Leiva’s 80 Best Phrases

José Miguel Conejo Torres is a Spanish singer-songwriter, musician and rock multi-instrumentalist. Better known as Leiva, he was part of the Pereza group with Rubén Pozo; in 2011 the band broke up and started Leiva’s solo career, which has been successful ever since.

If you want to know this artist’s life philosophy, keep reading; Here you will find a selection of Leiva’s best phrasescommented.

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    Leiva’s most memorable and inspiring phrases

    Below is a compilation of Leiva’s best phrases on his songs and his personal thoughts, which will help us get to know him better.

    1. Don’t be afraid to throw yourself at me, give me all your effort, let it flow, go with it.

    Love is a risk worth taking.

    2. It was a very rare situation, with a lot of uncertainty and time with myself.

    Talking about your personal situation during the coronavirus crisis.

    3. September can once again await us.

    A lasting promise.

    4. It’s been an interesting process: I’ve challenged a lot going overseas, to Mexico, Chicago and Texas.

    The atmosphere of the pandemic gave him time to experiment with new things.

      5. When I’m near you, something goes away in me, again this sadness that breaks my head.

      Not all relationships are good for us.

      6. Like a buffer, you sweep away everything you see.

      But will it be good or bad?

      7. I drew positive conclusions and realized that there is life beyond touring.

      A new perspective to relax a little more with your work.

      8. We love what we lose, we want what poisons.

      There are times when we cling to things that hurt us.

      9. My feeling is Pereza got bigger post mortem, he remembers bigger than he was, even though we played at Las Ventas.

      Referring to the love fans still have for their old band.

      10. Your wings will come out and I will keep rolling.

      There are people who come into our lives for a short time and then go their own way.

      11. Being able to generate this almost theatrical dialogue for me was one of the most powerful things about the mission of the album.

      A reference to what lies behind your When You Bite Your Lips record.

      12. There is a love for laziness more than a fascination.

      A nostalgia for an excellent old rock band.

      13. In the end, musicians always cheat on life: you never spend a lot of time at home.

      Traveling around the world is part of being a musician.

      14. Eyes tired from looking behind glass.

      An inactivity that makes us feel helpless.

      15. I have no intentions and we haven’t even sat down to talk about it. It was more natural.

      Commenting on Pereza’s rally, even though it’s a fan dream.

      16. Sometimes I search for answers looking at the dull sky, that pile of stars and loose ozone.

      Many times we identified with this feeling of being lost.

      17. You can’t always put things into words.

      This is why art tries to give voice to our feelings.

      18. Every moment should be special.

      In this way, we can live fully and reap beautiful memories.

      19. You are the only thing I see in the fog, the only thing worth seeing.

      There are people who come to give us a more positive outlook on life.

      20. There is the culture of zasca: I see the public laughing and I am terrified.

      A critique of cancel culture on social media.

        21. Guilt weighs a kilo more for the one who leaves.

        Guilt is the worst and heaviest feeling we can bear.

        22. Since I know you, I know the sins of the apple that no one has bitten.

        A life full of passions.

        23. I thought ‘without looking back I die’; because I am not dead.

        It’s common to think that we have to cling to something to survive, but we are more than that.

        24. Easy things get so hard.

        Often we end up paying top dollar for easy things.

        25. Your horses spit on me, mine are slow again.

        You have to learn to act at the right time.

        26. The songs serve to explain some that are ultra-absurd in the reality of relationships and attempt to generate a booklet of what happens to you on a roller coaster and back and forth with your partner.

        Referring to the power of music to explain the emotions involved in a love story.

        27. That the winds do not always bring a knot in the throat.

        The desire for what we once had and which brings back beautiful memories.

        28. I spent half of the pandemic dodging the spike virus, which I’m pretty proud of.

        Leiva decided to try to make her life as normal as possible during the pandemic.

        29. Growing tired of the haze, I wanted to look for culprits.

        No one is to blame for the bad times we had.

        30. There is a national sport which is shooting. That’s why I have a distant relationship with networks.

        It has been normalized to ruthlessly attack and despise artists on social media.

        31. Don’t trust me, I’m a predator, life force, spatial gaze.

        Remember these are tough times when you really know someone.

        32. I immediately feel trapped in love and human relationships.

        A problem that stems from his fear of getting caught.

        33. She has superpowers, she wears it on her forehead.

        Have you ever met someone who seems to have magic on their hands?

        34. While everything was on fire, you were there and I heard you say ‘kiss me, everything became easy again’.

        Couples should be there to support each other at all times in life.

        35. It’s been a year of big curves and it’s hard to go naked in life, you have to find the tricks.

        It is always important to remain calm in hectic situations.

        36. When you never expect anything, maybe you can take off.

        When we stop expecting something, we put aside extreme worries.

        37. You have to find a balance between what you want and what your team needs to eat.

        Musicians have a huge commitment to their work team.

        38. I think I learned to wait.

        The best things happen little by little because, in the race, you can spoil more things than you gain.

        39. I’m not really a drug addict, but I’ve obviously taken it, and more so in a pandemic.

        Honestly about your anxiety meds.

