Martin Scorsese’s 70 Best Quotes

Martin Scorsese is a famous American director, Born in famous New York City in the year 1942.

In his role as director, Scorsese has shot a number of famous films, including “The Godfather”, “Wild Bull” or “Taxi Driver”, real cult films that you will all know perfectly. After a long career in the world of cinema, we can say that this director is quite possibly one of the best filmmakers of the twentieth century.

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    Famous Phrases and Thoughts by Martin Scorsese

    We will show you below a selection of the 70 best phrases of Martin Scorsese, Some dates with which you can discover many curiosities about it.

    1. There is no such thing as this simple. The simple is difficult.

    The simplest things can also be the hardest to achieve. Well, nothing in life is completely free.

    2. And as I got older, I became more inclined to look for people who live with kindness, tolerance, compassion, a nicer way of looking at things.

    Knowing how to surround yourself with the right people will undoubtedly be something that will benefit us in the future.

    3. There must be people who remember WWII and the Holocaust who can help us get out of this routine.

    People who lived through WWII are made of another dough, having had to endure these horrors made them much harder.

    4. It seems to me that any sane person should see that violence does not change the world and, if it does, only temporarily.

    Violence is never a smart solution, because it will always turn against us in the end.

    5. More personal movies, you could make them, but your budgets would shrink.

    Money has always been a big issue to consider among filmmakers, without the necessary funds it is very difficult to be able to shoot a movie.

    6. What the Dalai Lama had to resolve was to stay in Tibet or leave. He wanted to stay, but to stay would have meant the total destruction of Tibet, because he would have died and it would have torn the hearts of his people.

    The highest authority in Tibet is the Dalai Lama, a mystical figure whom all Tibetans regard as their teacher or their guru.

    7. It reminded me a bit of Greek mythology: the richest king who gets everything he wants, but ultimately his family has a curse from the gods.

    The Greeks are famous for their tragedies, ancient works which have inspired a large number of films.

    8. I will be 60 years old and I am almost used to myself.

    Time flies for everyone, old age is a stage that comes when you least expect it.

    9. If this is a modern story that deals with certain ethnic groups, I think I could open some scenes to improvisation, while remaining within the structure of the script.

    This director’s films have some really interesting twists, which we can see in a lot of his works.

    10. I am very phobic about theft, but it attracts me too.

    The feeling of flying can be a little shocking at first, but once we get used to it it becomes even pleasant.

    11. I was born in 1942, so I mostly knew the name Howard Hughes on RKO Radio Pictures.

    Scorsese made a film dedicated to the famous magnate Howard Hughes, a man who taught us how far we can go with eccentricities and money.

    12. I think what happened there is that the budget would be too big to build these sets because there is really nothing here in New York from that period; You have to build everything.

    Getting the right setting for a movie is not easy at all. The cityscape of some cities, like New York, has changed a lot over the years.

    13. I think there are only one or two films in which I had all the financial support I needed. Everything else, I wish I had the money to shoot another ten days.

    Funding is a very important aspect in the world of cinema, without it we could never make a film the way we really want to.

    14. I love to study ancient history and see how empires rise and fall, sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

    History can be an almost limitless source of inspiration, as writers or authors in general we can always use it.

    15. I love the look of airplanes and the idea of ​​how an airplane flies. The more I learn, the better I feel; While I still don’t like it, I have a sense of what’s really going on.

    The aerodynamic shapes can be really insinuating, anyone can feel great excitement while watching one of these planes.

    16. I know there were a lot of good cops who died doing their duty. Some cops were even our friends. But a cop can go either way.

    Within the police there are good and bad people, a rule that will always apply in a large group of individuals.

    17. I certainly couldn’t get it when I was a kid on the Lower East Side; It was very difficult at that point for me to balance what I really believed was the right way to live with the violence I saw around me: I saw too much of it among the people I knew.

    Growing up in New York, this filmmaker was able to observe how a world of great violence surrounded him. Something he had to contend with from an early age.

    18. I don’t agree with everything he’s done in his life, but we’re dealing with this Howard Hughes right now. And also, finally, the failure of Howard Hughes, the curse, so to speak.

    Howard Hughes was an eccentric billionaire who squandered all of his great fortune, a story that certainly surprised anyone who discovered it at the time.

    19. I grew up in Italian-American neighborhoods, everyone used to come home all the time, kids were running around, that sort of thing, so when I finally got to my own area, so to speak, to do movies, I continued Go.

    The gangster world has always been very close to him, which can be seen in many of his films.

    20. I know that some Buddhists can achieve peace of mind.

    Buddhism is a religion that makes us feel better about ourselves, this religion has gained great notoriety during the last decades of the last century.

