Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 80 Best Quotes

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a famous American writer and philosopher, Born in the famous city of Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 1803.

Being the leader of the movement called “transcendentalism”, Waldo Emerson can be considered one of the most interesting philosophers who lived during the nineteenth century. During his career as a philosopher he wrote abundant prose and also a lot of poetry, which has undoubtedly made him, over the years, an extremely prolific writer.

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    Famous quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Throughout his life he traveled the world absorbing all the knowledge he had and thus accumulated great wisdom, which would later be reflected in his writings.

    In the text below you can enjoy Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 80 best quotes, Who is probably the most famous philosopher of his time.

    1. Don’t go where the road takes you, go where there is no road and leave a path.

    The bravest people don’t need anyone to tell them which path to take, they are able to create a path where it did not exist before.

    2. For every minute that you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

    In order to be happy we will have to put all negative emotions aside, if we become obsessed with them we are never going to move forward on our path to happiness.

    3. The creation of a thousand forests is done in an acorn.

    Every long journey begins with a first step, if we are patient little by little, we will be able to make our dreams come true.

    4. Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.

    The lives of others shouldn’t matter, all of our efforts should be focused on trying to maximize our own lives.

    5. To be tall is to be misunderstood.

    When we reach big milestones, there will always be someone who tries to discredit us – we have to heed the words of those who don’t really know us.

    6. It’s easy for others to live, everyone does it. I ask you to live for yourself.

    Our life should always be the highest priority for us, because if we don’t fight to achieve our goals, no one will.

    7. The mind, once attracted to a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.

    Over time, the mind will only expand, every experience we have, no matter how small, will give us a new squeeze of life.

    8. The unchanging mark of wisdom is seeing the miraculous in the common.

    Whoever is wise enough knows that even in the smallest things we can observe truly miraculous phenomena. Life, for example, is always born very small.

    9. Success is one who has lived well, laughed often and loved a lot, who has won the respect of children, who leaves the world a better place than it has found it, who has never lacked appreciation for life. beauty of the earth, which never ceases. seek the best in others or give the best of yourself.

    In this quote, Waldo Emerson tries to tell us how we should live our lives, always with the main principle of improving the world we find ourselves in.

    10. Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    You don’t have to be smart to be a good person. Values ​​do not have to be associated with intelligence.

    11. It is not the length of life, but its depth.

    Some people think that it is better to live a short and intense life, than a long and unimportant life, which this writer also believed.

    12. Nature and books belong to the eyes which see them.

    Wisdom may be just around the corner, but it will be up to us to seek it out.

    13. Even though we travel all over the world to find the beautiful, we must take it with us, otherwise we will not find it.

    When a discovery was made in the past, it had to be exposed for it to become relevant. If a scientist discovered a new species, the first thing he always had to do was capture it.

    14. Our main desire is to inspire ourselves to be what we know we could be.

    We all want to find this person who animates us in our lives, who loves us with our faults and knows how to value the virtues that we have.

    15. A hero is not more courageous than an ordinary man, but he is more courageous five minutes longer.

    Fear is common to all, but he who is courageous will have enough courage to be able to control his fear.

    16. People don’t seem to realize that their worldview is also a confession of their character.

    Our character and also our personality, make our perception of the world biased. We all have a personal point of view, which makes us see the world in a certain way.

    17. All artists were first of all amateurs.

    No one is born mastering a technique, even Leonardo da Vinci must have learned it at some point in his youth.

    18. When friendships are real, they are not strands of glass or frost, but the strongest things we can know.

    True friendships can last a lifetime, making them one of the greatest treasures we can possess.

    19. Happiness is a scent that cannot be poured into others without first having one for oneself.

    In order for those around us to be happy, we must too. If we want to spread happiness to others, we must be its carriers.

    20. The good news is that by the time you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have changed course in your pursuit of abundance. Success comes from within, not from without.

    We must not get carried away by established canons if we wish to be able to live life in a way that is consistent with our thoughts.

    21. He lives under the sun, nothing in the sea, he breathes the wild air.

    Nature can help us recharge our batteries, being in contact with it can be a very beneficial thing for us mentally and spiritually.

    22. Do what you fear and the death of fear is certain.

    If we dare to live fully, the things that scared us the most will be forgotten.

    23. Make your Bible. Select and collect all the words and phrases that in all of your reading have pleased you like the sound of a trumpet.

    Some dates can help motivate us in our day to day life, having them written down can be useful for our weakest moments emotionally.

    24. In a library we are surrounded by hundreds of dear friends imprisoned by a charmer in paper and leather boxes.

    Having access to a library can give us the opportunity to be able to learn all those arts or sciences that interest us the most.

