Jim Carrey’s 75 Best Quotes

James Eugene Carrey, commonly known as Jim carrey, Is a Canadian actor and singer famous for playing many comedic roles throughout his film career.

This actor is the protagonist of films such as: Ace Ventura, Say Yes, Like God or The Mask. Throughout his career, Carrey won two Golden Globes and was nominated for the BAFTA Awards for Best Actor, specifically in 2005.

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Jim Carrey’s most famous quotes

Many of us know this famous actor or grew up with the movies he starred in, but how would you like to know his more human side?

    Below you can enjoy Jim Carrey’s 75 best quotes, Where you will discover many of his most moving thoughts.

    1. I understood how a thought is only an illusion, and as a thought is responsible, if not all, for most of the suffering we experience.

    Often times, our thoughts are the reason we suffer on a daily basis.

    2. Many of us have chosen fear as our path and disguised it as a practice.

    We don’t have to live our lives in fear, we have to be brave and do what we really want.

    3. Our intention is everything, nothing happens on this planet without it, not even the smallest thing has happened without a prior intention.

    In order to be able to carry out any action, we must first have the necessary intention to carry it out.

    4. I think everyone should be rich, famous, and do whatever they ever dreamed of. Then they might find that is not the answer.

    Happiness does not reside in money, fame or personal success, happiness resides in ourselves and in our desire to be happy.

    5. Life will always give you new opportunities, it is up to you to choose whether to seize them or let them pass for fear of doing so.

    Taking advantage of the opportunities that life offers us depends only on ourselves.

    6. What a waste to have spent so much time with someone finding out that they are a stranger.

    Often times we never know someone in depth, there is always something that person can hide from us.

    7. Talking constantly does not mean communicating.

    We can talk more and not communicate anything in particular.

    8. You are ready and willing to do great things in this world. Today you have two choices: love or fear.

    Love must be the force by which we are guided in our lives, we must transmit all our love to the world.

    9. It is better to risk starvation than to surrender.

    To get everything we want, we will surely have to take risks many times.

    10. When I’m scared, I know I’m challenged.

    The things that scare us the most can also be a great personal challenge for us.

    11. As far as I know, it’s just a matter of letting the universe know what you want and then working for it, forgetting how it’s going to be.

    To achieve our goals, we must work to achieve them, if we do not mobilize our efforts towards them, we will never achieve them.

    12. I’m pretty serious about not drinking alcohol or drugs. Life is too good.

    We must not fall into vices that do not really add anything positive to our lives.

    13. If you fail by doing something you don’t like, you can also give yourself a chance to do something you like.

    Giving our time to the activities that matter most to us is something that we all need to do in life.

    14. She comes back and invents at least one farewell, we pretend to have had it.

    When you really want someone, you will do whatever it takes for that person.

    15. If you are not living in the present, you are looking for future uncertainty or a return to pain and repentance.

    Living in the moment is something that many of us don’t know how to do, our thoughts absorb us too much.

    16. I just want to be myself.

    Honesty with oneself is an essential thing in everyone’s life.

    17. I remember going to an MTV awards party with only a sock covering my manhood and had more pictures of Jennifer Lopez and her cellophane-clad micro-dress on her Mighty Sundays.

    The humor of this artist leaves no one indifferent, it is a good example of that.

    18. If he was omnipotent, he would speak to anyone who dislikes The Majestic.

    Sometimes the critics did not favor the films of this fabulous Canadian actor.

    19. For me, God is a force that turns the world and nature is developing in its greatest fullness and beauty.

    We all have our own unique way of understanding the concept of “God”, and that is how Jim Carrey understands it.

    20. I am the creator of a television show that gives hope to millions of people.

    The greatest personal achievement of this famous actor is being able to bring happiness to thousands of homes.

    21. I admit my share of guilt in the process of idiocy of the country.

    Carrey is fully aware that some of his jokes are a bit “rude” and in this quote he apologizes for it.