    21. Howard Hughes was a visionary obsessed with speed and flying like a god … I loved his idea of ​​what cinema was like.

    Although he ultimately failed, Hughes taught us to chase our dreams. A story that shows us how important the path to our goal is, not the goal itself.

    22. I always say that I have been in a bad mood for about 35 years. I’m trying to clarify things, but that’s what comes out when you put me in front of the camera.

    The experiences we have shape us as individuals and also indirectly affect us in our character. If we have a lot of bad experiences, we will inevitably be much wilder people in the future.

    23. I really can’t imagine a time when I’m not filming something.

    Cinema will always be a key part of his life, as long as Scorsese can keep working he sure will.

    24. Every year or so I try to do something; it keeps me up to date with what’s going on in front of the lens, and I understand what the actor is going through.

    Scorsese knows full well that if he doesn’t want to lose the pace of work, he has to keep working diligently. Staying at the forefront is something that has always allowed him to be able to shoot great films.

    25. I have also seen the Dalai Lama a few times.

    It was certainly a very interesting meeting, because they are both people with a really high charisma.

    26. Eradicating a religion of kindness is, I think, a terrible thing for the Chinese.

    When China was plunged into its own socialist revolution, it abandoned all religions that had it until then. inhabited.

    27. I just wanted to be an ordinary rector.

    If he hadn’t been a director, we already know what he would have done. The Christian faith has always been of great interest to him.

    28. The term “giant” is too often used to describe artists. But in Akira Kurosawa’s case, we have one of the rare cases where the term matches.

    Akira Kurosawa was a famous Japanese director, born in the year 1910 in Shinagawa, Tokyo. A clear world leader in his profession.

    29. In every movie you suffer, but in some you really suffer.

    Some films can be really complicated to shoot, which after his long career as a director, Martin Scorsese is very clear.

    30. Today more than ever, we need to talk to each other, listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema is the best way to do this.

    The cinema is the most extraordinary advertising tool that exists, thanks to it, we can have an impact with the public, with great force.

    31. You never know how much time you have left.

    You never know when her life will end. So as long as we can, it will be better for us to make the most of our time.

    32. I don’t really see many people … I’m not going anywhere either.

    As we see, at 77 years old, Scorsese rarely leaves the house. His time around the world was long gone.

    33. When I make a film, I am the audience.

    As a director, you have to know how the audience will see your film, a certain point of view that every director should always keep in mind.

    34. I would like to make several films. Westerns. Gender pieces. Maybe another movie about Italian Americans where they’re not gangsters, just to prove that not all Italians are gangsters.

    A western from this famous director would surely be a great movie, who knows what wonderful works will surprise us in the future.

    35. In my entire life, I have never felt very comfortable anywhere in New York, except maybe in an apartment somewhere.

    New York can be a truly menacing city, its tall buildings and dense population make it truly unique in the world.

    36. Some of my films are known to portray violence. I have nothing more to prove with this.

    Violence no longer interests him, any good film is revealed as such thanks to its plot and not to its violent scenes.

    37. My dad had this mythological sense of old New York and told me stories about those old gangs, especially the Forty Thieves in the Fourth Quarter.

    New York is a place where millions of people have lived together and the stories that have unfolded in this great city can be totally endless.

    38. I make different films now.

    Over time, this director has changed his tastes, which can be seen by watching one of his latest films.

    39. As you get older, you change.

    Over time we all change and mature, we become the person we maybe always should have been.

    40. that should have won the Oscar.

    Recognition doesn’t always come when we need more, but if we are to be successful in the future, we must never stop working.

    41. Sometimes when you’re interested in shooting or retouching an image, you get to the point where you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to do it again.

    Working as a director is a true artistic profession, because art arises when we least expect it and perhaps never again this particular art reappears in us.

    42. I’ve seen a lot of movies over the years, and there are only a few that inspire you so much that you want to keep making movies.

    There are some really good movies from his particular point of view, but as he tells us in this quote, they are really very rare.

    43. I have been to North Africa several times.

    North Africa is certainly a magical place, the countries there are very different from anywhere else in the world.

    44. I have always liked 3D.

    3D cinema has always been very interesting for him, new technologies help us achieve effects that would be impossible in the past.

    45. I mean, the music comes entirely from your soul.

    Music is one of the most precious things that humanity possesses, thanks to it a lot of vivid emotions, can awaken in us.

    46. ​​Popular music has formed the soundtrack of my life.

    Music has always accompanied him throughout his life. Thanks to her, Scorsese certainly managed to live a much fuller life.

