Pedro Almodóvar’s 80 most famous quotes

Pedro Almodóvar is a well-known Spanish filmmaker and screenwriter, born in 1949 in Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) and is also the Spanish director who has had the most international resonance, since the days of Luis Buñuel.

This famous director has always been at the forefront for his particular lifestyle and outgoing personality. What were your best dates?

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    The best phrases of Pedro Almodóvar

    Below you will find the most famous phrases of Pedro Almodóvar, A director who, with his personal life and his work, leaves no one indifferent.

    1. I think the only possible price is money. It is much more decorative than a statuette, because you can buy yourself an Armani dress.

    Almodóvar has always given money the importance it should have in his life.

    2. I think the awareness of passion makes you act very differently.

    In passionate moments, we put our conscience aside and do not reason lucidly, because our feelings prevent us from doing so.

    3. Desire is an irrational thing for which you always have to pay a high price.

    The realization of our desires can cause us serious damage, we must always have our feet on the ground.

    4. Being a director in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Japan.

    The director’s job is that Spain is seen a bit like a green dog, something that people often don’t understand.

    5. There are two things in movies that have different value depending on whether a man or a woman does them: frontal knots and crying.

    Nudes and feelings are two themes that Pedro Almodóvar addresses in many of his works, he is a director who has always wanted to break taboos.

    6. Singing in a ragged dress is an experience every director should have.

    Pedro Almodóvar’s eccentricity is still part of his daily life.

    7. Fortunately, nature has endowed me with an irrational curiosity, even for the most trivial things. It saves me. Curiosity is the only thing that keeps me afloat. Everything else flows to me. Ah! And vocation. I don’t know if I could live without her.

    Almodóvar speaks to us in this quote of these two qualities that every great director must have: curiosity and vocation.

    8. But being nominated doesn’t make me feel any closer to making a film in English. This will come if I find the right script or the right story, which has to be shot in English. And I will do it like another movie in Spanish because what always motivates me is the story.

    This great world-renowned filmmaker it’s much more comfortable to ride in Spanish, Which makes sense because of its Spanish origin.

    9. I also wanted to express the power of cinema to hide reality while entertaining.

    The approach Almodóvar gives to his films surrounds us in a very personal, very real and at the same time very unreal world, fruit of the spirit of this filmmaker.

    10. I was born at a bad time for Spain, but really good for the cinema.

    Almodóvar’s life experiences are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for this great director.

    11. For me, the award is being nominated for Oscars in major categories of calls. It’s unusual, it’s historic, so I feel a huge emotion that I want to share with everyone. Then in March … well, it will.

    Almodóvar has always given due importance to the recognitions he receives, he will not let them change their personality.

    12. I do not support the artist whose main motivation is provocation. I think that the great provocateurs are without proposing it.

    Above all, Almodóvar seeks naturalness in his actors, an authenticity that only he can see.

    13. Although I love my mother, I didn’t want to paint an idealized portrait of her. I am more fascinated by their flaws: they are more fun than their other qualities.

    People’s flaws are what make us unique, an inseparable part of who we are.

    14. I do not judge what is good or bad or what is real and not in the culture.

    Honesty in his films has always been an essential element for this filmmaker.

    15. I don’t know what you talk about all these days. But I know what I haven’t told you in all these years. (Broken hugs)

    The reunion is a typical thing of Almodóvar’s films, very well represented by the naturalness of its characters.

    16. Young people, you don’t know how to fight for things. You believe that everything is fun. Well no, you must be in pain, and a lot. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

    In this quote, Almodóvar captures the harshness with which life has always been treated.

    17. If you trust me, everything will be easier for all three. (The skin I live in)

    Sexual taboos are a recurring theme in his films.

    18. There is great beauty in physical deterioration. (In darkness)

    As this filmmaker sees beauty in people is a very special thing, his point of view allows him to see things that others do not see.

    19. You will not always be young, I tell you from experience. (Labyrinth of passions)

    In this quote, Almodóvar tells us about the passage of time that people suffer, we all end up getting old.

    20. Love is something that absorbs the twenties and keeps you from focusing on other things. This is what attracts me the most and what horrifies me the most. (The law of desire)

    Love is experienced in Almodóvar’s films in a very intense way, for him it is an essential part of life.

    21. For bad things both together, but not for the good you alone. (Bad manners)

    The way Almodóvar uses slang in his films allows us to immerse ourselves much more in them.

    22. I chose you out of curiosity, I wanted to know how far you could go; and as far as I can bear. (Bad manners)

    The limits of Almodóvar’s characters are tested in all of his films.

    23. Pass me the lipstick, my dear. (Labyrinth of passions)

    The influences of the Anglo-Saxon world in his films, creep in in a subversive way

    24. At your age, if you are serious about risk, consider killing, not dying. (Matador)

    Almodóvar’s characters take many risks in his films, causing them to reach a crazy pace.

    25. Killing is like cutting your fingernails. At first the idea alone makes you lazy, but when you have the shorts on it turns out a bit faster than you might think. (Kika)

    The characters of this director have their own character which makes them very attractive to the general public.

