Kirk Douglas’ 75 Best Quotes

Issur Danielovitch Demsky, better known as Kirk Douglas he was a famous American actor and producer, born in famous New York City in the year 1916.

Some of the films this famous actor starred in throughout his career have become true classics in the world of cinema. Who has not seen the famous movie “Ways of Glory” or the famous “Spartacus”? Great films without which cinema would never have been what it is today.

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    Phrases and thoughts of Kirk Douglas, a unique actor

    Many of us are already familiar with his filmography, but below you can discover the 75 best quotes of Kirk Douglas, A few sentences with which you will discover many other nuances of his fantastic personality.

    1. Guess he was a bad guy … Yeah, yeah, I’ve had a lot of women in my life.

    This actor has always been very attracted to the feminine gender, an attraction that has led him to meet a large number of women.

    2. Why can’t a woman look more like a dog, eh? So sweet, loving, caring.

    Dogs are extremely noble animals, but the comparison this actor makes in this quote may be seen by some as something unfortunate.

    3. He was a very, very big talent and we lost someone important.

    In the more than 100 years that Douglas has lived, he must have lost many friends and family members, losses that would surely be very difficult for him.

    4. I thought it was awesome. Every time I see this photo, I don’t see my son. I see this pathetic character.

    His son Michael Douglas is also a well-known actor, who couldn’t be otherwise given his close relatives.

    5. As I love them, I will watch over them … They honored me and I thank them all.

    The people we love the most are always the ones who make us suffer the most, we must all look after the good of our loved ones at all times.

    6. One pair. A son. Once upon a time in Hollywood.

    The memory of this actor will always accompany us and we hope that his son Michael Douglas will accompany us for a long time in his memory.

    7. I have a lot of respect for actors like Clint Eastwood, who is a great director.

    Not everyone is used to direct and this actor understood that this facet was perhaps not the most suitable for him.

    8. I was going to play “First Blood”, but suggested that I change it and retire. I said to Stallone: ​​You know, I almost stopped you from making millions of dollars, because at my suggestion, I killed his character at the end of the scene.

    Many actors will always be indebted to this famous actor, because in their collaborations with him they have certainly learned a lot of tricks.

    9. If you want to see a star, don’t go to Hollywood. Come to Palm Springs.

    Palm Springs is home to many Hollywood actors, a truly privileged neighborhood in which to live.

    10. When you get older, the worst part is that you lose so many friends. Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne. The people I loved working with.

    The bad thing about living long is that you lose all your loved ones, a hard lesson in life that only the oldest men had to live.

    11. When I created “Spartacus” in the McCarthy era, we were losing our freedom. It was a horrible, horrible way. McCarthy saw Communists everywhere, at all levels of government, and focused on Hollywood and especially Hollywood writers.

    Hollywood lived in those moments a real witch hunt, a really very eventful time that this actor always remembered very intensely.

    12. I made two films, without much success, and after that I became an actor and producer again.

    As an established actor, Douglas saw that the direction wasn’t really his, so he stayed to work on what had brought him the most success.

    13. I bought the book “Someone Hovered Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. I paid for it to become a play and I performed for six months. I went back and tried to turn it into a movie, to no avail.

    The other sectors were not as kind to him as the cinema had long been. Success is much harder to find than many of us realize.

    14. Michael Douglas had just stepped out of the “Streets of San Francisco” TV series and said, “Daddy, stop trying.” I was like, “Well, if I couldn’t do it…” Then I gave it to him and he got the money, the director and the actors. The biggest disappointment for me, I always wanted to play McMurphy. They have a young actor, Jack Nicholson. I thought, “Oh my God. It will be terrible. Then I saw the photo and of course it was great! It was my biggest disappointment which turned out to be one of the things I’m most proud of because my son Michael did. I couldn’t do it, but Michael did.

    His son was always someone he could be proud of, as he proved with his own talent that he was actually as good an actor as his father.

    15. I’ve played some good ones too, in “Spartacus”, “Paths of Glory” and my favorite movie, “Lonely Are the Brave”, so I’ve had a mix of roles in my life.

    You can’t always choose which role you would most like to play, but when Douglas got that coveted role, he was certainly the happiest man in the world.

    16. Really a bad guy is more interesting, dramatically, than a good guy.

    Villains are usually men with extremely magnetic personalities, in order to play, choose the most charismatic actors from the entire cast.

