Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80 best quotes

Mikhail Gorbachev is a famous Russian lawyer and politician, Known throughout the world for having held the notable post of Head of State of the former Soviet Union.

From an early age, Gorbachev proved to be a very strong-willed man, a way of being that allowed him to gradually grow in notoriety within the socialist regime in which he found himself. It was in part thanks to the contribution of this former leader that the USSR headed straight for the future, and his resignation in 1991 put the last missing key in the coffin of this now extinct nation.

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    Phrases and thoughts of Mikhail Gorbachev

    Below you will discover a selection of Mikhail Gorbachev’s best quotes, A totally determined man who, always faithful to his principles, won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.

    1. A society should never become like a pond of stagnant water, without movement. It is the most important.

    If a company does not manage to evolve in the end, it will probably end up coming out of it very badly, an idea which has always largely driven the institutional reforms of this famous leader.

    2. If not me, who? And if not now, when?

    Do not leave for tomorrow all that you can do today, it is a vital mantra that Gorbachev has always had a lot on his mind throughout his life.

    3. If people don’t like Marxism, they should blame the British Museum.

    The ideas of foreigners never succeeded in penetrating him, because long before he was the leader of the USSR he had already developed in himself a clear socialist feeling.

    4. I paid too high a price for perestroika.

    Sometimes life can be a lot harder than you imagine, leading us to experience situations that we will surely regret later.

    5. Sometimes it’s hard to accept, to admit your own mistakes, but you have to do it. I was guilty of overconfidence and arrogance, and I was punished for it.

    All human beings make mistakes and that also includes ex-USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

    6. It is better to discuss things, argue and engage in controversy than to make treacherous plans of mutual destruction.

    In those years, the world was hanging by a thread, a bad decision could end up provoking in a single second at the end of time.

    7. It would be naive to think that the problems which afflict humanity today can be solved with means and methods which have been applied or appear to have worked in the past.

    The world changes and so does politics, an idea that shows us once again that nothing is completely set in stone over the years.

    8. The world will not accept dictatorship or domination.

    The USSR was then seen as a real dictatorship, which no country other than itself wanted to let pass.

    9. If what you did yesterday still looks great. You haven’t done much today.

    Every day can be good to be able to do something new, men and women never have to stop evolving throughout our lives.

    10. We could only solve our problems by cooperating with other countries. It would have been paradoxical not to cooperate. Therefore, we had to end the Steel Curtain, change the nature of international relations, get rid of ideological confrontation and, in particular, end the arms race.

    In a globalized world dictatorships no longer have a place, we should all be very clear about the concept that at present there is not a single fully self-sufficient country in the world.

    11. It seems the most important thing about Reagan was his anti-communism and his reputation as a hawk that saw the Soviet Union as an evil empire.

    Reagan certainly knew very well how to save his main idea of ​​a great common enemy, a political tactic which ultimately proved to be very costly in the former USSR.

    12. More socialism means more democracy, openness and collectivism in everyday life.

    The general idea of ​​socialism actually means more freedom for the whole population, which we usually don’t see reflected once this concept has been applied to real life.

    13. The Soviet people want an unconditional and entrenched democracy.

    The USSR had to take a step forward and it did, the countries of Eastern Europe regained much of their autonomy and born the Russia we all know today. .

    14. I am a communist, a convinced communist! For some, this can be a fantasy. But for me, this is my main goal.

    Gorbachev has always been very clear about his ideals and beliefs, a deep communist sentiment that no one in the world could ever change.

    15. Without perestroika, the Cold War simply would not have ended. But the world could not continue to develop as it had been, with the threat of nuclear war ever present.

    The world had to take a new direction, because otherwise the well-being of millions of people would only be a thread.

    16. The market came with the dawn of civilization and is not an invention of capitalism. … If this leads to improving the welfare of the people, there is no contradiction with socialism.

    The exchange of goods and services is something that has been done since the beginning of civilization and in theory, socialism does not really have to interfere in this activity.

    17. The initiation of reforms in the Soviet Union was possible only from above, but only from above. Any attempt to go from below was suppressed, suppressed in the most resolute manner.

    As many of us know, the former Soviet Union was deeply hierarchical, a social division that very effectively avoided and repressed any structural change that might come from below.

    18. I believe that the problem of the environment will be the number one item on the agenda of the 21st century … It is a problem that cannot be postponed.

    Climate change is knocking on our door, a very serious problem that our society should certainly try to end as soon as possible.

    19. Imagine a country flying into space, launching Sputniks, creating such a defense system, and cannot solve the problem of female pantyhose. There is no toothpaste, no soap powder, no basic necessities. It was incredible and humiliating to work in such a government.

    The former USSR was how we see a very special society, on the one hand they were able to achieve great aerospace successes and on the other hand they were not able to provide their citizens with resources that many of us are likely to find basic.

