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Matthew Paige Damon, better known as Matt Damon, is a famous American actor and screenwriter, born in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 8, 1970.

Although Damon has reaped great success in his facet of actor having starred in major films such as “The Talent of Mr. Ripley”, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” or “Ocean’s Eleven”. His most significant success in the film industry was the Oscar for Best Screenplay for “The Indomitable Will Hunting”, a play that no one should certainly miss.

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    Famous quotes from Matt Damon

    Below we present a collection of Matt Damon’s 75 Best Quotes & Thoughts, A great American artist who, as we can see, has always been a bit versatile, with a great innate talent for writing and also for the theater.

    1. Better to be someone fake than a real gift to anyone.

    Our attitude in life usually largely determines our chances of success. Something some of us maybe should keep in mind.

    2. I think it’s still hard to turn down a job if it’s really good because for so many years I was desperate to find a job and couldn’t, so that’s anathema to me to refuse work.

    Choosing the right roles can be a completely fundamental factor in the career of any famous actor, because not all roles in the world of cinema will always bring us some professional success.

    3. For “Ripley”, I learned to play songs on the piano, and I never played them again.

    As we can see, the piano is not a hobby that I continue to practice, because this actor has discovered that music is an art that just is not for everyone.

    4. When it comes to poker, I stayed away from it, although when I was in Las Vegas for “Ocean’s Eleven” I was embarrassed by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, they think actor and they see easy money.

    Gambling is not part of his usual activities, just this type of game has never been interesting to him.

    5. We actually begged him to change roles because he threw flip flops at us and we both feel like we already have. Then we ask him and it’s harder and more fun for everyone if they do things a little differently.

    The movie “Ocean’s Eleven” starring Damon has a really twisted plot. Many of us may need to see it repeatedly in order to be able to perceive small details, many of which, as we will find out, are very interesting.

    6. We were completely free to go out anywhere and no one noticed us. We weren’t even worth a dot of ink on a local newspaper page. It was great to go out and have a beer without too much trouble.

    Being a celebrity is something that just changes your life forever, once someone becomes famous they can very rarely go on with the life they had before.

    7. The real Brothers Grimm were scholars; it was these amazing heroes in Germany who discovered and enlightened this folklore, and made the Germans proud of their heritage.

    The Brothers Grimm were certainly great writers, thanks to them we were all able to enjoy some of his most important works such as “Hansel and Gretel” or “Cinderella”.

    8. What I like about Germany is that the Germans are very similar to us. It’s not like going to other countries, where the differences are overwhelming and you walk in fog. Germans look a lot like Americans.

    As we see this actor having a great affinity for the Germans, which makes perfect sense considering that there have always been a lot of German immigrants to the United States since its founding.

    9. My heart is with the people of the city of Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost their loved ones in such a foolish and heartless way.

    Damon is one of those men who care about the world and unfortunately when something as tragic as an attack happens this actor is often seen to be very affected emotionally.

    10. Perhaps his fault, Ben hasn’t made the best decisions in recent years.

    The decisions we make every day ultimately get us to the destination we deserve, we all need to make sure we make the decisions that can bring us closer to where we really want to be.

    11. Just before the release of “The Bourne Identity”, I had not been offered a movie for a year.

    Most actors never know when a contract will be offered to them, so they usually have to seize every opportunity that comes their way.

    12. I suspect it would have been started earlier, but they had a lot more to do with their own deals and starting this new business.

    Releasing a good movie is not something that happens every day, producers usually have to do a lot of management before they can release them.

    13. I would have played any part in this movie just to work with him, … He has the most energy and is totally contagious.

    Collaborating with other great actors is something that makes him proud, a great privilege that he has been lucky enough to be able to experience on more than one occasion.

    14. I received the call. He wanted me there and I wanted to be there, but I couldn’t because it was a last minute thing.

    Very miserable jobs have eluded him, although we can be sure that life will surely bring him new and exciting opportunities.

