Morgan Freeman’s 75 Best Quotes

Morgan Freeman is a famous American actor and director, Born June 1, 1937 in the famous city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Freeman is currently one of the most well-known actors in the United States, having starred in films such as “Seven”, “Deep Impact”, “Lucy” and “Wanted” have made him one of the best known in the world. world of international cinema.

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    Famous quotes from Morgan Freeman

    Thanks to the famous movie “Million Dollar Baby”, this actor won the famous Oscar at the 2005 gala, an award that only the most important actors of all time have achieved col · Place on your shelves.

    Then we present to you a selection of the 75 best phrases of Morgan Freeman, Who is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic actors of contemporary cinema.

    1. You will be asked for your analysis and advice, so make sure you know what you are talking about before you give it away. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know. Choose your words wisely; words are used to becoming politics.

    Thinking before acting is a habit that many people do not have, if we do not have a great deal of knowledge on a particular subject, we should not speak out on it.

    2. Anyone can lose a fight, anyone can lose once, you will get over it, you will be the world champion.

    If we never give up, we will never be completely defeated. To be more successful in life, we must learn to deal with all these issues that arise.

    3. The ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief in death. When their souls reach the entrance to heaven, the guards ask them questions. Their responses determined whether or not they could enter: Have you found happiness in your life ?, Has your life brought happiness to others?

    The pursuit of happiness is the most important adventure we will undertake in our lifetimes. Finding it or not will be entirely up to us.

    4. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You have to accept what is special about you.

    The opinion of others should not matter, for we are perfectly perfect with our virtues and faults.

    5. Ernest Hemingway wrote: “The world is a good place worth fighting for.” I agree with the second part.

    In this quote, Freeman tells us about a great sentence from the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, this sentence tells us about the importance of fighting for the world in which we live.

    6. How ridiculous we are puppets and how vulgar the scene we danced in is.

    People are manipulated many times throughout our life, in order for this not to happen to us we have to learn not to take anything for granted and to think for ourselves.

    7. Humans are more concerned with having to be.

    Material things are not the most important thing in life, some emotions like love or hope have a much higher value.

    8. For a boxer who has only one heart, only a beat awaits him.

    The use of reason will ultimately give us the key to success, just as without it we will be doomed to failure.

    9. Rugby is a very difficult game, almost as hard as politics.

    The corrupt will do everything in their power to be able to take control of the nation. You could say that in love and in politics, everything is worth it.

    10. They lock you up for life and that’s exactly what they take away from you.

    Deprivation of liberty is something that robs us of the possibility of having lived a full and happy life.

    11. The road from hell to light is long and rugged.

    Overcoming adversity can be hard and difficult work, but we will have to do it if we are to achieve what we want.

    12. For the second time in my life, I am guilty of committing a crime. Violation of parole. I guess they are not going to cut the traffic for this. Not by an old thief like me.

    In his films, Freeman plays all kinds of characters, from thieves to slaves to thinkers.

    13. If you are looking for the truth, this is where you will find it.

    The truth can sometimes be very painful, we have to be completely sure that we want to know it before we look for it.

    14. There are no perfect men, only perfect intentions.

    As men we all have our own flaws, the perfect man is something that certainly does not exist.

    15. To build our nation, we must all exceed our expectations.

    Great milestones will take great effort to be built, without work and perseverance we will never be able to do anything relevant in life.

    16. To win in boxing you have to back down. But if you step back too far, you don’t fight anymore.

    Boxing can be a great metaphor for life, it’s a sport that teaches us that if we don’t fight for what we want, we can never make it happen.

    17. Forget that there are things in the world that are not made of stone, that you have, that there is something inside that they cannot get you out, that is. you.

    Hope is something we have never been snatched from, if we persevere the future can be a much nicer place.

    18. Some birds should not be closed. Their feathers are too bright … And when they escape, the part of you that knows it was a sin to have them closed rejoices.

    People have different ways of dealing with deprivation of liberty, in the movie “Perpetual Chain” starring this actor we can find out what life in prison is like.

    19. Boxing is an unnatural act because everything goes in the opposite direction.

    In boxing, intelligence is the most important thing because we will not be able to win any fight if we do not have a very well planned strategy.

    20. A single mother who has two jobs and has more time to take her son to football training is a miracle.

    Many of us are unaware of the many miracles that typically happen every day. We have to give thanks more often, for all those comforts that we often don’t appreciate.

    21. Apathy is the solution, that is, it is easier to give up drugs than to face life, to steal what you want to gain, to stick to it. a child than to teach it.

    Negative behaviors can give us positive results in the short term, but in the long term they will certainly cost us dearly.

    22. But the part you live with is empty and sad that it’s gone … I think it’s strange for my friend.

    Friendships are very important, we must never lose touch with those friends who we know are real.

    23. I think that’s the kind of emotion that only a free man can feel, a free man taking a long journey to the end of hell.

    Life will inevitably end someday, we are enjoying it every minute.

    24. I thank God that it is for my invincible soul, I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul.

    Even if we are deprived of our freedom, no one will ever have control of our thoughts. Wherever we are, we can always live by our own ideas.

