JRR Tolkien’s 100 Best Phrases

JRR Tolkien, whose full name is John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, was an acclaimed South African writer, poet and university professor whose masterpieces of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ won him acclaim. world-renowned in the field of medieval literary fantasy. .

In this article we will review JRR Tolkien’s best phrasesa sample of this author’s way of thinking.

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    JRR Tolkien’s most memorable phrases

    His books have been so loved that they have even been brought to the big screen, growing the love for this genre. To learn more about his life and work, we bring you a collection of the best quotes from JRR Tolkien.

    1. Fantasy is, like many other things, a legitimate right of every human being, because through it one finds complete freedom and satisfaction.

    Talking about the fantasy genre in literature.

    2. He who has not seen the evening must not promise to walk in darkness.

    Only people who know something first hand are able to master it.

    3. The infidel is the one who disappears when the road is dark.

    True friends are those who stay at their worst.

    4. He who is unable to free himself from treasure in time of need is like a chained slave.

    Money offers a viable solution, but it shouldn’t be a prison.

    5. If many of us valued food, joy, and songs more than precious gold, it would be a happier world.

    We enjoy bad things.

    6. Do you want a good day for me, or do you want to say it’s a good day, whether I like it or not; or that you feel good today; or is it a good day to be good?

    What does having a good day mean?

    7. I believe what they call fairy tales is one of the greatest forms of literature, wrongly associated with childhood.

    A fairy tale is an ageless story.

      8. A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

      Thousands of new things are built from dreams.

      9. There is something good in this world and it is worth fighting for.

      Always try to look for the positive in everything.

      10. Even the wisest do not know the end of all paths.

      No one can know what awaits us.

      11. The job that never starts is the one that takes the longest.

      The most difficult thing is the beginning, but it is the most necessary step.

      12. The hearts of men are not as bad as their deeds, and hardly ever as the wickedness of their words.

      No one is entirely evil.

      13. Dawn is always a hope for man.

      It is a way of knowing that there is a new opportunity.

      14. The world is full of dangers, and there are many dark places in it; but there are still many things that are right.

      Good things can be small, but when boards have big power.

      15. There was no choice but to go on and on, even after they felt they couldn’t go any further.

      We have no choice but to move forward.

      16. The greatest adventure is the one ahead of us. Today and tomorrow have not yet been said.

      We cannot know what the future holds.

      17. My advice to anyone who has the time and inclination to deal with the international language would be: “support Esperanto with loyalty”.

      Show your support for this language which aims to be universal.

      18. A philologist speaks Esperanto.

      A language that tries to bring all languages ​​together.

      19. I don’t know half of you, nor half of what you would like, and what you would like is less than half of what half of you deserve.

      Each person has their personal aspirations.

      20. Fairyland contains many things, apart from elves and wanderers, and apart from dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants or dragons.

      It’s a world where imagination is the mainstay of everything.

      21. I won’t tell you: don’t cry; for not all tears are bitter.

      There are tears of joy or relief.

      22. It is not good to talk about certain things when shadows rule the world.

      It is always best not to attract negative things into our lives.

      23. However, a new path or secret door can be expected just around the corner.

      What awaits us may be closer than we think.

      24. I was told I could speak in shorthand and then scramble the words.

      About his writing power.

      25. And he who breaks something to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom.

      Easy things never lead to good places.

      26. Sooner or later, the crime is always revealed.

      Justice may take time, but it comes.

      27. Beautiful words sometimes hide an infamous heart.

      There are nice people hiding a bad soul.

        28. Despair is only for those who see the end without a doubt. We don’t.

        Despair arises when you stop trying.

        29. There is always more to you than you expected!

        We tend to think very little about our potential.

        30. Now, this seems strange, but the things that are good to have and the good days to enjoy them are numbered very early and we do not pay too much attention to them.

        Do we really appreciate the good times?

        31. I really try to read a lot of books, especially science fiction or fantasy.

        The books that Tolkien liked to read.

        32. Shortcuts cause long delays.

        When you cheat, things stop working at some point.

        33. The world is not in your books and maps; It is over there.

        Go out and live as long as you can.

        34. Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.

        The stars shine in the dark.

        35. It is useless to satisfy revenge with revenge; it won’t cure anything.

        Revenge only consumes us from within to leave us empty.

        36. Saying communists are orcs is almost as stupid as saying orcs are communists.

        defend the communist position.

        37. A man running from what he fears often finds he’s only taken a shortcut to meet it.

        You can’t run away forever, your problems will find you and explode inside you.

        38. Actually, I’m a Hobbit (at least in size)

        The way Tolkien perceived himself.

        39. My doubts have fallen asleep, but a restless sleep.

        Doubts don’t leave us alone until we resolve them.

        40. How do you get around? Carry on when your heart finally understands that there is no turning back.

        You must first overcome what ails you in order to move where you want to go.

        41. May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

        Find a person who can be that light.

        42. Is there anything nicer than flying?

        Can you think of anything else?

        43. Don’t go asking the elves for advice, because they say yes and no.

        Elves can be very impulsive or indecisive.

          44. A box without hinges, keys, or a lid can still hide a treasure trove of gold inside.

          You can’t judge someone or something by their appearance without knowing it first.

          45. There is nothing to seek if you want to find something.

          The only way to achieve this is to try.

          46. ​​I sincerely believe that no lukewarm enthusiasm and worldly fear should keep us from following the light without blinking.

          Although we may not always be in a good mood, we have to find something that will keep us going.

          47. When things are in danger, someone has to give them up, lose them, so others can keep them.

          It is better to let go of something so that it does not fade in our hands.

          48. The canons of storytelling, whatever the medium, are not completely different.

          Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves.

