Miguel Hernández’s 70 best quotes

Miguel Hernandez Gilabert (1910 – 1942) was a Spanish poet and playwright born in 1910 in Orihuela, Spain.

During a trip to Portugal, where he tried to escape persecution from Franco’s side, Hernandez was arrested by the police of Salazar (Portuguese dictator) who left him in Franco’s hands. He was transferred to the adult correctional house in Alicante, where he fell ill and later died of tuberculosis at the age of 32.

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Phrases and reflections by Miguel Hernández

Miguel Hernández’s works are worth remembering and if you don’t know them you will surely like them, that’s why we made this selection of the 70 best sentences of Miguel Hernández so you can learn a bit more about the life and work of this fantastic author.

1. Anyone who has to cry, anyone who laments the hostile stone of discouragement, anyone who engages in anything other than fighting will not be a winner, will be a slow loser.

In this meeting, Miguel Hernandez encourages us to be combative during the battle and to fight courageously.

2. I woke up as a child. Never wake up. Sad I put my mouth. Always laugh. Still in the cradle, defending the laughter feather by feather.

Childhood is a stage in which we are all happier, when we reach maturity life becomes very complicated.

3. Sad wars if you don’t like business. Sad. Sad. Sad weapons if not words. Sad. Sad. Sad men if they don’t die of love. Sad. Sad.

War is a very sad stage for all those who have the misfortune to experience it.

4. A drop of pure courage is worth more than a cowardly ocean.

Being courageous will allow us to reach our goal and maybe also survive.

5. There is no greater extent than my wound, I weep for my misfortune and its settings, and I feel your death more than my life.

Difficult situations are very complicated for everyone and Miguel Hernández has been involved in some really complicated situations.

6. How little is already worth! Even rats will dirty the roof of thoughts. This is what is new in my life: rats. I already have rats, lice, fleas, bedbugs, scabies. This corner in which I must live will soon be a zoo, or rather a house of animals …

When we live in the trenches, we usually have bad company with all kinds of Féristeles.

7. How simple death is: how simple it is, but how unjustly wrested! He can’t walk slowly and stabs when his creepy knife is least expected.

Death can happen to us by surprise and end our life unexpectedly.

8. The world is as it appears before my five senses, and before yours which are the shores of mine.

We all see the world under our own perception, it is only a representation of what we perceive.

9. Here I am to live while my soul rings, and here I am to die when the time comes for me, in the veins of the people now and forever.

A very beautiful sentence in which Hernandez tells us about his intentions to live his life to the fullest.

10. Blood which does not overflow, youth which does not dare, neither blood, nor youth, nor their splendor, nor their development.

Indeed, during our youth, it is when we are the most courageous and the most daring, with all that that implies for us.

11. I do not forgive the amorous death, I do not forgive the carefree life, I do not forgive the earth or nothing.

Sometimes we go through very difficult times that we wish we hadn’t gone through.

12. So much pain is clustered inside the side, that hurting my breath hurts.

War can lead us to the most difficult situations we can go through.

13. Although my loving body is under the earth, write to me on the earth, so that I can write to you.

This writer had a firm belief in leaving his mark on the earth and he certainly succeeded.

14. Even if the fall of history covers your graves with the apparent dust of oblivion, we will never give up even the oldest of our dreams.

We all have to strive to make our dreams come true.

15. Every day my blood wants more and my love grows more and more and I don’t understand why I shouldn’t want it if my heart commands it.

We must carry out the purposes of our heart, he will guide us on the path of life.

16. Yesterday it woke up people naked and without what to wear, starving and without anything to eat, today it becomes the just aborrascado and bloody fair day.

The difficulties that a people go through are often those which push them to launch into a war.

17. Hunger I fight, with all my gaps, scars and wounds, signs and memories of hunger, against so many satisfied bellies: pigs of a worse origin than pigs.

Hernandez was clear on his ideals and against the ideals he fought, he was a staunch supporter of his own ideas.

18. I do not know what is in my ear without your accent, nor at what pole of error without your star, and my voice without your treatment is effeminate. I smell the scents of your wind and the forgotten image of your imprint, which in you begins, loves and ends in me.

