Michael Schumacher’s 60 famous quotes

Michael Schumacher is a former Formula 1 driver born in 1969 in the city of Hürth-Hermülheim, Germany.

This driver is considered the most lauded in history, having won seven Formula 1 World Championships. During the years that Schumacher raced with the famous car brand Ferrari, he managed to establish himself as one of the most famous drivers in the history of motorsport.

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    Michael Schumacher’s best famous quotes and quotes

    In 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious skiing accident, from which he has not yet recovered. His current state of health is kept secret by his wife and his family environment, thus respecting the wishes of the pilot himself.

    Below you will discover a collection of the 60 best quotes about Michael Schumacher, Many uttered by himself and others by his friends, rivals and relatives. From there, we would like to pay a little tribute to this mythical figure in the automotive world.

    1. When I am exhausted, others must be on the verge of collapse.

    Being persistent will allow us to achieve our goal, we must not give up.

    2. Great drivers do what they instinctively do. You have to use your senses all over your body. And then at the end you have to transfer this information to the steering wheel and pedals. The way this is done translates into a difference between pilots who are sensitive, who have more sensitivity, and those who may be just as sensitive but may not be able to transfer that sensitivity to their riding.

    When we are the best at what we do, we will do our job or our sport almost automatically.

    3. I never talk about Senna, because I’m excited to say his name.

    Without a doubt Ayrton Senna was the most famous driver of his time, Schumacher was proud to be his worthy successor.

    4. I will continue to compete as long as I enjoy it. The more I run, the more I love this sport.

    There is something about motorsports that simply hooks them, both their athletes and their spectators.

    5. I don’t trust myself as much as people think.

    We have to believe in ourselves to be victorious, Schumacher had to struggle with his own insecurities every day.

    6. Whenever I make decisions, I try to reduce the risks and problems that may exist.

    When we race in F1 any decision we make can be critical to our own safety.

    7. My objective is to brake, always, just after the marks left by the other pilots.

    To be able to be faster, it is also necessary to brake later, the first to brake will always lose speed.

    8. I’m not a legend, just a lucky guy who was where he should have been at the right time.

    Being in the right place at the right time can be crucial in our lives.

    9. I never felt it reach my personal limit, where I might not be able to go faster if the car could. This has always been the limit of the car that has held me back.

    Often the tools we use limit us in our work, Michael Schumacher has been replaced by this particular irony.

    10. We can go to the limit and at the same time profit from it.

    If we don’t enjoy the sport we play, we had better give it up.

    11. The greatest satisfaction you can get from anything you do for a living is the feeling you get when you do it really well and that you know you can do it better than others.

    Feeling proud of your work is very important, our profession must motivate us to be able to continue to grow within it.

    12. The difference between Fangio and me is that 30 runners died trying to be faster than him.

    Fangio was, without a doubt, one of the best drivers in history. This motorsport celebrity has made Alfa Romeo a prestigious brand.

    13. I didn’t go to the funeral (at Senna) because there are things I don’t do in public …

    Going to see someone near the funeral is really difficult. On this occasion, Schumacher experienced his particular duel in private.

    14. The Jordanians thought I knew the circuit, because that’s what they were told, I knew absolutely nothing about the circuit, so I rode my bike twice to see the times.

    Knowing the circuit is vital in F1, the slightest difference in level can cause us to lose control of the car.

    15. Yes, I drove to the max, but only to the maximum of the car, to the maximum of my ability, no.

    Without a doubt, Schumacher possessed great driving qualities, he was able to push his car to the limit.

    16. I was born to compete.

    To be able to race in F1, we have to be extremely competitive.

    17. Do I find it stupid to go with yellow flags?

    A rider in the Schumacher category would obviously never commit such faults.

    18. Barrichello number two? Between us, that does not exist.

    If you are running in F1, there is no first driver and no second driver. Both riders from any team want to win equally.

    19. I have never had a runner by my side who at the start did not have the chance to beat and be as “equal” as me. My philosophy is that whoever wants to be the fastest rider has to be supported by the team; is the best for the championship.

    We must not be intimidated by anyone, we must show our qualities and fight for the best place.

    20. I love this sport and it is above all the overtaking, the speed, the pleasure of obtaining it or not, it is what I seek and what I live for.

    Like this great rider, many of us can experience this sport with enthusiasm, in the comfort of our own homes.

    21. If the car can go faster, I can go faster.

    To win we have to be as fast as possible, otherwise we will never get the victory.

