Rafa Nadal’s 80 Best Phrases and Thoughts

Rafa Nadal (Manacor, 1986) is a Spanish professional tennis player who is currently considered the world number one according to the ATP ranking.

Rafael Nadal Parera (Rafa Nadal) is probably one of the best Spanish athletes in history, being a benchmark in sport and outside, because his human quality has been proven on countless occasions.

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    Rafa Nadal’s unforgettable phrases and thoughts

    We all know the sporting aspects of this great tennis player, but his private life has always been a mystery to many of us, would you like to know a little more about his way of being and his principles?

    In the 80 best Rafa Nadal quotes that you will find below, you can learn a little more about this beautiful figure. of international sport.

    1. No one remembers the victories, only the losses.

    The media and the fans can be very cruel when luck is not with us.

    2. My worst rival is this.

    We must face each rival one by one and give the best of ourselves in each situation.

    3. To see what can be improved, what has been done right and wrong, you need to have the necessary attitude and a cool head, and be open to analyze things and seek solutions.

    In tennis, the technical aspects can decide every match by tilting the scales to one side or the other.

    4. I’m only twenty years old and it looks like I’ve played a hundred.

    When we compete at the highest level, the physical and mental demands are very high.

    5. And that’s what I need, to play. I need to compete.

    Competitive sport is a lifestyle that Rafa Nadal knows very well.

    6. After so much time without competition, being here is really more than a dream.

    When you are recovering from an injury, all you want to do is come back to the fore.

    7. Achieving what you dreamed of makes you happy, but most of all, it makes you happy to remember the efforts you made to achieve it.

    Reaching our goals is something we all dream of, including Rafa Nadal.

    8. It is a psychological stick to lose three finals in a row, of course yes, it is not wrong, but in life and in a race there are low and high moments.

    Rafa Nadal knows very well that he will not always be able to be at one hundred percent of his physical and mental capacities.

    9. Everyone who plays sports knows that we go to win or lose. You have to accept both.

    Anything can happen when we compete with the best in the world in any discipline.

    10. Attitude is fundamental in life.

    The attitude we show towards life can take us very far.

    11. To win here was one more goal, but in the end it’s also one more game.

    Until the longest path begins with one step.

    12. What leaves me the most satisfied is the evolution, overcoming a complicated situation and being in the semi-finals without having played the best tournament.

    Our greatest rival will always be ourselves, against us the most difficult battles.

    13. I have always trained at the highest level, at the highest intensity, and that makes me feel better prepared in times of maximum difficulty in matches.

    Preparation is essential when we are faced with a difficult challenge.

    14. The mental part is very important, because in the end bad times always happen and you have to be ready to accept them and thus overcome them. It’s like life, in which you have to accept good times and bad times with the same calm.

    Psychology is a very important thing in sports, knowing how to overcome problems is a very complicated thing many times.

    15. I have always had the theory that the most important thing is to be happy, to enjoy what you do and to be mentally cool.

    The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental thing in everyone’s life.

    16. I don’t know if I’m the best or not, I’m not the right one to say it.

    Rafa Nadal has always distinguished himself for being a humble athlete with his feet on the ground.

    17. I played a very, very good first set and the feelings are improving. Winning or losing is the most important thing.

    As a quarterback, Rafa Nadal always knew what to do at all times.

    18. The first time I felt I could win was three minutes before the start of the match.

    To win, we must first visualize the victory, analyze our opponent and go for him.

    19. Of course, golf is not a physically demanding sport like tennis.

    Other sports like golf are much more affable with anyone’s physique.

    20. But I admire the mentality of the sport more than the physical aspect, because physical performance is much easier to practice than mental performance.

    Rafa Nadal knows that psychology is a fundamental aspect of any sport, knowing how to focus and play our best game.

    21. I have learned to appreciate suffering.

    To achieve victory, we must first undergo the preparation it needs.

    22. I appreciate what we do more than ever. I am very happy after having made a big effort and very excited to win such a historic title.

    Personal growth is something we all pursue in life, we have to fight for our dreams.

    23. It’s an honor to match the record with someone like Borg. Next year I will try to come here and overcome it, but now is the time to take advantage of this trophy, which is not an easy task, which is not easy to obtain. Any comparison with him is an honor.

    We have to enjoy each victory as if it were the first, because at the end and at the end, they are all unique to each other.

    24. I really like sports. Especially football, it’s my favorite sport. My uncle played football in Barcelona for nine years and played in Spain in three World Cups.

    Rafa Nadal’s uncle was also an elite athlete and played for FC Barcelona for a long time.

    25. The main thing is to believe in yourself and try to give your best every day. I had bad times and we end up getting over them.

    Self-confidence is something we all need to have in order to surpass ourselves every day.

