Nicolas Cage’s 23 best quotes (and famous quotes)

Nicolas in a cage (Long Beach, 1964) is a famous American actor of Italian, Polish and German origin.

Not many people know what Nicolas Cage’s real name is Nicolas coppola. In fact, one of his relatives is Francis Ford Coppola, one of the seven most acclaimed artistic directors.

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Irreplaceable phrases from Nicolas Cage

Recipient of an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the film Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Nicolas Cage has developed a successful career as both performer and film producer for several decades.

Being one of Hollywood’s most recognized and admired actors, Cage also had his grayest scenes, such as publicly announcing that he had several million dollars in the US Treasury.

However, in this article we set out to compile a collection of the best quotes from Nicolas Cage, Immerse yourself in its human and professional facet. We’ll also get to know some famous quotes he made while playing one of his most recognizable characters on the big screen.

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1. I don’t know who I am. But I know what keeps me alive is control.

A somewhat philosophical sentence. What do you mean by “control”? Maybe in control of their finances or their vices.

2. You are what you love, not what loves you.

Excellent phrase to show that what we feel is more important than if we are the object of someone else’s feelings.

3. Never be at war, especially with yourself.

There is nothing more precious in this life than understanding yourself and taking a break.

4. For many, the money is like a foreign film with no subtitles.

One way of saying that few people understand money and its language.

5. I came to Las Vegas to kill myself while drinking.

Great quote from one of his most famous movies. Pure self-destruction.

6. They say that evil prevails when good men do nothing to stop it. They should say that evil prevails.

Unfortunately, the evil cannot always be eradicated.

7. There are things that are true whether you believe them or not.

There are objective questions which are not open to debate.

8. An Italian painter named Carlotti defined beauty. He said it was the sum of the parts working together in such a way that there was no need to add or change anything else. It’s you. You are beautiful.

A praise full of love, from the movie “Next”.

9. This is what happens with the future. That if you see it, it changes.

Space-time cannot be changed without a series of catastrophes.

10. Without great disappointment, victories are not appreciated.

The one who has not failed does not appreciate triumphs as much as the one who has had great disappointments in life.

11. Saving a person’s life is like falling in love, I have been sheltered from anyone for a long time.

From the movie “Magnolia”.

12. I only trust two men, one of them is me and the other is not you.

Big hard-like sentence, taken from the movie “With Air”.

13. Life is nothing more than a series of accidents and random mistakes that always lead us to the same thing.

A concatenation of events that lead us to the same place.

14. – Ask me what you want, but never stop drinking.

Sad allegation, from the movie “Leaving Las Vegas”.

15. Today, as society is, it was thought that bringing a child into the world would be cruel.

From the film “La Roca”, it is a typical sentence of anti-natalist thought.

16. Passion is very important to me. If you stop enjoying things, you have to make it look like it can lead to all kinds of depressing scenarios.

If you don’t have passion, maybe all is lost, according to this quote from Nicolas Cage.

17. I have always had a weakness for comics.

A great reader of comics and superhero stories.

18. Actors have the option of using storytelling as a way to resolve pain. (Nicolas Cage)

A privilege of the profession of actor.

19. I don’t just want to make stand-alone films, nor do I just do adventure films. I like both genres.

About his preferences for approaching a film project.

20. I like animated films.

Even this genre is appreciated by Nicolas Cage.

21. I want to make all kinds of films. I want to make great films, which generate a lot of fun and excitement for me, but I also want to make films which aim to stimulate thinking and shake the conscience.

In variety is the taste, according to Cage.

22. I like to connect with the public. Cinema is a powerful medium. Movies can change the way you think.

The impact of the seventh art on thought and culture is undeniable.

23. I think if you’re making movies to win Oscars, you’re really going the wrong way.

There is no point in taking on a challenge thinking about the prize they will award you. You need to appreciate the process, not the eventual recognition.

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