Richard Gere’s 75 Best Quotes

Richard Gere is a famous American actor born in the famous city of Philadelphia, During the year 1949.

It is safe to say that we are wrong that Gere is one of the most famous actors in the world, a title he holds today thanks to having played many roles in world famous projects.

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    Phrases of Richard Gere, an iconic actor

    Some of her most famous works are: “Pretty Woman”, “Always by your side, Hachiko”, “The Big Scam” or “The First Knight”. These are all great films with which this actor has undoubtedly managed to captivate the hearts of millions of viewers.

    In the text below you will enjoy a selection of the 75 best phrases of Richard Gere, A genius of the interpretation of the most recognized works that we will always remember.

    1. I have less need to express myself by taking action. I have many different lives which are extremely rewarding.

    The world of theater was not the only thing that interested him, his life always had a lot more interesting things to offer.

    2. If people lose their land, they have nothing. You lose your land, you lose your culture, you lose yourself.

    Where we come from largely determines who we are, because from an early age, the culture of that particular place is what shaped us as individuals.

    3. One of the joys of being an actor is that you are always learning new things. And I’ve been doing this since I was 19, so I learned a lot of new things for each part. I still guess I can do it.

    Over the years, each artist improves in his mastery of the art he practices, which Richard Gere demonstrates to us with this fantastic quote.

    4. Every political situation has many aspects … We intellectualize the big picture in any way … We make our intellectual decisions according to our cultural background and our way of life.

    Our culture and experiences will always give us our personal perspective. A certain approach by which we always observe all these situations that we encounter in life.

    5. It’s weird that a good writer sits down and writes a good screenplay. Writers are also greedy and don’t want to work unpaid. But the quality will find its way.

    Good scripts in the world of cinema are generally quite rare and are also highly coveted, a fact which has never limited the popularity of the so-called “seventh art”.

    6. I do my job as an actor, but another part of my job is seeing the play as a whole. I can be quite aloof when watching my work and be brutal with myself.

    Being very perfectionist allowed him to progress quite quickly in his brilliant career as a performer.

    7. There is always a question of time and director. I’ve worked with a lot of directors who don’t care about my involvement. They appreciated it.

    This actor not only acts in his films, he also often collaborates in image editing tasks. A professional facet that many people ignore.

    8. I believe that as human beings we tend to compartmentalize, and we have a selective morality based on the situation in which we find ourselves.

    People’s morale often changes depending on the situation, as many of us know. Currently, individual values ​​are unfortunately scarce.

    9. When I am in Tibet, I am very happy. Tibetans shine. They literally send out light. The holiness of the Dalai Lama generates love and compassion for every human being.

    Tibetan Buddhism has been a great inspiration to many people, a religion that this well-known actor has always appreciated and respected.

    10. Sometimes when someone is a manager for the first time, they are afraid to include everyone, they have to prove that they are the manager.

    The transition from actor to director can be a bit complicated at times, a major change in profession that not everyone is good at.

    11. Food is the only thing that really nourishes.

    Food is a key factor in everyone’s life, because we all must necessarily consume it to continue living.

    12. The United States has never paid attention to others, so it is absurd of Bush to say that everything is in the best interests of the Iraqi people.

    The Iraq War was something this actor fought fiercely, a very unpleasant situation that no one in the United States really wanted.

    13. It is not enough to say that the Olympic Games are a sporting competition outside of politics, because it is not. The Chinese clearly use the Olympics to recreate their outlook on the world and their perception of themselves.

    The Olympic Games are a great opportunity for the great powers to shine. Well, in them the best international athletes are put to the test, in order to find out who is the best in each sport.

    14. When working as an actor, you should feel confident even in what seem like the simplest things.

    Actors should always have a lot of self-confidence, which will allow them to make their characters much more realistic.

    15. There really is a character for each actor. The journey is to find this character.

    Great actors always choose their roles very well, because collaborating on a bad movie can be a really bad thing for them.