    26. Sleeveless shirts give you real freedom of movement and keep you cool during games, but I thought it was time for a change.

    Comfort is essential when we play any sport and much more than the elite.

    27. I am lucky because my family is well off. My father has his own glass business.

    Rafa Nadal’s family is in a good financial situation, this situation has helped Rafa in many aspects of his life.

    28. If the knee is fine, what reason is there not to have it? For eight years, I have been between the first and the second in the world. I dare say that in seven months I haven’t forgotten to play tennis.

    Rafa Nadal’s qualities for playing tennis are indisputable, even coming out of an injury, Rafa is a formidable rival.

    29. In tennis, when you are young, it is good to look for a suitable environment, for teammates who can compete with you and live with you.

    Tennis training, like many other aspects of life, is fundamental.

    30. I like fishing. Unreal fishing. I like the tranquility of being at sea. It’s different.

    Rafa Nadal has always had a very special relationship with the sea, as she has always lived very close to it and conveys peace of mind.

    31. Tennis is a difficult sport. There is a lot of competition all year round and you play alone.

    Tennis is one of the most complete and demanding sports there is. The technique, precision, speed and endurance required by their practice are aspects very difficult to achieve for anyone.

    32. Privacy is essential and I think the law in this regard is not well targeted, the harassment of the paparazzi should be more controlled. However, I have to tell myself that I have always been respected and that I have led a very normal life.

    We must learn to separate the world of sport from the privacy of athletes.

    33. I’ve been learning English on the road since I started at 15, so it’s a slow process, but progressing.

    When competing with the elite, the use of English during competitions is essential.

    34. My parents’ divorce has profoundly changed my life. It affected me.

    The family situations that Rafa Nadal went through in life affected his way of being.

    35. Mine motivation is tomorrow, just one day at a time, right?

    We have to go step by step and always give the best of ourselves.

    36. He loves this life very much, the things that cannot be bought. We only live once. I am happy here and generally avoid anything that poses a risk.

    Happiness is given by the little things in life, you don’t have to be rich to be able to achieve happiness.

    37. I always work with one goal and that is to improve myself as a player and as a person. This is the most important of all.

    Seeking to overcome is something that has always motivated Rafa Nadal.

    38. I’m not the bravest person off the track. Being alone in the dark is something I don’t like.

    Behind the cameras, Rafa Nadal becomes a much calmer and more relaxed person.

    39. It’s just a tennis match. Ultimately, that’s life. There are much more important things.

    Nadal knows full well that the important things in life go far beyond sports.

    40. You fight, you give your best, but if you lose you don’t have to break 5 hour rackets and hit the locker rooms. If there is something positive about these things, I probably would. But I only see negativity.

    Negative attitudes are something that is always visible in the tennis world, but Rafa Nadal knows full well that they don’t bring you anything positive as a player.

    41. Losing is not my enemy … fear of losing is my enemy.

    Fighting is a constant thing in our lives.

    42. It is never time to look for excuses.

    We must not take refuge in excuses, we must give 100 percent and not regret anything.

    43. There are many times during a game when you are tense, you argue with yourself. Tennis is a lesson in self-control.

    Strategy in tennis is fundamental and you always have to keep a cool head.

    44. When you grow up, if you are in good health, no problem. If you are not in good health, go home.

    The time will come for all of us that our bodies will tell us enough and we must take it into account.

    45. When I’m in the fifth set and have been playing for many hours, I end up enjoying the feeling of seeing how far I can go.

    Physical and mental endurance is a vital thing in tennis, Rafa Nadal knows this very well.

    46. ​​When you want something with great intensity, no sacrifice is too great.

    The desire to achieve our goals is what drives us to achieve them.

    47. I play every point as if my life depended on it.

    Giving one hundred percent in every point, in every set, is something that sets Rafa Nadal apart from any other tennis player.

    48. No matter how hard you devote yourself, you never earn anything on your own.

    To achieve victory, we always depend on a large number of people, our family, our coaches, etc.

    49. What sets tennis apart is respect for the opponent, for his behavior on the court.

    Tennis must be a chivalrous sport and we must not lose our footing on the court.

    50. If you want to be among the best, you need good technique and, perhaps more importantly, a good eye. If you see the ball before, you have more time to think about how and where to return it.

    Even eyesight is put to the test in a tennis match.

    51. Either I am blind or I fix betting matches. When I go to tournaments I see people who want to win. If there is any problem in this regard, they participate in lower level tournaments.

    In this quote, Rafa Nadal tells us how it is impossible from his point of view to organize a tennis match.

    52. I’d rather lose a discussion than go into a long argument to win.

    Rafa Nadal prefers not to waste time with discussions that will lead him nowhere.