    25. Make your sacrifice an act of honor.

    Some people have given their lives for the well-being of others, without a doubt this is an extremely heroic act that not everyone is able to perform.

    26. People should start thinking about the messages sent to the movies.

    Some movies contain interesting messages which are sent to the viewer in a subliminal way, until we have seen them 2 or 3 times we will not be able to notice them.

    27. I don’t go out in romantic roles. But I often think that if I had had my teeth from the start, well, maybe.

    Her great intelligence has always been her greatest source of success, along with her and a very calm personality, she is able to convey great depth to all of her. characters.

    28. This is what I learned from the great actors I work with. Calm. That’s it, and that’s the hardest part.

    Not all actors are so relaxed in front of a camera, Morgan Freeman is an actor capable of conveying impressive serenity and tranquility.

    29. Have you ever been told that it is rude to talk about money?

    Money has never been the most relevant thing for this actor, for many years Freeman has been fully aware that there are things in life that are much more precious than mere wealth.

    30. Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as the prince of peace, of civil rights. We owe him something important, to keep his memory alive.

    Martin Luther King jr. he was a great representative of the African American community in the United States. The role that his people have played in society has changed dramatically thanks to his invaluable contribution.

    31. Who will miss a former release from prison ?. I realize that I am so excited that I can hardly stand still or think clearly.

    Those unlucky enough to be admitted to prison experience their release with great joy and enthusiasm, this quote from Morgan Freeman tells us about this longed-for moment.

    32. If I am rehabilitated? So let me think. To be honest, I have no idea what that means. To me, it’s just a made-up word, coined by politicians to get young people like you to have jobs and wear ties.

    His characters always prove to have great intelligence, a very useful quality that they certainly share with himself.

    33. I joined the air force. I did three years, eight months and ten days in total, but it took me a year and a half to be disappointed with my romantic notions about it.

    The army is much tougher than we usually think, few people are able to thrive in it.

    34. His bench was a distraction to prepare for the real round.

    In the movie “Now You See Me”, Freeman plays the role of illusionist. A profession which, as one can imagine, will require a lot of intelligence on the part of those who practice it.

    35. Beyond the night that covers me, black as the unfathomable abyss, I give thanks to the gods who can be there for my unconquered soul.

    Surrender is a word that has never been in Morgan Freeman’s personal dictionary, life may strike you over and over again, but it will always rise again.

    36. When I was little I once saw a car, but now they are everywhere. This fucking world is moving too fast.

    The world has changed a lot since this actor was a child, throughout our lives we will all discover that development is something that never stops.

    37. I guess they were singing something so beautiful that you couldn’t express yourself in words and that is precisely why it made your heart beat faster.

    Emotions are always present in the characters that this actor plays, in the end we all suffer in these most difficult times, which we often have to go through.

    38. In the haphazard clutches of circumstances, I never cried or blinked.

    Being courageous will be a necessary condition to be able to succeed, doubt and fear must be forgotten if we are to overcome our problems.

    39. I haven’t a clue what these two Italians were singing and the truth is I don’t want to know, good things don’t need to be understood.

    Some songs that we will like even if they are not in our language, a melody alone can be enough to arouse in us very intense emotions.

    40. As a man, how often do you look at another man’s shoes?

    The shoes we wear can say a lot about us, things like: purchasing power, work, daily activity or the places we visit.

    41. The stubbornness to live or the stubbornness to die is the plain truth.

    Life is too good not to be enjoyed, if we only have one chance to enjoy it. “Let’s enjoy!

    42. Subject to the blows of fate, my head is full of blood, but high. Beyond this place of anger and tears.

    Even if we have difficulties in life, we can still overcome them if we believe in them with fervor.

    43. I think about what I was then, a stupid young boy who committed a terrible crime. And I would like to talk to him, I would like him to come to his senses, tell him how things are going, but I can’t. The boy left years ago and this old man is the only one left. I have to live with this.

    The mistakes of the past can haunt us for a lifetime, if we do certain things society will never forgive us.

    44. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world? And how are you going to achieve it?

    There are certain things to do at least once before you die, in Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson’s movie “Now or Never” they will both decide what those things are and perform them.

    45. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of all, and good things don’t die.

    Hope, as they say, is the last thing lost, if we persevere in our efforts, we will be able to make our dreams come true.

    46. ​​I am not a child, Mrs. Marguerite. And I’m also not a nerd you see when you travel. I am a man. I am almost 70 years old. And I know when I have a full bladder.

    A very revealing phrase from the famous film “Walking Miss Daisy”, undoubtedly one of the most famous of his entire acting career.

    47. The magic of fighting battles beyond what is humanly tolerable is based on the magic of turning everything into a dream that no one else can see but you.

    Big dreams can be made if we put all of our dedication into them, because even if a little seems impossible, our faith will help us achieve them.

    48. When they put you in the sky and close the bars on your nose, that’s when you realize it’s true. In the blink of an eye, your whole life has gone wrong.

    Life can change very quickly and situations like the one this quote tells us must be really painful to experience.

    49. I am more interested in the proposal than in the price, because I believe that the nomination only places her within a group of leading actors.

