Khalil Gibran’s 100 Best Phrases

Kahlil Gibran was a renowned Lebanese poet, painter and philosopher, who earned the title “Prophet of the East” thanks to his book “The Prophet”.

His works are mainly based on the poetry and art of Arab culture, which he also wanted to transmit and nurture internationally while living in the United States.

In this article you will find a list of Khalil Gibran’s best phrases; samples of his thought and his way of conceiving the world.

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    Khalil Gibran’s most inspiring phrases

    To remember his legacy, we bring in this article a compilation of the best phrases of Khalil Gibran, a thinker who conquered the West with his poetry.

    1. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

    In friendship, respect and responsibility are paramount.

    2. In the sweetness of friendship there are shared laughter and pleasures. In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and rejoices.

    Friendship is beautiful, not outside your life.

    3. Because life and death are one, just as the river and the sea are one.

    Life is accompanied by death, it is an inseparable duo.

      4. No matter how long the storm lasts, the sun always shines again in the clouds.

      There is no problem that cannot be overcome.

      5. Men who do not forgive women their small faults will never enjoy their great virtues.

      Forgiveness is essential in a relationship.

      6. If you love someone, set them free because if they come back, it’s always yours. And if he doesn’t, he never has.

      The one who truly loves you never leaves you.

      7. Stronger souls emerged from suffering. Stronger characters are forged from scars.

      You also learn from difficult situations.

      8. Only the seed that breaks its shell is capable of daring the adventure of life.

      Never stop taking risks, life is a constant adventure.

      9. Men do not desire blessing on their lips or truth in their hearts, for the former is the product of tears and the latter is the daughter of blood.

      There are things in life that hurt a lot.

      10. Selfishness, my friend, causes blind conflict, and conflict breeds war.

      Don’t let selfishness take over your life.

      11. You can only get there at dawn on the night trail.

      To succeed, you have to go through failure.

      12. You can forget who you laughed with, but not who you cried with.

      True friends know each other in difficult times.

      13. If you tell your secrets to the wind, don’t blame the wind for telling the trees.

      Do not divulge your secrets or plans, as you will have no control over them.

      14. You give little when you give away your possessions. It’s when you give yourself when you really give.

      Material things are not important, but your presence is.

      15. The nightingale refuses to nest in the cage, so slavery is not the fate of its offspring.

      You have to be free, put aside everything that binds you.

      16. There are those who give with joy and this joy is their reward.

      It’s good to give and not get anything in return.

      17. Faith is an oasis in the heart, which will never be reached by the caravan of thought.

      True faith works.

      18. The silence of the envious is full of noise.

      Stay away from the envious, they don’t deserve to be by your side.

        19. Turn me away from the wisdom that does not cry, from the philosophy that does not laugh, and from the greatness that does not bow to children.

        Sometimes things that seem good aren’t really good.

        20. Affection and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and determination.

        Show your affection because it’s not weakness, but self-confidence.

        21. Love never knew its own intensity until the moment of separation.

        When you lose a loved one, that’s when you are sure of the great love you felt.

        22. There must be something strangely sacred in salt: it’s in our tears and in the sea.

        There are such sacred things that are difficult to understand.

        23. From the orator I learned to be silent; of the intolerant, of being indulgent, and of the malicious of treating others with kindness. And as curious as it may seem, I have no gratitude for these teachers.

        Each person has something to teach.

        24. Protect me from the wisdom that does not cry, from the philosophy that does not laugh, and from the greatness that does not bow to children.

        You have to cry, laugh and love.

        25. Where can I find a man ruled by reason and not by habits and desires?

        It is easier to be dominated by bad habits than by reason.

        26. Hell is not in remorse, it is in the empty heart.

        Having no feelings is worse than having remorse.

        27. When you reach the end of what you need to know, you will be at the beginning of what you need to feel.

        Wisdom and feelings go in the same direction.

        28. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that envelops your understanding.

        Pain is a feeling that brings many lessons.

        29. You must not forget that the earth takes pleasure in feeling your bare feet and the winds yearn to play with your hair.

        Go out and enjoy nature.

        30. If you cannot work with love but only reluctantly, it is better to quit work and sit at the door of the temple to receive alms from those who work with joy.

