Paul Newman’s 70 Best Quotes

Paul Newman was a famous American actor and director, Born in the town of Shaker Heights, Ohio, January 26, 1925.

This charismatic actor has led a truly exciting life, because in addition to winning the famous Oscar and a Golden Globe, he also competed in the world of motorsport, an exclusive sport in which over the years he would win more and more notoriety.

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    Phrases and reflections by Paul Newman

    Some of his most famous films were “Road to Doom”, “The Color of Money” or “The Flaming Colossus”, films with which he has always managed to please audiences and critics.

    Then you will enjoy Paul Newman’s 70 best quotes, Some dates with which you will surely get to know one of the most famous actors of the late twentieth century much better.

    1. Newman’s Second Law: The moment things look darker, they turn black.

    Future problems often show signs, if we can spot them we may be able to anticipate the problem that is approaching.

    2. If you have no enemies, you have no character.

    Character is something that can involve enemies over time, one who has no enemies certainly will not possess this well-known quality either.

    3. Newman’s first law: there is no point in slowing down when you are upside down.

    A really funny quote from this actor, sometimes some subtleties will no longer make sense.

    4. If you play poker and you look around the table and you don’t know who the jerk is, you are.

    Poker is a game that is often used to order a scam, as Newman tells us, we need to make sure we are not the gambling freak.

    5. I have always been a character actor. It just looked like Little Red Riding Hood.

    The appearance of this actor opened many doors for him in his early days, good opportunities which he knew at that time to take advantage of.

    6. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

    Some people seem to be born with innate bad luck, which unfortunately often leads them to live rather unhappy lives.

    7. You can’t be as old as I am without waking up to a surprised look every morning: “Holy God, you know?” I am still there! It’s absolutely amazing to have survived all the alcoholic drinks, smoking, performance and running.

    You never know when life will end, which is why you have to enjoy each day as if it might just be your last.

    8. Acting is not really a creative profession. It is interpretative.

    The performance is based on imitation, a good performance should not be eccentric or original, it should simply come as close as possible to the original subject.

    9. People get married because they want to, not because the doors are closed.

    A marriage depends on the willingness of the two people who make it up to stay together, if one of these people decides to leave, there will be nothing or no one who can avoid it.

    10. To be an actor, you have to be a child.

    Being in touch with our inner child can help us thrive in the world of theater, because thanks to him, we will be able to take this profession as if it were a game.

    11. When you see the right one, you better do it.

    If we have the ability to do the right thing, why not do it? Perhaps it is this act that sets us apart from others and leads us to success.

    12. She was dynamic. She was elegant. She was tough. She was worried and will be sadly missed.

    Over the course of her career, Newman has met many actresses and had a great relationship with all of them. He always remembered those who unfortunately died.

    13. McDonald’s New Asian Salad and Newman’s Low Fat Sesame Ginger Salad Topping are a combination of tastes, like mine.

    This actor was so famous that some dishes from major food chains even adopted his name. Something we certainly don’t normally see.

    14. The need is great, as are the opportunities to make a difference.

    Life can be very complicated, so we have to take every opportunity that presents itself, if we are to be able to be successful.

    15. Each city has its own charm and character. This race would be different from Long Beach, it would be different from Edmonton, and you will put your own signature. It is a reciprocal trade agreement. Champ Car has a great race, and you have a big three day festival, so everyone wins.

    This actor has always been a fan of racing, a hobby he loved whenever he got the chance.

    16. Running here for me is muscle memory. Running to the limit is just an average. You always try to go as fast as possible. If you can take it one round, the next round can be just as easy until you get tired.

    In a race, a small difference can differentiate the winner from the loser, if we want to achieve the victory we will have to be at 100% of our capacity.

    17. I think my most memorable victory was in 1979 when I won the SCCA National Championship in a race in Atlanta, … It was a really good race against some tough competition.

    Getting the win after a tough race should definitely be a wonderful experience. A great experience that this actor had the chance to live in first person.

    18. I imagine my epitaph: Here is Paul Newman, who died of failure because his eyes turned brown.

    His blue eyes have always been the hallmark of the house, a penetrating gaze with which he has managed to fall in love with the general public.

    19. Sometimes nothing can be a good hand.

    Going headlong can be a winning tactic that this great performer has played over and over again.

    20. I certainly didn’t expect to be a professional actor. I never expected to be in the movies. I thought I would probably become a teacher.

    The cinema didn’t seem like his main destination, but as we see, life sometimes takes us down paths we never expected.

    21. You say someone is guilty, everyone believes you. You say they’re innocent, nobody cares.

    Hypocrisy reigns in today’s society; the problems of others rarely matter to anyone. It is only when we suffer something in our own flesh that we become aware of the problem we are facing.

    22. I don’t think there is anything exceptional or noble about being philanthropic. It’s the other attitude that troubles me.

    If we were all more charitable the world would definitely be a better place, these wealthy owners have a lot to learn from this famous actor.

    23. Well the good thing about animation is you don’t even have to know it. All the physical things that you work on as an actor, just the tapes.