    20. Democracy is the healthy and clean air without which a socialist public organization cannot live fully.

    Whatever our economic system, democracy must always be the central pillar by which our nation conforms. An idea that Gorbachev has always had in mind throughout his career as a politician.

    21. What we need is Star Peace, not Star Wars.

    Peace is the most desired period for any nation, a situation to which Gorbachev like all his compatriots have always aspired with great enthusiasm.

    22. Jesus was the first socialist, the first to seek a better life for mankind.

    Socialism tried to improve the standard of living of the people in them, a goal which, despite the good intentions of the socialist leaders, was impossible for them to achieve.

    23. Political leaders still believe that things can be done by force, but it cannot solve terrorism. Delay is the breeding ground for terror, and that is what we must fight against.

    Soviet society had to remain united, it was the only possible way to be able to fight with some effectiveness against the problems which tormented them.

    24. There must be competition and exchanges between different countries, but there are certainly certain universal values, namely freedom and democracy.

    After clarifying our bonds of union, we will find that in reality we are not that different because we are all ultimately human beings in search of a better future for ourselves and for our own.

    25. Sometimes when you are face to face with someone, you cannot see their face.

    Some people never clearly say what they think, a way of doing things that can often lead others to believe that we have a totally different opinion from the real one.

    26. Sometimes people ask me why I started Perestroika. Are they mainly national or foreign causes? Internal reasons were certainly the main ones, but the danger of nuclear war was so great that it was nonetheless a significant factor.

    This famous politician realized that the situation was not viable at the time, so he started to make the necessary changes so that the future could be better for himself and for all his fellow citizens.

    27. The day I became a Soviet leader, in March 1985, I had a special meeting with the leaders of the Warsaw Pact countries and I said to them: “You are independent and we are independent. You are responsible for your policies, we are responsible for ours. We will not interfere in their affairs, I promise.

    As we can see, Gorbachev’s attitude was always in dialogue, he knew very well that what the USSR least needed at that time were unnecessary wars.

    28. I grew up in a peasant family and it was there that I saw how, for example, our wheat fields suffered from dust storms, water and wind erosion; I’ve seen the effect of that on life, on human life.

    Being raised humbly gave him a very realistic outlook on life, but later as a leader he always had in mind that his actions could drastically change the lives of millions of people.

    29. I believe, as Lenin said, that this revolutionary chaos can still crystallize into new forms of life.

    The USSR had to take a new direction, remembering all that had been learned from socialism in order to create a much more democratic society in the future.

    30. We do not give up our convictions, our philosophy or our traditions, and we do not ask anyone to give up theirs.

    Our values ​​and principles are what really shape us as individuals, which is why we can never ask anyone to change them overnight.

    31. The United States must be the master of democracy, not the publicist of consumer society. It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach America’s standard of living.

    The American lifestyle is certainly very special, and to be honest, it is virtually impossible for many countries to replicate it.

    32. The market is not an invention of capitalism. It has been around for centuries. It is an invention of civilization.

    In this quote, Gorbachev tells us about the separation that exists between the market and capitalism, two concepts which, if we look at history, have not always gone hand in hand.

    33. I believe that God has a mechanism that he uses to punish those who make mistakes.

    If he didn’t believe in God if he knew that mistakes can sometimes cost us dearly, some of them can even cost us our lives in certain situations.

    34. Former Presidents of the United States receive government grants. This is not the case in Russia. It does not receive government support.

    The former Russian rulers, as we see, do not receive any financial support from the government, which perhaps should be implemented in other countries of the world as well.

    35. I repeat that I am an atheist. I do not believe in God.

    It is very common that socialists and communists do not believe in God, such policies often conflict with any type of religious belief.

    36. If the current technological processes remain unchanged, the environment will change and we, the human species, will have to mutate or even die, disappear, because many species have disappeared.

    If climate change continues, in a few years this planet will no longer be habitable in many regions. A certainly calamitous situation which will probably lead our civilization to collapse.

    37. I don’t think Russia is setting this target; I don’t think that should be Russia’s goal. I think even the United States doesn’t have to be a superpower. China doesn’t have to be a superpower. It’s a different world.

    Some terms have ceased to be used over the years, but everyone knows that the United States, Russia, and China are the three biggest superpowers today.

    38. I was eager to get to the most powerful position, because I thought that then I could solve problems that only the leader can solve. But when I got there, I realized we needed a revolutionary change.

    With the situation in his country simply dire, Gorbachev did not hesitate to make all those decisions which he believed were at the time what the nation needed.

    39. My life’s work is done. I did all I could.

    This famous former leader has helped improve the lives of millions of Russians, which very few people in the world can say for themselves.

    40. There is no doubt that God above has not refused to give us enough wisdom to find ways to improve the relationship between the two great nations of the earth.