    22. I’m not trying to compare myself to Fangio. He is at a higher level than me.

    Maintaining the memory and respect of our veterans is essential in any sport.

    23. Life never guarantees you success.

    Success is never guaranteed, we must strive for it.

    24. I am not aware of being a living legend.

    Humility can make us live better and help us improve every day.

    25. I generally like this kind of battle, but not this time. I think Joan Pau Montoya didn’t quite see where I was going, I just looked where I was to be sure to go out with him. He was stupid.

    The rivalry between these two great pilots was brutal, the two pilots pushing their machines to the limit of their possibilities.

    26. Jacques attempted an optimistic attack. It went well for him, not for me.

    In F1, making the right decision can be a vital thing to be able to finish the race.

    27. What happened is so dramatic and sad that I no longer have the satisfaction of winning.

    Losing lives in F1 has always been really difficult in this sport, drivers risk their lives in every race.

    28. You are not a real world champion if you are not with Ferrari.

    Ferrari is the most iconic car brand in history, we all want to have one at least once in our life.

    29. If one day I have a partner who bites me, it might be better to leave.

    You have to know when to retire, Schumacher knew that when the time came, I would have to say goodbye to the sport.

    30. If I had a daughter, I would never let her date Eddie Irvine.

    Taking care of our children is something we all need to do as parents. Eddie Irvine was an F1 driver and his partner had to know he could die anytime, it’s a life no one wants for his daughter.

    31. I have no idea how the withdrawal will affect me or what I will do. But I am not afraid. On the contrary, there are a lot of things that I want live.

    With his retirement, Schumacher knew it was time to start a new life. Retirement can bring great pleasures.

    32. If he hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have been champion in 1994 and 1995, because he was better than me.

    The figure of Ayrton Senna has always pursued Michael Schumacher throughout his career.

    33. And if anything happens to me, it will be fate. I will be comforted to have lived life the way he wanted to live it.

    We should all live life our own way, this great pilot was something he certainly managed to accomplish in his life.

    34. The most moving championship was undoubtedly that of Suzuka in 2000 with Ferrari. After 21 years without a world championship for Ferrari and four years for me without it, we finally won the race, an exceptional race, and won the big championship.

    Getting over problems is something that motivates us all a lot. We must never stop working to achieve our goals.

    35. The guy I have respected the most in recent years is Mika Häkkinen, for big battles and a very stable private relationship.

    Hakkinen was another relevant great driver of the time, his relationship with Schumacher was always very cordial.

    36. When I was little, in my karting days, I saw Ayrton Senna or Vincenzo Sospiri, whom I admired a lot because he was a good rider, but my real idol was Toni Schumacher because he was a great footballer.

    Michael Schumacher loved the world of football, it’s a sport that has always interested him a lot.

    37. To develop yourself and take action, you don’t just have to look at the car, you have to look at yourself, the other drivers, not just those in front of you, you have to look at everyone, so I have it. did, because everyone has something special that I want to know.

    We can always learn something new from others, we must never stop learning the positive aspects, no matter where they come from.

    38. Formula 1 is very tough, before it was a lot harder, without servo-brakes or power steering, comparing those days of the past to those of today. But it’s still one of the toughest sports you can play, so you need a lot of preparation.

    The physical preparation of F1 drivers is exceptional, they are real elite athletes.

    39. Records are one thing, doubts are, I think, very important in order not to be overconfident, to be skeptical, to look for improvements and to take the next step. I always thought: “I’m not too good, I have to work harder”. I think this is one of the keys to becoming what I have become.

    Humility is a very important aspect of the personality of this famous pilot. He was never considered superior to anyone.

    40. He’s the champion and I’m really happy for him and if anyone can beat my record then I’d rather be him than someone else. (Speaking of Sebastian Vettel)

    Sebastian Vettel, a driver who still races today, is a compatriot of Schumacher and obviously has all his moral support.

    41. Formula 1 is without a doubt the highlight of the automobile and it’s great to drive a car … absolutely yes and I enjoyed it when I was at the Nürburgring to have fun, but to really enjoy it. do, no. I’m sick of it, it wasn’t because of it (he retired). I decided because Mercedes gave me the option to continue in the future and I really didn’t like it. A new life has come to me and it is very pleasant. I mean, even when I came back after my first retirement I really didn’t miss it because I have so many other fun things to do so I have a great life.

