Molière’s 75 best famous quotes

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière, Was a French poet and playwright born in the beautiful city of Paris on January 15, 1622.

Molière is now known to be one of the best writers in history, as he is usually compared to other big names such as Cervantes or William Shakespeare, whom very few other playwrights of all time can even match.

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Famous quotes and phrases from Molière

Some of his most recommended works are: “El Tartufo”, “El bourgeois gentilhombre” or “el Don Joan”, works with which Molière undoubtedly succeeded in causing a stir in Parisian society of the time.

Below is a short collection of Molière’s 75 best quotes, One of the best writers to come out of what we all know today as the French Republic.

1. We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.

Our actions can directly or indirectly harm others, showing us that anything we do can influence someone’s life far beyond what we think.

2. The absence of a loved one, however short, always lasts too long.

When we love someone, we will never want to be away from them because love is a feeling that will always make life impossible for us until we are close to our loved one.

3. Love is a great teacher. It teaches us to be what we have never been.

Love can make us see life in a way that we have never seen before, thanks to it, many people around the world are able to find the best possible version of themselves.

4. The greater the obstacle, the more glory there is in overcoming it.

These most difficult achievements will always be the ones that bring us the most glory. The big stages always tend to seem totally inaccessible to the vast majority of people.

5. People spend most of their lives worrying about things that never happen.

The best time to worry about a certain situation is when it is happening. At least fifty percent of our fears will never materialize.

6. A wise man is superior to any insult that may be inflicted upon him, and the best response to indecent behavior is patience and moderation.

All these insults that don’t really define us, shouldn’t affect us emotionally. The truths they tell about us should be the only opinions we have in mind.

7. All the evils of humanity, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political mistakes, all the failures of great leaders are born simply from the lack of ability to dance.

We humans should learn to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, empathy is a magnificent skill that has always shone in its absence.

8. Great is the chance to own a good bottle, a good book and a good friend.

With these three simple things, Molière already had everything in life, a sentence that shows us once again, that the little pleasures can in fact be what makes us the happiest.

9. People are all equal in their promises. It is only in their works that they differ.

Not all people open up because of their words, a way of acting that greatly devalues ​​today’s promises.

10. I assure you that an educated fool is more foolish than a fool.

Education has the fantastic virtue of equipping us with some basic moral principles, if we have been educated and do not have these principles, we will have no possible excuse to disguise our stupidity.

11. Beauty without intelligence is like a hook without bait.

No matter how physically attractive we are, as human beings we will never be truly beautiful if we don’t have a reasonable minimum of intelligence.

12. The most effective way to attack vice is to expose it to public ridicule. People can take scolding but can’t laugh at them: they are willing to be mean but they don’t like it to look ridiculous.

No one wants to fall victim to other people’s jokes, even the most treacherous man in the world will somehow always seek the approval of his peers.

13. Loneliness terrorizes the soul at twenty.

Man is an animal accustomed to living in society, a feeling which makes all young people always seek to belong to a particular group during adolescence.

14. Things are only worth what you give them.

Material goods only have the value that we give them ourselves, if a good has a lot of demand, its price will increase, that is, a good will have a ridiculous price.

15. Slow growing trees give the best fruit.

The great successes in our life will always take time to conceive, we must be patient if we are to obtain the best fruits that life can provide.

16. Most people die from the cure, not from the disease.

Health in Molière’s day was in many cases based on mere speculation, going to the doctor in the 17th century was a real adventure for anyone.

17. I am responsible for being a little more sincere than it is fair.

Saying what you think without filter can hurt the feelings of others, which happened very often to Molière.

18. Of all the madness, there is nothing greater than wanting to make the world a better place.

As much as he would have liked, this fantastic writer could not have improved the world he lived in alone. If society as a whole does not act individually, people have very little social impact with our actions.

19. Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, then for close friends, and then for money.

Writing has become his profession over the years, which certainly allowed him to live the way he really wanted.

20. You are my peace, my comfort, my salvation.

When we truly love a person, it becomes our greatest joy. From that moment, it will be thanks to him that we will manage to give a certain meaning to our life.

21. The greatest weakness of man is his love of life.

Our life is the most precious asset we have. We need to be aware that as individuals we only have one chance to live the way we want.

22. Doubts are more cruel than the worst truth.

When in doubt, we tend to create a preconceived idea about a particular topic, an often delusional idea that may not look like reality at all.

23. No one is immune from slander. The best way is not to pay attention to him, but to live in innocence and let the world speak.

The lies of others should not have a real impact on our daily life, what others think of us should not worry us.