    The rivalry that existed between the USSR and the United States was truly enormous, something that seemed impossible to change no matter how long time passed.

    41. I think we need more young people; we have to choose young people for the government. We must give them a chance, in the media, in politics, in democracy.

    Young people have always been and always will be the future of our society, a very popular idea that this politician has always supported in the media.

    42. Some people in the United States nail down the keys to this structure of our relationship and then cut their heads off. Then the Soviets must use their teeth to pull them out.

    International relations tend to be very complicated in most cases, which it really shouldn’t be. Maybe some nations of the world should try to be more self-critical.

    43. What about Jesus Christ? I say he was a precursor of the idealists; a precursor of the socialists.

    Jesus Christ was a man for whom his people were always first, which all great socialist leaders also have in common.

    44. Russia cannot be brought down on its knees and stay there because Russia will eventually withdraw.

    Russia is, as we all know, a very proud nation, trying to bring it under control will most likely be something that ends up hurting us.

    45. Of course, I have invited Bush and Margaret Thatcher as well as former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González, but we are already at an age when it is not so easy to travel somewhere.

    It is very common that it is not advisable to travel with people of a certain age, as it is not in vain that traveling is actually much more exhausting than some of us usually think. .

    46. ​​Each country must carry out its own reforms, must develop its own model, taking into account the experience of other countries, whether they are close or distant neighbors.

    Each country must be completely free to be able to build itself, which unfortunately the interventionism of certain countries sometimes does not allow.

    47. The Pope has done his best to help humanity come out of its age of hatred.

    It is often very common for the Pope to speak in his speeches of peace and concord, an effort to try to improve the world we all live in, which is often overlooked.

    48. We often quarreled but we always understood each other.

    Disagreeing shouldn’t be a bad thing, everyone has the right to have their own opinion.

    49. If he adheres to his convictions, with which one can be agree or not, he is not dogmatic; he sought negotiations and cooperation. And that was the most important thing for me; he had the confidence of the American village.

    Dialogue is always the first step in reaching an agreement, it is certainly a concept that all parties involved in a dispute should always be very clear.

    50. It is a great reward for your efforts over many years. He is a man who does his job with solidity and responsibility.

    Those who always do things right should be rewarded. The society we often live in usually does not show great gratitude to those who deserve it the most.

    51. We don’t need to kiss each other, we don’t need to flirt with each other, we need – really on a human and political level – we need to work together and be partners with the United States and the United States. Russia.

    The United States and Russia working together can be a truly unstoppable duo, a very interesting coalition that has almost always throughout history seemed impossible to achieve.

    52. What the twenty-first century will be like will depend on whether we learn the lessons of the twentieth century and avoid repeating their worst mistakes. For example, it would be disastrous if we started to renew our whole system of social relations by acting like a fool.

    If we forget our past, we will never be able to evolve as a society, because as a well-known phrase goes: Anyone who forgets their history will always be doomed to repeat it.

    53. Those who want Russia to continue growing should work with Russian companies, with our science centers and with our software publishers, … Now is the time to go to Russia with investments.

    Foreign investment is something that can significantly boost the economy of any country, a key issue for the future development of the nation represented by Mikhail Gorbachev.

    54. He was attached to the principles of democracy until his last days.

    This former chef has always known how to pay tribute to all these great men of his time, a way of thinking that certainly said a lot about him.

    55. Devotion to his disciples is a remarkable example for all of us.

    The most important thing for any politician must always be his duty to his fellow citizens, otherwise he will not have really understood what politics means.

    56. Those who knew him remember the importance of his position and his voice in difficult times when all changes had started and when people needed faithful, honest, truthful and courageous words.

    Gorbachev never hesitated to speak clearly when saying what he thought of his political rivals, statements which used to surprise more than one of his listeners.

    57. Reagan was a statesman who, despite all the disagreements that existed between our countries at the time, showed foresight and determination to comply with our proposals halfway and change our relations for the better. , to stop the race. Nuclear, start to eliminate nuclear weapons and establish normal relations between our countries.

    The relationship with Reagan Gorbachev has been one of the most strained in history, featuring in some moments that put the world as a whole on hold.

    58. Life punishes those who arrive late.

    Punctuality was always something he hated, it was for him a clear sign of the low seriousness of the person with whom he had been quoted.

    59. As a human being, I want to support Boris Nikolayevich (Yeltsin) and wish for a recovery, the health of the president is also a political issue.

    His colleague Boris Yeltsin was clearly the protagonist of these remarks, a delicate health situation that worried Gorbachev for some time.

    60. The Berlin Wall has been a mark of contradictions in the world and has become a mark of radical changes in the world which have affected most of humanity. But the road to its abolition has been long and painful.