    15. But it’s weird, all three out of three. I think for myself: ‘The talented Mr. Ripley’ had a great screenplay, a great director and a great role.

    Certainly “Mr. Ripley’s Talent” was a great movie, a play in which his brilliant performance was just perfect.

    16. I don’t think it’s fair to regret our fate … I think a movie lives or dies on its own merits. If he doesn’t find an audience in this theatrical release, I hope that in the future he will be appreciated and Terry will be appreciated for what he has done.

    Box office successes are not easy to achieve, only the films that are most accepted by the public manage to get a good financial reward.

    17. Our actions were the same, we both wanted to be really cowards.

    A good interpretation depends on many factors, sometimes the most improbable gesture can in fact be the most decisive.

    18. I thought it would be impossible for anyone to have this bad luck again. I mean, a lot of things have gone wrong; they had everything but lobsters at Don Quixote, it was really very unlucky.

    Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to, but that’s not why we should just resign ourselves to our defeat. If we do our best in the end, we will achieve everything that we set out to do.

    19. It really helps. I think things can be magnified exponentially when you have two celebrities in a scene. Suddenly the interest isn’t just double the interest, it’s four or eight times, depending on the celebrity.

    Using multiple celebrities for the same movie is something that is very common today, but “Ocean’s Eleven”, the movie that Damon starred in was one of the first to do so.

    20. I think people call him crazy because he’s really passionate, energetic, and uncompromising … and those are qualities you don’t really see in Hollywood. It doesn’t sound like that weird puzzle that only he has the keys to.

    Some actors are really complicated people in their private lives, a lot of them tend to have a much deeper inner life than we sometimes imagine.

    21. The fact that Terry made the film sold it to me.

    Collaborating with a great director is always a huge motivation for any actor, a fantastic opportunity that Damon just couldn’t. Give Way.

    22. Well, we have similar ideas about being the protagonist of a movie, and there are some things we don’t want to be.

    Some roles can contain scenes that are very undesirable for any actor, which they should always review before signing a contract.

    23. When you sign up to make a movie with Terry, you’re basically signing up to be one of the 11 objects in a dam, … you might have a big dam, but if the geese don’t they are at the back where no smoke comes out of the chimney, Terry is going to make another dam.

    Great professionals are always very perfectionists and former Monthy Python manager Terry Gilliam is no exception.

    24. We just had a three day tour, and I will be doing other interview programs in New York.

    The life of celebrities is always very busy, an extremely fast pace of life that not everyone can handle.

    25. All this hot and cold stuff is completely ridiculous and is totally out of an actor’s control. It’s a really insecure and strange profession, and it combines with all the fame and fame of celebrities.

    Hollywood actors are always under heavy media pressure, forcing them to live much more hermetically than others.

    26. Although, by its own admission, the people who voted for this screenplay didn’t think it was the best screenplay, it was probably the smartest movie to choose because, oddly enough, it gives the project the best chances of surviving, because the film could make money.

    Choosing a good screenplay is a completely fundamental aspect of any movie, a tough decision that can tell a great deal about the possible success of this one.

    27. He just didn’t want the media madness at his wedding. I didn’t want a circus.

    Something as important as a wedding should always be a private event, whether or not one of its attendees is a big media star.

    28. Everyone will say: Well, it’s a comeback! I’m going to sit there and say, what the fuck is this? A return? What are you talking about? The guy has always been great. It was never nowhere.

    Damon has always been able to value his teammates very well, which is why he has always supported them even in the most difficult times.

    29. Firstly, I was skeptical of a sequel, … Even when we promoted the first one and that question arose, would I sign up for the next one? – I said: No, there is no other.

    Sequels, as many believe, aren’t always positive, some movies are just made to be one of a kind.

    30. These actors end up making really safe decisions. I never wanted to take this route. If down, I’ll go down to.

    We all have the right to make the decisions that we find most interesting from our particular point of view. This decision, which seems the most logical to us, may not be for someone else.