    16. Playing in New York can be a problem … I had to walk through a crowd, go through the front door and play the stage.

    Fame can become a very boring thing for great actors, as a large crowd always tends to chase them wherever they go.

    17. Billions of people do not practice any religion.

    There are many people around the world who practice atheism, a totally valid option for those who do not believe in any god.

    18. Why while 10 million people in this country say “no”, is there still a president who says “yes”? In a democracy, something is wrong here.

    That a country goes to war should never depend on a president, the people should certainly have greater decision-making power.

    19. I have not worked with jealous or competitive people. It’s a particularly murderous attitude when working on a movie.

    This actor has always avoided toxic work environments, which is good advice that perhaps many of us should apply in our lives.

    20. It is human nature: we want to believe our children, our families, our president!

    Lies are unfortunately all too common, a man as relevant as the President of the United States should never lie to the people.

    21. I have to admit that careful consideration works for me.

    Taking care of our appearance can open many doors for us, as it is sometimes said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    22. I had a friend in the neighborhood. The father had “Playboy” magazines, and we would go and see them. I remember cropping pictures and hiding in my room.

    Playboy magazine is quite an institution in the United States, millions of people have grown up flipping through its pages.

    23. She has two kids and pets, and I think she’s a nighttime nibbler. There would be crumbs on all sides.

    In this quote, Gere tells us about his friend Julia Roberts, a wonderful woman with whom he has worked on several occasions.

    24. I have always maintained that all characters and personalities are all of us. Everything is available. You are not this or that, no one is.

    Through the use of interpretation, we can adopt personalities different from our own, even if only for a short period of time.

    25. In a working movie set, you have the figure of your father, the director, you have your brothers and sisters, your other actors.

    In order for a recording to go as it should, everyone involved must give their best. of themselves.

    26. We have had too many global AIDS days.

    AIDS has been one of the great evils of the 20th century, a struggle he has championed as an actor on several occasions.

    27. I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I were a giraffe and someone said I was a snake I would think no, I am actually a giraffe.

    no one will be able to change the opinion that this actor has of himself, he knows very well who he is and no one will be able to tear him away.

    28. I think movies are probably a mirror in some way so that we can see ourselves in them.

    Actors can express much of their feelings, using acting. The characters who usually play will often have some similarities to who they really are.

    29. If the United States goes to Iraq without the support of the United Nations, it will be without the support of the American people.

    The majority of the American people did not support the invasion of Iraq, a war that eventually took place.

    30. Sharon Stone. He is one of the most dedicated people I know, but also very new.

    Stone was a woman who certainly caused a sensation in the 90s, after the big movie “Basic Instinct” her career was catapulted to glory.

    31. I have remained friends with most of my girlfriends.

    Even if a relationship breaks down, that’s not why you should lose your friendship, which this famous actor shows us with this quote.

    32. People don’t understand what happiness is, so they have an idea of ​​what will make them happy, but it never does.

    In order to achieve happiness, we must learn to control our thoughts and emotions, for which meditation can be a very interesting tool.

    33. I am not that hard; I’m not that smart. I need life to tell me who I am, constantly show my mind. I wouldn’t see him in a cave.

    Gere has always been a man who has always tried to keep his feet on the ground, which he has thankfully achieved, despite the great fame that has often preceded him.

    34. It’s good to have money, but the first thing I did with money was to buy my dad a snowplow, because my job was to shovel snow, and he wasn’t around to do it anymore, so I was able to buy -lo. A blower.

    Money can make our lives easier, because it allows us to focus on what matters most to us.

    35. I am rarely in a situation where, if you have a good idea, it is not accepted. This is stupid. And I don’t work with stupid people.

    The ideas of others should always be heard, we never know what good ideas others can bring to us.

    36. Things come out of nowhere and you start to evaluate the director, the cast and all these other things that come into play.