24. Hypocrisy is a vice of fashion, and all vices of fashion go through virtue.

Believing our own lies will not immediately turn them into truth, but it can make our lives much more bearable on some occasions.

25. Those whose conduct gives rise to conversation are always the first to attack their neighbors.

By practicing the well-known strategy that a good offense is the best defense, some people who know they are going to be verbally attacked by their neighbors say they attack them in the first place. A way of acting that you have to be careful with, because it can easily become a double-edged sword.

26. Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive.

As we can see, opera was not a musical style to his liking, but as we often say, on tastes the colors.

27. According to an ancient philosopher, one must eat to live and not live to eat.

We must not let vices dominate our lives, everything that is in its right measure can be positive but also negative taken in excess.

28. Without dancing, a man can do nothing to do.

Life is like dancing, you have to know how to move from one side to the other while avoiding problems as much as possible.

29. Inspiring love is a woman’s greatest ambition, trust me. This is the only thing that matters to a woman and there is no woman so proud that she does not rejoice with all her heart in her conquests.

The women of Molière’s time devoted themselves throughout their lives to finding a good husband. Fortunately, society has changed dramatically over the years, giving women the freedom they certainly always had to.

30. Gold makes the ugly beautiful.

When a person has great wealth, it is always desired, because there will always be someone willing to physically sell to get a share of that wealth.

31. There is no secret of the heart that our actions do not reveal.

Our actions are usually a direct result of our emotions, the value we all hold to a person will always prove this by their actions towards us.

32. Don’t sound so learned, he said. Humanize your speech and speak to be understood.

We must always adapt our language to the person with whom we are speaking, with this we will always be much more effective in our communication.

33. You have to look at yourself a lot before you think of condemning others.

As a famous book from Antiquity says, anyone who is completely free from sin must cast the first stone.

34. Some of the best-known books are the least worth reading. Their fame was due to the fact that they had done something they had to do with their time. The work is finished and the virtue of the book has expired.

A book can be bad even if it’s a big sales success, we should never get carried away by everything other people are doing.

35. The art of flatterers is to take advantage of the weaknesses of the elders, encourage their mistakes, and never give advice that might bother them.

Some people will never show us their real face, as we will see throughout our lives, the right words are usually the best disguise for the wrong people.

36. The real touchstone of ingenuity is the improvised.

Many people may seem relatively intelligent, but very few are able to demonstrate their ingenuity simply by making use of improvisation.

37. I think medicine is the best of all trades because if you are doing something right or still not doing it. You always get your money’s worth.

Doctors always win with any type of operation, whether it succeeds or it takes the life of their patient.

38. I prefer an interesting vice to a boring virtue.

Molière lived in a totally decadent society, a French society where vices were an unequivocal symptom of status and not of deep moral humility.

39. I eat good soup, not good language.

Words and deeds rarely go hand in hand, which is why we must all learn to judge people by their deeds and not by their words.

40. Every day, my reason tells me so; But reason doesn’t reign in love, you know.

Many of us tend to fall into relationships that we know in advance that will not come to fruition. Love is a feeling which, as we will find out, is very, very difficult to control.

41. Fanatics would make everyone as blind as they are: for them to have a clear vision is debauchery.

Religious fanatics often see themselves as bearers of the real truth, an idea in which they certainly could not be more wrong.

42. Man, I can assure you, is a wicked creature.

Human beings are capable of carrying out the most atrocious and frightening actions, which is why we must know how to choose very wisely the people with whom we surround ourselves.

43. The less we deserve the chance, the more we expect.

Luck will not always benefit us, we have to work very hard if we are ever to be able to live the life we ​​dream of.

44. Human weakness is to want to know what one does not want to know.

Knowing in detail certain aspects of our personal life can make us much more unhappy. We all need to be fully aware that there are things that are best not to know.

45. The duty of comedy is to correct men by amusing them.

Thanks to comedy we can all be distracted and have a good time, moments of leisure can certainly foster much higher levels of happiness in us.

46. ​​Perfect reason avoids all extremes.

It is true that these smarter people tend to reject extremist ideas, which the great Molière knew firsthand.

47. Words and deeds are far from being one. Much of what is said is left open.

If we really want to know a person, we need to focus on their facts, not their words.

48. There is a long way to go between the projection of something and its realization.

Great successes are always difficult to achieve, but by persevering we can be completely sure that in the future we will achieve them.

49. It is insurmountable madness; try to improve the world.

The world always seems doomed, if the whole of society does not act together we can never improve substantially.

50. Unreasonable haste is the direct path to error.

Walking in a hurry will lead us directly to possible mistakes, as a well-known saying goes: dress me slowly, I am in a hurry.

