Ricardo Arjona’s 110 Best Quotes

Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, better known in the music world and to its fans as Ricardo Arjona, is a singer-songwriter, composer, musician, arranger and producer of Guatemalan music, who became known thanks to to his romantic pop rock music and his mixes. with Afro-descendant, Cuban, Nordic and Latin sounds.

In this article you will find a selection of Ricardo Arjona’s best quotes, which show their art and their way of thinking and conceiving of emotions and experiences such as love, desire and creativity.

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    Ricardo Arjona’s Most Memorable Phrases

    Being one of the greatest exponents of Latin music, this singer-songwriter has managed to make a name for himself all over the world and have a very strong fan base. That is why we have brought to this article a compilation of Ricardo Arjona’s best phrases about his songs and his personal life.

    1. When pride reigns, misfortune always reigns.

    Pride prevents us from seeing things clearly and from solving situations until it is too late.

    2. Don’t take years out of your life, put life into your years, which is better.

    About the concern of some women to always want to stay young.

      3. I believe more in God after the luck of two bodies and love.

      Love as a sign of divine power.

      4. I agree that speaking is not tender, and sometimes I am cold as winter, but do not say that there are no feelings in me, do not imagine what I am doing. feel.

      Not everyone shows how they feel.

      5. If he were King of England, he would begin by returning the lands that had been stolen from them to those who could not make war on them.

      A review of stolen historical coins.

      6. What are you doing? What am I doing? Auction at the market, such impromptu kisses, in spite of the bearer.

      When two people, even if they love each other, fail to be together.

      7. We spend more than half of our life looking for someone who looks like us to bring them home and embark on some kind of romantic adventure. But we always say to ourselves: “It must be the same for me” as if we were the big one.

      There are times when we have such high expectations in love that it becomes unreal.

      8. As if it was so easy to tear myself away from my mind, as if everything that was going through was so insignificant.

      It’s always hard to forget that special someone.

      9. We are not where the body is, but where they miss it the most and you are so surprised.

      Missing a person can become a very heavy thing.

      10. Give me time not to waste your time, that what I have left save my life.

      The past is always important to know in a relationship.

      11. If her enemy seems to be stalking the mirror, she smiles at him and destroys the complex.

      We are often our own enemies.

      12. And that silly fear of seeing you old and single; he makes you choose with your head what is of the heart.

      There are people who despair of seeking malicious love, just so as not to be alone.

      13. My universe is here where you live and luckily I live.

      When that special someone becomes all of you.

      14. The little that I have is so little, is worth a million.

      It’s not about compliance, it’s about being comfortable and enjoying what you have.

      15. Happiness is something that you cannot have all the time because it would be too boring. Sometimes you get there and get caught, and this is where you have to save up for weird times.

      Difficult times are necessary because in this way we learn to appreciate the good ones.

        16. Eager to get out of here, I know what to do. To let me go to another planet at the same time.

        This feeling of wanting to be as far away as possible and to get away from it all.

        17. I’m not really the only one who told you that you were gone.

        This ghostly presence that accompanies us.

        18. Don’t fall in love, you have to get up.

        No one dies of love, so you must not fall into the trap.

        19. The rich have diets, the poor are hungry … and in the end shit smells so bad, be it a prince or a maid.

        A critique of the economic inequality that reigns in the world.

        19. Love so ungrateful, remove only one doubt from me, whether you are the one who dies or it is I who kills you.

        We don’t realize it at first, but love can be put out by our hand.

        20. There was no clock or budget; the skin we wore was sufficient.

        Time flies differently when you’re with that special someone.

        21. Did the light go out or find it? Did a screw come out or did you push down on it?

        That confused moment when people show their true faces.

        22. I’ve seen you on your cell phone, on your Instagram photos, flirting with her in a mirror.

        This current trend of showing an overly perfect image on social media.

        23. What does fame mean to me?

        His take on fame.

        24. The bar is a half-capped hotel that heals the grief of those who do not know what to do with waking up.

        There are a lot of amazing stories in bars.

        25. I invite you to refrain from reproach if I already know all my faults.

        In order to improve, it is important to recognize our shortcomings.

        26. The house is nothing more than a cemetery of stories buried in graves, which some call memories.

        That feeling of emptiness that remains when the person you share everything with leaves.

        27. Take away the lieutenant complex that love without freedom lasts as long as a sneeze.

        Love should be free, not a golden prison.

        28. Loving yourself isn’t the best, but it’s perfect.

        No relationship is perfect. But it may be better if there is a compromise on both sides.

        29. I love you, even if it seems too strong …

        You are never afraid to express how you feel.

        30. So calm announces a storm, a storm.

        The calm before the storm.

        31. Love does not end with a simple goodbye, we must keep in mind that being absent does not cancel memory, buy oblivion, or erase us from the map.

        Love ends with time, with the acceptance each day that it is all over.

        32. In Soho, there is a cafe where I am hiding; and in Paris I lost the love I had.

        Every place has something special to remember.