A very poetic sentence in which this writer reveals to us the love he felt in his being.

19. The yellow hour will be placed on my photograph.

Indeed, time flies for everyone, without haste but without a break we all forget.

20. In this area was the sea. He will return someday. If ever a drop rubs against this field, this field resembles the memory of the sea. It will come back one day.

With time the landscapes change and nature molds itself to each situation, you have to know how to live in the same way.

21. Incarnation, I say in my heart, if I’m a fool, it is. I don’t care: I’m not dying to be stupid, I’m stupid, and yes I know how stupid I am, I know that even stupid I love you.

The love he felt for this writer led him to talk about it on several occasions, this quote is a clear example.

22. The sea also chooses ports in which to laugh like sailors. The sea of ​​those who are. The sea also chooses the ports in which to die. Like sailors. The sea of ​​those who were.

There is no doubt that the sea is something that this writer has always loved and to whom he dedicated these words.

23. Don’t pour yourself out the window, because there’s nothing in this house. Get my head out of my soul.

We need to know how to see inside people and to be able to peer between their feelings, to know what they really are.

24. I must fall in love, in a pure way, with a woman who shines only this one: as the earth must be simple and loving, so that she is more woman and therefore more woman.

In this sentence we see the tastes for which this writer would choose his own wife.

25. Wheel that you will go very far, fly that you will go very high. Tour of the day you are, time and space.

At the start of the 20th century, technology experienced great advancements and changed society forever.

26. It is not worth being saddened. The shadow he gave you. The shadow that carries her.

We don’t have to think about things that don’t really give us anything positive, we have to let go of negative thoughts.

27. Mouth that drags my mouth. Mouth that you drew from me: mouth that comes from afar to light you up with lightning. Dawn that gives my nights a red and white glow. Mouth populated by mouths: bird full of birds.

The gift of speaking is a very important thing for human beings, with our words we can change the day of others and encourage our peers in complicated situations.

28. I am not hurt by any evil or by any broken cord: what your attention sees today was always natural in me.

In this quote we can find out how this writing tells us that her personality has always been as we see her.

29. Goodbye, brothers, comrades and friends. Say goodbye to the sun and the wheat.

A beautiful date on which Hernandez says goodbye to all of us.

30. The bodies which are born conquered, conquered and die gray: they come with the age of a century, and they are old when they come.

We must strive for what is important to us, which is exactly what life means.

31. There is no one who besieges life, no one who sheds blood when he wields his wings and nails them in the air.

life springs forth in the most unexpected places and springs forth with a force that can be overwhelming.

32. Many sips is life and one sip is death.

Life is all we have and we must enjoy it until the last breath.

33. Although the autumn of history covers your graves with the apparent dust of oblivion.

The Spanish Civil War was a very difficult time in which thousands of people died and to whom we owe much of today’s society.

34. The factory is guarded by flowers, children, glass, in the sense of the day. Inside there is light work and sweat, because freedom brings joy to it.

Living in peace and harmony gives us the opportunity to work to thrive in life.

35. I place relics of my kind on your biting heel, on your steps, and always at your steps I advance so that your impassive foot despises all the love that I bear for your foot.

We need to help those around us, even if they don’t thank us.

36. The weapons that shine the most in my hands and with them I must transform life.

In war conflicts, we are forced to take up arms even if we don’t want to.

37. You went among the flowers. I stay among the flowers.

Where better than a flowery landscape to lie down quietly.

38. The singer awaits death, that there are nightingales singing over guns and in the midst of battles.

The courage of this writer is evident in this beautiful sentence.

39. In your hand is the freedom of the wing, the freedom of the world, of the flying soldiers: and you will pluck from the sky the greedy and the weeds of other engines.

In the Civil War, the Air Force was of vital importance, as air control is essential in any war.

40. Blood from a distance. A distant body, inside everything: inside, in the depths of my passions, my desires.

Men move us with passions and desires in almost all circumstances of life.

41. Hunger is the first of knowledge: to be hungry is the first thing you learn.

Hunger is a need that we all have to fight, during the civil war the population was very hungry.

42. You will return to my garden and to my fig tree, your soul will swarm with branches of flowers.

After our death, we return to our loved ones and to those places we loved so much.