        Everything that is done should be done with joy.

        31. I met a second birth, when my soul and my body fell in love and got married.

        Try to put your body and mind in the same direction.

          32. Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to cry, too serious to laugh, and too selfish to seek anything other than itself.

          Never let your knowledge show that you are superior to others.

          33. We are all prisoners, but some of us are in cells with windows, some are not.

          There are things that bind us, some that motivate us to leave and others that keep us locked in.

          34. There is a trembling spring in every winter of the heart, and a smiling dawn hides behind the veil of every night.

          After a sad moment comes happiness. It is important to say how you feel.

          35. Not all the poor are despised.

          The worst poverty is that of the soul.

          36. And there are those who have little but give everything. The latter believe in life and the generosity of life, which is why their chest is never empty.

          Those who give little are the happiest people in the world.

          37. The very well that gives birth to your laughter has been filled endless times with your tears.

          Tears and laughter are part of you.

          38. Tears are the fire that purifies love, making them clear and beautiful for eternity.

          Crying for love is worth it.

          39. It is good to give when asked; but it is better to give without being asked, like good listeners.

          It always happens without them having to come and ask.

          40. Material things kill man without suffering, love vivifies him with vivifying pains.

          Bad times are good for learning.

          41. Trust dreams, because in them hides the door to eternity.

          Chase your dreams, don’t stop.

          42. Sorrow and poverty purify the heart of man, though our feeble minds see no value in the universe except comfort and happiness.

          Poverty is no shame.

          43. He who forgives you a sin that you have not committed, forgives himself his own crime.

          He who forgives others knows how to forgive himself without complex.

          44. A poet is one who makes you feel, after reading his poem, that his best verses are not yet composed.

          Simple poetry can convey a myriad of things.

          45. He who does not wear his morals but like his best clothes would be better off naked.

          Integrity is sometimes a mirage.

          46. ​​Show me your mother’s face and I’ll tell you who you are.

          You are a reflection of what you learned at home.

          47. Yesterday is nothing more than today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.

          Yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow is just a dream.

          48. And do not think of directing the paths of love; it is love which, if it finds you worthy, will direct your paths.

          Love cannot be controlled, it is felt.

          49. He who wants to become master of man must begin by teaching himself in the same way before teaching others; and he must first teach by example before doing so verbally.

          Before understanding others, start with yourself.

            50. Beauty is eternity looking at itself in a mirror.

            Beauty is everywhere.

            51. And in my madness I have found the freedom and security of those who do not understand themselves, because those who understand us enslave something of us.

            Having friends is a big commitment.

            52. Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.

            Curiosity leads us to discover new things.

            53. Your life is not determined by what life brings to you, but by the attitude you bring to life. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how your mind looks at what’s happening.

            Life is based on how you see things.

            54. When you are happy, look deep in your heart and you will find that the same thing that gives you joy today was what filled you with sadness yesterday.

            Today’s sadness will turn into tomorrow’s joy.

            55. Love gives only of itself and receives nothing but itself. Love does not possess and does not want to be possessed. Because love is enough for love.

            He who has love, gives love and receives the same

            56. Exaggeration is the truth that got carried away.

            Enlargement is a fault that many people have.

            57. When you are sad, look again and you will find that you are crying for what was yours yesterday.

            Sadness is a very present feeling.

            58. The tyrant calls for sweet wine from sour grapes.

            There are people who want to reap good things when they have sown hatred.

            59. When grief melts two hearts, neither fame nor happiness will be able to destroy that union.

            Sadness also unites two people.

            60. Love is always shy of beauty, while beauty is always behind love.

            With love we can see beauty everywhere.

            61. If you cry in the sun at night, the tears will not allow you to see the stars.

            Don’t cling to pain because you won’t be able to see how beautiful it is around you.

            62. The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist looks at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.

            He always sees the good in everything.

            63. It has always been known that love only knows its own depth at the moment of separation.

            Love is an enigma.

            64. When love calls you, follow it, even though its paths are difficult and steep. And when its wings envelop you, yield to it, even if the sword hidden in its feathers may hurt you.

            No one escapes love.

            65. Life without love is like a tree without flowers or fruits

            Life is more beautiful when you live with love.

