Ringo Starr’s 65 Best Quotes

Richard Starkey, better known as Ringo Starr, Is a well-known English musician born in 1940 in the famous city of Liverpool.

As the drummer of the iconic band The Beatles, Starr became one of the most important musicians of his time and perhaps in the history of modern music. During his career, Starr performed around the world, sold millions of records and achieved the status of music legend.

Along with his friends: George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, they laid the groundwork for which music would henceforth be governed, directly influencing the groups and solo musicians that would emerge from that era.

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    Famous quotes from Ringo Starr, an underrated beatle

    Ringo Starr is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and unknown Beatles, would you like to know a little more about him?

    Then we’ll show you the 65 best Ringo Starr quotes, A music icon with a really very interesting personality.

    1. Yoko Ono is a good friend of ours. I have to admit one thing: for me, at first, I didn’t like Yoko. And the reason she didn’t like me was because she was mad at my friend John.

    Many people have speculated that with the arrival of Yoko Ono, the Beatles began to distance themselves.

    2. I have often been criticized for saying “peace and love”, but I always do. if i can choose, i prefer to be positive. If I’m negative I’m not doing anything good for the world.

    Being positive will definitely be better for ourselves and also for the whole of society. We must never lose our enthusiasm.

    3. Working in filmmaking I feel more independent and creative on my own, but on top of that, I find myself completely with the responsibility of being a beatle. As I sat on drums in front of thousands of people attending the Bangladesh Festival hosted by George Harrison, I had a sense of freedom like I had never felt before when working with The Beatles. It was me and no one else playing the drums, although everyone was screaming because, to them, I was still one of the four, but I knew I wasn’t. I owe it to the movies.

    The seventh art has always been an atmosphere in which Ringo Starr felt very comfortable.

    4. I won’t say anything because no one believes me when I do.

    This musician perhaps felt a little despised by the press of the time. His companions carried much of the merit during concerts.

    5. It was magic. I mean, there were moments of affection between four people. An incredible approach, with four young people who really loved each other, was truly sensational.

    The connection that the members of The Beatles felt was certainly very intense and special. They were almost like brothers.

    6. John’s personality has been what made us successful.

    John Lennon has become a legend thanks to his music. He was definitely a great musician and we will all always remember him.

    7. Do you remember when everyone started to analyze the songs we made? It seems to me that I myself never understood what some of them were talking about …

    Many of the songs by this famous band seem to have hidden meanings, is that really the case?

    8. Lady Madonna, aren’t you thinking of Elvis? No, it really doesn’t look like him. But he’s pure Elvis, even those pieces he climbs so high in.

    For Ringo Starr, the song Lady Madonna had great musical similarities with those of the King of Rock and Roll.

    9. What didn’t the Vatican say that we were satanic or maybe satanic? … And yet, have we been forgiven? I think the Vatican has more to talk about than the Beatles.

    The church did not understand in its beginnings the phenomenon of the fans, managing to make several unfortunate comments.

    10. I always wanted to write a song like any other and I tried, but to no avail. It wasn’t hard for me to find the lyrics, but every time I found a song and sang it to others, they’d say, “This sounds like such a thing,” and I realized. that they were right. But there is one in which I fell into a bit as a composer: it was called “What is happening”.

    As we all know, Starr was not the official composer of The Beatles, within the band these tasks were usually performed by Lennon and Mccartney.

    11. I have a very clear opinion of myself as I am not a technical drummer of those who spend nine hours practicing a day. I received the first drums at Christmas and in February I was already playing in a set. What I am sure of is that I created a style which, with Ginger Baker, is the only one valid for modern rock.

    In his role as drummer, Starr was undoubtedly a great musician, brilliantly accompanying with his percussion all the songs performed by the Beatles.

    12. I have always been good at creating the melody of a first verse, but after that there is nothing I can do. It takes me years, that’s why I’m so slow.

    Creating music is a really complicated thing, not everyone is born to invent.

    13. We are low-key, genuine and British at heart.

    In its early days, the Beatles had certain qualities that radically differentiated them from other bands of the time.

    14. For me, life is always about playing the drums, but I love making movies. The previous times, I was used (I lent myself to this, I accept it) for calling my name. I was told: “Act naturally, be yourself”. And there I went, doing the morisquetas that everyone expected from Ringo, the Beatles idiot.

    A lot of people have used it in the past, but Starr has certainly learned a valuable lesson.

    15. I did nothing to create what happened. He was created alone. I am here because it happened. But I did nothing to prevent him from saying “yes”.