    31. I’ve never seen anyone so famous, ever … More than Robin Williams walking down the street of Boston, this guy was walking down the street in Italy and the grandmothers were hanging out in the windows screaming: Fiorello, Fiorello.

    Some people become very, very famous, to the point where going out on the street becomes almost impossible.

    32. The program was really good this year and yet we had horrible, horrible, ratings … When we were talking to Bravo they said: Look, the program is good, we got the best reviews of all the programs on the television. , And they said: But there’s a number, and they showed us the number and I’m not the type on TV, but they said: Look, this number, no matter what, we don’t. can’t resume the show. … It’s just terrible, we can’t justify keeping it up.

    The world of television is how we can imagine ourselves being very competitive. To be on the air, programs must prove that they can have a minimum audience.

    33. People forget that Ben is a great actor.

    Ben Affleck is, as Damon tells us, a great professional, an actor that we have unfortunately been for a long time without knowing anything about him.

    34. The film is really a fairy tale about the boys who wrote fairy tales. It’s also an excuse for Terry to create a whole world, which he does so well. It has its wide angle lenses and extravagant production design. His paintings are so densely packed with information. He drives like no one else.

    In the movie “The Brothers Grimm” with Damon, the audience can immerse themselves in a fantasy world. A film for which its creators were strongly inspired by a large number of children’s stories.

    35. Your fate in Hollywood is completely out of your control.

    Being successful in Hollywood is like playing Russian roulette, you never know for sure what will happen to you in the future.

    36. Are there things that I do where I’m alone like, Oh man this is brutal and why did I do this and why did I make this decision and what do I do? This time, I don’t know, he seemed pretty honest to me when I saw him.

    You can’t always perform well, the best actors also make mistakes from time to time.

    37. They had to do it quickly and silently to avoid all the media nonsense. It’s such a shame that it has gotten to the point where celebrities have to run away to get married.

    It is very sad that privacy is so rare today that surely many media should learn to respect people’s privacy.

    38. It was a lot more fun to work this way.

    Enjoying work is always a pleasure for any great professional, if we don’t like doing our job, it will be better to leave it as soon as possible.

    39. It’s a very good streak. With all these effects, yes, it’s beautiful …

    Computer-created special effects can give a movie great depth, which just wasn’t possible before.

    40. It’s not a mistake that jazz is sort of a recurring theme in the movie, because I think that’s what Ripley does: he riffs, depending on who his partner is.

    Music is a very important facet of any movie, because thanks to it, viewers can immerse themselves in a much more intense plot.

    41. It’s great to do something like this to support theater … I think Boise is a great city. It’s really beautiful.

    Theater is an art which deserves our full support, without it other great artistic aspects such as cinema would never have developed.

    42. This is my last chance to surrender. It has been recommended by so many people.

    When the time comes, we must all say enough, life is not just about working. Leisure should also be an important part of everyone’s daily life.

    43. They were really influential guys: they dug up all these stories, put them together and wrote them down, and all of a sudden they all felt really proud of their heritage; and then there is our film.

    Having great professionals is sure to be something that drives a movie, but in order to be able to achieve great box office success, there have to be many other factors that must be right.

    44. I am passing at a time when I could be more violent, … I could foresee the election under certain circumstances. There are lines that cross and it could become dangerous.

    Controlling our emotions will help us be much more successful both personally and professionally, which many of us will learn over time.

    45. It’s completely ridiculous and totally out of our control, … It’s like, OK, well, if that doesn’t work, at the end of the day you have to go back or not. It will just disappear until another one works or not. I want to say. It really is a strange and insecure profession.

    Very few people succeed in the world of cinema, only the most dedicated actors manage to make a dent in the Hollywood firmament.

    46. ​​I’m not a fan of (President Bush), so I let out a big applause (for western comments).

    Judging by this quote, we can be sure that the Democratic Party agrees much more with his personal ideas, which Damon certainly shares with most American actors.