    The Oscars are so important that being nominated is recognition. Winning or not then depends largely on our luck.

    50. Believe me, these walls are enchanting, first you hate them, then you get used to them and after a while you become dependent on them. It is to institutionalize.

    When humans spend a lot of time locked up, they get used to living that way, something in psychology is called “cabin syndrome”.

    51. Here on the inside he’s an important man, he’s a cultured man, but outside here he’s nothing.

    When many people reach old age, they often lose interest in having new experiences. For everyone, there will be a time when we want to rest and make sense.

    52. The compound allows you to open up new areas of your brain. He has powers.

    In the movie “Lucy”, this actor reveals the secrets that lie in the human brain, the most unknown organ that we all have.

    53. You are sheep among wolves, be as careful as serpents, but innocent as doves.

    In order for a person to move skillfully in society, he or she must undoubtedly be extremely intelligent.

    54. Yes, three buttons is a lot from the 90s.

    The good taste of clothes has always accompanied him throughout his life.

    55. I don’t like the word homophobia. It is not a phobia. Don’t be afraid, you are an idiot.

    We are all people and deserve the same respect from others, regardless of our sexual orientation, race or religion.

    56. Some will say that he did this to gain favor with the guards or to make friends among the prisoners. I think he did it to feel normal again if only for a moment.

    It’s in the toughest situations where we get the best of ourselves. Maybe we are capable of more than we think.

    57. You are curious, what are you looking for in these books?

    Reading is an activity that can be of great benefit to everyone, because with it we will be able to accumulate wisdom that could be useful in the future.

    58. Who doesn’t like a good thing?

    The tricks of illusionism can be really impressive, the more elaborate ones always have excellent preparation behind them.

    59. It is difficult to measure the value of a person’s life. For some, it is measured against the beings it leaves behind, for others it is measured against faith, for others against love, for others, life has no meaning. For me, I believe that one is measured by those who have been measured by him.

    The impact we make on society will last after we die, only great people will be remembered for a long time.

    60. Come closer, for the more they think they can see, the easier it will be to deceive them.

    Things don’t have to be what they appear to be, because the more we focus our attention on something, the farther out of our line of sight things can happen.

    61. Hope can drive a man crazy.

    Hope can be an emotion that in the long run makes us despair, human beings often go through situations that are very difficult to reorient.

    62. Good things don’t need to be understood.

    If anything is good for us, it will be even if we don’t know why. The strokes of luck in life, you never know where they come from.

    63. Sometimes the best way to strike is to step back.

    Our best tactic will always be the one our opponent does not expect. To beat our opponent, you have to know how to adapt to their movements.

    64. I know that when he died he had his eyes closed and his heart open.

    Death doesn’t have to be the end of our story, because no one knows what will really happen once we experience it.

    65. People love violence. When they see an accident they slow down to see if there are any deaths, they are the ones who claim to be boxing fans. They have no idea what it is. Boxing is all about respect, winning your own and getting out of it on the contrary.

    Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, respect for the opponent is still highly valued by all who practice it.

    66. The only thing someone needs to be special is to believe that you can be. I know it looks like a cat poster, but it’s true.

    To be successful, we must believe in our possibilities. If we don’t have confidence in what we are doing, the luck we desire will never come to us.

    67. Forgiveness frees the soul. He stirred up fear. This is why it is such a powerful weapon.

    After an adverse event, we will have to agree in order to move on. Well, there are some things in life that cannot be changed no matter how much we desire it.

    68. You measure yourself by people who measure themselves by you.

    Our time in life can leave an indelible mark on all those people we once met.

    69. People want me to do everything for them, but they don’t realize that they have this power. Do you want to see a miracle, my son? Be the miracle.

    We will never get anything in life if we don’t fight hard for it, we must always keep in mind that the most precious things will never be given to us.

    70. I believe that God, whoever you think you are, hears all prayers, even if sometimes the answer is no.

    God may not give us everything we want, but he will teach us a very valuable lesson: if we don’t fight for what we want, we will never get it.

    71. My job as an actor is to just go out there and say the words that appear in the script.

    Something that seems very easy to say but very complicated to perform, playing is a gift that a lot of people don’t have.

    72. To me, there is not the slightest difference between playing the President of the United States or a complete idiot.

    Everyone has their own quirks, any role can be difficult to play, regardless of the character’s social rank.

    73. I get up in the morning. Breakfast late, not too much. That’s enough. I still have enough energy to work.

    At 82 years old, Freeman still retains a lot of energy, having led an active life for a long time, certainly has a lot to do with it.

    74. I don’t think I would go very far. About 20 years ago, a fantastic time in my life where I spent a lot of time flying my plane, sailing, riding a horse. I was able to enjoy a very comfortable and very active life.

    Maturity can bring the best years of our life, all of these stages that we are lucky enough to be able to experience can be just as exciting for us.

    75. When you become a star, you can no longer transform into a character or play the most interesting roles, which are those of a character actor. A star very rarely has the opportunity to play roles like those of Quasimodo.

    When an actor reaches a certain level, he will only be offered roles commensurate with his popularity, an aspect that may seem relatively advantageous, but which will certainly limit him as well.

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