        40. When I feel that everything is fine, I am sorry for your prejudices.

        There are people who enjoy hurting others, so it’s best to ignore them.

        41. Sure, it’s okay to have to do well, but I decided I didn’t want to tie this little dream I live in to something so restrictive.

        It is not always healthy to reconcile all aspects of our private and professional life.

        42. It will be like a collage what we had.

        Moments that will remain in the memory, even if they lose their intensity over time.

          43. Diazepam is a song written under the influence of diazepam, so it felt fair to tell it, because I think it happens to everyone.

          Be honest with your medication problem.

          44. We look at each other with a magnifying glass, but I still see you shining.

          There are people who only criticize, so that they stand out.

          45. You left the nuclear zone like an eagle.

          Those who give up struggles have never really committed themselves to anything.

          46. ​​At first it only seemed not be an optimal state to compose, but over time it seemed like an inspiring episode.

          The pandemic also affected his mood for songwriting, but he later recovered.

          47. I am in the air, remember I am not for you.

          It’s best to let go of someone you know isn’t right for you.

          48. I prefer surprise, because I swallowed my words so many times…

          Surprises bring us new knowledge.

          49. We fall like feathers, feel the bottom and fail.

          People who need to hit rock bottom to come back to life.

          50. And time He brought us together then we separated, how to say no? let’s kill ourselves.

          Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

          51. These are recurring fears. Always looking for an escape route is something that has happened to me since I was a child.

          Talking about his biggest phobia.

          52. I was deceived by the haste I had then, and I was persuaded not to go ahead, even if you did it for me.

          In desperate situations, we tend to ignore what others are doing for us.

          53. I see myself making music, doing research, making records, with more or less success, but I see myself.

          How do you project your future?

          54. I will bite your bullets, I will not go any further, understand it now.

          It is better to face a problem immediately, rather than to make it grow.

          55. I’m not a good singer, never have been, I’m a storyteller and I use my voice as a vehicle, but I don’t have the talent to sing.

          It seems that Leiva is seen as a troubadour.

          56. What a pleasure to be in love and to walk with your arm around you. I bring you red roses.

          Falling in love is a unique feeling.

          57. I would like to have a career with which I live with dignity in music, I do not know if I will succeed.

          Trying to have a solid future, thanks to music.

          58. Be careful with expectations.

          When we have unrealistic expectations, that’s when we’re most disappointed.

            59. Not only in my relationships, it is difficult for me to go to the cinema because of this and that is why I had a hard time being in a classroom.

            Explain that your fear affects other aspects of your life.

            60. With cold feet we do not think well, no delirium will bring us back.

            It is better to pause to reflect on our actions, enough to be impulsive.

            61. I realized that singing with lots of friends, traveling and making music together improves the sound of my voice. It was a luxury.

            A fun experience that gave you new inspiration to create.

            62. I said to myself “I think I could write for all of them”; that’s why it feels so natural.

            Create songs about his moments of listening to his friends’ voices.

            63. I can serve drinks or make music, but I haven’t studied anything.

            School was never his thing.

            64. There is no night left for more than the last dance, if you always say come, I say okay.

            Communication is essential for any type of relationship.

            65. It’s a source of songs: I don’t realize it, but when I finish the records I say to myself ‘I’m still talking about the same ghosts’.

            Trying to generate a change in the theme of his songs.

            66. I cushioned the hangover with a thousand nights of tralla.

            Difficult times cause us to silence our emotions with drinks.

            67. I realized early on that I was wasting time in school. I was clear that my place was the music.

            A difficult decision, but it was the right one for his life.

            68. Things change when you’re not.

            Nothing is the same when that special someone is no longer present.

            69. I like to share the limelight with a superpowered generation of music.

            Music is synonymous with sharing.

            70. Let’s go to the rooftops, with the cats, my love. Today your eyes, tomorrow the world, one day you two.

            Even in love, things are accomplished with patience and perseverance.

            71. I was educated at COU and for the past two years I cheated on my parents, I didn’t go to class. I was very clear that my place was the music.

            He sacrificed his studies to pursue his dreams. A very risky decision.

            72. Pretend you’re not playing anything like you’re going to die tomorrow.

            Live with intensity.

            73. In love and in human relationships, friendships and working relationships, I immediately feel very trapped.

            His fear of confinement is extrapolated to his personal relationships.

            74. If the world is upside down, you will have to seek reason and a pinch of madness to find out how to love yourself more.

            Sometimes it takes a dose of madness to face reality.

            75. I would like to learn more about geography and basic things to be more cultured, but without having a job.

            Education is always necessary to know the different aspects of life.

            76. Only I want your shit to come to life and give you a kiss.

            A feeling of revenge that resonated in the minds of thousands of people.

            77. I had the opportunity to take my own texts to another dimension.

            Referring to the pride he feels when other artists perform his songs.

            78. I see myself so far away and I miss you to death. I miss you so much.

            The distance that hits hard.

            79. Everything that is happening with the emergence of the extreme right worries me a great deal.

            Talk about their political concerns.

            80. We fell in the fire, the same summer on the 2nd.

            A fire that can burn them or make them reappear like a phoenix.

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