            66. The deeper the sadness that clings to your being, the more joy you can contain.

            Sadness is the prelude to joy.

            67. My enemy said to me, “Love your enemy. And I obeyed him and I loved myself.

            Your worst enemy is yourself.

            68. The wealth of the world is a bread and a coat.

            Just as there are rich people, there are poor people who lack a great deal.

            69. It is our inner self that suffers when we disobey and kills us when we betray it.

            We always have someone inside us that pushes us to do things.

            70. The timelessness that exists within you is aware of the timelessness of life.

            We are what life is to us.

            71. Do not say: “I have found the truth”, but rather: “I have found a truth”.

            The truth is something incomprehensible.

            72. Some hear with their ears, some with their stomach, some with their pockets, and some don’t hear at all.

            You have to know how to listen.

            73. To work with love is to build a house with affection, as if your beloved were to live in this house.

            Do your work with love, the results will be magical.

              74. Your joy is your sadness without a mask.

              Joy and sadness are very similar.

              75. Sadness is a wall between two gardens.

              Sadness also unites two hearts.

              76. In the dew of small things, the heart finds its morning and takes its freshness.

              In the small moments that is where the happiness is.

              77. Do not progress by improving what has already been done, but by striving to achieve what remains to be done.

              Always focus on doing more than you can do.

              78. The deeper the pain in your heart, the more joy you can contain.

              Sometimes joy hides behind a dark landscape.

              79. In the heart of every winter lives a throbbing spring, and behind every night comes a smiling dawn.

              The storm does not always last and after there is a cool day.

              80. The tortoise can talk more about the road than the hare.

              Enjoy everything you do.

              81. Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Each time you enter it, do so with all your being.

              Live each day with intensity.

              82. Death is more like a prophet who has no honor in his own country or a poet who is a stranger among his own.

              Death is the latent expectation that opens its arms to us.

              83. If the other person hurts you, you can forget the hurt; but if you hurt him, you will always remember him.

              The burden of conscience will weigh heavily every day.

              84. There are those who carry the truth within them but do not express it in words.

              Many people don’t know how to say how they feel.

              85. To love life through work is to be intimate with life’s deepest secret.

              To love life is to live its good times and its bad times.

              86. Some seek pleasure in pain; and others can only be cleaned with dirt.

              For many people, pain is considered pleasure.

              87. We who deceive ourselves always seek the loneliest path.

              There are people who are alone and happy that way.

              88. Your children are not your children: they are the sons and daughters of the anxieties of life that the same life feels.

              Our children do not belong to us, they are of life itself.

              89. Many of us spend our entire lives running away from feelings with the mistaken belief that we cannot bear pain. But you have already endured the pain. What you haven’t done is feel all that you are beyond that pain.

              We always try to escape the pain, because we don’t know it’s impossible.

              90. If you really need to be honest, be honest.

              Sincerity is important.

              91. Field flowers are the daughters of love for the sun and love for nature. And the children of men are flowers of love and compassion.

              Children are gifts of love.

              92. Love gives only itself, takes only itself. He does not possess or is possessed. Because love is enough for love.

              Love is the most beautiful feeling that man has.

              93. Pay attention to the rising sun in darkness.

              In every difficult situation, there is always a light that shines.

              94. Wars bring with them authority and force, which are the cause of confrontation and oppression.

              Wars leave nothing but misfortunes in their wake.

              95. You, in giving, give only a tiny part of your fortune, which would be of no value if you did not make your charity an integral part of yourself.

              Helping people in need should be a priority.

              96. Many doctrines are like panes of glass. We see the truth through them but they separate us from the truth.

              It is good to have your convictions, but these should not limit your mind.

              97. They think I’m crazy because I don’t want to sell my days for gold. And I think they’re crazy because they think my days are worth it.

              There are things money can’t buy.

              98. God made the truth with many doors to welcome all believers who called upon them.

              Truth has many faces.

              99. Do not look for a friend to kill the hours, but look for him with hours to live.

              Friends are important, so you don’t have to be interested in them.

              100. In the sweetness of friendship there are shared laughter and pleasures. In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and rejoices.

              Friendship is necessary for a good life.

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