43. The flight signifies the greatest joy, the liveliest agility, the strongest youth.

Flying around the turn of the century was something very new and involved a lot of romance.

44. Do you want to be underground? Under the ground I want because wherever you run my body wants to run. I burn from there and I light your memories.

During war, the soldier shows himself without fear of death as can be seen in this sentence.

45. Laugh so much that my soul upon hearing you beats space.

Our attitude will largely determine our chances of success.

46. ​​Do not hurt your back, live face to face and die with your chest in front of the bullets, as wide as the walls.

We need to be consistent with our thoughts and put all our energy into it.

47. But silence can be more than just an instrument.

The silence can get really deafening and have a lot of meaning.

48. Painted, not empty: my painted house is the color of great passions and misfortunes.

Colors can convey a lot of feelings and lead us to remember past times.

49. Bull in spring more bull than elsewhere, in Spain more beef, beef than elsewhere. Hotter than ever, more volcanic, bull, beaming, lighting up in the fire, rises.

An excellent quote from Miguel Hernández which is very important and represents Spanish society as a whole very well.

50. Here I have a fiery voice, here I have a fought and angry life, here I have a rumor, here I have a life.

Fighting for our thoughts and dreams is the right thing to do, our personal happiness may depend on it.

51. Who will fill this void of discouraged paradise that your body leaves in mine?

This writer always shows us in his texts his deep and noble feelings.

52. Today love is dead and man looks at man.

During war, we can all be a possible target.

53. I walk in slowly, my face slowly falls, my heart slowly tears, and slowly and darkly I cry again at the foot of a guitar.

The loss of a loved one is always one of the most difficult times we can face.

54. Look: the look is really covered.

With the look we can say a lot of things.

55. Just listen: the blood is echoing in the ears.

We need to know how to listen to our friends and family.

56. From each breath comes the fiery breath of so many hearts united in pairs.

Two crew members are mounted on each fighter plane, and both risk their lives on each mission.

57. The woman without the man leaves. Out of the man without the light of the woman.

Couples often separate during any war, a misfortune for both of them.

58. Bodies like a ravenous, confused and furious sea. Solitary bound by love, by hatred, by veins, men get up, cross the cities, savage.

The dead can number in the thousands in some battles of the Spanish Civil War.

59. Spain, stoic stone that opened in two pieces of pain and a deep stone to give me: they will not separate me from your high bowels, mother.

This writer has always been a staunch supporter of his country, especially a patriot.

60. A carnivorous knife with soft, homicidal wings holds a flight and a shine around my life.

Airplanes were considered wonderful vehicles at the time.

61. It follows therefore the knife, the theft, the wound.

Like a knife cutting the wind, he described this writer about the planes that plied the skies.

62. I am afraid that the mud will grow in a moment, I fear that it will grow and rise and cover tenderly, tenderly and jealously your reed ankle, my torment, I fear that it will flood the spikenard with my thigh and grow more and go up to your forehead.

During the war, the weather conditions suffered by the combatants were very harsh.

63. The number of blood which the world has lit in two has found the beginning: you and me.

Even in the most difficult times, we can always find people close to us.

64. Hatred is stifled behind the window. It will be the soft harp.

Because of hatred, the worst wars have started and the worst battles have been fought.

65. This city is not extinguished by fire, this laurel with resentment is not cut down. This unlucky rose, this happy lavender exhales.

Miguel Hernández had no intention of allowing himself to be bowed down by adversity.

66. Only your living essence nourishes you. He sleeps on the edge of the hole and the sword.

Unconsciously, we are all permanently between sword and wall, life is very fragile.

67. You are my house, Madrid: my existence, what a journey!

During the civil war, Madrid was subjected to constant bombardments, which severely affected its population.

68. Tell me the word I love you from there. Do you speak underground? I speak in silence.

Love is a feeling that we often carry in the grave, it will always accompany us.

69. Let me hope.

Hope is a very weapon powerful, we must always have it with us.

70. In the passion of flight, the light thunders and raises wings to beat me.

This fantastic writer never refused to fight, he firmly defended his ideals.

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