Marlon Brando’s 75 Best Quotes

Marlon Brando Jr. he was a famous American film and theater actor, Born in Omaha in 1924.

Thanks to excellent films such as “The Godfather”, “Julius Caesar”, “A Streetcar Named Desire” or “Apocalypse Now”, this actor has managed to establish himself as one of the best actors in the history of cinema, being nominated for 8 Oscars, of which he won two.

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    Best Famous Quotes From Marlon Brando

    We’ve all seen at least one movie of this great performer, as his professional career spanned neither more nor less than 50 years. Unfortunately Brando died in the year 2004, due to respiratory failure at the 80 years of age. A dead man who snatched us away from one of the biggest stars Hollywood has ever given us.

    Below you will discover Marlon Brando’s 75 Best Quotes, Phrases that will reveal a lot about his particular philosophy of life.

    1. I have eyes like those of a dead pig.

    As we can see from this quote, his eyes were never the part of his body he loved the most, but his gaze still captivated millions of viewers across the world.

    2. The only thing an actor owes his audience is not to be bored.

    Cinema is an essential part of the entertainment industry, thanks to it, many people manage to forget about their everyday problems even if only for a short period of time.

    3. If there’s one thing that bothers your stomach, it’s watching actors on TV talk about their personal lives.

    Actors’ personal lives generally have nothing to do with that of all of those characters who play. The vast majority of them are usually after the cameras, quite normal people.

    4. Understanding the meaning of life is the actor’s duty, interpreting is his problem and expressing his dedication.

    To play a role well, the actor must immerse himself deeply in the character, even going so far as to internalize some of the feelings he might harbor.

    5. Privacy is not something I am just entitled to, it is an absolute prerequisite.

    Confidentiality has always been a very important thing for Brando, something the press often did not respect as it should.

    6. An actor is at most a poet and at least an artist.

    All great actors are certainly artists, because acting is a complex skill which leads to excellence, becomes quite an art.

    7. If we are not our brother’s guardian, at least we are not his tormentor.

    Our actions can influence the lives of others, if we are intelligent people, we will never do anything that can harm our friends and family.

    8. Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.

    Money does not have to reflect a job well done, as great works of art always have been, for the artist’s love for the art with which he expresses himself.

    9. If you want something from an audience, you give blood to their fantasies. This is the ultimate turmoil.

    Movies that contain action and death usually have a large audience, blood has always been something that has managed to grab people’s attention.

    10. The only reason I’m in Hollywood is because I don’t have the moral courage to refuse money.

    Although money was not the key for him, it was necessary to be able to maintain his lifestyle.

    11. An actor is a guy who, if you don’t talk to him, doesn’t listen.

    Many actors tend to be a bit egotistical, after all they all strive to be the center of attention when performing.

    12. There’s a line above where he growls: “No one tells me what to do.” This is exactly what I have felt my whole life.

    The actors know the script perfectly well, but they do not know the non-verbal language they must adopt during the recording. Only the most talented actors manage to find the most suitable attitude for the character.

    13. I don’t care if it’s bold. You still get the same money.

    Whatever our weight, the cinema will always play an interesting role for us. As one of the best actors in history, Brando never really cared about his weight.

    14. With the women, I have a long bamboo stick with a leather knot at the end. I put the loop around their necks so they can’t escape or get too close. How to catch snakes.

    The sense of humor of this actor was, as you can see, something very special. Throughout his life, he married 3 times and was the father of 11 children.

    15. To act is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It’s the life of a wanderer. Stop acting, it is the sign of maturity.

    The actor’s life is not always the best for a person. When the time comes, retirement can be considered an attractive option.

    16. I don’t think it’s a man’s nature to be monogamous. Men are driven by genetically ordered impulses over which they have no control to distribute their seeds.

    Monogamy was not something he was completely satisfied with, Brando has always been a man, impulses have largely dominated his personal life.

    17. Kowalski was always right and was never afraid. He never wondered, he never doubted. His ego was very sure. And he’s had the kind of brutal assault he hates. I’m afraid of that. I hate the character.

    Some of his characters weren’t quite to his liking, but even his portrayal in front of the camera was in turn just outstanding.

    18. I went home and rehearsed to satisfy my curiosity as to whether I could play an Italian. I put on makeup, put Kleenex on my cheeks, and solved the characterization first in front of a mirror, then on a TV screen. After working on it, I decided I could create a characterization that would support the story. The folks at Paramount saw the pictures and liked them, and that’s how I became the godfather.

