John Edgar Hoover’s 40 most famous quotes

John Edgar Hoover, born in Washington DC in 1895, Was the first man to serve as director of the Federal Investigation Agency, better known by its acronym FBI.

As the head of the FBI, this man managed to obtain a remarkable amount of information, information that some people say this man would later use to gain profit. The only thing we can be sure of is that information, as we all know, is power and whoever has a lot of information is sure to be someone very powerful in our society.

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Quotes and Thoughts from Former FBI Director John Edgar Hoover

Below you can enjoy the 40 best quotes from John Edgar Hoover, A man of humble origins who through his work managed to become one of the most powerful people in America.

1. The cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair.

The education of our children is the best weapon at our disposal to fight crime effectively.

2. It is the function of mass unrest to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, political. Stir them. Against each other. Divide and conquer. This is the way to soften a democracy

If we are united, human beings are much more powerful, so the government usually confronts each other regularly, so that we can control ourselves more easily.

3. Dictatorship is a power based directly on force and without restrictions of any law.

Dictatorships should never have a place in today’s world. Democracy and human rights are the pillars through which our society will undoubtedly flourish.

4. I’m sorry to say that we, the FBI, are unable to act in cases of oral-genital privacy unless we have somehow impeded interstate commerce.

Some states have truly unlikely laws, many of which have already been defeated today.

5. No law enforcement officer can solve a family problem.

The law can punish one person, but not all of society. Moral issues are so complicated that they cannot be resolved in court.

6. Above all, I would teach him to tell the truth. The truth is that telling the truth is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I saw in 40 years of law enforcement had one thing in common: they were all liars.

To be honest, we will surely go further in our lives, because honesty is a completely essential quality in order to be able to be personally successful.

7. Banks are an almost irresistible attraction to that part of our society in search of unearned money.

Free money does not exist, whether it is with our work or with contingent income, we will always end up having to pay every dollar we have.

8. The moment the FBI begins to make recommendations on what to do with its information, it becomes a Gestapo.

The FBI had to avoid becoming the secret police of the United States, this police wanted to be much more transparent than some of its European counterparts.

9. There is no doubt that the United States is now the main target of international communism.

The United States was certainly the number one enemy of the Stalinist nations, but no matter how hard they tried, it never succeeded in overpowering the American giant.

10. Law and order is what covers the whole picture. Justice is part of it, but it cannot be separated into one thing.

Justice cannot be understood without laws, for laws are the basis upon which we apply what we all commonly call justice.

11. Experts say children are not born criminals, nor pampered parasites. The environment in which they live creates them as well.

These values ​​that we received during our childhood mark us for a whole life, there are no bad children but bad parents.

12. What you need is a good vacuum cleaner.

Today’s home technology has made our lives much easier, a revolution in our comfort that has been brewing in the United States for over 60 years.

13. We (FBI) are a data collection organization only. We didn’t clean anyone. We are not condemning anyone.

The FBI is simply an information agency, as such its only tasks are to investigate and collect data.

14. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been requested to assist in investigating the flying disc sightings.

As we see, the FBI has started to investigate the UFO issue, some of these documents have already been declassified today.

15. What we need in America today is a vigorous return to the god of our fathers.

Hoover believed that Christianity could inspire many people in the United States. This religion was seen by him as a key that could open the door to a much more prosperous future.

16. I would like to (study UFOs), but before we can agree to do so, we must insist on full access to the recovered disks. For example, in the case of Los Angeles, the military took him away and didn’t allow us to have him for a cursory examination.

A very curious quote in which Hoover talks about the UFO conspiracy, a very hot and interesting topic for 50’s and 60’s society.

17. Why is it important that you have nothing to hide?

Only those who have committed a crime should be afraid of the police, if we have nothing to hide, the police will never be our enemy.

18. It can be guaranteed that the information retained or deleted contains truths harmful to those involved in the repression.

The way information is handled during a given event can mean that public opinion has a totally distorted idea. A way of acting that Hoover has used many times.

