Nikola Tesla’s 75 best quotes

Nikola Tesla was a famous American nationalized inventor, electrician and physicist, Born in 1856 in the city of Smiljan, Croatia.

His scientific contributions and inventions greatly contributed to driving the Second Industrial Revolution. The character of this inventor, his rivalry with Thomas Edison and the mystery that surrounds him, made him one of the most iconic figures of the twentieth century and he is today one of the most idolized scientists in the world. ‘history.

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    Phrases and thoughts of Nikola Tesla

    Being able to know the thoughts and ideas directly from this inventor’s own words is something you can do with our selection of 75 Nikola Tesla phrases, Which you will find below. You can’t miss them!

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    1. Our first efforts are purely instinctive, of a lively and unruly imagination.

    When we first started doing scientific research we are all beginners, time will determine our success.

    2. Mutual understanding would be greatly facilitated by the use of universal language.

    A universal language would be an extremely useful thing for human beings, it would greatly promote our social relations.

    3. The idea came like a flash and in an instant the truth was revealed.

    The ideas were presented to this inventor in a totally fleeting way, and he didn’t know where they came from either.

    4. If I had the chance to achieve any of my ideals, it would be on behalf of all of humanity.

    Throughout his career, Tesla has always wanted to improve the quality of life for all human beings.

    5. Our virtues and our faults are inseparable, just like force and matter. When they separate, the man does not exist.

    As Tesla aptly tells us in this quote, our virtues and faults define who we are.

    6. Iron is by far the most important factor in modern progress … Its name is synonymous with utility.

    Iron is a basic material for the construction of almost anything that is useful. Humans have been using it for thousands of years.

    7. I have invested all my money in experiments to make new discoveries that will allow humanity to live a little better.

    Tesla invested all of his money in his own inventions, when he died he was extremely poor.

    8. The sun is the spring that manages everything. The sun preserves human life and supplies all human energy.

    The sun provides daily great energy to all mankind, Tesla predicted in this event the rise of renewable energies.

    9. I would like to announce that as part of the commercial introduction of my inventions, I will render general professional services as a consulting engineer and electrician.

    Tesla was a great inventor, but above all he was a born worker.

    10. Any praise for Edison’s vigorous and pioneering work is minimal, but everything he has done has been forged in a familiar and fleeting way.

    The rivalry between these two great inventors was evident from the first minute. They gave the reasons for more than one title with their disputes.

    11. As a child of my homeland, I believe it is my duty to help the city of Zagreb in all aspects with my advice and my work.

    Tesla always remembered his origins and always knew where he came from.

    12. Moderate exercise, which ensures a good balance between mind and body, as well as greater efficiency in performance is, of course, a primary requirement.

    A very practical piece of advice that we all need to remember, because exercise is health.

    13. Whiskey, wine, tea, coffee, tobacco and other similar stimulants are responsible for shortening the lives of many people and should be used sparingly.

    Vices greatly harm human health, we must not fall into them to be more successful.

    14. In space, there is energy. … it is a simple matter of time before men succeed in their mechanisms related to the exploitation of this energy.

    The control and manipulation of energy has always been of interest to humans, starting with fire and ending with nuclear energy.

    15. Most people are so engrossed in contemplating the outside world that they are totally oblivious to what is going on inside of them.

    We must be honest with our own emotions, we must know how to take care of them and reject those which are not positive for us.

    16. Religious dogmas are no longer accepted in their orthodox sense, but each individual clings to a faith, to some supreme power.

    Each of us may have a different conception of God, we all really want to have something to hold onto.

    17. We therefore find that the three possible solutions to the great problem of increasing human energy are answered in three words: food, peace, work.

    Social welfare is something all great inventors have always strived for, Tesla was no exception.

    18. Making predictions is risky. No one can guess the distant future. Progress and inventions are moving in different directions than expected.

    The future is totally uncertain, no one really knows what will happen tomorrow or what path humanity will take in the future.