    Animated films have the advantage of allowing actors to focus primarily on the vocal aspect of the character, as their facial and physical gestures cannot be perceived by the viewer.

    24. I just hope that when my body goes, or when my mind does, I have the courage to finish – like Hemingway did. I don’t want anyone to wipe my drooling chin.

    Newman did not want to be admitted to the hospital, death for him was much better than that.

    25. I am a very competitive person. I always was. And it’s hard to be competitive with something as amorphous as acting. But you can be competitive on the track because the rules are very simple and the winner’s declaration is very concise.

    The cars allowed him to be able to express a part of himself that he could not express in the world of the theater. He has found a great way out for his emotions.

    26. I have an extraordinary capacity for attention. I arrange them to juggle two or three different ideas at the same time, and that’s probably, if I have a gift, it’s probably the best gift he’s ever given me.

    He was a man for whom multitasking was a completely common thing, throughout his life his projects kept piling up.

    27. Many drivers can drive a car. This does not happen very often with much success. I think it takes some reasonable courage. It’s not good to be brave and keep crashing.

    The races were always very important to him, Newman was very clear that he would never spend a lot of time away from them.

    28. I was not compelled to act by any internal constraint. I was escaping the sporting goods trade.

    Performance was at the time a very attractive escape route for him, what he did not know was the success that he would ultimately achieve.

    29. I can’t stand watching a movie I made before 1990. Maybe 1985. It doesn’t even make sense to try to explain it. I really can’t see mr. I see all the machines running and it drives me crazy, so I don’t look at anything.

    As an actor he was always very clear about the best movies he had made and as we see in this quote the ones from before the 90s weren’t his favorites.

    30. Well I can’t work as an actor anymore and still at the level that I would like … you start to lose your memory, you start to lose confidence, you start to lose your invention. So it’s more or less a closed book for me. And I’m grateful for the other things that came into my life: grandchildren, restaurants and charities … I’ve been doing this for 50 years. That’s enough.

    When the time came, this famous actor said goodbye forever to the world of theater, sadly leaving all his fans orphaned.

    31. He had no natural gift for being anything: neither athlete, nor actor, nor writer, nor director, nor garden porch painter, nor anything. So I worked really hard, because nothing was easy for me.

    To achieve his goals, Newman had to fight relentlessly, life never gave him anything.

    32. As long as you can keep that childish part of yourself, that’s probably the best part of the game.

    If we are to be good performers, we need to be constantly connected to our emotions, just as we were in our childhood.

    33. Being on President Nixon’s Enemy List has been the highest honor I have ever received. Who knows who is listening to me now and what government list I’m on?

    No one imagined that this actor was considered by the president to be a real enemy, a rather curious anecdote that he always remembered.

    34. I think Hollywood is in love with the consequences. If he succeeds once, cheer him on and shoot again. I think it’s unfortunate.

    This actor was not enthusiastic about the sequels, for him, as they say, the second parts were never good.

    35. The first time I remember women reacting to me was when we were filming Hud in Texas. The women were literally trying to walk through the sleepers at the motel where I was staying. At first, it’s flattering to the ego. First. So do you realize that I’m involved in the roles that I play? Characters created by writers who have nothing to do with who I am.

    The audience didn’t really know him as a person, his characters were the ones who shaped his public image the most.

    36. I like to run but the food and the movies are more exciting. I can’t give up. While racing, you can be sure, down to the last thousandth of a second, that someone is the best, but with a movie or a recipe, there’s no way of knowing how all the ingredients will work in the end. The best can be horrible and the worst can be fantastic. Cooking is acting and acting like cooking.

    Careers have always been very important to him, but the actor would always occupy an important place in his professional life.

    37. Fill in the moment and find variety.

    We have to enjoy life to the fullest, we can always find new things to enjoy it to the full.

    38. It happens to everyone, horses, dogs, men. No one comes out of life alive.

    In the end we will all die, this is a fact of which we can be sure. But maybe that day is not today.

    39. We all die. It’s just a matter of when.

    No one knows when their time will come, so we need to make the most of every second of life.

    40. It wasn’t like I was really attached to it; There was nothing else around. So they didn’t push me to become an actor … It just felt like the best thing I could do.

    Interpretation presented itself to him as a very interesting option, an option in which he would later discover his true vocation.

    41. You really cannot enjoy anonymity until you lose it. People say they are sour grapes, but they really aren’t. Being able to walk down the street without people paying attention is a real blessing and you lose it when you become an actor.

    Anonymity is a very useful thing in life, when we become famous escorts become something essential.

    42. He was terrified of the emotional demands of an actor. Acting is like taking off your pants; you are exposed.

    Performing is an embarrassingly invalid activity in which the actors are completely naked in front of the audience.

    43. I started my career giving a poor clinical performance in the movie “The Silver Chalice”, and now I play an old man who is a lively car. It’s a creative bow for you, right?

    This actor collaborated on the famous animated film “Cars”, a film which certainly delighted the children of the house.

