Larry Bird’s 45 Best Famous Quotes

Larry Joe Bird was a well-known former basketball player born 1956 in West Baden, Indiana.

Throughout his career, Bird played 13 seasons in the NBA, all on the same team, the Boston Celtics. With a height that exceeded 2 meters by several centimeters, this player has found his place within the team in the well-known position of winger.

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    Great Famous Quotes From Larry Bird

    The rivalry of this athlete with the equally famous Magic Johnson and his marked personality, made him one of the most charismatic players of the moment. All fans of this legendary team know every detail of this legendary player inside out, would you like to know them?

    Then you can do it by enjoying Larry Bird’s 45 most famous quotes, Phrases that no fan of the NBA and competitive sport can miss.

    1. A triumphant is someone who knows the talents God has bestowed upon him, strives to transform them into skills to achieve his goals.

    Even if we are talented, our determination will be the one that will lead us to success.

    2. I don’t know if I have trained more than anyone, but I’m sure I have trained a lot. I always wonder if anyone, anywhere, trains more than me.

    Without dedication, we will never reach our goal.

    3. Tonight I saw God disguised as a basketball player (about Michael Jordan after scoring, this one, 63 points).

    Michael Jordan is recognized as the best player in history, Bird appreciated the quality of this exceptional player.

    4. What matters is not who scores the points, but who can take the ball to the scorer.

    Basketball is a team sport and matches are also won as a team.

    5. Every time I played, I didn’t care who was defending me. The only thing I didn’t want was a white player defending me because it felt like contempt for my game.

    Bird knew that African-American players of the time were capable of presenting a higher level of play, he always wanted to face the best.

    6. When they call you the best, if you want to stay here, you can’t lazy them.

    To be among the best, we have to train like the best.

    7. Coaches can talk, talk, and talk about anything, but if you get it on the pitch and prove it, it’s much more effective.

    Our actions say a lot more than our words.

    8. “Leadership” is fighting for a lost ball, involving everyone, all the other players. It is being able to assume and delegate. This is the only way to gain the respect of your peers. It’s getting everyone to believe in you and always start from the best of yourself.

    As team leaders, we must know how to lead by example through our own actions.

    9. If you give 100% all the time, things will turn out well.

    Our attitude and determination will be what will determine our personal success.

    10. Demand yourself over and over again. Don’t give up an inch until the final horn sounds.

    Giving the maximum of ourselves can give us the opportunity to succeed.

    11. He’s taller than me, he’s faster than me, he’s prettier than me, but I’m still a much better basketball player.

    We should never be intimidated by anyone, we should be aware of our worth.

    12. “Leadership” is throwing in for a stray bullet, bringing the audience into the game, bringing your teammates into the game. It’s the only way they respect you.

    It is to us that everyone around us is truly involved in our goal.

    13. It was an honor to have been able to play with people like Magic Johnson or against the Lakers. Every match was a battle and you knew that if you didn’t play well, your team had no chance of winning.

    In the NBA, only the best are able to achieve victory, this league demands the maximum from all its players.

    14. You should have been left praying (to JR Reid, a player with deep religious convictions, after scoring his 50th point).

    Bird was a man who knew how to instill fear in his opponent, psychological warfare is something that can work very well in these cases.

    15. “Leadership” is getting your peers to believe in you. If you tell a partner to play as hard as possible, you better go and lead by example. Coworkers know if you are a fake and can tell you whether or not you are giving all your money away.

    As Bird tells us very well in this quote, our example is essential for others to believe in us.

    16. Jokes, newbie? … I am the best shooter in history.

    Few have been able to face this legendary player.

    17. In Boston, if there was a player above the others, it was Bill Russell, he will always be number 1 because everyone stays away from his mark.

    As a player of the legendary Celtics, Bird was well acquainted with those who came before him.

    18. Magic please get rid of my dreams now.

    Magic Johnson was a player who gave the good Larry Bird more than a headache.

    19. I think the best athletes in the world are African Americans.

    African Americans have proven to have very favorable genetics for sport, being able to achieve great goals and being the best in countless disciplines.

