Ridley Scott’s 70 Best Quotes

Ridley Scott is a famous British filmmaker, Born in the beautiful coastal town of South Shields in 1937.

The sci-fi genre is undoubtedly the strong point of this well-known director, but he has also seen great success in other genres like historical drama and war. Some of his most famous films are: “Alien”, “Black Hawk Overthrown”, “Gladiator” or “Robin Hood”, fantastic works with which he certainly managed to stand out with his exceptional works.

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    Ridley Scott’s Phrases and Thoughts

    We will show you below a selection of Ridley Scott’s 70 best quotes, A few phrases with which you can discover one of the most interesting and versatile filmmakers of today.

    1. People say I pay too much attention to how a movie looks, but for god’s sake I don’t produce Radio 4 Play for Today, I make a movie that people are going to watch.

    Scott has always been a very observant man, a way of being that he later joined as a director.

    2. Politics is very interesting and always leads to conflict.

    Politics is a big gap between people, a very important aspect of the life of each of us that he never liked to touch.

    3. A success for me is if I like the film, if I personally like the film.

    There are few films that can give us full enjoyment, but those of this director certainly always do.

    4. I have always been very surprised to finally get into a thirty second commercial.

    Advertising is able to condense a lot of information in a short time, which this director has never ceased to amaze.

    5. Far from being dead, physical means have years of life and must be preserved because there is no better alternative.

    Digitization is not always positive, digital media often compress information thus losing great video and audio quality during conversion.

    6. Good FBI officers go unnoticed. You would never look at them.

    The best FBI agents are the ones who can go most unnoticed, a quality that not everyone has.

    7. The same with the movie, when you are done filming and you really got into everything, you hit everything in the editing room. You went there and took little pieces of everything.

    Editors collect the most interesting scenes from a movie and arrange them to make sense, sometimes directly influencing a movie’s plot.

    8. I do a really good job of casting.

    Castings are really important, because he knows that only the best actors should play in his films.

    9. MPC, Moving Picture Company, are really excellent, they did most of the effects.

    Special effects are very important to a movie right now, viewers expect to see a lot of them in all of this director’s work.

    10. If I have to, I’ll go to the theater and talk until the cows come home.

    The rivalry between cinema and theater has always been present, as seen in this quote Scott is a strong supporter of the seventh art.

    11. And anyway, these are just movies. To stop me, I think they will have to shoot me in the head.

    No one will ever be able to get away from this work which fascinates him so much, the cinema as we see it, everything is for him.

    12. And I have a good relationship with all of the studios, so I’ve never been intimidated in any way, frankly.

    The recording studios are well aware of the qualities of this excellent director, every time they call him for a possible job he knows that he is probably the most suitable person for that job.

    13. What you do is gradually become more and more experienced and more and more realistic with regard to dramatic tolerance, that is, the length of the play.

    After a long career as a director, his working methods have refined considerably, as he is now much more aware of the scope of a certain scene.

    14. But “Gladiator” is one of my favorite adventures because I really loved going out into the world. I loved creating the world so much that you could almost feel it.

    Without a doubt, “Gladiator” is a simply exceptional film, when it was released it caused a stir within the film community.

    15. Digital is a different world because you are sitting at home and a high tech computer is within reach for most people, so they are watching a high tech version of everything you have done.

    With digital media, people had the ability to see movies at home with excellent visual definition, which to date has been practically impossible.

    16. I knew exactly what to do with Alien, it was fun.

    Alien is perhaps this director’s best-known film, one with which he quickly managed to put his name on every billboard.

    17. That’s it and I’m still making casting decisions.

    The director is the person who has the most responsibility in a film project, because filmmakers throughout a shoot never stop making decisions.

    18. “Blade Runner” appears regularly, two or three times a year in various forms and forms of science fiction. It set the tone for what is essentially urban sci-fi, the urban future and that’s why I never visited this area again because I feel like I was.

    “Blade Runner” is certainly a cult film that has set a great precedent, having already succeeded in this field, Scott as we see it prefers not to replay it.

    19. Most people need money all the time.

    Today’s society is completely obsessed with money, a disproportionate ambition that often leads people to experience great misfortune.

    20. Never blink, honestly.

    Knowing that he must always perceive down to the smallest detail of his films, Scott tries to blink as little as possible when recording.

    21. Casting is everything.

    Having the right actors for a movie will definitely be the crucial factor in leading us to success.

    22. Doing what you haven’t done is the key I think.

    As a director, he always tries to innovate with his films, which he usually does in most cases.

    23. It’s part of the policy: keep shifting gears.

    Politics often leads society to where it wants to go and maybe that place isn’t really what interests us most individually.