51. Gold is the key, whatever we try; and this soft metal helps the conqueror in all cases, both in love and in war.

Wealth can help us a lot in our lives, because thanks to it, we can carry out any project that spontaneously arises in our mind.

52. All satire on stage should be seen without inconvenience. They are public mirrors, where you must never admit that you see each other; we admit a fault when we are scandalized by its censorship.

Censorship in the theater made no sense to him, because in the end, it’s just a comedic version of reality.

53. Evil people can die, but wickedness never.

There will always be evil in the world, unfortunately it seems that many human beings are usually born with it.

54. All the righteous worship him; and whoever can live without it is unworthy of breathing.

This famous poet was a heavy smoker, for him tobacco was a clear sign of distinction and modernity among people.

55. Perfect common sense avoids all extremes, being content to unite wisdom with sobriety.

Pushing a thought to the extreme deprives us of being able to analyze it correctly, ideological extremisms will always give us a biased view on a certain subject.

56. To live without loving is not really to live.

For him, life without love was meaningless, which many of us also believe today.

57. Everything that is not prose is verse; and all that is not verse is prose.

Prose and verse are the two styles of writing that we have all used since time immemorial. As Molière rightly says, when you write you will probably always use one of the two.

58. Once you have the gown and the cap, all you have to do is open your mouth. All the nonsense you talk about becomes wisdom and all the nonsense makes sense.

The chaplains of the time were the living image of wisdom, no one with common sense could have given them the opposite at the time.

59. There are contenders for piety and courage.

Human beings have the capacity to perform the greatest works of art and are also fully capable of committing the most terrifying injustices. It seems that all of us, no matter who we are, have both virtues and flaws that make us unique individuals.

60. The estimate should be based on some kind of preference. Give it to everyone and stop doing meaning.

Relying on everyone can cause us serious personal harm, because not everyone around us will always have good intentions towards us.

61. I have the heart to love everyone; and like Alexander, I wish there were other worlds, so that I could push my love conquests even further.

For Molière, love was one of the main engines of his existence, thanks to him this well-known poet was able to give a certain meaning to his life.

62. Virtue is the first title of nobility.

Money doesn’t automatically make us good people. Only a small percentage of the nobles at the time were really honest people.

63. The only people in the world who can be excused for publishing a bad book are the poor. demons who must write to earn a living.

As we can see, Molière was fully aware of the vicissitudes that these people with less financial resources often had to go through.

64. Many men must have been killed for making so much money.

The great riches of antiquity were always obtained in the same way, by murder, theft or looting of the goods of our adversaries.

65. Finding yourself abandoned is a blow to your pride. Do your best to get over it and if you don’t succeed, at least pretend.

Our attitude towards life is very important, if we are positive and persevering in the end, we will undoubtedly be able to make our dreams come true.

66. We have to take the good with the bad; For good when it’s good, it’s so good that bad when it’s bad cannot be bad!

Life will always have good and bad experiences to offer us, over time we will learn that through the most difficult situations we go through we can appreciate how wonderful good experiences are.

67. If all were clothed with integrity, if every heart was just, frank, kind, the other virtues would be almost useless.

In this quote we find out which are the most interesting virtues, according to the personal opinion of this famous French poet and playwright.

68. Our minds need relaxation and surrender unless we mix a little play with work.

Pleasure can help us significantly reduce our stress levels, making us much more efficient in our daily work.

69. There is something inexpressible about falling in love, and surely all the pleasure lies in the fact that love does not last.

Love is a truly intoxicating feeling for many people, a feeling most of us will experience very rarely in our lifetime.

70. Cultivated people must be superior to any consideration as sordid as a mercenary interest.

Education at the time offered a clear distinction between people, which makes sense considering that only the children of the powerful and the rich could afford to have access to quality education.

71. Stay a bit so we can finish early.

Patience and perseverance are two qualities without which we can never achieve our highest professional performance.

72. Love is often the fruit of marriage.

Many arranged marriages ended up arousing love among their members, which is really very common at this time.

73. Innocence is not used to turning red.

Most innocent people turn red for almost everything, a clear sign of surprise on our part that we all lose over the years.

74. In dress and speech, the sane man will avoid all these offensive extremes, dress without affecting, and unhurriedly follow changes in present taste.

Our appearance tends to largely define our personality, an unwritten social norm that can sometimes be wrong as well.

75. There is no such thing as tobacco: it is the passion of honest people, and anyone who lives without tobacco does not deserve to live.

The harmful effects of tobacco were not known at the time, a vice which, without knowing it, would certainly shorten the lives of many people.

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