    47. Alcohol has decimated the working class and so many people.

    Alcohol is a legal drug that has killed millions of people over the years, a great misfortune this director has experienced firsthand throughout his life.

    48. Well, I think in my own work the topic is usually about the characters that I know, my aspects, my friends, that sort of thing.

    Our life can be something that inspires us enormously. Every great artist should always be inspired by her when creating his works.

    49. I have very often met people who did not want to say a word to each other, but went to see films together and experience life that way.

    The cinema can be a common bond that unites us with third parties, because this person with whom we have hardly anything in common, can in fact see the same films as us.

    50. You make a deal. You realize how much sin you can live for.

    We all commit sins throughout our lives because as human beings it is natural for us to make mistakes.

    51. One thing is that the good intentions of Prohibition, having read over the years and obsessed with investigating gangs in New York City, seem to have enabled criminal figures around this time, like Luciano, Capone, Torrio and Rothstein.

    The ban was certainly a great opportunity for the mobsters, without it they would never have succeeded in gaining the great power that they achieved at that time.

    52. Hong Kong cinema is something you can’t duplicate anyway.

    Chinese cinema is certainly very special, completely different from any other type of cinema.

    53. You understand that when the moving images started people wanted sound, color, big screen and depth.

    The cinema was a revolution from its first appearance, the public was totally overwhelmed by the images projected in front of them.

    54. The most important is how can I progress to something that I cannot articulate, which is new in storytelling with moving images and sound?

    Making a movie is a really complicated job, because not everyone would be able to complete such a large and ambitious project.

    55. If your mom cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?

    The best food in the world will always be the food we have at home, because no restaurant will we eat as comfortably as this one.

    56. I grew up on the Lower East Side, an Italian-American, more Sicilian, in fact.

    The Lower East Side is a very famous district of New York, in the past many Italian families used to stay there.

    57. I did not know that there were generations who did not know the origins of cinema.

    Many people today are unaware of the cinema that was made in the early years of the twentieth century, a very specific era in which many of us should be a little more interested.

    58. I was joking the other day that I love film editing, I know how to cut a frame, I think I can shoot it, but I don’t know how to light it. And I realize it’s because I didn’t grow up with the light. I grew up in houses.

    New York’s neighborhoods were gray and dark during his childhood, a type of lighting that certainly marked him forever.

    59. Cinema in the 20th century is an American art form, like the jazz.

    There is no doubt that the so-called seventh art fully deserves this nomenclature, because cinema is an art form through which many artists have managed to express all their genius with total clarity.

    60. There are times when you have to face your enemies, sit back and face it.

    We have to be courageous in life if we are to be successful, because success only reaches those who really fought for it.

    61. Most people see stereoscopically, so why underestimate this very, very important part of our existence?

    Through our sense of sight, we can be aware of things like the depth of a given image. A type of perception that certain arts, like painting, do not convey as directly as cinema.

    62. If everything goes forward and there is no major catastrophe, we are basically moving towards holograms.

    Holograms might just be around the corner, audiovisual technology has never stopped evolving over time.

    63. I liked the idea of ​​seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

    Children have a very special sense of their environment, a way of seeing life that many of us don’t have as adults.

    64. If we sit down and are, and understand this, I think it will be useful in a world that looks like a record going faster and faster, we are spinning from the edge of the universe.

    We are just a speck of dust in the vastness of the universe, we have to be much more humble if we want our society to reach its peak.

    65. Our world is so saturated with unnecessary information, images, unnecessary images, sounds, all that stuff. It’s cacophony, it’s kind of crazy, I think it’s been happening for twenty years. And I think anything that can help a person sit alone in a room and not worry about it is fine.

    We are bombarded with information 24 hours a day, so it can be a good idea to find a quiet place where we can relax, away from any noise from the outside world.

    66. People have to start talking to learn more about other cultures and to understand.

    Dialogue between nations should be much friendlier today, because it is only by putting ourselves in the shoes of others that we can understand them.

    67. It is difficult to let in new things. And if that admits a weakness, I don’t know.

    When we get older we are less inclined to change, why should we change something that works as it is?

    68. Young filmmakers must learn to manage money and manage the power structure. Because it’s like a battle.

    The work of the filmmaker is sometimes complicated, it is only with time that we can learn all the secrets of this curious profession.

    69. I go through periods, usually when I’m editing and filming, when I only watch old movies.

    Old movies have nothing to do with current movies, watching them can take us back to another time in our life.

    70. I’ve always wanted to make a film that has that kind of Chinese box effect, in which you keep opening – and opening – and finally you’re at the beginning.

    A really interesting and rarely realized concept would certainly make a very interesting movie.

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