Magic Johnson’s 70 Best Phrases

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., known worldwide as Magic Johnson, was an NBA player and was also a member of basketball’s so-called “Dream Team” for the 1992 Olympics. During his active career, he was considered one of the best players in history and in his retirement he continued in the same line of this sport, but in the administrative part.

If you want to know more about him and his way of thinking, you will be interested in this compilation of Magic Johnson’s best phrases.

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    Magic Johnson’s most memorable phrases

    To learn more about the history of this American basketball star, we offer you a compilation of the most interesting phrases of Magic Johnson.

    1. I grew up poor…but never had bad dreams.

    Our origin does not determine our future.

    2. You must give 125%. Put your heart and soul into it; learn to have a positive and winning attitude.

    By being optimistic in the things we do, the best opportunities arise.

    3. All children need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.

    All children need good guidance to find their own way.

      4. We play it to win, have fun and make others happy.

      Which for this player meant going on the pitch.

      5. I really want people to know that I worked hard, really hard, to get to where I am today…it didn’t happen overnight.

      No success is achieved overnight, it is a process that requires time and perseverance.

      6. I am a big believer in dreams. If you don’t dream, you can’t make it a reality.

      Every goal starts as a dream for the future.

      7. You don’t have to be magical to be special. You are already special, it is you.

      Everyone has their own tools to get where they want.

      8. When you’re in a crisis, you know who your real friends are.

      It is human nature that, in the most difficult times, is where we meet our true friends.

      9. In life, winning and losing will happen. What is never acceptable is to stop trying.

      Success and failure happen every day, but you can’t achieve anything if you don’t take the first step.

      10. Magic is what I am on the basketball court.

      Magic is what we are able to do with our skills. One of Magic Johnson’s phrases that emphasizes the importance of context in measuring success.

      11. I’ve met some great people who play in the NBA. Whether it’s the officials, the scorers, all the people who work for the NBA, not just the Lakers, but I’m only talking about the league itself.

      Speaking of the great people around him in the sports world.

      12. Larry, you lied tonight. You said there would be another Larry Bird, and believe me, there will never be another.

      Although he was his biggest rival, he always respected the person he was.

      13. I guess when people ask what’s the biggest transition to the NBA since college, it’s definitely the defensive and mental part.

      Greater demands and greater temptations that must be avoided so as not to fall into the wrong path.

      14. Having HIV does not interfere with my business at all.

      An excellent example that belies all the exaggerated myths about people with this disease.

      15. Life doesn’t stop because something happens to you.

      Even if you feel like everything is falling apart and it doesn’t make sense to continue, remember that the world continues to revolve around you.

      16. Any man who can maintain a positive attitude without a lot of playing time definitely deserves my respect.

      People who maintain their positivity are capable of meeting any challenge.

      17. Just celebrate the life you have, not the life you can have.

      To get where we want, we have to appreciate what we have now.

      18. Only you can make a difference, whatever your dream is… go for it.

      No one can take care of your life more than yourself.

      19. I am no longer Magic Johnson, I am Earvin Johnson.

      About his transition from star player to businessman.

      20. Life goes on for me, I will be a happy man.

      Live to the fullest no matter what health conditions you have.

      21. A competent and self-confident person is incapable of being jealous of anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom.

      Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and low self-esteem.

      22. Most healthy people can’t even live my life. Believe me.

      Not because you have a disease or condition, that means a person can’t enjoy their life.

      23. No one plans to get sick or injured, but most people will need medical attention at some point in their lives.

      Make sure you get your annual medical checkups, it can make a huge difference.

      24. Audiences like their emotions touched. They want to laugh and cry and feel good.

      The public likes to feel identified with its idols.

      25. Don’t accept defeat, but learn from it.

      The real defeat is when you stop insisting out of fear.

      26. HIV has changed my life, but it doesn’t stop me from living.

      Magic Johnson shows us that HIV isn’t everything, it’s only part of it.

        27. I am the one who will take risks; I’m not worried about the counterattack.

        There are times when you have to take risks.

        28. I will love my son until the end.

        Every parent should show their unconditional love to their children.

        29. I like to be God’s messenger to tell people about HIV and AIDS.

        One of the greatest purposes of life is to change the perception of illness.

        30. If you want someone to be your mentor, you better be willing to listen and be humble.

        No one can learn from another person if they are arrogant and think they are better than everyone else.

        31. When a woman is frustrated and she is your wife, you as a husband feel that frustration.

        Just as happiness is shared as a couple, ill-being also resonates with both.

        32. A woman always remembers. Remember that.

        Women pay more attention to detail.

        33. I am far from gay.

        Debunking one of the most widespread myths about the origin of HIV.

        34. I draw my work ethic from sports.

        Sports leave precious lessons and strong values ​​to those who practice them.

        35. I motivate others by making sure they understand and pursue their dreams and don’t let anyone tell them they can’t.

        The best way to motivate a person is to encourage them to achieve their goals.

