Martin Luther’s 71 Best Famous Quotes

Martin Luther (His original name was Martin Luder, who later became Martin Luther), was a German theologian and Catholic brother who lived between 1483 and 1546.

This Augustinian brother promoted religious reform in Germany. His ideas and reflections inspired the Protestant Reformation and started a current of great depth within the Church: Lutheranism.

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    Phrases and reflections of Martin Luther

    Martin Luther called on the Church to return to the sacred teachings of the Bible. His ideas were listened to with great attention and restructuring took place in the various ecclesiastical fields and institutions in Europe.

    The life and work of Martin Luther transcend his contributions in the religious field. Studied in philosophy faculties around the world, his contribution to language and universal thought is remarkable.

    In today’s article let’s know the 71 best quotes of Martin Luther.

    1. He who does not like wine, woman or song, will be a fool all his life.

    Curious famous quote from a Catholic monk.

    2. Anyone who wants to love his doctrine, faith and confession as righteous and true, cannot stay in the same stable with error or adhere to false doctrine … A teacher who remains silent when taught error, and who claims to be a teacher of truth, is worse than a cheeky fanatic and with his hypocrisy does more harm than a heretic … these do not want to offend anyone, or say a word in favor of Christ , or fight the devil and the world.

    About faith and how each person helps foster it.

    3. Thinking is tax free.

    Among the few things that are free.

    4. And while I slept or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends Philip and Amsdorf, the Word so weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor succeeded in causing so much defeat. I haven’t done nothing; the Word has done everything.

    A way of paying homage to the divine will.

    5. But from the devil’s wife, Reason, that beautiful harlot, intervenes and we believe her wise, and what she says, what she thinks, comes from the Holy Spirit, who can help us then? Neither judges nor doctors, no king or emperor, because [la Razón] he’s the biggest devil.

    A philosophical phrase that has sparked controversy for centuries.

    6. The ability to hear is a sensitive thing: it quickly becomes full and quickly tired and boring.

    A sense that must be pampered and nourished with taste.

    7. The humility of hypocrites is the greatest and the most haughty of pride.

    A great paradox about the proud and egocentric personality.

    8. First, we must set fire to synagogues or schools and bury and cover with earth whatever is not burnt, so that no man can see stones or ashes of it again. This must be done in honor of Our Lord and of Christendom, so that God will see that we are Christians and that we do not approve or tolerate knowing such lies, curses and blasphemies against his Son and his Christians.

    A violent reaction towards the Jews.

    9. Since His Serene Majesty and His Highness ask me for a simple, clear and precise answer, I will give it, and it is this: I cannot submit my faith neither to the Pope nor to the Council, because it is so clear that the day that they repeatedly fell into error as well as into many contradictions with themselves. Therefore, if I am not convinced by biblical testimonies, or by obvious reasons, and if I am not convinced by the same texts that I quoted, and if they do not submit my conscience to the Word of God, I cannot and do not want to take anything away, so as not to be worthy of a Christian to speak against his conscience. I’m here; it is impossible for me to do otherwise. God help me! Amen!

    Advocate for a more horizontal Church and a more direct relationship with God. Ideas that would thrive for years to come.

    10. I made a covenant with God that He would not send me visions, dreams, or even angels. I am satisfied with the gift of the Holy Scriptures, which give me abundant instruction and everything I need to know both for this life and for what is to come.

    A life that follows the path marked by the scriptures.

    11. The heart of a man is a mill wheel which works without stopping; if you find something to grind you might crash.

    Adventure is what allows a man to progress and to feel alive.

    12. War is the greatest scourge affecting mankind; it destroys religion, it destroys nations, it destroys families. It is the worst of evils.

    A pacifist phrase from Luther.

    13. Please leave my name alone. They are not called “Lutherans”, but Christians. Who is Luther ?; my doctrine is not mine. I was not crucified by anyone … So, what benefits me, miserable bag of dust and ashes, to give my name to the children of Christ ?. Stop, my dear friends, clinging to these names of parties and distinctions; let them all be, and let us only call ourselves Christians, whichever is our doctrine.

    A famous quote full of humility on his figure and his influence within the Catholicism of the time.

    14. Lord Jesus. You are my righteousness as I am your sin. You have taken upon yourself all that I am and you have given and covered me with all that you are. You have taken upon yourself what you are not and you have given me what I am not.

    A few words of gratitude and admiration for the son of God.

    15. Medicine makes people sick; mathematics, sad; and theology, sinners.

    Each discipline can generate aberrations in those who study them.

    16. What is God for Christians? A big castle, a powerful shield, a good weapon.

    A metaphor to interpret the weight of God among believers.