    17. I tried to create a campaign for our country to apologize for slavery, for the way black people were treated before the civil war and after the civil war.

    Racism in the United States has unfortunately always been very present, a very unfortunate phobia that we have not yet succeeded in eradicating.

    18. I fear the world is a disaster. That’s why when I wrote my last book, “Let’s Face It,” I dedicated it to the younger generation because, let’s be honest, the world is in disaster. At this point, young people will inherit this disaster. I think we should do whatever we can.

    If humanity doesn’t change the way they run the planet, in the future we will no doubt be living in something that looks a lot like dung.

    19. I think the election of Obama was a big step forward in proving to the world that we believe that all men are created equal. I think it will show that we have humility.

    Obama has shown that anyone can become president in the United States, regardless of race, religion or gender.

    20. I went to Hollywood to rehearse Martha Ivers and thought I was going to play the part that Van Heflin was playing, but they wanted me to play the part of Barbara Stanwyck’s husband, so I played him. Then when I finished the movie, I went back to Broadway and made another failure.

    In the acting world, he hasn’t been as lucky as you might expect from an actor of his stature, but Douglas always felt very comfortable acting.

    21. If I can get enough signatures, to apologize for the slavery, I will present it to the President. The House of Representatives has already passed the apology resolution, but it must be approved by the Senate. I think despite all of our problems, I think we are in the right direction.

    As can be seen, this actor felt that people of color at least deserved an apology for what was once done to them. A gesture which would never change the past but which could help us face the future in a much more dignified way.

    22. I think Obama was elected because young people are starting to take an interest in his country and I think that is a very healthy thing.

    Sooner or later racism will be a thing of the past and that will be when Martin Luther King’s dream comes true. will finally realize.

    23. The first time I got an offer to come to Hollywood, I turned it down. I said, no, I’m a stage actor.

    The theater was his natural environment, but if he wanted to be successful he had to make the leap to the big screen. A logical development that, as Douglas later discovered, would soon pay off.

    24. When you arrive at my age, you find out that most of your dear friends are gone.

    When many of our loved ones are no longer with us, we begin to think that our time may have come. At this point, we’ve probably stopped seeing death as a farewell and started idealizing it as a possible reunion with our own.

    25. I never wanted to be in the movies. Somehow I’m still a failure because I wanted to be a star on stage.

    The theater has always resisted him, a painful thorn that this actor would always carry nailed down until the end of his days.

    26. I have always been grateful that my Russian mother and father came to this country to give me a better chance, and I had a better chance.

    Growing up in the United States gave this famous actor opportunities that he would never have had otherwise. The land of opportunity gave him the future he always wanted.

    27. With John Wayne, we argued all the time and made four movies together.

    As we see, Douglas collaborated with the greatest of his time, fantastic memories that would later always be remembered as his old age arrived.

    28. You know, you have to have an inner philosophy to face adversity.

    We all suffer from issues throughout our lives, but how we fight them is what sets us apart from each other.

    29. Life is like a storyline from the B series.

    Reality often goes beyond fiction, you never know what life will offer it in the future.

    30. Streets full of people walking or sitting in outdoor cafes. And always, talking, gesturing, singing, laughing. I immediately liked Rome. They were all artists.

    Europe has nothing to do with the United States, life on the Mediterranean side is lived in a completely different way. Being able to visit these countries forever changed his view of the world.

    31. All children are natural actors and I am still a child. If you grow up completely, you can never be an actor.

    Children are certainly very easy to act, a gift that many of us later lose in adulthood.

    32. He lived in a terrible time when people were accused of being communists and attacked the film industry, especially writers. People couldn’t work if they were blacklisted. Studies have banned them. It was the most painful period in the history of cinema. I don’t think we’ve had such a dark time like this.

    Very difficult times for all those who were immersed in the world of cinema, luckily life continued and later everything returned to normal.

    33. The best wine comes from us, wherever it is.

    You will never feel as comfortable as at home. Well, our home will always be just as hassled where we want to be, especially in times that are most difficult for us.

    34. You haven’t learned to live until you’ve learned to give.

    Life is not always about receiving, if we want to be happier we have to share our luck with everyone around us.

    35. A stroke is a very difficult thing. You are depressed … What I found was this: The cure for depression is to think about others, to do for others. You can always find something to be thankful for.

    There will always be people in a worse situation than ours, so we have to put ourselves in their shoes from time to time and try to help them even if only with a small contribution.