          49. Wars are not conducive to delicate pleasures.

          Wars favor no one.

          50. Snow is beautiful on a good morning, but I like to be in bed when it falls.

          There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the cold in the shelter of your home.

          51. It’s not wrong to celebrate a simple life.

          Many have this as a goal to achieve.

          52. The failure of loose films often lies in exaggeration and the intrusion of pointless material that has little to do with the core of the original material.

          The problem of cinema in its time, according to Tolkien.

          53. It gives me great pleasure, a good name. I always start with a written name. Give me a name and produce a story, not the other way around.

          His particular way of starting a story.

          54. Do not meddle in the affairs of magicians, for them it is subtle and quick to get angry.

          Apparently, magicians have a very changeable mood.

          55. A man without faith is the one who says goodbye when the road gets dark.

          They are the ones who give up easily when faced with any obstacle.

          56. Naughty children who play with fire get what they deserve.

          A reflection to know who hurts, goes wrong.

          57. It’s true that you almost always find something, if you look, but it’s not always what you’re looking for.

          There are times when we don’t find what we want but what we need.

            58. There are many powers in the world, for good and for evil. Many of them are taller than me.

            It all depends on how people use it.

            59. A traitor can inadvertently betray himself and do good.

            That’s why traitors can’t even trust each other.

            60. An honest hand and a sincere heart can be wrong; and the damage received can be harder to bear than the work of an enemy.

            When a good person is wrong, they carry it like a heavy burden on their shoulders.

            61. Pain will not be forgotten; but it will not darken his heart, nor give him wisdom.

            Pain is the worst teacher.

            62. Why should a man be despised if in prison he tries to get out and go home? Or if he can’t do that, think and talk about things other than jailers and prison walls?

            There are prisoners who are in prison for unjust causes.

            63. As long as he was a happy hobbit, he needed no hope as long as despair was postponed.

            Part of happiness is getting rid of worries.

            64. Only a friend should censure a friend’s madness.

            True friends are those who have the courage to face you.

            65. Living by faith includes a call to something greater than cowardly self-preservation.

            It is also about defending the righteous.

            66. Little by little, we travel far.

            Big things can be accomplished in small steps.

            67. I hardly ever find a modern book that catches my eye.

            Finding literary pleasures in the classics.

            68. Deeds are no less valiant because no one praises them.

            The important thing is that you can celebrate your victories yourself.

            69. Always after a defeat and a truce, the Shadow takes on a new shape and grows again.

            Evil never rests, that’s why you have to work the light all the time.

            70. Uncomfortable, shocking and even horrible things can tell a good story, and it takes time to tell.

            We can draw inspiration from thousands of things.

            71. You are just a simple individual in a huge world!

            That’s why you don’t have to worry about what other people think of you.

            72. I like gardens, trees and uncultivated farmland.

            One of the activities the writer used to enjoy.

            73. Only you can decide what to do with the time given to you.

            No one can control the course of your life.

            74. I don’t complain if anyone who has read the book finds it boring, absurd or despicable, because I have a similar opinion on their comments.

            Each person has doubts about tastes.

            75. Few people are able to foresee where their path leads to their end.

            It is perhaps in death that we understand what has happened in our life.

              76. Traitors are always suspicious.

              Because they too don’t know who can betray them.

              77. A living dragon need not come out of your calculations, if you live nearby.

              Find the courage within you, nurturing your own security.

              78. Not all who wander are lost.

              There are those who simply explore new paths.

              79. The love of beautiful things made by hand with spirit and magic.

              Love and its mysteries.

              80. I smoke a pipe and like good simple food (without refrigeration), but I hate French food.

              About your food tastes.

              81. I go to bed late and get up late (if possible). I don’t travel a lot.

              A very simple man.

              82. Courage lies in unexpected places.

              And it is the unexpected situations that wake him up.

              83. The setting of my story is this land, where we currently live. But the historical period is imaginary.

              About the inspiration of the world he designed.

              84. They contain the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky and the earth and everything in them: the trees and the birds, the water and the stone, the wine and the bread, and ourselves , mortal men.

              What exists in fantasy worlds.

              85. I like and even dare to wear, in these boring days, ornamental vests.

              Quite an interesting taste.

              86. The visitor who escaped through the roof will think twice before re-entering through the door.

              Better to think about your actions before repeating them.

              87. I have a very simple sense of humor (which even my detractors find annoying)

              Speaking of his unusual sense of humor.

              88. Every moment that passes without you is a moment of wasted time.

              Being away from a loved one is heavy.

              89. The possibilities, the changes are yours. The mold of his life in his hands is about to break.

              Only you have the reins where you want to direct your life.

              90. Although in all countries love is now mixed with pain, perhaps love is greater.

              If you profess it and believe in it, the love will be infinite.

              91. Hope often arises when all is sorry.

              A time when we can reconnect with our strength.

              92. It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.

              Because it is the spirit that lifts us up when we are on the ground.

              93. You can only come in the morning through the shadow.

              You have to work hard to find the strength.

              94. Where there is no will there is always a way.

              When you want, you can.

              95. Even the smallest person can change course in the future.

              Change depends on whether or not we want something better.

              96. I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of everything.

              People who accompany you until the end.

              97. If you don’t believe in God, the question is what is the purpose of life? It is indisputable. Which direction will you send the question to?

              A questioning of those who do not believe in God.

              98. If I can protect you with my life or death, I will.

              A sacrifice that shows loyalty.

              99. There is much more to him than you imagine and much more than he himself imagines.

              This is why it is important to encourage those we see who are struggling.

              100. Do not despise the traditions that come to us from the past; He it often happens that old women remember things that the sages of old needed to know.

              Traditions have their own saved wisdom.

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