    17. We have therefore received spiritual blessings by the grace of a third party and not by our own efforts. Two opposing ideas cannot both be true: that grace is so inexpensive that anyone, anywhere, can earn it; and at the same time, grace is so precious that we can only obtain it through the merits of one man: Jesus Christ.

    A sincere praise for the figure of Jesus Christ.

    18. Nature is only to the extent that God created it. That’s why he’s so perfect.

    One of those phrases about nature that automatically connects us to the environment.

    19. Even if you knew that the world would fall apart tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.

    One of Martin Luther’s most memorable quotes.

    20. We are only saved by faith, but saving faith is never alone.

    Discipline, love of others and other ingredients are essential.

    21. Then when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, say this to him, “I confess that I deserve death and hell, so what?” Because I know the One who will suffer and be satisfied. in my name. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and where He is there, I too will be! “

    A claim by Luther to face the final destination.

    22. If you want to change the world, take the pen and write.

    Writing is the art of transcending consciousness.

    23. My heart, so full of overflow, has often been comforted and refreshed by music when I am sick and tired.

    A phrase for music lovers, one of Martin Luther’s most memorable.

    24. The dog is the most loyal animal and would be greatly appreciated if it weren’t so common. Our Lord God made his best gifts too common.

    A quote from Luther showing his love for animals.

    25. I have so much to do that I will spend the first three hours in prayer.

    Sometimes overwork can lead us to one solution: to pray.

    26. Therefore, this life is not righteousness, but growth in righteousness, not health, but healing, except by being, not at rest, but by exercising. We are not yet what we will be, but we are growing towards it, the process is not yet finished, but it is happening, it is not the end, but it is the way. Not all are shining with glory yet, but everything is being purified.

    Discipline and solemnity above all.

    27. True humility does not know that it is humble. If he did, he would be proud of the contemplation of such a beautiful virtue.

    Good consideration on this great quality.

    28. Everything that is done in this world gives hope.

    Hope and desire for a better future.

    29. You have both humor and faith.

    Curious sentence retracing an equivalence between these two characteristics.

    30. Be a sinner and sin courageously, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more courageously.

    From the point of view of one who believes in a religion, no one is spotless, despite his connection to the divine.

    31. Beer is made by men, wine by God.

    Curious belief on the origins of these famous alcoholic drinks.

    32. I am afraid that schools will tempt the very gates of hell, unless they work diligently to explain the Holy Scriptures and engrave them in the hearts of young people.

    These statements would be seen today as a defense of indoctrination of children, but in their historical context, they were normal.

    33. Feelings come and feelings go. And the feelings are deceptive.

    Martin Luther invites us not to get carried away by feelings.

    34. I will trust the unchanging Word of God until soul and body are cut off, for although all things will pass away, his word will endure forever.

    The concept of the divine is generally associated with eternity.

    35. There have not been, nor currently there are, too many good books.

    An insatiable taste for literature.

    36. May the wife make her husband happy to be coming home and feel sad to see him go.

    Again, express opinions based on the division of gender roles.

    37. God writes the gospel not only in the Bible, but in trees, flowers, clouds and stars.

    Each piece of land contains a divine essence, according to Luther.

    38. Where the battle rages, the loyalty of the soldier is demonstrated.

    Precisely when the context is dangerous and harsh, it is when the true character of each person blossoms.

    39. You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.

    You can sin by doing something wrong or by omitting a responsibility.

    40. Whenever the devil harasses you, seek the company of men or drink more, or joke and talk nonsense, or do something happier Sometimes we have to drink more, have fun, recreate and even and all sin one. little to annoy the devil, because we don’t let him enter the room to disturb our consciences. When the devil says to you: do not drink, answer him: I will drink.

    A way of seeing sin that moves away from Christian orthodoxy.

    41. I have kept many things in my hands, and I lost them all, but everything that I put into the hands of God, I still have.

    Religion is seen as a way to connect with metaphysical ideals from another world.

    42. Whoever drinks beer hurries to sleep, sleeps a lot, does not sin, whoever does not sin, enters heaven, so we drink beer!

    An ironic sentence to highlight this shortcut of the plot.

    43. I can only choose to adhere to the word of God, which has possession of my conscience. I can’t, I won’t even do any retraction, because it’s not safe or honest. act against conscience! I can’t do nothing else, so help me God, Amen.

    Martin Luther considered himself a servant of the Christian god.

    44. There are two days on my calendar: this day and this day.

    Emphasizing the present moment and the immediate future.

    45. The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting small crosses on his shoes, but by making good shoes, for God is interested in good craftsmanship.

    The importance of the symbolism of the cross meant that it was not considered unpleasant to use it on a wardrobe item in contact with the floor.