    24. When you make a good movie, you go from 10 months to a year.

    Great movies always take their time, no great movie has ever been made overnight.

    25. Some people like to do everything the same way all the time. It’s another way: do the same.

    Knowing our strengths, we can devote ourselves to exploiting them over and over again, a certain way of working that this great filmmaker disagrees with.

    26. My career seems to be a race of nonspecific topics that are everywhere.

    Scott has certainly tackled many different subjects with his films, thus achieving a professional career as a filmmaker of the most varied.

    27. I am so used to working with writers that my main occupation is development.

    The writers give him the basis on which he begins to work, without them the films of this great director could never have had such well-developed plots.

    28. Yes, obviously there is this degree of desire that people accept the beliefs and philosophies of others.

    We all always have to respect the ideas of others, which unfortunately is not usually the case in today’s society.

    29. If you believe, you believe; if you are faithful, you are faithful. I don’t care about your religion. The same goes if you are agnostic. It should also be accepted.

    We have the right to be able to choose the religion which interests us the most, because this director freedom of religion is a fundamental right that all the nations of the world should try to accept.

    30. The ego is there, but I am learning to channel it.

    The name of this filmmaker may be intimidating to some people, but he knows full well that he is, in fact, a man like any other.

    31. I started late, I didn’t make my first film until I was 40 years old.

    Although he started late, he certainly managed to grow into a distinguished filmmaker, something few have been able to match in their lives.

    32. I have always been aware that the whole Earth is too busy.

    Human beings are slowly destroying the habitat we all live in, if we don’t act as soon as possible we will all end up being harmed.

    33. People don’t know how physically difficult it is to make a movie.

    How you work in the movie business is something a lot of people don’t know, those who are involved in a movie project, they actually work a lot harder than we usually think.

    34. I try to make films, not films. I never liked the expression “film”, but it seems elitist to say it.

    Scott has always tried to convey a lot of things with all his works, for him they are not just simple and vulgar films.

    35. I always shoot my films with punctuation as part of the dialogue. Music is dialogue. People don’t think that way, but music is actually dialogue. And sometimes the music is the final, final, and additional dialogue. Music may be one of the last characters in the film.

    Music is fundamental in the creation of a film, because with it a filmmaker manages to convey all these emotions to the viewer he wants them to feel.

    36. “Alien” is a C-movie elevated to A-movie, honestly, for being well done and it’s a big monster. If I hadn’t had this great monster, even with a wonderful cast, I wouldn’t have been so good, I don’t think so.

    When viewers got to see an alien for the first time that people were stunned, this great movie certainly would never have been the same without the collaboration of this fantastic monster.

    37. Some politicians still seriously believe that we do not have global warming.

    Some politicians may not be able to stand for election because with their management the whole of society will most likely be harmed.

    38. It is difficult to write scripts.

    Not everyone is good at writing scripts, Ridley Scott has always been very conscious.

    39. Making science fiction at a high level is complicated. It’s really complicated.

    Science fiction is an incredible genre, thanks to this director we have all been able to discover how far this genre can go.

    40. Many investors are still wondering what to invest in. And of course, I think the entertainment looks appealing when you read the few movies that make such incredible amounts of money. What they don’t know is that they don’t always do it.

    Not all Hollywood movies succeed at the box office, with many of them sadly ending up in economic ruins.

    41. I have always avoided consequences unless I felt there was something new.

    The sequels were never a movie to his liking, unless there was something really interesting to contribute to a plot.

    42. Egypt was, as it is now, a confluence of cultures, for it was a geographic crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

    Egypt is a country with a simply fascinating culture, it seems that today we still have a lot to discover in the sands of its desert.

    43. When I started the original Alien, Ripley wasn’t a woman, she was a boy.

    A curious fact that many of us might not have known, this movie certainly would never have been the same without the stellar role of Sigourney Weaver.

    44. I’m a science fiction fanatic, really, deep down.

    Science fiction has always been a great passion for him, a passion that thanks to his work many of us have also been able to develop.

    45. Fire is our first form of technology.

    When man started to control fire, he started the technological escalation of mankind. Who wouldn’t say that thousands of years later, for example, we were going to visit the moon.

    46. ​​I think Phil Dick was particularly interesting because, first of all, he was a very modern man and a very modern thinker.

    Scott knows how to appreciate the qualities of other writers, which certainly says a lot about him.

    47. There is a large film industry in Egypt, and quite significant in Syria, and there is a large Muslim community in Paris.

    The Muslim world is also a big consumer of cinema, a fact that Scott always keeps in mind when making his films.

    48. I am in a constant stage of development.

    We can evolve throughout our life because it can always be a good time to learn something new.

    49. When you think about it, “Avatar” is almost entirely an animated film.

    James Cameron’s “Avatar” is a film almost entirely made by computer, the direct collaboration of real actors is almost anecdotal.