19. All who bear the title of Blessed Father have a personal responsibility to see their children grow up fully appreciating the rights of God and his fellow men.

Being a father is a big responsibility, a position no man should ever take lightly.

20. I don’t need to tell you that what determines a man’s inheritance is often what we don’t see.

We all have a secret that we jealously keep just for ourselves, in some cases these secrets could ruin the life of more than one person.

21. The flames of freedom that ignited in this great land of ours during the time of Thomas Jefferson continued to burn with intense magnetic light for nearly 200 years. They were fueled by the spiritual fuel that abounds alone in a land where there is a continuing faith in God and his recognition as the true author of freedom.

As we see, Hoover had great faith in God, we see that the Lord occupies his first and last thought every day.

22. If the facts are present, this helps to make the proposal a success, but the Board considers … that the interruption can be carried out without supporting facts.

The FBI was not afraid to act, this police force would do everything in its power to make the United States a much safer nation.

23. Justice is ancillary to law and order.

Law and order make possible a peaceful life in society, no nation could develop effectively without these two great pillars.

24. Even great men can corrupt.

We can all be victims of our greed, it’s up to ourselves to be strong enough not to get carried away by it.

25. There is something addicting about secrets.

Knowledge as Hoover knew very well is power.

26. The purpose of counterintelligence action is to interrupt and is not relevant if there are facts to corroborate the accusation.

This well-known FBI leader managed to get his hands on many secrets, valuable information that would later make him one of the most powerful people in the world.

27. The American mind has simply not realized the evil that has been introduced into our environment.

The United States was a country with great social and economic differences, the future that awaited this nation seemed totally uncertain at the time.

28. The will to do, the tenacity to overcome all obstacles and finish the course, the strength to cling to inexorable ideals, everything is rooted in courage.

We must be courageous if we want to live a better life tomorrow, our daily actions will be those that will lead us directly to the destination that each of us deserves.

29. There is only one way to eliminate juvenile delinquency: to provide every child in the United States with competent parents.

A very interesting date that many people should keep in mind, only by giving the right values ​​to our children can we have a better society in the future.

30. A child who has learned to obey the laws of God will have little difficulty in obeying the laws of men.

As we see, religion was very important to him. Hoover believed that thanks to her, everyone could obtain more correct moral principles, which would later help us to develop better in society.

31. There will never be another black messiah if we do not create him.

The struggle for civil rights was very present at this time, a time when racial segregation was still viewed with very good eyes by a significant part of society.

32. The important thing for now is to clarify again the difference between hero and villain.

Some criminals were considered at the time as the “Robin Hoods” of the time, a very distorted view of reality that obviously had to change.

33. The individual is at a disadvantage when faced with such a monstrous plot that he cannot believe it exists.

Some conspiracies seem to be taken from a sci-fi book, some of the Hoovers’ intrigues had full access thanks to his position as the FBI leader.

34. The communist threat from outside must not blind us to the communist threat from within. The latter reaches the heart of America through its spy agents and a cunning, provocative and lawless Communist Party that is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world slavery and the destruction of the foundations of our republic.

Communism was a great evil of the time that probably had to be fought, or at least that was the vision preached by the American leaders.

35. The efforts of all law enforcement agencies with the support and understanding of the American people.

Before the FBI, there was no police service in the United States capable of operating throughout its territory, which fortunately changed with its creation.

36. He even rejects the hypothesis that human creatures might adopt a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.

What the company will be in the future is something that none of us know, we hope that luck will always be a factor that will accompany us throughout our development.

37. When morality declines and good men do nothing, evil flourishes.

If the good people do not act accordingly with their thoughts, the bad guys will certainly have their way.

38. We must never forget our history.

These events which unfortunately happened in the past can help us make better decisions in the future.

39. A society that does not want to learn from the past is doomed.

It is only if we learn from our mistakes that we will make society much better in the future, a task in which we all must do our part.

40. The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation.

When state agencies act together, criminals can do very little to try to stop them.

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