    A good project should always be based on a good script, because it will depend on which actors will be chosen later to play it.

    37. If you have questions in mind, don’t ask them. If you think you are going to fix something wrong, don’t do it.

    Doubts can lead us to make big mistakes, sometimes it’s better not to make last minute changes.

    38. I am a 50 year old boy and I am not in good shape like when I was 30 years old.

    Time flies for everyone, which this artist knows very well. However, Gere has always known how to stay in an enviable form.

    39. I can see the character in a photograph, the way a man stands or takes his hands, the way the belt is fastened. Very fantasio looking at the photographs. I’m sure it doesn’t work for a lot of people.

    A simple photograph can be something that greatly awakens our imagination, thanks to it we can visualize in our mind a particular scene.

    40. Even in comedies, you have to feel safe in order for things to happen in a natural, free and recognizable way as human.

    An actor without self-confidence will never be able to convey great truthfulness, a quality that is totally essential to a good performance.

    41. For me it was important to have a blessed companion.

    These people around us will always be important to us, our personal life would never be complete without them all.

    42. I don’t know any of us who have totally honest relationships, that doesn’t exist.

    Honest people are rare, sincerity and honesty are not qualities that are currently being promoted.

    43. Sometimes I am a bit spatial. I’m like Ferran the Ox, sniffing the daisy, not knowing the time, of what’s going on in the real world.

    As we see, this actor has always had the remarkable ability to abstract, meditation has certainly been an activity that over time has allowed him to delve deeply into his thoughts.

    44. I have had an interesting life.

    The life of this actor would surely be more than a movie, a movie that many of us would probably go and see.

    45. Full attention is an ever-present quality. It is an illusion that there is a period of meditation and post-meditation, which I always find funny whether you are paying attention or not.

    Gere has been practicing the concept of mindfulness for many years, a state of mind that we can access through continuous meditation.

    46. ​​If you can see the terrorists as a gravely ill relative and we are to give them medicine and medicine, it is love and compassion. There is nothing better.

    Some countries urgently need the help of the United States to prosper, aid that often does not go as planned.

    47. I cannot say that I have control of the emotions; I don’t know my mind, I’m lost like everyone else. I am certainly not a leader.

    Richard Gere is undoubtedly a great actor, but at the end of the day he’s a man like any other. Even the most powerful man will also harbor his own existential fears and doubts.

    48. I don’t want to ring myself, but if Jesus Christ was living in Chicago today, and come to me and had five thousand and five dollars, let’s say it would’ve been a different way.

    Luck in life is a very important factor, without it we will have great difficulty in achieving everything we set out to do.

    49. To read your own mind is to look at yourself and to read your soul. Hatred becomes love and this is the path I am working on.

    Our thoughts can be confusing at times, the best we can do in this situation is to stop and think.

    50. Anything that enlarges the mind and the heart is happiness. But that’s not a goal.

    Over time, life can bring us many positive experiences, but all of them will be very small steps on the way to our destiny.

    51. I have a lot of opportunities, a lot of love in my life, a lot of things for me. However, it is not complete. I know that is not all. There is much more.

    Life will always have new things to offer us, because no matter how much time passes, we will never discover all that the world has to offer us.

    52. I lived in New York when I had nothing, and I lived in New York when I had money, and New York changes drastically depending on how much money you have. It is the texture of life.

    Money can drastically change our experience in one place, as we all imagine, life is not lived the same if we have a lot of it.

    53. If you have an inherent level of respect, trust, and openness to essentially be yourself, it allows for deeper, uncensored communication.

    These values ​​that we have, will help us to communicate better with all those around us.

    54. When you get up in the morning, select your motivations.

    Mornings can be a good time to clarify our priorities, we are always in time to be able to change anything we don’t like.

    55. There is a way of looking at a horrible place from a certain angle which allows one to acquire beauty because it is what it is. is.