    This musician was involved in a situation that perhaps surpassed him, it was not in vain that he was 22 when he started playing with the Beatles.

    16. So this is the EA. UU. They must be crazy.

    The culture shock between England and the United States was sure to be enormous. Two very, very different nations.

    17. I know I’m not very good at singing because I don’t have a lot of vocal range. So they write me songs that are very low and not very difficult.

    Although he collaborated on hit songs, this musician never considered himself a great singer.

    18. I became a drummer because it’s the only thing I can do, but every time I listen to another drummer I know I’m not good … I’m not good at the technical part , but I’m good with the rhythm, like moving my head.

    Self-confidence has never been one of the strengths of this musician.

    19. I would like the fans to take meditation instead of drugs.

    During the 1960s, drug use was rampant as he knew his fans were using recreational drugs during his concerts.

    20. I don’t like intellectual girls because I never understand what they’re talking about.

    As we can see, he was looking for a simple woman without great intellectual aspirations.

    21. I have fallen into the trap of believing this absurd theory that in order to be creative you have to prick the brain. In the end, he was so affected by the wing that he couldn’t create anything. I was so busy taking things away that I couldn’t devote myself to anything else.

    Drugs greatly diminish our intellectual capacity and possibly our ability to create as well. Drugs will never be good for us.

    22. I will continue as long as he can hold the drumsticks … I am the boy who at thirteen had this dream of being a musician, of playing with good people. And this dream really continues.

    Music will always be a central aspect of the life of this great musician.

    23. The Beatles were not than four guys who loved each other. That’s all they will be.

    The Beatles were first of all friends, a group of friends who loved each other very much.

    24. Yesterday evening, I dreamed of peace …

    During the 1960s, a message of peace began to circulate in society, as Martin Luther King said in 1963: I have a dream.

    25. How do you find America? Turn left on Greenland.

    Very interesting and also valid indications to be able to find the American continent.

    26. Peace and love, peace and love!

    With peace and love, the world would definitely be a better place.

    27. America: it’s like Great Britain, only with buttons.

    American fashion was noticeably different, a bit from what Starr was achieving when he arrived.

    28. Everything that touches the government becomes garbage.

    Rebellion was a very normal thing at that time, as there was great discontent among the population.

    29. Of course, I am ambitious. What the hell is wrong with that? Otherwise, you sleep all day.

    Maybe we should all be a little more ambitious, ambition can take us far and help us in our lives to thrive.

    30. I was the new boy. It was like joining a new class at school where everyone knows everyone except me.

    When Starr joined this famous group, he initially felt a little out of place. Later, his companions helped him integrate.

    31. You have to pay off your debts if you want to sing the blues and know it’s not easy.

    Money was a big factor within the group, everyone wanted to get the benefits they deserved.

    32. I had no studies before joining the Beatles and there was none after the Beatles. Life is a great education.

    Maybe Starr had no education, but that never stopped him from being successful in life.

    33. I would like to be under the sea in an octopus garden with you.

    Truly surrealistic image, drugs can make our imaginations take control.

    34. First of all, I am a drummer. After that, I’m something else … But I didn’t play drums to make money. I played drums because I loved them … My soul is like a drummer … I got to where I had to make a decision: I was going to be a drummer. Everything else is gone now. I play the drum. It was a conscious moment in my life when I said the rest of the things stood in the way. I didn’t do it to be rich and famous, I did it because it was the love of my life.

    It was the love of music that brought Ringo Starr to the top, he knew he was born to play.

    35. I do not collect any memories. I wish I had saved everything I had. But who knew you had to save him. I just gave it away. And we lost a lot and we don’t care a lot. I think Paul has everything he got, but I lost a lot of mine.

    During his career as a musician, he lost many objects that were given to him as gifts, and as he tells us in this sentence, perhaps the great Paul Mccartney has them.

    36. The only way to catch yourself is in bed.

    Women and sex were a part of this musician’s life, as a famous artist, this is something Starr shared with many other greats in music.

    37. The drum is my middle name.

    Playing the drums was a lifestyle for him.

    38. I am a huge Beatles fan. And, you know, without anyone knowing it, I was. But I have no problem putting titles and lines of other songs in my songs because they are great lines and great titles. And some of them, I even thought. You know, I think this is the third time that I have used “It doesn’t eat easily”. I also used it in “Time Takes Time”, I think. So that’s a great line that you know expresses a lot. So I put it back.

    The Beatles have greatly marked the life of this musician, he will always remember the wonderful time he spent with his great friends.