    44. I will continue to get behind the wheel of a racing car as long as I can. But it could all end tomorrow.

    Being able to run in a car was something he really enjoyed, an exciting activity that he knew he might one day have to give up.

    45. The characters I have the least in common with are the ones I have the most success with. The further an article is from my own experience, the more I try to delve into it.

    It’s funny how those characters who look less like him are the most sought after among audiences. A fact that shows us how little the public knew about him.

    46. ​​At the beginning of cinema, the movie star of this country replaced royalty. They have since been degraded, but are still treated as larger than life beings.

    Actors live their lives above the rest of society, a lifestyle that over time can probably become boring.

    47. He was born out of pure laziness. My signature dishes are salads, burgers and popcorn. It’s not the sort of thing that gives you an entry in the distinguished cookbook. Being known for its big soufflé is one thing, but a good burger? What would they say? “Yeah, I really knew how to put the cheese on.”

    He has always been interested in cooking and throughout his life he has always discovered new recipes. Their famous tomato sauce will always be something to accompany us.

    48. Once I started taking acting lessons, I wondered why I had wasted so much time on a soccer team.

    The performance was something that marked him deeply when he first started practicing – Newman discovered the artist he had always carried inside.

    49. The only way to provide our children with the best education in the world and to prepare them for the next century is to fund the programs that serve them.

    The state must ensure the future of children and the best option for this to be possible will always be to provide them with a decent education.

    50. There are many ingredients to making a film. It confuses me what works and what doesn’t.

    A film is a project that involves many professionals, many of whom may never know each other.

    51. It is good to think of spaghetti sauce. Tomorrow, noon and night, think about spaghetti sauce. Consider pushing others to buy spaghetti sauce.

    As we can see, besides being a good actor, he was also a good salesman. Thanks to its famous tomato sauce, Newman has always had great success in its culinary facet.

    52. I have taken paths that I would have liked not to take. And I also travel to very exciting places. I just hope that when you get to that great race track in the sky, your balance will tilt slightly towards those things that you would be proud of.

    Even though we have made mistakes, that is not why we should stop doing good deeds. Well in the end we will be judged as the person we have been all our life, with our virtues and our faults.

    53. You must have two things to win. You have to have brains and balls. Now you have too much of one and not enough of the other.

    To be successful we will need to possess a number of qualities, with intelligence and courage always being the most important.

    54. For some players, luck itself is an art.

    Those who play games the most come to believe that luck will always be with them. Something that really doesn’t have to be like that.

    55. If I ever feel like I’m doing something I’ve done before, I throw it away and start over.

    If something is not of interest to us we can always give it up, we are all totally free to focus on the projects that we are not the most passionate about.

    56. The only question I ask a woman is, what time does your husband come home?

    A question Newman must have asked himself over and over again, it will always be far better to avoid arguments that are genuinely unnecessary.

    57. I have been accused of being distant. I’m not. I’m just careful.

    This actor is one of those people who only open up in front of his friends and family, with those he didn’t know was always a rather reserved man.

    58. The natural law. Children are put in this country to annoy their parents.

    As parents, our children will always be the most important thing to us, even if sometimes they take us completely by surprise.

    59. It’s like chasing a beautiful woman for 80 years. Eventually she gives in and you say, “I’m so sorry. I am tired “.

    A few words that this actor said when, after many years, he finally won the Oscar, an award which for him no longer had any reason to exist.

    60. A fight must live a full and colorful life, then it must die a natural death and be forgotten.

    Battles are always very explosive situations, fleeting situations that disappear as quickly as they start.

    61. People like to do what they were doing after they stopped doing it.

    When we leave an activity that we were passionate about one day, sooner or later, we will do it again.

    62. Regarding adultery: why waste time with hamburgers when you have meat at home?

    Adultery is nonsense, having our wife in the house seems totally unnecessary to have to look for another.

    63. The problem with aging is that you still remember how things used to be.

    As we age, the desire grows stronger in us, the feeling that a time past was better than the present, is something that usually happens to everyone.

    64. Our marriage works because we each carry sticks of equal weight and height.

    Marriage is the business of both members, if both do not do their part, it will perish in the end.

    65. Choose between yesterday and tomorrow.

    We can always think the past was brighter, but if we don’t work for it today, the future will never be better.

    66. I would like people to think that beyond Newman there is a mind that works, a heart and a talent that does not come from my blue eyes.

    Her eyes will always be something we will all remember, there will never be another look at the world of cinema, as intense as hers.

    67. Many people have dreams and do nothing about them. When you have ideas and dreams, you do something.

    If we are dreaming about something, we must definitely pursue it, otherwise this dream will never come true.

    68. I firmly believe in luck and the extraordinary role it plays in all of our lives.

    Luck can play a key role in our lives, if we always run out of luck we will probably never be able to achieve our goals.

    69. A man alone can be judged by his actions, not by his good intentions or beliefs.

    The actions we take are the ones that truly represent us, if we have good intentions but do not act accordingly with them, those good intentions will be truly worthless.

    70. What could be better than reaching out to people less fortunate than you?

    When we help that person who really needs it, we will start to build a better future for all.

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