    19. Bad observation is simply a form of ignorance and is responsible for many unhealthy notions and many dominant stupid ideas.

    To be able to observe effectively, we must be able to understand what we are observing.

    20. Science is only a perversion of itself, unless its ultimate goal is the betterment of mankind.

    Being able to improve the quality of life for all mankind must be the main reason why we have developed science.

    21. The progressive development of man depends essentially on invention; is the most important product of your creative brain.

    Inventions dramatically improve the quality of life for all people, they are essential in our evolution as a civilization.

    22. We long for new sensations, but we immediately become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are the present events of today.

    Human beings adapt very quickly to new inventions, we certainly have a great capacity to adapt to anything new.

    23. Energy is work. Increasing the force that accelerates human movement therefore means developing more work.

    With the second industrial revolution, our society has succeeded in improving the quality of life of all its citizens.

    24. It is essential for the peaceful existence of all mankind that a common understanding prevail.

    It is for all of us as individuals and for our nations that human beings are better off in the future than they are today.

    25. Alternating current, especially at high frequency, passes with surprising freedom even through slightly rarefied gases.

    The rivalry between alternating current and direct current was the flame that fueled the confrontation between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

    26. Movement involves a body that is being moved and a force that pushes it against resistance.

    This scientist also studied physics, an area in which he defended himself very easily.

    27. The future will show results and judge everyone by their achievements.

    Tesla knew that the company in the future would value its ideas and concepts far beyond what it was doing at the time.

    28. Our senses allow us to perceive only a small part of the outside world.

    Human beings are limited to their own senses, there is a lot that we do not perceive that is actually there.

    29. Essentially, the effort of an inventor is to save lives.

    For any inventor, his greatest achievement is being able to help humanity.

    30. Wireless technology will allow closer contact through the transmission of information, the transfer of our bodies and materials, and the transport of energy.

    In his meetings, we can see how Tesla has already predicted the arrival of the Internet and cellphones.

    31. Women will not first claim their equality and then their superiority by the simple physical imitation of men, but by the awakening of their own intellect.

    Women were at these times treated like second class people, which certainly could not be allowed.

    32. My method is different. I don’t rush into real work. When I have an idea, I start to conform to my imagination. I change the version, make improvements and use the device in my mind.

    In his mind, Tesla had everything he needed to be able to create his inventions, he certainly possessed a great genius.

    33. Distance, which is the main obstacle to the progress of humanity, will be completely overcome, in word and in deed. Humanity will be united, wars will be impossible and peace will reign over the whole planet.

    With today’s globalization, distances are no longer an obstacle and humanity can evolve much faster.

    34. Instinct is something that transcends knowledge. We have, no doubt, very subtle fibers, which allow us to perceive truths where logical deduction or any other obstinate effort of the brain is in vain.

    Instincts are what sometimes guide us in our lives, trying to ignore them will be in vain.

    35. One can feel a sudden wave of sadness and make his brain tremble for an explanation, when he might have realized that it was caused by a cloud which did not let the sun’s rays pass through.

    Tesla had a lot of emotional ups and downs during his life, he was certainly a really complicated person.

    36. We must all have an ideal which governs our conduct and assures us satisfaction, but it does not matter whether it is a creed, an art, a science or the like, as long as it fulfills the function of a dematerializing force.

    Having a reason to live can greatly simplify our existence, and it can also help us channel our efforts.

    37. Its ultimate goal is the complete domination of the spirit over the material world and the mobilization of the forces of nature in favor of human needs.

    Human beings try by all means, including their intellect, to be able to develop their full potential as a species.

    38. Edison’s work in the glowing light and in the direct current distribution system, rather than that of an inventor, was that of an extraordinarily energetic pioneer endowed with the toughness of a horse: prodigious for what is quantity, but not creator.

    In this subtle and polite quote from Tesla, he leaves the famous Thomas Edison in a pretty bad place. They certainly had no esteem.