    The role played in the film by the godfather made him an intergenerational star, with him this actor managed to expand his legend to unsuspected limits.

    19. My mind is always calm when I imagine myself sitting on my South Sea island at night.

    Brando was the owner of an atoll called “Tetiaroa”, a paradise in Polynesia in which now stands a luxury resort called Brando Resort in his honor.

    20. At Paramount, I sat down for lunch with John Wayne. I couldn’t even speak.

    A lunch that brought together two great celluloid legends at the same table, this situation was sure to be a really very interesting moment for the two actors.

    21. Never give in to the impulse of mediocrity.

    We must be as we are, society must never be able to change our character.

    22. People ask for a lot. They say, “What did you do while you were taking time off?” – As if the rest of my life took up part of my free time. But the point is that making films is a waiting time for me because the rest, almost finished, is what is real to me. I’m not an actor and I haven’t been in years. I’m a hopefully concerned and somewhat intelligent human being who sometimes acts out.

    Life had a lot more interesting things to him than just acting, for him real life was everything between the shoot and the shoot.

    23. I am going to make you an offer that you cannot reject.

    One of his most famous lines, which this actor said in his famous role in “The Godfather”, a quote that all his fans will undoubtedly remember forever.

    24. Repentance is unnecessary in life. It’s from the past. All we have is the present.

    A beautiful quote from this actor that encourages us to live life to the fullest, the present is the only moment we really control.

    25. Elvis Presley had nothing to do with excellence, only a myth.

    Elvis Presley was a man who after the spotlight also had his flaws, facts this great actor knew firsthand, most likely through regular couples.

    26. I met a few mobsters, and they all told me they liked the picture because I had played the Godfather with dignity. Even today, I can’t pay a check in Little Italy.

    His role in “The Godfather” was much more important to his career than he initially thought, as the fame he gained from this character accompanied him throughout his life.

    27. Even today, I meet people who automatically think of me as a tough, insensitive, rude guy named Stanley Kowalski. They can’t prevent it, but it’s worrying.

    Audiences should understand that a character does not define an actor’s personality, it is even possible that the two personalities are actually completely opposite.

    28. Bertolucci is extraordinary in his capacity to perceive, he is a poet … It is very easy to work for him.

    Bertolucci was undoubtedly a great director, some of his films like “Novecento” have proven over the years to be true works of art.

    29. The power and influence of a movie star is curious: I neither asked for nor accepted it; People gave it to me. Just because you are a movie star, people give you special rights and privileges.

    Media stars usually get preferential treatment within society, some consideration that even if they didn’t ask for it, it will happen anyway.

    30. If you are successful, taking action is as easy a job as anyone could want. But if you don’t succeed, it’s worse than having a skin disease.

    For an actor to be successful, he must have an innate gift for acting. Very few people are successful in the world of cinema.

    31. Hollywood is run by Jews, it is owned by Jews …

    There is a long list of actors in Hollywood who are Jewish like Woody Allen, Kirk Douglas or Harrison Ford.

    32. The foreground says it all, it is then that the learned and repeated behavior of an actor becomes more evident to an audience and subconsciously vanishes into their experience of reality. In the foreground, the audience is a few inches away and their face becomes the stage.

    An actor has to be really good to be able to convey feelings just by using their easy gestures. A technique that Brando certainly mastered perfectly.

    33. Taking action is the social lubricant par excellence and a means of protecting our interests and gaining an advantage in all aspects of life.

    Interpretation can open many doors for us in society and can also be a very powerful social tool, within our inner circles.

    34. All I want to be is usually crazy.

    We must never put limits on life, if we fervently want it, we can achieve whatever we set out to do.

    35. Please do not snore.

    Snoring is generally very annoying for the vast majority of people, as can be seen this actor needed complete silence to rest.

    36. If spending money on entertainment in the United States is any indication of taste, it is clear that most of us are addicted to garbage.

    There are some films of questionable quality that score very well at the box office, which allows us to get a feel for the cinematic tastes of mainstream audiences.

    37. George Bernard Shaw once said that thinking is the greatest of human endeavors, but I would say that feeling is. Allow yourself to feel things, to feel love or anger, hate, anger.

    Acting is an activity that can be overwhelming, as actors go through a lot of emotional ups and downs and attitude changes, throughout a movie.