    36. Now what does an actor do who cannot speak? While waiting for the return of silent films?

    In his old age, Kirk Douglas was forced to leave the stage, a farewell certainly very hard for him and all his spectators.

    37. If I have to speak in public, I am terrified.

    As we see, the speeches were never his forte, the stage fright was something that in these cases affected him a lot.

    38. Fame is both luck and talent, perhaps more.

    Luck is very important in life, if we are not lucky enough, life will never give us all the success we can deserve.

    39. I know the Italians and I love them. Many of my father’s best friends were Italian.

    Italians are very intelligent and passionate people, attributes that this actor has always known how to value in all these people with whom he has interacted.

    40. I never wanted to become a movie actor. I never thought this was the typical kind of engaging movie I assumed they wanted.

    Life has taught her that our fortune doesn’t have to be where we think it is, maybe tomorrow we’ll be working on something we never imagined.

    41. Since my stroke, I started to see so many miracles around me. I look out of my bedroom window: green grass, oak leaves with silver tips, tall palm trees that sway gently when they reach the sky, masses and masses of roses. All the colors, so many shapes, exquisite scents.

    The world is a wonderful place and we only have one life to be able to enjoy it, we have to enjoy every minute of our existence as if it might be the last.

    42. The theater is a juvenile profession.

    Being young can help us a lot in the world of theater, as most of the roles offered are usually aimed at this particular sector of the population.

    43. Listening: pacemaker, shock, stroke. What does it mean? God doesn’t want me anymore. That’s all.

    Over time the body deteriorates, eventually a day will come that will simply stop functioning.

    44. I remember little things that break my heart. We were leaving Michael’s house one day, and he noticed my ropes were loose. He bent down and tied them up. I almost cried. For me, it was a gesture of love.

    The love between him and his son is really strong, it was an extremely close relationship that nothing and no one could ever change.

    45. “Save the Head” was played and the chairman stood up and made a funny opening remark. “I’ve been in this office for six years, and yet every time I listen to this music, I wonder who they’re playing it for.”

    A great anecdote that this actor was able to live with the President of the United States, because we see that some people are able to always be honest whatever trait they have.

    46. ​​He obeys the inner voice: he commands us to give of ourselves and to help others. As long as we have the capacity to give, we are alive.

    Helping others will allow us to be a better version of ourselves and it will also help us to be much happier.

    47. When you turn 95, after getting over your surprise, you start to look back.

    The memories we create throughout our lifetimes will be with us forever, we may even come to think that these are, in fact, perhaps the most precious asset we all have.

    48. What would my parents think of the United States if they came here today? Would they just want to come? I wonder.

    The United States has changed a lot over time. Today, the great abundance they seemed to possess, from the outside, is no longer perceived in the same way.

    49. The first thing I look for in a woman is warmth-femininity. It has nothing to do with a pretty face.

    The beauty for him was not only in the outward appearance, because as they showed their femininity, it was always something that appealed to him.

    50. I am happy that women had the right to vote, but I regret sometimes they are allowed to smoke. Most women are messy, especially on their lipstick. I don’t mind wiping off my lipstick, but I hate seeing it on cigarettes, napkins, and coffee mugs! I don’t like women with all their beauty machines showing curlers, cold cream, mascara brushes. I even prefer not to see a woman touch up her lipstick, but I guess it waits too long.

    Over time, women adopted different ways of dressing and dressing, customs that Douglas never really considered necessary.

    51. Fear is a terrible thing. It makes you do horrible things.

    When we are in the grip of fear we can do anything to survive, on some occasions some people have even murdered.

    52. When you become a star you don’t change, everyone does.

    People who are interested often try to get the attention of those they succeed, a way of doing things that Douglas was certainly familiar with.

    53. My mother came from a very poor family. As a child, we were in our small room and a vagrant knocked on the door almost every night to ask for food. Although we don’t even have enough to eat, my mom always found something for them.

    Although his family had humble origins, he certainly possessed adequate values, a way of life that Douglas later adopted when he came of age.

    54. Love takes on more depth as you get older.

    As we grow up we can realize the true value of things and learn that love is undoubtedly one of the most precious possessions we can ever possess.

    55. My children did not have my benefits; I was born into extreme poverty.

    The story of this famous actor shows us that although we are poor today, we don’t have to be poor in the future. If we strive, we will achieve our goals.