    39. If we are to avoid an impending catastrophe and a state of affairs that could turn this planet into hell, we must stimulate the development of flying machines and the transmission of energy without delay, and with all the power and resources of the nation.

    Tesla believed that the state should devote all its efforts to technological development, which nations are now doing in a much more efficient manner.

    40. With this system, for example, a subscriber on the telephone here could call another subscriber in the world and talk to him. An inexpensive receiver, no bigger than a clock, would allow you to hear from wherever you were, on land or at sea, a lecture or a piece of music being broadcast elsewhere, regardless of the distance.

    As we can see, for Nikola Tesla cellphones were a totally doable thing, his imagination will never cease to amaze us.

    41. Not only that, but thanks to television and telephony, we will be able to see and hear each other as perfectly as if we were face to face, even though the distances involved are thousands of kilometers. The instruments with which we will be able to do this will be incredibly simple compared to our current phone. They can be carried in the pocket of the vest.

    At this date Tesla was already imagining smartphones and video calls, no doubt that this inventor was decades ahead of his time.

    42. Meeting Edison was a momentous event in my life. I was stunned by this wonderful man who, without privileges or scientific training, had accomplished so much. I had studied a dozen languages, immersed in art and literature, and had spent my best years in libraries reading everything I could think of, from Newton’s Principia to Paul de Kock’s novels. ., And I felt like I wasted most of my life. .

    Tesla in this quote tells us about Edison’s lack of training and shows us his surprise at his accomplishments.

    43. He considers me one of the most devoted workers, and if the thought is the equivalent of the task that I can be, for I devoted almost all my waking hours to him. But if work is interpreted as a performance given for a specific time according to a rigid rule, then maybe I have been the worst lazy.

    Of course, this scholar was a great worker, but above all and above all he was an intellectual.

    44. I am convinced that the near future will witness revolutionary success in the production, transformation and transmission of energy, in transport and lighting, in the manufacture of chemical components, in telegraphy and communication. telephony, and in other arts and industries.

    The future looked wonderful from the perspective of this famous scientist. He was right in many of his theories about the future.

    45. For me, it is absolutely irrelevant if the turbine is spinning in my head or if I test it in the workshop. I even perceive if it is unbalanced. There is absolutely no difference, the results are the same. This way I am able to quickly develop and perfect a concept without touching anything.

    Tesla had everything in his head he needed to create his invention, his mind was the best workshop he could ask for.

    46. ​​Food increases mass, peace decreases the force which slows down, and work increases the force which accelerates human movement. These are the only three possible solutions to the big problem and they all have one goal, one goal, which is to increase human energy.

    In order for society to improve its performance, these three elements are necessary: ​​food, peace and work.

    47. Man, however, is not an ordinary mass, made up of rotating atoms and molecules, and which simply contains caloric energy. It is a mass which possesses certain superior qualities, because of the creative principle of life with which it is endowed.

    Human biology was presented to the great Nikola Tesla as a real mystery.

    48. When the wireless technique is applied to perfection, the whole Earth will become one huge brain, and all things will be particles of an authentic and rhythmic whole.

    Did Tesla want to create some kind of internet? Tesla’s concepts never cease to amaze us.

    49. The scientist’s object is not an immediate result. He doesn’t expect his advanced ideas to be easily accepted. Your duty is to lay the foundations for those to come and to show the way.

    Much research has no practical application today, but over time one can be found.

    50. The pressure of our occupations and the endless stream of impressions pouring into our consciousness through all the gates of knowledge make modern existence risky in many ways.

    Living in Tesla’s day was a challenge for anyone, and being successful in life was only allowed for the more daring.

    51. I have explained the stages of my walks and calculated the cubic content of soup plates, coffee cups and pieces of food; otherwise, he would not be able to enjoy the food.

    As we can see, Tesla had a great predisposition to be obsessed with certain things.

    52. Life is and always will be an unsolved equation, but it contains some known factors. We could say, in short, that it is a movement, even if we do not fully understand its nature.