        33. You didn’t fall in love with me, but with me when you were with me.

        Many people think they are in love when they only have mixed feelings.

          34. I love your coldness in the face of life, I love your truth even if it is a lie.

          People who seem to not care.

          35. Woman with a heart broken in two, tell me which half I belong to.

          A broken heart has the ability to heal if we allow it.

          36. I still love you, I don’t know if it’s illusory or fatalistic, I don’t know if it’s cowardly or masochistic.

          This love that does not end despite all the difficulties that surround it.

          37. How can I forget you, when you are everywhere, at the smile of a child, at the routine of an old man, at the song on the radio.

          When someone makes a deep impression on you, it’s hard to pull away from that memory.

          38. You have nothing left, and at least I have this incurable syndrome of loving you so much.

          What will be the payoff in this case?

          39. In truth, I would like to walk around and not let anyone notice it… it is the freedom that I miss and that would allow me an enormous wealth of images to feed my songs.

          Talk about alienating your privacy.

          40. She lives with me in my subconscious, she owns my past and my present, her home is my insecurity and her food my anxiety.

          A present thought that always torments.

          41. To walk through the clouds, we forget the ground.

          It’s good dream, as long as you can stay realistic.

          42. Let’s clarify the image of penguins in bed because of the ice cream you are causing.

          if there is one thing that kills love, it is disinterest.

          43. I have a stock of brand new kisses and a good truckload of love for you.

          A promise of infinite love.

          44. Come with me to love you without saying it, to touch you without rubbing or the reflection of your backlit skin.

          Love anytime, even from a distance.

          45. You knew the medley of Kamasutra i we laughed at the law of gravity, tried everything no questions asked and lied honestly.

          The moment when the passion between two people overflows.

          46. ​​Here the man is he who has women and a stormy life, not knowing which man is he who has one and keeps her happy.

          The inconsistency of masculinity, which women see as trophies but cannot live without.

          47. I look for the opportunity in my failure.

          Each failure gives us the opportunity to improve.

          48. Tell me no, and you’ll make me think of you all day, looking for the strategy for a yes.

          Loving to become a challenge.

          49. I came from my galaxy to explore this world, I found it around the corner and it took me a second to know that the mundane and the abyss float hand in hand.

          A subtle attack on today’s consumerist and superficial character.

          50. You need dreams to hold on to reality.

          Dreams are what make things possible.

          51. I know you from hair to toe. I know you snore at night and sleep upside down. I know you say you have twenty when you have twenty-three.

          When you know a whole person.

          52. Loving yourself is absurd and we know it and will be so as long as it lasts.

          When a love is not good, but it is irresistible.

          53. I have discovered that life is a game of chance where you lose what you win.

          Not all wins are wins, because of the price you have to pay.

          54. You taught me everything except forgetting.

          We know how to love, but not to forget.

          55. Everyone has their own life. I wanted the truth, you the lie. Luxury and nightmare, who has dignity does not kneel. It is said that in life, he does not earn what he leaves, but what he forgets.

          Everyone lives with their choices.

          56. It must be borne in mind that absence does not cancel memory or buy forgetfulness.

          Distance does not necessarily mean forgetting.

            57. Maybe you hate me with all the love of your life.

            Well, they say that from hatred to love there is only one step.

            58. Love always begins with dreams and ends with insomnia.

            When love makes us so anxious that sleep is stolen from us.

            59. Women … And if they lived on the moon, there would be more astronauts than sand in the sea.

            A standing ovation for the role of women in the world.

            60. There is no turning back clock.

            Time passes and no one waits.

            61. Although wanting to forget you is my philosophy, I carry you attached to me like a decal.

            It’s ironic that the more effort we put into forgetting someone, the more we remember them.

            62. How is an invertebrate heart bankrupt by anything that surprises you.

            The irony of being heartbroken.

            63. Lady of the four decades, you don’t need to show your figure behind a cleavage; his talent is to better handle the art of loving.

            Appearance is not everything, because what really conquers is the interior.

            64. If the past teaches you to kiss like that; blessed is he who was before me.

            Why do we judge a person so harshly by their past?

            65. Kiss me, put yourself where you prefer, give me an excuse to start my life over, give me what you want to give me, take away what you prefer.

            Give everything to that special someone to join our lives.

            66. There are loves like yours, which hurt when they are or have left. There are loves without pride, which live by losing their dignity.

            There are loves that are different from each other.

            67. My loneliness is your revenge.

            The loneliness gained from losing someone is the most bitter of all.

            68. Love dies, our desires die, we see them agonize convulsively between the sheets.

            There are relationships that can be saved, but others are doomed to fail.

            69. I am exactly what you do not deserve.

            A warning about a person who is not good to another.

            70. Collapsed, I fall to the bottom and I dive and I don’t even have the courage to be a coward.

            When we fall, we seem to lose all of our strength to get up.

            71. I live in the air that smells of your blouse.

            Delighted with every action of this special someone.

              72. It’s also my first time, I feel like I’m shaking, you see I’ve made love a thousand times but I’ve never made love.

              Is it different to have sex for sex?