    47. Before the opening of “The Bourne Identity”, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “All the Pretty Horses”, they were huge bombs … I went eight months without receiving an offer.

    Who would have told him that after eight months of unemployment, his time had finally arrived, a new stage of great personal success would begin in his life.

    48. In our own defense, we figured we would meet with the director of Touchstone Pictures for a movie deal. We never wonder why the Touchstone principal would like to meet two unknown high school students.

    Fame, as we see, came to him in the most unexpected way, a future of great success in the world of cinema seemed to be opening up before his eyes.

    49. We live in a world, it is very difficult for Americans to understand that every 20 seconds a child dies, a child under the age of five, it is true, dies somewhere on Earth for lack of access to a clean, sanitizing water. Every 20 seconds this happens on our planet. It is very difficult for us to understand.

    The world is much more cruel than some imagine, a difficult and harsh reality that Damon seems to know very well.

    50. In general, the larger the budget, the less interesting the characters become.

    Having access to a large budget does not guarantee the eventual success of a film, as factors as important as the script can actually be much more decisive.

    51. He admitted that Miramax would not be doing the movie with Johnny and that I was his choice. They thought Johnny was too weird and had no influence at the box office.

    Great producers often end up deciding which actor is better for a particular movie, sometimes making decisions that over time can be seen as big mistakes.

    52. I have improved a lot in multitasking. However, it is difficult. But writing a screenplay is not entirely focused. You take little breaks all the time. If a child comes in, take them on horseback. It’s a pretty smooth process.

    Writing can be an activity that allows us to take short breaks, a way of working that Damon seems to be very comfortable with.

    53. There are people who just collect a bunch of images and edit them later. You definitely feel more protected when a director comes forward when you really feel like something is going on and you know they’re watching intently.

    A movie can only be successful if the relationship between actor and director is good, if the two don’t communicate, the movie will likely end up being an absolute failure.

    54. Before the days of video calls, a director has to stand right next to the camera, look at it with the naked eye and if he sees anything that is real to him, he looks at the cameraman and if he watches. to him that indicates that he had seen it, then you agree and you would move on.

    Current technology has created new methods of recording. Today’s administrators, for example, clearly enjoy more autonomy than ever before.

    55. Most films and directors lose their temper and want to show a little more emotion, to show that their story is clear. I’m not saying it’s a good thing; as an actor that’s anathema to good acting, but having someone with the confidence to say it should be completely natural and minimalistic is awesome.

    Overprinting is something that happens a lot in the world of cinema, other great artists, unlike him, tend to make regular use of it so that they can give their characters greater dramatic importance.

    56. I usually play characters that are very different from myself. I mean, I’m never in a fight in a movie and if I’m in it, I usually lose.

    As we see, hand-to-hand combat isn’t quite among his most notable qualities, which we would never imagine judging from some of his roles.

    57. I think this is something that citizens should be aware of: participating in democracy, and that includes issues such as what is going on and how much secrecy and transparency should exist. It is an ongoing thing: in a democracy, it wants checks, balances and supervision, but it needs a secret agency to protect the country. It’s a very complicated balance and I think it changes as the world changes and I think we all need to be aware of that.

    Any democratic nation must know how to choose its political representatives very carefully, making a mistake in such a relevant area as this can be detrimental to a large number of people.

    58. The central idea of ​​the theater is different, simply because the writing is much more respected in a play. Whereas in the movies, and having been the writer, I can say from experience, the writer is further down the food chain.

    It is true that in films, the role of the screenwriter is less, other aspects like photography or special effects certainly play a more important role in what is called the seventh art.

    59. People do things in the name of good and in the name of ideals, but the world is not so simple. Then they end up doing things that aren’t necessarily right. Even if they think they are doing the right thing, but seen from a different perspective, they can come across as barbaric and crazy.