    22. Originality is really important.

    We need to show society how unique we are.

    23. Are we one of those boring couples we feel sorry for in restaurants?

    Even though we are growing up, that’s not why we have to be boring people.

    24. Random Thoughts for Valentine’s Day, 2004. Today’s celebration was invented by card makers to make people feel bad.

    The thoughts of this actor are unique, he has his particular way of understanding the world around him.

    25. I’m not ready for a Lois relationship, but thanks for asking.

    A quote from the famous Ace Ventura movie, certainly a highly recommended movie.

    26. I have felt horrible since the success appeared.

    Being successful in life doesn’t have to bring us happiness.

    27. Dare to be seen in every sense of your glory.

    We must be the best expression of ourselves, we must not lower our intensity for anything or anyone.

    28. I would erase you from my mind, but halfway through the process I would see one by one the memories that we had, all those memories that will make you want to forget yourself the more you will want to stay in my head, because this is where you belong. (to Cathriona White).

    Although it often seems to us that Jim Carrey is a very pleasant man, he also has a great inner world and very strong feelings.

    29. You can forget what happened, but not what he felt.

    The feelings we have sometimes we will never forget.

    30. Maybe others will try to limit me, but I am not limiting myself.

    Our biggest rival will always be ourselves, we haven’t convinced ourselves that we can’t do something.

    31. If you give up on your dreams, what do you have left?

    Our dreams are what we wake up to every day.

    32. Without despair, human beings cannot learn.

    Often, it is desperation that makes us move forward and risk our lives.

    33. Choose love and never let fear turn against the happiness of your heart.

    Carrey is fully aware of the power of love in the world, which we all should appreciate as well.

    34. I get up some mornings, I sit down and, my coffee in my hand, I look at my garden. I always remember how good it is because I know I might lose it.

    Valuing what we have is something we all have to do, we are very lucky to have it.

    35. The truth is, from the start, I was impressed with how my dad got attention. Whenever visitors would come, he would stop in the middle of the room and people were in awe of his creativity, his animations when he was telling a story. And I wanted to be the same. I haven’t thought of another option. So he wanted to take over the world. I wanted to be like him.

    For Jim Carrey, his father has always been a great inspiration, something that many of us share.

    36. If you’ve never been desperate, you’ve never been interesting.

    Life leads us to despair in many cases, it is up to us to decide how to deal with that despair.

    37. My mission in life is to elicit as much laughter as possible.

    A mission that he certainly knew how to fulfill throughout his film career.

    38. All that always will be is what is happening here in the decisions we make now, whether based on love or fear.

    How we act right now will decide what we will accomplish in a hypothetical future.

    39. What we really want and seem to be totally beyond our reach makes us ridiculous to think that it is possible to get it, so we never dare ask for it in the universe.

    Often, we are the ones who boycott ourselves, which we should never do.

    40. I think Clem is so desperate and insecure that sooner or later he’s going to fuck everyone.

    Jim Carrey’s humor can surprise us on more than one occasion, we must be prepared for its next occurrence.

    41. If you are not in the present moment, you head straight for uncertainty, or you return to pain and repentance.

    You have to know how to live in the moment, otherwise you will not benefit from your maximum human potential.

    42. “Obstacle, pet sleuth !!

    Without a doubt, pet sleuth Ace Ventura has been one of this actor’s most successful roles.

    43. Today, my face is already acting on its own. He does what he wants. Sometimes this is a suitable thing and other times it is not.

    The ease with which this actor penetrates his characters is amazing, very few people have this gift of acting.

    44. You are real. That’s why it was so good to see you.

    Jim Carrey attaches great importance to the authenticity of people, which we should all emulate.

    45. It seems like everyone is spinning around me in one way or another.

    Who has never heard the world revolve around you? Our personal perspective generates this false perception.

    46. ​​When Adam was created, he couldn’t go to a mall to buy shorts, a T-shirt, and the ever-helpless jeans.