              73. I think your nudity is your best lingerie.

              In praise of the natural naked body.

              74. When will you be what you have never been?

              The lament of how a person is always hurt rather than improved.

              75. And if the lights go out, and hell turns on, and if I feel lost, I know you’ll be with me, with a lifesaving kiss.

              When you have the support of your partner, anything is possible.

              76. Close the doors and windows, of which the sky itself will put a branch.

              lovers in complete privacy.

              77. I make songs for women because I don’t understand them.

              Her intention is to get closer to women and understand them.

              78. Now that you don’t shut up, it’s a noise that hurts my ears.

              When silence becomes a punishment.

              79. When was the last time you looked at the stars with your eyes closed and got caught like a shipwreck on someone’s shoulder?

              A reflection on being truly loved and unused.

              80. Each with his paradise, with his hell, his doubt, his story … his fear of dying.

              Each person is responsible for life.

              81. The same flaws you throw in my face today that were perfect at the start.

              At the beginning of falling in love, the person seems perfect to us, until we find out about the things that bother us and become unbearable.

              82. What are you doing? What am I doing? Waste the bed we want to get revenge on both of us.

              Hurt in between, instead of fixing things.

              83. If the universal visa is extended on the day of our birth and expires on death. Why are they chasing you wet, if the sky consul has already given you permission?

              An interesting reflection on life and death.

              84. Jungle of celebrity dreams. Art is dying of hunger; false laughs, lies, truth. Carpet stained with blood.

              The celebrity world has its hands very stained.

              85. Time is a question of time, life is a question of life, life lasts a moment, time all life.

              Time is life and life passes through time.

              86. I could already see myself spending future dates with you.

              Project our future alongside the loved one.

              87. Your DNA is in bed, and I’m cloning it for myself.

              We will do our best to continue to have this person with us.

                88. She’ll never be a TV model because they don’t do commercials for the heart yet.

                A subtle critique of preferences for beauty over feelings.

                89. I am firmly convinced that if you are, I will consolidate; and the suspicion that you don’t even suspect how much I love you.

                A relationship is for the two people to strengthen and grow together.

                90. How to get rid of you if I don’t have you, how to get away if you are so far away. How to find a tab you’ve never had the eyes

                This feeling of confusion and pain of losing something that has never really been felt.

                91. And if I am alone, it is not because I want to, because I have tried, but I cannot. I never learned to forget you.

                There are times when people are left alone because they can’t find a way forward.

                92. Why is love so cruel? which does not let me forget, which forbids me to think, which binds me and unties me and soon kills me.

                The cruel side and the wear and tear of love.

                93. For the composer, fame can be terrible, because one passes from the plane of the observer to that of the observed.

                Speaking of the price you pay to be successful in the music industry.

                94. I remind you, anyone looking for a Superman ends up with an asshole.

                There are women who are looking for the perfect man, even if he does not exist.

                95. What is the dimension of madness? Does it make more sense what you think or look at the moon?

                How does it really feel to be crazy?

                96. I am confused with the stone and I am human. How to put the past aside, I confuse you and I love you.

                The dystopia that is experienced in love.

                97. And here in vain one of the idiot for desperate, confusing love with companionship.

                The direction that drives us to despair.

                98. Come with me to say without words how blessed it is to have you.

                Actions always prove more than words.

                99. I love the stitching of your skirt, I love the structure of your back, I love what you see and what you touch, I love what isn’t and you provoke it.

                Love everything about that person.

                100. What ideologies separate man from love with sons unite them in his name.

                Love has the ability to unite people regardless of their differences.

                101. Want to run away from here, never to see you again. Put my life and my madness in this suitcase.

                Escape from whatever hurts us.

                102. But I am in this, I am a seeker of happiness, this is what keeps you creative and in creativity you can face something positive. It makes you feel good.

                At all times, we should look for the things that bring us joy and peace.

                103. There is so much to do, travel for your figure.

                Being in a relationship becomes an adventure to meet the other person.

                104. I want to give a flower to the love of my wound.

                This love that cannot be forgotten even if it has hurt us a lot.

                105. From an early age, I learned that religion is nothing more than a method with the title “forbidden to think” that everything is already written.

                Religion puts more obstacles in the way than anything else.

                106. We discuss for a while and come to the wonderful conclusion that in order to be friends it is very important to be quite similar and kind, but to be in love and love each other there is nothing better in the world than to be different.

                When it’s better for a relationship to be like a friendship than a romantic thing.

                  107. What you are not there does not separate you from me. The more I have you, the more I remember you even if I want to forget you.

                  Another reminder that distance does not necessarily make someone forget.

                  108. The problem is not wanting you, is that you don’t feel the same way.

                  One way Love.

                  109. And I continue to hit rock bottom here, in my country which is this fifth floor, in your voluntary exile, the nostalgia continues as Prime Minister.

                  Loneliness which becomes a dangerous home.

                  110. In this simple and unique way, you ask me to forget you. How to put aside the past.

                  The past that we miss the most is the one that is least forgotten.

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