    Formula 1 is a really exciting sport, but there are many wonderful things in life to enjoy too.

    42. This is an excellent result. Especially if you consider where we came from last year.

    Exceeding our expectations is always a victory, no matter what final position we reach.

    43. They had a lot of style throughout the year and were even able to push quite hard, the infrastructure is now in place as Ross Brawn decided to have the right number of people in the right place. Everything is there to have the bases to fight for the next championship and that is what I think can happen, anyway congratulations for the second place.

    As an F1 driver, Schumacher has always been interested in the development of other drivers and teams.

    44. I take care of young drivers in the field of Go-Kart, I have always been close to karts, I have a friend who actually builds. We do management and development tests. Karting is a fascinating world and I love to participate and I always see little children coming for those from my point of view.

    Like any great rider, Karts were his professional birthplace during his childhood, a world of 1 hour that we can all enjoy too.

    45. I don’t think they should expect big changes when it comes to the engine. Aerodynamics have always gone beyond the engine and will always be the future. The best body will therefore win. If you have two identical bodies, the best engine could make all the difference and we know Mercedes has always been at the forefront when it comes to engines.

    Aerodynamics can allow you to go much further and achieve higher speed, this is a key aspect in the development of any car.

    46. ​​I am the second best rider in the world after Michael Schumacher. (Eddie Irvine)

    Schumacher has always had the admiration of all his rivals.

    47. Those of us who don’t have Michael have a problem. He is the best at testing, running, qualifying, bringing out the best in his engineers, the law and the team. It is the most suitable and the fastest. The list is endless. (Frank Williams)

    The owners of other teams fought for the services of this great pilot.

    48. It was funny to see Michael making so many mistakes. (Juan Pablo Montoya)

    The rivalry between these two drivers was evident from the first minute. One of the most famous rivalries in the history of motorsport.

    49. And Michael Schumacher already has 77 laps out of 73. (Murray Walker)

    In F1, such curious things sometimes happen, with Schumacher, the spectacle was always served.

    50. It was a conspiracy for “Schumi” to win the title. (Damon Hill).

    Some of his rivals have repeatedly complained, thinking that maybe this driver could somehow fix the Grand Prix.

    51. He says he hasn’t seen me! The guy, is stupid or blind. (Juan Pablo Montoya)

    With the tension of the race, frustration can appear among the pilots. Montoya was also a man of great character.

    52. Everyone is surprised that he managed to pass Michael, and I mean I don’t intend to treat a driver any differently just because his name is Schumacher. (Juan Pablo Montoya)

    When Schumacher was brought forward, the media echoed, as it didn’t happen every day.

    53. I will never share a team with Schumacher, I go to Benetton. (Gerhard Berger)

    Being Schumacher’s teammate was a very complicated thing, because this driver always had the support of his team.

    54. “Schumi”, direct your eyes to the sky. It’s the only thing bigger than you.

    The fans followed this rider with great fervor. He was certainly one of the greatest in history.

    55. Michael is not a great champion because he has done a lot of dirty tricks and he is not a great human being. (Jacques Villeneuve)

    Schumacher raised frustrations everywhere he went. He was certainly one of the hardest runners to pass.

    56. At the moment he is in good hands and we are doing our best to help him, you can be sure. (Corinna Betsch)

    Since the accident he suffered, his family has focused on his care.

    57. Try to understand only that we are following Michael’s desire to keep his condition a secret. (Corinna Betsch)

    Respect for privacy is fundamental in everyone’s life. We must respect the wishes of this great pilot.

    58. I don’t forget that I have to thank my husband for all of this. One day she told me that Gina Maria would be better than me and I didn’t really like it, but she was right. I worked day and night with the horses trying to figure everything out. He said I was too nice, when my daughter had more of a point of honor. Michael then understood that Gina Maria had character. (Corinna Betsch)

    His daughter has always played a central role in the life of this iconic pilot, which many of us understand firsthand.

    59. Great things always start with small steps. Many small particles can form a large mosaic. (Corinna Betsch)

    Any support, no matter how small, will always be a step forward, let’s hope the Kaiser’s health improves with enough time.

    60. Michael is in good hands. We are doing everything possible to help him. We’re just following Michael’s willingness to keep an issue as sensitive as health, as it always has been, in private. Michael did everything for me. I will never forget who I must be grateful for and that is my husband Michael. (Corinna Betsch)

    The family of this pilot will never abandon him and even less in his most complicated career.

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