    26. There is nothing worse than parting ways with someone you still love. (Talk to him)

    Love in his films is something that is experienced with great intensity.

      27. I’ve been fucked a lot in life but never been a whore. (All about my mother)

      In Almodóvar’s films, tacos are the order of the day, thus more reliably representing Spanish society.

      28. People don’t fall down the ladder, it only happens in movies. (Broken hugs)

      Almodóvar’s characters can be comical in many of his scenes.

      29. Except for drinking, how difficult everything makes me. (The flower of my secret)

      The vices that we can all have are very well represented in Almodóvar’s films.

      30. Films must be finished, even blindly. (Broken hugs)

      The struggles Almodóvar endures on a daily basis they are also reflected in his films.

      31. Maybe if you had known me you would have fallen in love with me. Me from you, of course. I had a lot of very wide sleeves, Ramon. In the worst sentries, I have been on my guard. It’s just that I don’t know what I have, Ramon, that the weirdest all touch me, and I don’t know why. But of course, how I let myself go, because I fall in love. I fall in love with them with a good background and a good tail. (Kika)

      Almodóvar’s characters have no funnels to express themselves as only they can.

      32. Pain and shame are also a prison. (Matador)

      This quote from Almodóvar tells us about the prisons we often impose on ourselves.

      33. I wanted us to live away from guilt. And despite my silence, I entrust it to you like a virus. (Juliet)

      Feelings are a very important part of his films because the characters that appear in them show them very explicitly.

      34. Aunts should be treated like bulls, cornered without realizing it. (Matador)

      The masculinity of society is something Almodóvar also frequently addresses in his films.

      35. Do not compare! With Ramon, he’s different, he’s a man, but you’re my best friend, I’ve never lied to you. (Kika)

      The personal relationships of his characters envelop him in a myriad of emotional ups and downs.

      36. I am very stupid, and sometimes I just don’t find out, so answer a goddamn time! Is there a chance, no matter how small … of saving ours? (The flower of my secret)

      The women of Almodóvar are a clear example of how this filmmaker understands personal relationships.

      37. You promised me that there would be no more closed doors … that I could watch all the TV channels … that it was free. And I promised you that I would never leave you. Do not let me down. He’s the only one I have, Robert. Your promise and mine. (The skin I live in)

      The breaks in the characters of this filmmaker are common in his films.

      38. No, man, no. What I wanted was a scene of topicality, topical sadism, elegant and sophisticated, like the ones we see in French films. (What did I do to deserve this?)

      How Almodóvar confronts the taboos of society is something unique, a very particular way of understanding them.

      39. There are always things that are not done or that are badly done. And my life has not been an exception, but I don’t know if they have any arrangements. And if they do, it’s up to me to fix them. (Return)

      Ultimately, his characters understand these issues that at the start of the gang they weren’t able to.

      40. As a child, when we lived together, I couldn’t fall asleep until I heard the sound of your heels, in the distance, getting lost in the hallway after closing my bedroom door … I didn’t care . when you arrived … i was waiting for you awake, until i felt your heels … (far heels)

      Femininity is something very special in Almodóvar’s films, women have always played an essential role in the life of this director.

      41. The only thing I really have are the sensations and the pounds of silicone hanging over me like glass. (All about my mother)

      Many of the actors in his films speak bluntly of certain problems that society tries to avoid.

      42. No money, girl, no car, no girl, no tate, no vice, no mascara. I am hysterical! (Labyrinth of passions)

      Money often leads us to make mistakes in our lives and in Almodóvar’s films this also happens.

      43. Excuse me, in the face of all this, this is confidential information, eh? Commander Alex Acer is married and has two children. One eleven and another thirteen and it’s a very complicated age, so they take the dad out of the closet and … and … Do they understand me? (Passengers in love)

      Homosexuality is also a problem that Almodóvar knows very well how to argue in his films.

      44. Total that I climbed into the house and threw myself a thousand times. You know that I am very interested in sex as a social issue. (Broken hugs)

      Sex is widely accepted in his films as an indivisible part of society.

      45. She is resentful because no one tells her “this is where you are rotting”. Look Gloria, I understand you can’t all have bodies like mine, which drives men crazy, but it’s just ugly people could get a little education too, come on, I say. (What did I do to deserve this?)

      Beauty is something very subjective in Almodóvar’s films, as he captures his vision in his films.

      46. ​​Last night my mom showed me a picture from when I was young, half of her was missing. I didn’t want to say it but my life is also missing this same song. (All about my mother)

      Personal and family relationships are something Almodóvar has always been interested in reflecting on in his works.

      47. If instead of two personalities you had 4, I would like them all equally. (Labyrinth of passions)

      Almodóvar’s characters they are so well represented that they could be totally real.

      48. I know very well whether a man is looking in me for the woman or the transvestite. And Benet was looking for the woman in me. (Passengers in love)

      The sexual freedoms of its characters delight the viewer.

      49. Good night in Madrid. It was very difficult to get here today. But now I’m happy … Tonight my only daughter is sleeping in prison … And whatever she’s done, like any mother my heart is broken. With your permission, I would like to dedicate the first song to him … (Far Heels)

      The world of show business has always accompanied Almodóvar throughout his career.