    The Berlin Wall certainly never should have existed, but on the other hand, thanks to it as a society, we are having some experiences that can be very useful to us in the future.

    61. A birthday party will be modest and I will celebrate it with family and friends.

    In private, Gorbachev was actually a very familiar man, a totally simple lifestyle that he always maintained throughout his life.

    62. The United States has the right to be a leader, … this leadership must be by association and not by domination.

    He knew full well that the United States had everything in his favor. In the future, this nation for a time would undoubtedly be the most powerful in the world.

    63. My goal was to prevent the bloodshed. But unfortunately, after all, there was a bloodbath.

    Unfortunately, some situations have gone beyond the count, a big mistake he will probably never forgive himself.

    64. In Russia, we still have a lot of work to do.

    He knew very well that his nation had not yet changed much, the future could be wonderful if all Russians unite.

    65. Considering Lenin’s will and the wishes of his family, we must bury his body in accordance with all principles of human morality, although we must find an appropriate time for this.

    Lenin, one of the greatest figures of Russian socialism, was to be buried with honors, which, in his opinion, could not be otherwise given his great public notoriety.

    66. In Russia there are those who earn money criminally, but I do everything myself.

    The Mafia was never welcomed when the Soviet regime was in effect, which seemed to have changed when capitalism entered Russia.

    67. Putin wants to stay in power, but not so that we can finally solve our most pressing problems: education, health care, poverty.

    Ultimately, as we all know, Putin is the first Russian leader today, he is also one of the most feared and powerful people in the world.

    68. Even today, most of the people questioned deplore the collapse of the USSR. But only 9% say they would like to get it back.

    The disappearance of the USSR came as a shock to all Russian citizens, a situation that some have taken many years to understand.

    69. The most important thing is who counts the votes.

    Depending on how the votes are counted, elections can be won on either side, changing the future of people’s lives in the blink of an eye.

    70. Opponents of perestroika suffered defeat and then staged the coup.

    Gorbachev lived through very turbulent times, really difficult situations that none of us would want to have to go through.

    71. I will never give up politics. I tried to quit three times, but never understood it. Politics mobilizes me. I won’t last long if I let it.

    Politics has always been an essential part of his life, an activity which, as we see, recognizes that he can never give up.

    72. A new generation of more educated people has started to be active. So society demanded freedom, society demanded freedom.

    Over time, society changes and politicians obviously have to change with it too, otherwise society could never function effectively.

    73. The Union was destroyed against the will of the people, and was made deliberately, with the participation of the Russian leadership, on the one hand, and that of the coup plotters, on the other.

    Some situations that this former leader faced were very difficult, if it was someone else in his place, maybe the world would be completely different today.

    74. When I rejected the Moscow apartment after leaving the post of president, they found all kinds of cables in the walls. It turned out that they had been spying on me from the start.

    It was because of anecdotes like this that those years turned into the cold war, espionage has always been in order from day to day until the early 1990s.

    75. I certainly wouldn’t say that we like the arms race. Billions of dollars have been used to fuel it. For our economy, smaller than the US economy, it was a burden. But one cannot agree with the claim that the arms race played a key role in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    The arms race has been a heavy burden for the two superpowers (the United States and Russia), a burden which they have fortunately been able to relinquish in the past.

    76. The United States has found tens of billions of dollars for military action in Iraq, so it should certainly be able to find a few billion dollars to get rid of weapons of mass destruction. I guess since the most powerful nation, the United States, has pledged to pay a large chunk of that amount, it will keep its word. Otherwise, I don’t think we can have a real partnership.

    It was certainly a very difficult decision for Russia to enter Iraq, for this to be possible this great nation had to have maximum guarantees at all times.

    77. Sometimes it seems to me that some of our Western partners do not want Russia to fully recover. They want Russia to be in a subjugated state and they want Russian resources to be used for the benefit of the US economy.

    Although some countries did not want the fast Russia’s recovery after leaving the USSR, it managed to become a great modern nation very quickly. A situation that would never have been possible without the iron determination of this famous former Russian president.

    78. If you want Russia to be a truly developed partner, the United States should invest in Russia and activate Russia as a strong nation.

    Over the years, the famous Urals nation has succeeded in becoming one of the most powerful countries today, a fact that many of its biggest critics did not believe possible just a few years ago.

    79. Lake Baikal in Russia has 25 percent of the world’s freshwater resources. Sixty-five percent of Russian ecosystems are in danger. So we conserve what we have and take care of nature.

    Lake Baikal is one of the purest ecosystems that exist on the face of the earth, a wonderful place that the Russian government and its people have always tried to protect.

    80. Previously we only had one criterion and that was benefit, then another criterion was added: social protection. We must now add the third important criterion, namely nature and environment.

    Russia’s environmental policies have changed a lot over the years, which would never have been possible when this country was under the well-known socialist regime.

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