    53. People have their ups and downs and I have been very consistent, but the day will come when I will go down and I will not come back. I don’t know if it will be this time, I hope not.

    Nadal knows full well that the time will come for all of us to retire from elite sport, it is the law of life.

    54. For me, the experience of the Olympic Games is unique: what is experienced, what is experienced.

    The Olympics certainly charmed Rafa Nadal, undoubtedly one of the most important competitions in the world.

    55. I don’t mind being number one. There is no comparison between winning a tournament and being number one.

    Rafa Nadal loves the pleasure of feeling the victory of a tournament or a Grand Slam, being number one is a consequence of your previous victories.

    56. I don’t live in a bubble, I live in Manacor. When I come back from tournaments, I go back to the real world.

    The place where Rafa Nadal resides is undoubtedly a privileged place and probably one of the most beautiful in all of Spain.

    57. I have had to go to hospitals all over the world and I assure you that our health is better than that of other countries which we consider to be far superior to us.

    Health is something we can all be proud of, one of the best in the world.

    58. Money does not buy happiness and I am happy to live in Mallorca.

    Money is something that can be of great benefit to us, but it will not bring us happiness on its own.

    59. I am aware that I need to improve my tennis, but I am convinced that I will go further.

    Nadal has always been very aware of his limits and is already struggling to improve them day by day.

    60. Yes, there are times when you momentarily stop believing. Sometimes you lose confidence and faith. And anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    We all suffer ups and downs in our morale, but we need to know how to rest and keep fighting.

    61. By paying taxes in another country I would have made twice as much money, but living in Spain I gained twice as much happiness.

    Money does not give happiness and Rafa Nadal knows it very well.

    62. When a politician commands and does something right, others should say it was done well. You can’t always be in a state of general tension.

    We must recognize the positive aspects of others, a negative attitude makes any situation worse.

    63. I don’t care about personal motivation because I want to stay there longer and I work for it.

    Nadal has always known that motivation is a fundamental aspect of sport and he always knew how to give it the importance it should have.

    64. Nothing happens to me, but I played less well, that’s the only thing happening. It’s sport, it’s simple. No need to complicate yourself.

    We all have worse days and better days, life goes on.

    65. Now I have to be as calm as possible because my career is already over, all that comes is to win.

    Rafa Nadal’s career has been super prolific and from now on everything that comes will be positive.

    66. Anyone can be a star, but we all have to be human.

    We have to keep our feet on the ground, Rafa Nadal is very clear about this.

    67. Madrid are my team and of course I would like to be president of Real Madrid. But to talk about it is a utopia.

    Nothing has always been a big fan of Real Madrid, he would definitely be a big president of this football club.

    68. I always try to get a little more mania out of it, but the one on the pants that we won’t fix.

    In tennis and many other sports, recreation is something that accompanies athletes throughout their careers.

    69. Of course, I am thinking of having children. I would love to have a family. I am educated like that, I like it very much and I have always had a very special bond with children and I would like to have several.

    At 33, Rafa Nadal still has no children, but it is something he will know how to solve.

    70. We do not want success to be the norm, because it is an exception.

    People get used to wins, but they won’t always be there.

    71. I wish this tape was a fad too, but it’s not. It’s for the skin.

    Tennis punishes the hands of tennis players a lot, Rafa Nadal always uses tapes to cover them.

    72. To play well or to play badly, I have to play aggressively. I have to play aggressively.

    Nadal has always been a very aggressive tennis player on the court, it is a mark of the Nadal house.

    73. For me, there is no problem. The man was really nice. He said to me: I love you, then he kissed me.

    Fans have always adored Rafa Nadal, both as a tennis player and as a person.

    74. I have this way of living sport. I like the nerves as a player or as a spectator. My passion will never change.

    Christmas has always felt sport very viscerally, in this meeting that makes it very clear to us.

    75. I already have enough mania, but we are improving and things no longer touch my socks.

    Journalists have always pursued the Christmas craze and this has gradually corrected them.

    76. I don’t have any idols or heroes or anything.

    For nothing, his only ambition is to improve himself, he does not try to imitate anyone.

    77. No one is perfect, everyone does stupid things.

    Indeed, as Nadal rightly says in this quote, no one is perfect.

    78. The only way to find a solution is to struggle, to move, to run and to control this pressure.

    We have to give our best version, put all the meat on the grill and go out and win.

    79. I love the beach, I love the sea. All my life, I have lived facing the sea.

    Rafa Nadal’s relationship with the sea has always been very close, in Manacor where he lives, he can benefit a lot from this medium.

    80. If someone says I’m better than Roger, I don’t think he knows anything about tennis.

    The rivalry between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer has always been huge, but the two tennis players are very different and at the same time great examples of what a tennis player should be.

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