      50. What an overdose. (Labyrinth of passions)

      Drugs also have their place in Almodóvar’s universe, they could not be missing in their arguments.

      51. Nothing eroticizes me less than an actor looking for work. (Bad manners)

      Economic issues also haunt Almodóvar’s characters as they can with anyone.

      52. Love is the saddest thing in the world when it ends. (Talk to him)

      Love adventures are experienced with great emotion in their films, the characters who experience them suffer great emotional ups and downs.

      53. There is nothing like a Chanel to feel respectable. (All about my mother)

      Self-pride is a very important thing for Pedro Almodóvar, which he knows very well how to integrate into his works.

      54. If all men were like you, even me, I would become a lesbian. (The law of desire)

      Beauty, emotions, taboos, Almodóvar’s works have a great assortment of adventures for all genres.

      55. Well, I don’t know what’s worse, point out your panties or your figs … (Tie me up!)

      Some of his scenes border on vulgarity, he also turns his works into something much more transgressive.

      56. She is not learning, she is not learning. She does not, she is not a teacher like the others … she, nothing. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

      Humor is something very special in Almodóvar’s films, it is a very characteristic humor of this director.

      57. My God, I don’t believe in you, but help me. (The flower of my secret)

      Senyar will be useless if the director of your film is Pedro Almodóvar.

      58. I’ll sniff some enamel. (Labyrinth of passions)

      Cocaine is a drug that Almodóvar himself admits to having used, fortunately he was able to give up this vice.

      59. Don’t tell me I’m too sensitive. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

      The emotions of its protagonists they are very lively on the big screen, Almodóvar knows how to play with the emotions of the viewer very well.

      60. I am a fan, so in the plural. (All about my mother)

      Some dialogues may seem a bit banal but they are an indisputable mark of Almodóvar cinema.

      61. Your amnesia leaves me without a past. (The law of desire)

      Letting go of our memories can be a very unpleasant experience for us and our loved ones.

      62. I don’t look at you, I admire you! (Tie me Up!)

      When we see the potential that a person holds, we are immediately amazed.

      63. Every time I smoke a leek, I remember her. (Return)

      Drugs can bring out feelings that we have long forgotten.

      64. Whatever you do, put on panties. (Pepi, Luci, Bom and other girls in the pile)

      A funny quote from Almodovar that shouldn’t be missed in this collection, playing with vulgarity is something this director is very good at doing.

      65. Don’t call me, this sugar is pumping me up. (What did I do to deserve this?)

      The irony of his characters makes this director an outlier in creating a wide variety of personalities.

      66. Where did you say you kept everything like a heron?

      The mastery of the Spanish language is enormous in Almodóvar’s films, the script of his films is full of synonyms and adverbs of all kinds, the expressions used are also very precise.

      67. When I was a child, I dreamed of having glasses.

      Almodóvar’s characters suffer a series of events during the film that give them a myriad of emotions.

      68. I just have to be a model. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

      Femininity is something very accentuated in the women who play a role for this genius of the seventh art.

      69. How heavy you are, Juana. (Kika)

      In many cases, even the characters in their works know how great they can sound.

      70. I am a Jehovah’s Witness and my religion forbids me to lie. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

      The simplicity of their scripts makes the difficult seem easyTo imitate the style of this director would not be easy.

      71. Not total of you, you bore me. (What did I do to deserve this)

      The twists and turns of his films can lead us to the most unexpected situations.

      72. Two ride together, two on the road. (Bad manners)

      Freedom is a subject that Almodóvar also deals with in his films, his research is always present in his characters.

      73. Laugh at me, laugh at me. (The law of desire)

      The debauchery of many of his works has also sparked much controversy regarding his work.

      74. Augustine has cancer. You have cancer, Agustina. Come on, a big applause for Agustina. (Return)

      Large doses of irony can harm the sensitivity of some of its viewers.

      75. Calla, lladella’s face. (The flower of my secret)

      Almodóvar’s inventiveness in his scripts is extremely extensive, you never know what will surprise you.

      76. We are more authentic, the more we resemble what we dreamed of ourselves. (All about my mother)

      Self-fulfillment is something we all look for in our lives, in their characters, Almodóvar captures this universal idea.

      77. Listen, lady: go to the doctor, tell him he’s a drug addict, and give him a prescription. (What did I do to deserve this?)

      Surrealism is something that accompanies us in all of Pedro Almodóvar’s films.

      78. Perdularia, that you are a perdularia, that you lose everything. (What did I do to deserve this?)

      How can something so simple make us so funny? you never know what new Almodóvar idea will surprise you.

      79. What a pity, my daughter, so young and you are already like a cow without falsehood. (The flower of my secret)

      Society is something Almodóvar has never let himself get carried away with, and in this quote we can clearly see the appeal he feels from it.

      80. Here, I do not see a mortuary atmosphere. (Kika)

      Almodóvar has a humor that one could often call black, it is certainly something that characterizes this director.

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