dinner or anything.

            Talking about his time in his hometown.

            60. He was in a healthy long-distance relationship that lasted four years. Your boyfriend in this situation will watch porn or you. It’s not a scandal. It’s a sex crime. It is sexual rape. The law needs to change and so do we.

            One of the worst disappointments he’s ever had in his life.

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