    No one knows for sure what the future holds for them, but we do know what positive things can be for us in the long run.

    53. I don’t think there is a more intense emotion for an inventor to see one of his creations work. This emotion makes you forget to eat, sleep, everything.

    For any inventor their creations are almost children, the inventor was sort of the one who brought them into the world.

    54. If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

    Energy is a fundamental aspect of the universe, thanks to it they realize the most amazing astronomical phenomena.

    55. Everything that was great in the past has been ridiculed, condemned, fought, repressed, to emerge with more power and more triumph after the struggle.

    Over the years, the truth always comes to light, time can be the one that gives us reason in the future.

    56. If your hate could turn into electricity, it would enlighten everyone.

    The hatred for some people can become enormous, we must not promote this emotion in our lives.

    57. I don’t care that they stole my idea … I care that they don’t have anything of their own.

    On several occasions Edison has been accused of stealing his ideas from Nikola Tesla, do you think they were right?

    58. My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a nucleus from which we derive knowledge, strength and inspiration.

    Where does inspiration come from? This is a question that many people have asked themselves throughout history.

    59. The world is changing slowly and new truths are hard to see.

    Time may seem like it goes slowly at times, but it never stops or diminishes.

    60. Scientists today think deeply rather than clearly. You have to be sane to think clearly, but you can think deeply and be completely crazy.

    Some people came to think that Tesla was not 100% psychologically, he was certainly a very special man.

    61. Of all things, what I liked the most were the books.

    Books can give us great knowledge, we must take advantage of their wisdom.

    62. Let the future tell the truth and assess each according to their work and achievements. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.

    Today, Tesla is one of the most beloved scientists in history. Time, as he predicted, proved him right.

    63. As I review the events of my past life, I realize the subtlety of the influences that shape our destinies.

    Small acts can mean a lot in our lives.

    64. We are automatons wholly controlled by the forces of the environment, stirred like corks on the surface of the water, but we confuse the result of impulses from outside with free will.

    Society largely dictates our daily actions, we may not be as free as we really think we are.

    65. The feeling is constantly growing in me that I was the first to hear salvation from one planet to another.

    Tesla once revealed that his inspiration came from another planet, is that true?

    66. Everyone should regard their body as an invaluable gift from someone they love above all else, a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty and mystery beyond human conception, and also delicate. that a word, a breath, a look, not a thought, can damage it.

    Our body is one of our most precious assets, we must take care of it and value it.

    67. I don’t think you can name many great inventions made by married men.

    Celibacy allows inventors to work much longer days, leaving aside all their social obligations.

    68. For a time he doubted, impressed by the authority of the master, but I soon became convinced that I was right, and I took on the task with all the ardor and infinite confidence of youth.

    It was not easy being the teacher of a young Tesla, one of the greatest geniuses in history.

    69. If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.

    Much has been speculated on the meaning of this quote, for Tesla these three numbers held great hidden power.

    70. Every living being is an engine of the universe centered on the wheel. Although seemingly affected only by its immediate surroundings, the outer sphere of influence extends to an infinite distance.

    We are part of a whole and this whole is the universe, even if it seems not to be the case, we are totally influenced by it.

    71. What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.

    Science has turned men away from religions, these men only believe in contrasting facts.

    72. The day when science begins to study non-physical phenomena will progress more in a decade than in all the preceding centuries of its existence.

    There are certain phenomena which escape science and until it evolves, it will not be able to study them effectively.

    73. The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and go, but man remains.

    Man is a very, very resilient species and even if civilization stops, he will be able to move on.

    74. The implementation of an idea as it is usually done is, in my opinion, nothing more than a waste of energy, time and money.

    As Tesla could develop his ideas in his mind, the development costs were obviously lower. I didn’t need a workshop to experiment.

    75. It is not the love that you make. It is the love that you give.

    The love that we pass on to others every day will remain in the world when we are no longer there.

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