    25. Nothing can bring you peace except yourself. Nothing can bring you peace except the triumph of principles.

    Inner peace is an emotional state which in order to achieve it we must deepen ourselves. Well, it’s only by knowing and accepting ourselves that we can access it.

    26. Life is short, but there is always enough time for courtesy.

    Courtesy is a clear symptom of good manners, with it we will be able to show a better version of ourselves.

    27. For everything you have lost you have gained something more, and for everything you gain you lose a little more.

    Life never stops giving us presents and snatching things away from us, but it will always be the great losses that we benefit the most from.

    28. Do not be a slave to your own past: immerse yourself in sublime seas, immerse yourself in the deep and nothing, so you will come back with a new self-respect, new power and a higher experience which will hold you back. will explain and pass through the old man high.

    Experiences improve us as individuals, we will learn from them but they don’t have to decide what kind of person we will be in. future.

    29. Life is a series of surprises and it wouldn’t be worth taking or saving it if it wasn’t.

    Uncertainty in life can be a great motivation, as the possibility of a better future can always be a feasible option.

    30. We always prepare to live, but we never live.

    Many of us are too focused on the future and forget to live in the present, if we are to be happier we will have to learn to live the other way around. The present is the only moment in all creation, over which we really have control.

    31. Beauty without expression is boring.

    The real beauty of people is in her personality, thanks to her even those who are not physically attractive can become truly magnetic individuals.

    32. Even in the mud and the slag of things, there is always something, there is always melody.

    From the worst situations we can also extract uplifting experiences, in life anything can be positive if we know how to find it.

    33. The years teach a lot, the days you never know.

    Over time, we acquire knowledge that builds us as individuals. These experiences that we will learn the most from, it is a very common thing that we need time to be able to understand.

    34. Be kind to your work, your word, and your friend.

    This attitude we adopt towards life will be the same as the attitude we receive from it. If you want life to treat you fairly, you too must be fair to others.

    35. What is an herb? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

    From the plants that we have managed to extract many beneficial properties, medicine today would not be possible without the great knowledge we have about them.

    36. Bad times have scientific value. These are opportunities that a good student would not miss.

    The most complicated situations are the ones we will learn the most, if we are smart enough, we can come out stronger.

    37. A child is a disheveled madman with holes.

    Children do not yet have a fully formed character and personality, they will certainly need time and receive a good education to be able to develop properly.

    38. Of all the ways to lose a person, death is the sweetest.

    An idea we may not all agree on, death is the worst farewell for many people.

    39. We gain strength from what we have overcome.

    When we overcome great difficulties, we realize what we are really capable of doing in the most difficult times, which will certainly help us in the future.

    40. Whatever you do, you need courage. No matter which course you choose, there is always someone who will tell you that you are wrong. Difficulties always arise that lead you to believe that your critics are right. To chart a course and follow it to the end requires the same courage a soldier needs.

    Life can always bring us difficulties, but if we are courageous and if we have enough faith, we will certainly achieve our goal.

    41. The adornment of a house, it is the friends who frequent it.

    Our friendships can turn our home into a real home, maybe even eventually become our family.

    42. You are constantly being invited to be who you are.

    If we are not honest with ourselves, we will not be able to be honest with others. Honesty must be one of the main premises of our lives.

    43. Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

    Today can be a good day if we believe it. Our attitude often determines the kind of luck we will have.

    44. Life is a journey, not a destination.

    Anything positive that happens to us in life will always be in its course. Ultimately, we’ll all have the same ending.

    45. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and give thanks continually. And because everything has contributed to your advancement, you must include everything in your gratitude.

    Being grateful can help us convey our values, which those around us will surely appreciate.

    46. ​​Make the most of yourself … Because that’s all you got.

    We must be proud of ourselves. Well, while we all have flaws, we also have some great qualities that we may not have developed until now.

    47. There is creative reading as well as creative writing.

    Reading is an activity that can be very beneficial, thanks to it, we can develop our imagination to unsuspected limits.

    48. In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in one way or another, and that’s why I learn from him.

    We can learn meaningful experiences from everyone around us, as long as we can appreciate them.

    49. Few people know how to walk. The requirements are endurance, simple clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, great curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing more.

    Walking is a fantastic activity that can activate our metabolism and can also help us clarify our thoughts.

    50. I hate dating. Tell me what you know.

    Waldo Emerson didn’t like it when someone spoke using third-party quotes, what he really wanted to know was how he felt about that person in front of him.

