Lady Di’s 70 Best Phrases

Diana Spencer, who later became Diana of Wales on marrying the heir to the British crown, Charles of Wales, was a philanthropist, volunteer and campaigner who won the love of the people through her charity work and her outgoing and open personality. human above all. even, which earned her the title of “princess of the people”.

If you want to know his way of thinking, keep reading. Here you can see a compilation of Lady Di’s best phrases.

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    Lady Di’s most interesting phrases

    Although her marriage and widowhood within the monarchy was not a “fairy tale”, Diana always maintained a positive and caring attitude towards others, but above all, she gave a quality education to her children. . To get to know her better, we offer you a compilation of Lady Di’s best phrases.

    1. Just do what your heart tells you.

    Diana has always favored instinct over reason.

    2. People think that ultimately a man is the only answer. In fact, rewarding work is better for me.

    Happiness should come from yourself, not from another person.

    3. Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society.

    The true calling of the village princess.

    4. Almost every day, he appeared on the cover of the newspapers, which isolates you; the higher the means you put, the steeper the fall. And I was fully aware of it.

    Speaking of the extreme pressure he felt from the press.

      5. I would like to be a queen in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself as the queen of this country.

      The only reign Diana bet on was helping her people.

      6. For changes in my husband’s behavior, for all sorts of reasons that ooze a woman’s instinct; I just knew it.

      Talking about how he found out about Carlos’ infidelity.

      7. My first thoughts are that I shouldn’t disappoint people, that I should support and love them.

      One of the biggest motivations for moving forward despite his discontent within royalty.

      8. After a few years, you see yourself as a good product that sells well on the shelf and people make a lot of money at your expense.

      The moment she realized how the press saw her.

      9. I think like any marriage, especially when you had divorced parents like me; you want to work even harder to make it work.

      All children from dysfunctional marriages seek to form a stable and happy family.

      10. Everything was difficult before, but at those times everything became more and more complicated.

      Around the time the infidelity scandal broke.

      11. A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.

      Diana has always shown sincere love for her children, no matter the rules of royalty.

      12. Hugs can do a lot of good, especially for children.

      That’s why she never stopped showing affection for her children.

      13. I live for my children, I would be lost without them.

      His biggest reasons to continue to fight within the monarchy.

      14. Perform a random act of kindness without expecting a reward, knowing that one day someone might do the same for you.

      Diana was an example of willpower and humanity.

      15. There were three of us in this wedding, too many people.

      The confession that left the monarchy in check.

      16. Call me Diana, not Princess Diana.

      Diana has never been comfortable with her royal title.

      17. Each of us must prove how well we can take care of others and, in doing so, take care of ourselves.

      By helping others, we discover our own value.

      18. I always felt different, felt like I was in the wrong place.

      Speaking of her discomfort with British royalty.

      19. The kindness and affection of the public got me through some of the toughest times in my life. His love has always paved the way for me.

      In his philanthropic journey, he found his place in the world.

      20. I believe that the British need someone in public life to take care of them, to make them feel important, to support them, to give them light in their dark tunnels.

      Affirming the importance of people feeling close to their rulers.

      21. If you find someone you love in life, then hold on to that love.

      Love was the only achievement that Diana failed to conquer.

      22. I want to do something, not just be.

      The village princess has always been proactive.

      23. Hugs have no harmful side effects.

      Referring to contact with people living with HIV.

        24. Everyone needs to be valued, we all have the potential to offer something.

        Unfortunately, many people do not have the opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of.

        25. I like to touch people, it’s a gesture that comes naturally to me, it’s not premeditated, it comes from the bottom of my heart.

        Explaining his close and demonstrative nature of love.

        26. The greatest evil from which the world currently suffers is the evil of lack of love.

        The lack of love in childhood wreaks havoc in adults. Unhappy people who don’t want to help others.

        27. I want to enter a room, be in the hospital with dying people or in the hospital with sick children, I want to feel useful.

        The only path Diana had wanted to take.

        28. I know I can give a lot to those people in need, for a minute, an hour, a day or a month, and that’s what I want to do.

        Diana showed us that giving a little affection can make a big difference in anyone’s life.

        29. I am aware that the people I loved and died are in the spirit world and care for me.

        The people we love the most stay with us forever.

        30. Clean my image and that of my children are my priorities.

        The Princess of Wales protected her children’s image as much as she could.

        31. A woman’s instinct in a relationship is the best evidence that something is wrong.

        This is why we must always listen to our instincts.

        32. People like me can support them and be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. For me, it’s the only possible way.

        The direction Diana sought was to be a mediator for those in need.

        33. If someone who needs me calls me, I will meet them wherever they are.

        A perfect example of Diana’s actions towards those who needed her help.

        34. I knew what my job was; it was going out and meeting people and loving them.

        Diana took a side the monarchy had never done, reaching out to people.

        35. I take some responsibility for the direction our marriage has taken.

        In any conflict of couple, the two people have a part of responsibility in all that occurs there.

        36. It is vital that the monarchy stay in touch with the people, that’s what I try to do.

        Set the perfect example of how the monarchy can coexist with the people in a positive way.

        37. I would like to assure everyone who has loved and supported me for the past fifteen years that I will never disappoint you.