        36. My family is a praying family, a Christian family.

        Talk about your family’s beliefs.

        37. If you are motivated enough and work at it, you can achieve anything you set out to do in life.

        The element that can never be missing in what we do is motivation.

        38. I like putting people of color to work.

        Johnson does not distinguish people by their personal characteristics, but by what they can give.

        39. I am and always will be a Laker for life.

        Taking the love of his team with him.

        40. Don’t ask what the team can do for you. Ask what you can do for him.

        A team thrives when it merges the skills of each of its members.

        41. He didn’t use drugs or drink and he didn’t let anyone smoke in the house. These are the rules that I also adopted.

        The most valuable lessons his family left him that helped him in his sporting career.

        42. They said that playing basketball would kill me. Well, not playing basketball was killing me.

        With his HIV diagnosis, we thought Johnson wouldn’t be the same, but he showed us otherwise.

        43. I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do.

        Instead of thinking that we can’t do something, it’s important to instill the belief in “if I can”.

        44. I have always studied commerce. Even as a baseball player, he read business magazines and business sections of newspapers.

        Another of his passions that ended up being part of his life.

        45. Young people want you to be real with them.

        Young people appreciate honest people who you can relate to.

          46. ​​My dad is my idol, so I’ve always done everything like him. He had two jobs and came home happy every night.

          Showing his admiration for his father and his teachings.

          47. You can’t get AIDS from a hug, a handshake or a meal with a friend.

          AIDS is contracted in a very specific way, so the myth that you cannot be close to people with this diagnosis needs to be dispelled.

          48. Talent is never enough, with few exceptions, the best players are the ones who work the hardest.

          There’s no point in having natural talent if you’re not going to work on it, because it’ll just get stuck there.

          49. I am a businessman. It’s what I do every day. I love it. I love coming to work. I never have a bad day.

          If you’re doing something you love, it can become a great option to become your job.

          50. If the people around you aren’t going anywhere, if their dreams aren’t bigger than hanging around a corner, or if they’re dragging you down, get rid of them.

          It is important to surround yourself with positive people who aspire to a better future, otherwise they will only drag you down.

          51. I get up at 5:30-6 a.m. every morning. I’m in the gym, running a few miles. I lift weights, then I’m at work until 8-9 p.m.

          Talk about your day.

          52. Serving is Earvin’s purpose. It’s been my whole life, helping others.

          Volunteering in various causes is something that fills you with satisfaction beyond the economic benefits.

          53. When you are a successful businessman, you will be as good as your team. Nobody can do all the transactions alone.

          Behind every entrepreneur, there is a loyal group of people who help build their success.

          54. As with the current mortgage crisis, I want to help people get back to their homes.

          Show that he cares about people’s needs.

          55. I like business. I love helping urban communities grow.

          It is not only the triumph that comes to accumulate, but the benefit that leaves others with their labor.

          56. There are no days off, work around the clock, look for results.

          It is impossible to get high if we are lying in our beds.

          57. With an assist, two players benefit from it, if you put it on, you only enjoy it.

          Talking about sharing with your teammates on the pitch.

          58. The ability to make my teammates better is what I value most in my career.

          Work to improve the team itself.

          59. From my mother I inherited her dazzling smile and a smiling character and from my father firmness.

          The best of both worlds.

          60. Maximum respect for women.

          We all deserve respect, for who we are as people.

          61. For me, everything is wonderful. Life is wonderful.

          Everyone lives their life the way they see it.

          62. I say it’s funny because the only time I think about HIV is when I have to take my medicine twice a day.

          Be responsible for your treatment, but without it becoming an insurmountable obstacle.

          63. I struggle with pressure.

          Use pressure as a catalyst to achieve your goals.

          64. Everyone thought he was going to die a year later. So I helped educate the sport, and then the world, that a man living with HIV can play basketball.

          Tear down all the misconceptions people have about the quality of life of people living with HIV.

          65. If someone says no to you, or kicks you out, Michael Jordan got kicked out his freshman year, but he came back and was the best of them all. That’s what you must have. The attitude to show everyone, and work hard to improve more and more.

          A rejection doesn’t end what you can achieve, you just have to keep trying.

          66. I started in business over 25 years ago and found a way to leverage what I learned through every partnership and every opportunity.

          Learn to keep growing after touching the sky.

          67. I build malls and cinemas in urban centers. It means providing jobs and making black people understand that we need to rebuild our communities, without looking at anyone else.

          A sampling of their community support and needs.

            68. There is no greater motivator on earth than you.

            We must always be our best artists.

            69. I think you have to keep knocking on doors, you have to keep being aggressive, and even if someone says “No”, you have to knock on the next door.

            There will always be a new opportunity, so you need to keep an open mind.

            70. When you’re between a sword and a wall, all you have to do is go out dancing.

            If we focus too much on the problems, we will never find a viable solution to improve ourselves.

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