    51. Nothing outside of you has power over you.

    If we really don’t want to, neither the company nor the third parties can manipulate us. As human beings, we are fully capable of living by our own rules.

    52. Sometimes a cry is better than a thesis.

    Clarity should always be valued and as this writer tells us, sometimes a scream can be the most correct form of expression.

    53. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm.

    In order to achieve great things, we have to give our best. Well, nothing extraordinary has ever been achieved without a lot of effort.

    54. Adopt the rhythm of nature: its secret is patience.

    Nature can help us calm our spirits, being in contact with it can be a very beneficial thing for us.

    55. Without ambition, you don’t start anything. Without work, you don’t finish anything. The price will not come back to you. You have to earn it.

    If we want to achieve anything in life, we will have to fight for it, life is a process that never gives anything.

    56. Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

    If we are convinced that we will get what we want so badly, it will probably be so. Belief can be a very powerful motivating force.

    57. Some books set us free and some books set us free.

    Through reading, we will be able to acquire a series of knowledge that broadens our view of the world. Something that we will definitely enjoy for the rest of our lives.

    58. A stupid consistency is the elf of small minds.

    Those who do not have a highly developed mind are the easiest to convince. When an intelligent person develops an idea and delves into it, we will rarely be able to convince them of their wrong approach.

    59. Peace has its victories, but it takes courageous men and women to win them.

    Peace is absolutely necessary for a state to develop fully, as intelligent men we must try to preserve it no matter what.

    60. There is another reason to dress well, which is that dogs respect you and they will not attack you with good clothes.

    A very funny phrase from this great writer and philosopher, animals are quite able to look way beyond, from the clothes we wear.

    61. This is one of the blessings of old friends; that you can afford to be stupid with them.

    When we are with our friends, we can be ourselves, which we certainly don’t usually do when surrounded by strangers.

    62. The only person you are meant to be is whoever you choose to be.

    Our life is ours and we will become it, the person we really want to be.

    63. Each wall is a door.

    A seemingly impossible situation to overcome, it can be the prelude to a better future. You never know what life will surprise him with.

    64. The sage in the storm prays to God not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear.

    If we have faith, we have nothing to fear. Well, thanks to her, we will be able to overcome any adversity that life imposes on us.

    65. Fiction reveals truth which reality obscures.

    Through the use of fiction, artists can unleash their imaginations, often embodying certain ideas, which are in the collective mind of society.

    66. The secret of education lies in respect for the student. It is not for you to choose what he will learn, what he will do.

    Student-teacher treatment should be correct on both sides, a good teacher should never be demoted to the level of his students.

    67. When you were born you cried and everyone smiled. Live your life like this at the end, be the one who smiles and everyone cries.

    A beautiful phrase that we all need to remember, life is very short so you better make the most of it.

    68. Fear always arises from ignorance.

    The fear of the unknown has been there since the dawn of time, a fear that stems from the ignorance that these first men possessed.

    69. None of us will achieve anything excellent or dominant, except when we hear this whisper which only we will hear.

    The world of ideas is very mysterious, maybe one day we will have one that will change our lives forever.

    70. Love, and you will be loved.

    If we want others to love us, we must love them too.

    71. He who loves is wise and becomes wiser, he sees each time he looks at the beloved object, he draws from it with his eyes and his mind the virtues that he possesses.

    When we are in love with a person, we will only see positive aspects in him. As is often said, we will look at this person with good eyes.

    72. Common sense is a genius in his working clothes.

    We all have a certain common sense which can save us from more than one problem in life, some people have developed it more than others.

    73. Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived in order to be understood.

    These experiences we live in are the ones that shape us as individuals, with them we will eventually become the person we should be.

    74. People only see what they want to see.

    Our point of view gives us a biased view of life, a view that in order to be changed we must do our part.

    75. Sadness looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up.

    As this quote tells us, if we have faith, the future can be much brighter than the present.

    76. The earth laughs at flowers.

    Nature is wonderful, thanks to it people can enjoy very beautiful events, like the arrival of spring.

    77. My best thoughts have been stolen by the ancients.

    The ancients arrived at some really advanced conclusions for their time, thanks to them science has evolved a lot.

    78. The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the gentle smile, nor the joy of company; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to someone when you find out that someone else believes in you and is ready to trust a friendship.

    Our friendships can be a great support in life, because through them we will have the fantastic opportunity to be able to achieve many of our goals.

    79. What you are doing speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.

    Actions are much more important than words, unfortunately in most cases people generally do not lead the lives they preach themselves.

    80. I no longer remember the books I read except the meals I ate; even so, they did it to me.

    All the little things we do shape us as individuals, although to this day we don’t even remember them.

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