        Remain faithful to those who supported her, even when out of power.

        38. I think there are a lot of people who don’t want me to be queen. And with a lot of people I mean in the institution that I represent because they have decided that I am unacceptable.

        Explaining the reasons why she could never be queen.

        39. At 19, we still believe she’s ready for anything and knows what she’s going to face.

        As teenagers, it’s common for them to believe they can take on the world, even though the reality is very different.

        40. I felt compelled to act. Well, when I say take action, I had to go out and make my commitments and not let people down, support them and love them.

        Moving forward despite all the chaos in his personal life.

        41. Accountability was and remains a challenge. As for becoming queen, it was not my main concern when I married my husband: it was still a long way off.

        The last thing Diana wanted was to become queen, but she took care of that position for herself. son.

        42. They say it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but what about such a middle-rich and only grumpy engagement?

        A sarcastic comment on his sentimental situation.

        43. Don’t call me an icon. I’m just a mother trying to help.

        Diana hated any idea that glorified her above being a responsible human being.

        44. Despite everything, I am lucky to have found my role, I am fully aware of it and I like being with people.

        Although his life was not easy, through his role in the monarchy he found his true calling.

        45. I am a humanitarian figure, always have been and will continue to be.

        Clarify your position within the company.

        46. ​​Happiness is the conjunction of many things. You are happier as long as you get it.

        Happiness is about doing new things and acting on our own.

          47. At that time, I was intimidated by the prospects of the future, but I also felt that I had the support of my future husband.

          Believing almost naively to be able to count on the support of his new family.

          48. No, no one has ever sat down in front of me with a paper and said: This is what is expected of you.

          To be honest about how all the responsibility as a princess suddenly fell on her.

          49. It was awful…, to fit into something like that. I suffered from uncontrollable bulimia, if you can describe it that way, and also a feeling of being useless, of being useless, of having no hope, of having failed everything.

          Diana was the first to speak honestly and fearlessly about her psychological issues.

          50. What intimidated me most about the whole situation was the press attention, because when we signed up, we were told the media would leave us relatively alone, and it wasn’t. the case.

          The press was undoubtedly Diana’s worst enemy of her entire life.

          51. It is necessary for someone who has a public life to be able to give affection and affection to people, to make them feel important.

          Public figures have immense power to carry messages of good values ​​to the deepest corners of the world.

          52. Everyone is so intolerant of others.

          A malaise she was trying to remedy with her message of hope and benevolence.

          53. I hope William and Harry will follow my example…that they will try to understand the insecurities, emotions, anxieties, dreams and hopes of those who need it most.

          When we empathize with other people’s situations, we are able to understand others better.

          54. When you are truly happy, you are able to forgive a lot of things.

          Forgiveness is personal healing.

          55. My dad taught me to treat everyone the same and I hope William and Harry will follow my example.

          One of the greatest lessons he inherited from his children.

          56. I am not a book with rules.

          That’s why she was considered the “black sheep” within the British royal family, even though she did thousands of good deeds.

          57. In 1986, according to Jonathan Dimbleby’s biography, my husband resumed his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, but there was nothing I could do about it.

          Leaving a bit of his situation in the middle of Carlos and Camila.

          58. I had difficulties in my life as everyone has seen over the years, but now I want to use all this knowledge to help other people who need it.

          Use your bad times as examples to bring about positive change in everyone.

          59. I like being a free spirit. Some people don’t like it, but that’s me.

          If there’s one thing Diana has never given up on, it’s being herself no matter what.

          60. I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to feel safe.

          True love, a dream that didn’t come true.

          61. It took me a long time to understand why people were so interested in me. I assumed it was because my husband had done a wonderful job before our marriage and our relationship.

          At first, Diana believed that all the attention she received from the media was due to the identity of her husband.

          62. I will fight for my children at all levels so that they can achieve their potential as human beings and in their public duties.

          Diana raised her children to be men and humans attached to their beliefs and values.

          63. Life is just a journey.

          That’s why no goal should be unattainable, because it’s the journey that teaches us everything we need.

          64. In Palacio, I think everyone was very tense with the situation; they saw that there were problems but did not want to intervene; even though they were there they let us know they were there if we needed them.

          About how the royal family has shown their support.

          65. Being a princess is not as good as it seems.

          Fairy tales show us a completely different reality of what it’s like to be royalty.

          66. I knew something deep was approaching me and I was just walking on water, waiting for it. I didn’t know what it was. But I knew he was different from my friends where I was going.

          The thought that was generated in his mind, the moment he realized the life he would have as a true member.

          67. I felt I had to protect James (James Gilbey), who had always been and continued to be a very good friend; I couldn’t stand the thought of his life getting complicated by being tied to me. And that worried me. I protect my friends a lot.

          Demonstrate loyalty to friends.

          68. Family is the most important thing in the world.

          This is why Diana was a mother lioness with her children.

          69. I am not a political figure, I am a humanitarian figure, always have been, always will be.

          Clarifying that his work was not at all related to his previous life as a royal.

          70. I suffered from uncontrollable bulimia, so to speak, and also a feeling of being useless, of being useless, of having no hope, of having failed in everything.

          A suffering that Diana had to endure in silence and solitude for many years.

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