    The world is neither black nor white and conflicts between people are usually very complicated in most cases, we should never guess before we have all the data on a particular problem.

    60. Often, when I decide to make a film, what really matters is what the director sees. I come to feel this more and more. The more films I have made and the older I get, the more experience I have, I always knew I was half a director, and I always said that.

    As we can see, directing is something that interests him a lot, even if at the moment this actor has not yet made his debut in this specific facet of audiovisual production.

    61. And you know, we were talking about the American identity, where we come from, where we are and where we are going. We knew we wanted to have a hopeful ending and we wanted it to be a pro-community, pro-democracy film.

    The United States is a great nation, although it was founded by a large number of different ethnicities, racial conflicts within it are unfortunately all too frequent.

    62. As actors we react to the material that exists and probably only react more strongly to things that I think will have some social value.

    There are currently few films that deal with socio-cultural issues, but for this actor, these types of films are the most interesting.

    63. It’s intuitive when I read a document or hear about a project. I’m a writer, so I wrote films. I’ve read thousands, thousands, and thousands of scripts right now. So if something catches me, I won’t ignore it.

    Not everyone is good at writing scripts, but as we can see from this quote Damon is very fortunate to have a great knack for writing.

    64. All parents try to balance themselves. Look, I’m lucky in the sense that I can control my hours. I can choose my jobs and not everyone has this option. But it’s definitely a family decision every time I take a job.

    Parenthood is a difficult activity to combine with the world of theater, but by being organized in the end, we will certainly be able to adapt.

    65. The director is responsible for every decision of the film. It is a dictatorship. It is a benevolent dictatorship, but it is true. It’s each individual trait. There is nothing arbitrary.

    The director always holds the position of greatest responsibility in a film project, as he is the one who has to take the vast majority of decisions.

    66. If you are just an actor, you are responsive. You say: Well, I hope Hollywood gives me a part, or gives me the opportunity to play a part, so if you can generate your own content, then you can go anywhere you want.

    Many actors end up entering the world of audiovisual production over the years, which Damon did at the time as well.

    67. If there’s an idea that I find really good and feel like I can write it down, then I will.

    Good ideas don’t usually come every day, so when we have them, we better take advantage of them.

    68. The ideal life is that you don’t bless a single magazine, no one cares, but they want to come and see your movie. Because it gives you real freedom.

    Judging by this take on the quote he’s interested in, the celebrity world has just never brought him anything interesting in his life.

    69. The first time I smoked was at home with my mother and stepfather; they said, if you’re going to do this, we’d rather you do it with us.

    Some parents are certainly very liberal and from what we see in this quote maybe Matt Damon’s parents wore the palm.

    70. They left me alone, even the paparazzi, because what they sell is sex and scandal. Without that, they don’t really have much of an interest in you. I’m still married, I’m still working, still happy.

    Damon leads a very normal life, his tasks are the same as anyone else.

    71. Will be embarrassed and it’s a shame that there would be two years in a row without a single actor of color nominated. This is madness.

    As we see, racism is still fully evident in American society today, which certainly needs to change as quickly as possible.

    72. I think what a good director does is the same as a good director. The theater is only one of the professions necessary for the making of a film.

    For a movie to be a big hit, there has to be a great connection between all the parties involved in its creation.

    73. Honestly, if I go on vacation, I’m going to sit on my couch in New York City because it’s the only place I haven’t been in a long time.

    New York is as we all know a wonderful city, a place that this actor unfortunately takes too long without visiting.

    74. Now that I have kids, I’m probably more overprotective than ever. My wife’s nickname is Red Alert. Sometimes I just check to see if the kids are breathing. But I try not to be a helicopter parent.

    Being a father is certainly a full-time job for him, fatherhood is something that always marks a turning point in the lives of most men.

    75. The only way I can describe it: at the end of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” do you know how his heart grows fivefold? Everything is full; it’s full all the time.

    Life will not always be kind to us, we all need to learn to deal with our daily problems.

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