    50. Taking a cartoon character is very difficult to write. Because comics are meant to work on one page, to work in frames with minimalist dialogue. And much is left to the reader’s imagination. To do this in the movie you have to be a little more explanatory. And that requires a good script and a good dialogue.

    Bringing a comic to the big screen is a lot of work, because the comics weren’t created, so it’s not easy to do at all.

    51. “Blade Runner” was a comic book. It was a comic! It was a very dark comic book. Comic metaphorically.

    “Blade Runner” is a dark and very philosophical film, but you could certainly make a good comic book out of it.

    52. Churchill plays a note in my life because my father worked at Mulberry Harbor, which was the code name for temporary concrete harbors that were towed across the canal to make the D-Day disembarkation in France possible.

    As we see, his father was directly involved in WWII, which as we most likely know was the bloodiest war in history.

    53. Your Landscape to the West is one of the most important characters in the film. The best westerns are about man in relation to his own landscape.

    No Western movie is interesting if it doesn’t have a good scenery, the scenery in these movies turns out to be a simply indispensable factor.

    54. On rare occasions the father remembered his meeting with Eisenhower and the way Churchill appeared, late at night or at night, carrying a cigarette, when he had obviously had a good dinner.

    Anecdotes that certainly impressed him deeply, the adventures that his father was able to live for sure were absolutely thrilling.

    55. I have seen some of James Cameron’s work and need to switch to 3D.

    James Cameron helped promote 3D in film, a technology trend Ridley Scott was quick to support.

    56. I don’t go to the movies often: I’d rather just put on a disc and get the biggest monitor I have, and if the quality is great I can watch a movie, and if I don’t like it I can. To take it out.

    Nowadays, a lot of people usually consume movies at home, because the latest TV screens, as this fantastic director tells us, have a truly amazing quality.

    57. In science fiction, we are always looking for new frontiers. We are drawn to the unknown.

    This cinematic genre always seeks to innovate with his films, which usually does not happen in works of other equally interesting genres.

    58. I tend to watch a lot of low budget movies to find out what’s going on and who’s coming.

    At least one curious fact about this famous director, as you can see there are a lot of curiosities that we do not yet know about him.

    59. Perhaps because of my background as a graphic designer, I am drawn to rich and beautiful colors.

    His previous experiences have allowed him to create a cinema that is totally different from all the others, as we can see from the result of his works, Ridley Scott is without a doubt a one of a kind director.

    60. As a filmmaker, deep blacks are essential and in my experience no technology captures these attributes as well as plasma.

    We can currently enjoy a great cinematic experience without leaving home, who knows what audiovisual technology we will enjoy in the comfort of our homes in the future.

    61. The UK must continue to invest in new technologies, skills and infrastructure to keep pace with international competition.

    All the nations of the world are investing very hard to be able to keep pace with the current technological development, because only the nations with the most advanced technology will be able to prosper in the near future.

    62. I would make a film with a political point of view if I was okay with it, and maybe even if I didn’t.

    Politics has never attracted him and that is why this director has not made any films on this controversial subject.

    63. “Promise” has been a great experience for me.

    “Prometheus” is a prequel to the “Alien” saga, thanks to which Scott was able to end one of his most famous sagas.

    64. I love Wadi Rum, this is the best view I have ever seen of what Mars could look like.

    Wadi Rum is a mountainous region located in Jordan, which gives us a good perspective of what we might see on Martian soil.

    65. When you watch a documentary, the danger is to romanticize.

    Documentaries should be as reliable as possible, otherwise the viewer will get the wrong idea about them.

    66. The best stories come from the truth.

    The best stories are undoubtedly the ones that have an important and relevant truth behind them.

    67. I am an Englishman who made a film on Mogadishu, “Black Hawk Down”.

    “Black Hawk Demolished” is a film that tells us about the American army and the situations it faces, although Scott is of English origin in this film he was able to portray very well the hardships that a soldier can undergo. army.

    68. Consciousness, the power of consciousness, can dig up all kinds of things.

    Consciousness is a virtue that not all beings have, only humans and animals who have been shown to be smarter seem to have developed it.

    69. “The Man In High Castle” is one of Dick’s most imaginative and captivating works, and certainly one of my favorites.

    “The man in High Castle”, a television series distributed via the Netflix streaming platform, in which this well-known director worked as a producer. At least some work that we see judging by this quote will be very interesting.

    70. Stanley Kubrick’s “2001” was the gateway to science fiction for me. So far everything has been fine, but it hasn’t worked for me.

    “2001, Odyssey in Space” was a really important film in its time, because thanks to it many people, including this director, discovered science fiction.

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