    46. ​​Although it is very easy to marry a woman, it is very difficult to keep her with the children and the household. Therefore, no one notices this faith of Jacob. In fact, many hate a woman’s fertility for the sole reason that children need support and education. Because this is what is commonly said: “Why should I marry a woman when I am a beggar and beggar?” I prefer to carry the burden of poverty alone and not be weighed down by misery and want. “But this guilt is unfairly related to marriage and fertility. In fact, you accuse your unbelief of distrusting the goodness of God, and you cause greater misery by disregarding God’s blessing. if you trusted in the grace and promises of God but because they do not wait on the Lord, they will never prosper.

    Here you can see the mentality of the time, inclined to give a lot of importance to gender roles.

    47. A person who … does not regard music as a wonderful creation of God, must be a true sonata and does not deserve to be called a human being; he should only be allowed to hear the roar of donkeys and the growls of pigs.

    An example of the incendiary statements of this monk.

    48. The devil, creator of sad anguish and incessant problems, shuns the sound of music almost as much as he does the Word of God … Music is a gift and a grace from God, not an invention of men. Therefore, he drives out the devil and makes people happy. So we forget all anger, impurity and other devices.

    This theologian attributed a divine essence to music.

    49. Your Great Majesty and Your Lordships seek a simple answer; I will give it to him thus, neither with horns nor without teeth. Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or for a clear reason (since I trust neither the Pope nor the Councils, as it is well known that they are often mistaken and contradicted), I am obliged to the Scriptures . have quoted and my conscience is captive of the Word of God. I cannot and do not want to retract anything, because it is neither safe nor right to go against the conscience.

    A declaration of intent which in turn sums up the way in which Lutheranism led at the time to dissidence from Catholicism.

    50. An unjust law is not a law at all

    Another of Luther’s aphorisms, this time speaking of the nature of laws and their purpose.

    51. All who call on God with true faith, sincerely of heart, will certainly be heard and will receive what they have asked for and wished for.

    A way of thinking that emphasizes intentions.

    52. I don’t know the way God guides me, but I know my guide well.

    A reference to the lack of meaning in trying to understand everything that God does, very typical of Christianity.

    53. All the cunning of the devil is exercised in trying to take our word away

    Moving away from reasoning and rational communication brings us closer to the Lutheran notion of sin.

    54. There is no more friendly and charming relationship, fellowship or companionship than a good marriage.

    Marriage has always been important to different branches of Christianity.

    55. Peace if possible. It’s true anyway.

    A very idealistic view of reality.

    56. A pound is enough, but a thousand pounds is not too much!

    It never hurts to keep learning.

    57. God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does.

    A morality based on good in the material world.

    58. On the side of the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.

    A personal opinion on the importance of music.

    59. The heart overflows with joy, and leaps and dances for the joy it has found in God. In this experience, the Holy Spirit is active and has taught us in the blink of an eye the deep secret of joy. You will have as much joy and laughter in life as yours will have faith in God.

    Another description of the sensations associated with religious experience.

    60. They are trying to make me a fixed star. I am an irregular planet.

    No one has ideas as clear and fixed as they appear from the outside.

    61. Here I am; I can’t do anything else.

    Simple aphorism that speaks of how Luther experienced what he did as a task he was predestined to do.

    62. It is better to think of the church in the brewery than to think of the church brewery.

    One of Luther’s quotes that demystifies the concept of church.

    63. In the midst of affliction, he counsels us, strengthens us, confirms us, nourishes us and favors us … More by the way, when we repent, they instantly remit sins as well as punishments. Likewise, parents must manage their own children.

    A parental lesson based on the principle of justice.

    64. The best way to expel the devil, if he does not yield to the texts of the Scriptures, is to mock and mock – for he cannot stand contempt.

    Not taking seriously what is associated with evil can make you lose your power.

    65. The sin under all our sins is to trust the serpent’s lie that we cannot trust the love and grace of Christ and that we must take matters into our own hands.

    A reference to original sin.

    66. Every man should do only two things; he has to make his own belief and his own death …

    A vision of religiosity based on the individual.

    67. A Christian is a Lord perfectly free from everything, subject to none. A Christian is a perfectly obedient servant of all, subject to everything, subject to everything.

    An apparent contradiction that reveals the fact that every believer responds to God.

    68. Many souls pass for saints on earth in hell.

    The contrast can make us overestimate people.

    69. Faith must trample on all reason, all meaning and all understanding.

    A very passionate view of the nature of faith.

    70. Any question, if done right, gets everyone’s attention.

    In virtually any activity can be highlighted.

    71. The soul can do without anything except the word of God, without which none of its desires are assured.

    If it is Martin Luther, it is normal that he gave a very important role to religion.

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