    Indeed, today we live with certain comforts that our ancestors did not have.

    47. If you have a talent, protect it.

    Knowing how to value what sets us apart from others can help us throughout our life.

    48. Yesterday I had the best fucking night of my whole fucking life.

    The experiences we have every day change us and shape who we are.

    49. As a child, my family had to work in cleaning and live in an old van. But for goodness sake I swear to him that even in those times he managed to make them laugh, even if it was with an imitation, a fart or a dance.

    We can be poor, but we can be just as happy. Happiness does not lie in the wealth we have.

    50. The only way Clem thinks he can get people to like him is to fuck her, or at least be reluctant to fuss.

    In Carrey’s films, sex is something that is usually present, but never in a completely explicit way.

    51. Now, you can be the erased one or the erased one.

    Personal relationships can turn in circles and change overnight.

    52. People ask me all the time if I prefer the theater or the comedy. My answer is simple: next question!

    There is no doubt that this actor being a great predilection for humor, his career has always revolved around this genre.

    53. Forget the pain, laugh at it and reduce it. Then he smiles.

    Knowing how to overcome our personal problems will prove to be a much stronger and more independent person.

    54. Do you know what the problem is with life? That he has no danger music.

    Life with music is much better, it has the power to help us in many situations.

    55. I left, I have no more memories.

    Who has never had a mental gap after a crazy night?

    56. Do you want him to turn your life into hell?

    Our life will be what we want it to be, for our actions will allow us to shape as we please.

    57. People need motivation to learn something.

    Having enough motivation will help us achieve our personal goals.

    58. You never put a camera in my head!

    The Truman Show is a film which made a good part of the population think. Our privacy is very important.

    59. I admit that a lot of my jokes are very silly.

    Even he himself recognizes the vulgarity of many of his jokes.

    60. I feel like I want to take care of everyone and not being able to do so makes me feel bad.

    There is no doubt that this actor is a very emotional person, this emotion allows him to immerse himself in his characters.

    61. His personality promises to get you out of your mediocre life, I don’t know, it’s like climbing an amazing fiery meteorite that will take you to another world. A world where everything is exciting.

    Carrey’s personality is very outgoing and thrills all his viewers.

    62. Why do I fall in love with all the women I see who pay me some attention?

    This actor was very much in love in several of his films.

    63. The sand is overrated, it’s just tiny stones.

    Certainly a very curious way to understand something as simple as sand.

    64. Blessed are the forgetful, for they still overcome their mistakes.

    Being able to forget often means knowing how to overcome your own mistakes.

    65. Good morning, good afternoon and good night.

    A welcome message valid at any time of the day, whatever time of day we are.

    66. Your need to be accepted can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the middle of your light.

    We must express ourselves to the maximum at all times, we must not let others eclipse us.

    67. You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts or worrying about the way to the future.

    Thinking about things too much can make us never decide, when something scares us it is best not to think too much.

    68. I’ve gotten to the point where if I don’t take risks I’m not happy.

    To be able to live an exciting life, we have to take certain risks.

    69. My goal is to forget the pain of life.

    Knowing how to forget our emotional pain is something not all of us know how to do.

    70. Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learn or create anything. So simple.

    In desperate situations, we use one hundred percent of our ingenuity and efficiency.

    71. Laughter is health and prolongs life.

    Living in a good mood will help us live a much more fulfilling life.

    72. Maybe some people will try to limit me, but I won’t.

    We don’t have to boycott ourselves, knowing how to control our thoughts will help us achieve our goals.

    73. Perhaps the best thing you can get out of a relationship is to be with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

    When someone loves us with all their heart, they will encourage us to be our best version.

    74. If I don’t come back in 5 minutes … wait a little longer!

    As Jim Carrey tells us in this quote, don’t be impatient.

    75. You can delete a person from Your spirit. Getting out of your heart is another story.

    When we have truly loved someone, that person will always have a place in our hearts.

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