    56. Now, why most of us can speak openly about diseases of our body, but when it comes to our brain and diseases of the mind, we shut ourselves off and because we are silent, sufferers? emotional disturbances feel embarrassed, stigmatized and don’t seek help that can make a difference.

    Mental disorders are generally poorly accepted by society, a tragic fact that is sure to change in the future.

    57. Being seventy has its advantages. It used to be blunt, but now why should I keep quiet?

    When we grow up, we realize that some social clichés are largely useless and therefore we very likely stop using them.

    58. The older you get, the more rewards you will get. Then if you live long enough, you will eventually get all the prizes.

    If we work hard, in the end our recognition will come. Something that shows us that we must never give up hope.

    59. Miquel [Douglas] he is, I think, a great actor. He made some very interesting films. When I went to college, I was very proud of him, but when he said, “Daddy, I want to be in a play,” he had a small role. I went to see him and Michael said, “Daddy, how are you?” I said, ‘You are terrible.’ I thought I would be a lawyer and in three months I was in another room and went there and, I have to admit, it was awesome. I think he was good at everything he did.

    His son also proved to have a great capacity for acting, which undoubtedly filled him with pride.

    60. I don’t need a critic to tell me I’m an actor. I make my own way. No one is my boss. No one has ever been my boss.

    This quote encourages us to look for our own future, no one should ever tell us what to do with our lives.

    61. Perhaps there is no peace in this world. I don’t know … But I know that while we are living we have to be true to ourselves.

    We humans need to take care of each other. For society to move forward towards a better future, we must also do our part.

    62. The biggest lie is the lie we tell ourselves in the distorted views we have of ourselves, blocking some sections, improving others. What remains are not the cold facts of life, but how we perceive them. It really is who we are.

    Many of us have a very distorted view of who we really are, so that doesn’t happen to us, we have to accept ourselves as we are.

    63. There was nowhere to go, I had to go up.

    Success for him was a matter of life and death, if he did not succeed he could never give his children a better life than his.

    64. When I produced “Spartacus,” the writer was Dalton Trumbo, who spent a year in prison for not answering McCarthy’s questions about other people. He submitted the image under the alias Sam Jackson.

    The world of cinema suffered in these extremely tragic times, the government seemed to be looking for possible Communists right under the stones.

    65. It’s that corny. If they offered me the story of my life to film, I would reject it.

    In the end, his life was as normal as that of any other individual, his family was always for him the greatest of his pillars.

    66. I felt it was a picture that after I left my family would love to see it. It was a wonderful mix of people in my family.

    His whole family will no doubt remember him until the last of his days, because such a charismatic person as he cannot be easily forgotten.

    67. Sometimes what binds you sets you free.

    Vices can help us forget our problems, but we can be sure that in the future they will cause us bigger ones.

    68. I have a computer that my wife gave me. All I can do, and I do it every day, is play Spider Solitaire. And I don’t have a cell phone.

    As we can see, during his last stage of his life, the computer was still something he used on a daily basis. A tool that today is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of any home.

    69. If you want to know more about a man, you can find out a lot by looking at who she married.

    A man’s tastes say a lot about him and among those tastes also are, of course, the women he chooses for himself.

    70. Virtue is not photogenic.

    The most positive aspects that a person can possess cannot be seen in a photograph.

    71. If I thought that a man had never sinned in his life, I don’t think I would want to talk to him. A man with flaws is more interesting.

    The faults that we have are those that make us human, all of us without exception have faults, although sometimes these are not perceived at first glance.

    72. Unfortunately, once I learned to smoke, I couldn’t stop. I climbed to two packs a day very quickly, and stayed that way for about ten years. When I decided to quit, I adopted the method my father used to quit smoking. He carried a cigarette in his shirt pocket, and whenever he felt like a smoke, he took out his cigarette and confronted him, “Who is stronger? You? Me?” The answer was always the same: “I am stronger”. I would go back the cigarette would go, until the next urge. It worked for him, and it worked for me.

    As we can see, this actor had to deal with smoking, a serious addiction that claims millions of victims every year.

    73. No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. What if my stroke left me with a speech impediment? Moses had one, and he did it right.

    The way we fight our problems tells others what kind of person we really are.

    74. The learning process continues until the day of your death.

    Every day we can learn something new, no matter how old we are.

    75. The only advantage that I have found to be Jewish is that I can be openly anti-Semitic.

    His sense of humor was certainly something that set him apart from others, Douglas had a really charming way of being.

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