    Perspective can drastically change our view of something, the right approach can help us see the full potential of what we observe.

    56. People are offended by animal rights campaigns. It’s ridiculous. It’s not as bad as the massive death of animals in a factory.

    Animals also deserve our utmost respect, we must all understand that they are living beings fully capable of suffering and suffering.

    57. I don’t think the value is on the skin. Courage is the willingness to show an emotional need.

    Our skin color doesn’t determine who we are, it’s our values ​​and emotions that really define us.

    58. There are times when telling lies is not a bad thing. It can be a compassionate thing. But to make it benign, you must be aware of your compassionate reasons for telling this lie.

    According to this actor, a white lie can be correct under certain circumstances, one idea in particular, which many of us will fully understand.

    59. I am younger than before. Internally. Less self-aware. Less insecurity.

    Life experiences slowly change us and the person we were one day will surely have nothing to do with the person we will be tomorrow.

    60. Always walk towards open doors. And if they suddenly close their faces, whip that fool and move on.

    We may have difficulties in life, but we have to be brave enough to overcome them.

    61. Relationships are like sharks. They have to keep going into deeper and colder waters, sometimes more terrifying and darker territories … to stay alive.

    You never know where a relationship will take him, maybe with her we discover new situations that we never imagined before.

    62. I don’t regret anything. Everything happens for a reason: it’s part of the healing process. Life is a healing process.

    The mistakes of the past will be the ones that will make us a better person in the future, we must never regret making a mistake.

    63. The reality is that we can change. We can change ourselves. We can change our mind. We can change our hearts. And so the universe changes.

    Life is so long that during which we can change more than once, people learn from everything that happens to us.

    64. To play in the cinema is above all to listen. If you’re really engaged, that’s all a movie audience wants to see if you deal with what’s going on in your world.

    The way an actor interprets silence during a given conversation can be something that conveys great veracity to the audience in their performance. Sometimes silence is as important as any word.

    65. Full attention is a quality that is always there. It is an illusion that there is a period of meditation and post-meditation, which I always find funny whether you are paying attention or not.

    66. Some problems on this planet seem intractable.

    Unfortunately, our civilization is never compromised in certain circumstances which certainly affect us all, global warming or hunger are two problems that must be resolved as quickly as possible.

    67. I think people want to relate their entertainment to what’s going on in their life. Not all.

    Most viewers want to see situations they might find themselves in on the big screen, so that they can more easily immerse themselves in the plot of this film.

    68. When His Holiness won the Nobel Peace Prize, there was a leap forward. He is no longer seen solely as a Tibetan; It belongs to the world.

    For many people, the Dalai Lama is a benchmark in life, according to Tibetan Buddhism, this honorable man is his highest representation on earth.

    69. My life is quite simple and normal.

    A very simple sentence in which this actor describes how he observes his life, although he is known around the world, Gere has always tried to maintain a very normal life.

    70. I have a lot of beautiful friends.

    Friends are a very precious thing, thanks to them our life can certainly be much fuller.

    71. I think life is a test of oneself. Definitely the trip we take.

    Life puts all of us to the test, our success will always depend on ourselves.

    72. When I first started playing it was really the way I could communicate.

    Performance can be a great exercise in bodily expression, thanks to it we can express feelings and emotions that we may not have known we had internalized.

    73. Tibetan Buddhism has had a huge impact on me.

    Through this religion, Gere found spiritual peace, something that many people often seek in their personal lives and sometimes never find.

    74. I have no idea of ​​the weather and I am a dreamer.

    When we immerse ourselves in our thoughts it is normal that we lose our sense of time, it is something that often happens to this great actor.

    75. I would say that the West is very young, it is very corrupt. We are not very wise. And I think we hope that there is an ancient, wise, open, and full of light place.

    Asian culture was seen during the twentieth century as a true well of wisdom, the Western world discovered great beneficial activities for human beings, such as meditation or yoga.

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