    38. The mafia is the best example of capitalism we have.

    The Mafia is the capitalism brought to the world of crime, a clear example that money is totally capable of corrupting people.

    39. The military spirit has a goal, that of making the soldiers react in the most mechanical way possible. They want the same predictability in a man as they do in a phone or machine gun, and they train their soldiers to act as a unit, not as individuals.

    In the military, soldiers must act with firmness and force, if a soldier doubts even for a second, the lives of all his comrades may be in danger.

    40. Food has always been my friend. When I wanted to feel better or had a crisis in my life, I opened the fridge.

    Food can help relieve emotional stress, but overeating can cause many other conditions. If we don’t know how to overcome an emotional crisis, we can always see a psychologist.

    41. The theater is the least mysterious of all trades. Whenever we want something from someone or want to hide or show something, we take action. Most people do this all day.

    People have been acting since the dawn of time, not as a profession but to obtain possible socio-economic benefits.

    42. It is the hardest thing in the world to accept a “little” success and leave it that way.

    If we are not careful, success can turn into a psychological drug, because thanks to it we will get achievements and rewards that we logically do not want to stop perceiving.

    43. The people around me never say anything. Looks like they just want to hear what I have to say. That’s why I talk all the time.

    The actors are usually the center of attention no matter where they go, this was definitely a role Brando had to play often, as we see.

    44. Working with any actor is like working with a monkey.

    As one can see, this performer had a very bitter sense of humor, a fact that surely involved more than one enmity.

    45. The most disgusting thing you can imagine is the inside of a camel’s mouth. And watch a girl eat octopus or squid.

    Both images can be really disgusting, we hope we don’t have to come across them in our daily life.

    46. ​​We make up any excuse to preserve myths about the people we love, but the opposite is also true; If we don’t like an individual, we resolutely resist changing our mind, even when someone offers proof of decency, as it is vital to have myths about gods and demons in our lives.

    A lot of people tend to create misconceptions about other people, which probably hurts them sooner or later in their social relationships.

    47. It is a simple fact that we all use actor techniques to achieve the goals we seek.

    We all act at certain times in our life with the idea of ​​reaching a certain goal. Performance is an art that is generally very present, quite naturally in the world.

    48. I don’t know what people expect when they meet me. They seem to be afraid to urinate on the palm of the pot and pat their ass.

    This actor was a man who imposed himself enormously on both his admirers and his detractors. Crossing with him in a hallway was something that left more than one person paralyzed.

    49. I no longer hold out my hand, but I never tire of waiting for the next magic.

    Life has offered him many exciting situations and in his private life he has always been a person who has greatly appreciated the success he has achieved.

    50. You have seen all the ruined races, but you have never seen an unfavorable image of a motorcycle because the Jews are always on the prowl. They never allowed it to appear on the screen!

    Brando was a driving ace both on cars and motorcycles, thanks to the movie “The Wild One”, we can get a little idea of ​​his talent behind the wheel.

    51. If there’s two hundred people in a room and one of them doesn’t like it, I’ve got to get out.

    Hiding his displeasure has never been easy for this actor, so he decided to avoid people he could argue with.

    52. Sometimes you have the impression that it is 11 am here and you are not at school.

    Free time was a very precious thing for him, after leading a very busy life for a long time, the holidays became his favorite time of the year.

    53. Most successful people in Hollywood fail as human beings.

    Being successful in the movies doesn’t mean you’re a good person, unfortunately many actors have a really disappointing human quality.

    54. What might be a brave choice for you, for someone else, you just can’t feel the fear.

    Some human beings are able to take more risks than others, a fact with which we will surely be able to achieve a higher probability of success.

    55. I think I did as honor dictated and this belief sustains me, except for a slight desire to be dead which I’m sure will happen.

    Some of his roles were really moving and thanks to them he managed to sink very deep into the hearts of all his admirers.

    56. Most writers write at random. The actor fights against unwarranted words all the time.

    Some scripts can be really stodgy for any actor, making an already pretty complicated job even more difficult.

    57. Every time they knock you down, you get up stronger.

    If we never give up, we will never be truly defeated. Although life is difficult for us, to be successful we must know how to overcome our problems.

    58. It’s a long climb up the hill of fools.

    In some of the roles he has played, his characters have been put to the test. Many of them have gone through complicated situations, in which we would not have liked to be involved.