    20. The first thing I do every morning is look at the stats for the last few games to see what Magic has been up to. I don’t care about the rest.

    Bird was keenly aware that the only player who had managed to eclipse him was this Los Angeles Lakers legend.

    21. Switch to Chuck Person, because if he stays on track I swear he will destroy you (to the Pacers coach).

    Unhappy with the outcome so far in the game, Bird’s manager took advantage of a brief break in the game after 29 minutes to give the players new instructions.

    22. Which of you will be second?

    Psychology can help us reach our goal, with a losing mindset we will never achieve victory.

    23. I really don’t like to talk about money. All I can say is the Lord must have wanted me to have so much.

    Money was something Bird didn’t pay much attention to, he put a lot of other things before personal wealth.

    24. I can’t believe my team was so sweet. EVERYONE! I’m disappointed, I never thought something like this could happen. That’s all I’m going to say.

    In order for our team to perform at their best, sometimes you have to know how to motivate them.

    25. No matter how good I am, I still ignore French Lick.

    Having our roots clear and present can help us know what we want in the future.

    26. Basketball is a game for black men and always will be.

    Bird didn’t have fun saying what he was thinking and as we all know African Americans are truly talented in almost every sport, with a special emphasis on basketball.

    27. They could beat us, yes. I haven’t played for 20 years and we are all very old.

    On that date, Bird joked about what has been the best Dream Team in history, an answer he gave referring to everyone’s beloved Kobe Bryant.

    28. I have dedicated my life to basketball. And I dedicated my life to the Boston Celtics.

    For Bird, the Celtics were more than just a team, it was their home.

    29. No wonder at all. Glad to be out.

    This legendary player was able to enjoy and value his well-deserved retirement.

    30. I won this championship for Terre Haute.

    With this meeting, Bird dedicated the championship to this idyllic city of Indiana, United States.

    31. He is simply a phenomenal companion.

    This winger has always been a highly regarded and admired Celtics player.

    32. It’s like seeing the cat play with the mouse.

    His size and quality have made this player one of the best in the world.

    33. I’m not afraid of anyone except Larry Bird. Because if he gets the chance, he will win the game.

    Fighting for every ball allowed Larry Bird to win games that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

    34. I had the honor of coaching the best players. But if I had to create a team today, the best player and the first one I would choose would be Larry Bird.

    The Boston Celtics winger is one of those people we would always love to have on our side.

    35. Larry Bird never gives up, never gives up hope. He still believes he has a chance to win.

    As this player teaches us with his way of playing, you have to persevere and fight to the end.

    36. For the best basketball player of all time. But more importantly: a friend forever.

    The most important thing in any basketball team is the personal relationships that develop between their players.

    37. Larry wants any advantage – whether physical or tactical. But more importantly: a psychological benefit.

    Using psychology to achieve victory is something only the smartest athletes can do.

    38. If a team wins by 2, and it passes 2 below, Bird will get a basket of 3 points. And wait with a contained breath.

    People admired this player, the stadiums were packed just to show her her game.

    39. He was the most motivated player I have ever seen in my life. He was not ignorant.

    Motivation is a fundamental aspect of any sport, without it we will be much poorer in our game.

    40. He is very intelligent. He has many eyes around his head.

    Intelligence is fundamental in basketball, you have to be very intelligent to be able to see and lead a game correctly.

    41. Somehow, Bird … KILL YOURSELF!

    Commentators have gone completely crazy with the Larry Bird game.

    42. Bird is free. Bird makes a tray!

    This player could surprise at any time, maybe even at the least expected moment.

    43. Bird over the shoulder.

    Facing one of the most energetic players of all time couldn’t have been an easy task for his rivals.

    44. Ho roba bird! And it happens to Johnson at the last second!

    Without a doubt, Bird was a surprise specialist in the last second. The nightmare of his rivals.

    45. ” On the set !!!

    Commentators really enjoyed the game of perhaps one of the best players of all time.

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