    59. Acting is an empty and useless profession.

    Interpreting is a job that doesn’t have to be for life, if the moment comes we are fed up, we can always choose to pursue something else.

    60. It doesn’t matter what you think, as long as you think of something.

    Intelligence is the most important attribute that human beings can possess, because thanks to it, we can become successful individuals, no matter what industry we are engaged in.

    61. Ask most of the children for details about Auschwitz or how the American Indians were killed as people and know nothing about it. They don’t want to know anything. Most people just want their beer, their soap opera, or their lullaby.

    So that the same mistakes that have already happened in the past are not made, history is our greatest ally. Let’s be clear: if we don’t know where we’re from, we’ll never reach the future we all want.

    62. No one “becomes” a character. You can only act if you are who you are.

    Although he played a very intense role, his mind always maintained full control over the character he was playing. A great professionalism which has always been his best cover letter.

    63. I believe that the rewards in this country at present are insufficient to be received or delivered, until the condition of Native Americans changes drastically.

    Native Americans have always been a deeply abused people since the arrival of the white man in America. A fact that is certainly transcendent, that this actor has always had a strong presence throughout his life.

    64. Would people applaud me if I was a good plumber?

    The work of many men who do essential work is never recognized by society as a whole, when in reality our comfortable life would not be possible without them.

    65. The four pillars of wisdom that support journalistic efforts are: lies, stupidity, money laundering and ethical irresponsibility.

    Many journalists talk about third parties without having complete certainty about what they are saying, a disastrous way of acting that can lead them to be wrong, which has long been understood.

    66. The main advantage that comedy has given me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis.

    It must certainly be a very complicated task to lead a relatively normal life, when we are someone as famous as Marlon Brando. Going to a professional psychoanalyst can always be a good option, even for the most famous.

    67. I have decided to tell the story of my life as best I can, so that my children can separate the truth from the myths that others have created about me, as myths are created on every sweep. in the turbulent and distorting whirlwind of the world, celebrity in our culture.

    For him, it was always a very important thing that his family knew how to differentiate the myth of the person, behind what the public really knew to be a much more sensitive person than one can imagine.

    68. Sometimes I take action and people think I am insensitive. Really, it’s like some kind of armor because I’m too sensitive.

    Being so emotional has led him to build a wall between himself and society, a barrier he has always had with him throughout his acting career.

    69. Do you remember the death of Marilyn Monroe? They all stopped working, and you could see the same expressions on their faces all day long, the same thought: “How can a girl who is successful, famous, youthful, money, beauty ? … How could he kill himself? No one could figure it out because these are the things everyone wants, and they can’t believe that life wasn’t important to Marilyn Monroe, or that her life was somewhere else.

    Fame and success are not everything in life, some much more important things like family or love we usually don’t value until we finally lose them.

    70. I refused to be a fool dancing on a rope held by all these big fish. I’m not apologizing, it’s my life.

    The big business moguls could never buy him, he would only play the characters he really liked.

    71. I must have read Wuthering Heights for English and I have never liked a book in my life as much as this one.

    Emily Bronte’s novel “Stormy Peaks” has since become her flagship book, one that if you haven’t read it comes highly recommended.

    72. A sensitive person receives fifty impressions while another person can only have 7. Sensitive people are very vulnerable; they are so easily brutalized and hurt just because they are sensitive. The more sensitive it is, the safer it will be to be brutalized, the more it will develop scabs. Analysis helps. It helped me. But still, for eight, nine years, I’ve been pretty messy, a disaster more or less.

    When someone is sensitive, they will suffer for their own problems, but also for the problems of all those close to them, an empathy that over time can transform the life of those who possess it, into a great accumulation of suffering.

    73. The more sensitive you are, the more safe you will be from being brutalized, from developing scabs, from never evolving. Never allow yourself to feel anything because you always feel too much.

    Brando wished all his life that he didn’t have to suffer for these issues that weren’t really his own, but his friendly personality always made him worry about everyone.

    74. I saw a screw crawl along the edge of a straight razor. This is my dream. It’s my nightmare. Crawl, slide, along the edge of a straight razor and survive.

    Life can play tricks on us in the blink of an eye, in reality we are all metaphorically that screw in the knife’s edge.

    75. Horror and moral terror are your friends.

    What other people think of us shouldn’t matter, we have to live our life the way we want to.

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