    39. When we started out, they basically followed John and Paul’s path because they were the writers and they said, “This is the song,” and I played it as creatively as I could. . Sometimes three people would tell me how to do it. They said they were playing like that on this pitch. I said, “For god’s sake, there are two batteries there.” They could never hear that, you know. You should have four arms to do half of what they wanted you to do.

    As a drummer, he was always in the background, a situation that was sometimes uncomfortable.

    40. The song “With a little help from my friends” was written especially for me, but they had a line that I didn’t want to sing. It was “What would you do if you sang out of tune?” Do you want to get up and throw tomatoes at me? “I said, ‘There’s no way in hell you could sing that line,’ because we still had very deep memories of the kids throwing candy and toys on stage, and I thought so we would come back one day, they wouldn’t be going to bombard me with tomatoes.

    During his career Starr has had some really weird times, in this quote he tells us about some of the most interesting. He wasn’t going to let the audience throw tomatoes at him!

    41. All I do is call your name.

    These people who were important to us will always have a place in our hearts.

    42. The saddest man in the world will live here in Los Angeles.

    A large metropolis like Los Angeles is capable of housing the most diverse characters. In this city, we can come and find anything.

    43. I used to wish I could write songs like everyone else, and I tried, but I can’t. I can understand words well, but whenever I think of a melody other people always say it sounds like that, and when they underline it I see what it means.

    The opinion of his peers was always very important to him, they would help him to become a better musician.

    44. I have blisters on my fingers!

    Touching the battery for long hours can have a big effect on our physique. To play the drums you also need to be in good physical shape.

    45. I love Beethoven, especially in the poems.

    As we can see, classical music never appealed to Ringo Starr.

    46. ​​The people of Liverpool don’t go very far, you know.

    If they stayed in their city, in their neighborhood, they knew they wouldn’t go far. They had to get out of their comfort zone.

    47. I couldn’t put my finger on any of the reasons we broke up. It was about time and they kept saying it. They said it more than I did. I would have stayed in the group.

    Unfortunately the Beatles broke up and with that we lost one of the best bands in history.

    48. I’m not going to sleep with all the women I introduce myself to.

    Ringo Starr has enough decency not to sleep with anyone. Some of the women who appear with him in magazines are just his friends.

    49. I mean, women are very important to me. I don’t know, they just drive me crazy.

    He always had a great weakness for the female sex, without doubt women constituted a large part of his more personal life.

    50. The second side of Abbey Road is my favorite.

    Abbey Road certainly marked a pivotal moment in the Beatles’ musical career.

    51. That’s all drugs and alcohol do, shut off your emotions at the end.

    Drugs and alcohol will end up being very harmful to us, we must not fall into these vices. Addictions are a great social scourge that we must put an end to.

    52. George will be missed for his sense of love, his sense of music and his sense of laughter.

    When Harrison died, Starr said these beautiful words about his great friend. Beatles fans will never forget the great George Harrison.

    53. Well, I’m happy all the time, which is very nice.

    Having a positive attitude will be something that will help us in the most difficult situations. difficult.

    54. I feel that the older I get, the more I learn to manage my life. By being on this mission for a long time, we try to find ourselves.

    As we mature we are more in connection with ourselves, maybe this is the time in life when we learn to really be ourselves.

    55. It’s a shame that in many singers’ reality shows someone gets a chance for a minute, and even the winner rarely lasts longer than a year. I played for many hours to get to where I am, and it was a gradual build-up. So go from nothing to have the greatest thing of your life; you can’t handle it. It was hard enough, and thank goodness there were four of us staying in some sort of reality between us. We all went crazy separately, but we met and gradually got over it.

    Reaching fame too quickly can make us lose our sense of reality. Fame can be disorienting and subconsciously get us into trouble.

    56. The American press wanted to bury him, then we loved him.

    The Beatles were real gods when they came to the United States. American society certainly knew how to value them.

    57. Now, that’s not something we expected. It’s true that it’s been 50 years since we landed in New York, but Paul and I have played together on several occasions. It’s just as good to be recognized by the Grammy music community, because that’s exactly the point of these awards: Music matters.

    Starr and Mccartney are still in touch today and have even performed together on more than one occasion.

    58. It is the reward of a long career, but not of a lifetime.

    They still have more than one concert in front of these musical geniuses, their life is not yet over.

    59. Neither John, Paul, nor I had been to the United States before. George had been the only one to have been six months previously, and when he asked record stores about Beatles music, they said I never heard them call.

    When the group arrived in the United States they weren’t sure what they were going to find, what they found was certainly a big surprise.

    60. I love the white album. It’s very moving, because we had some good lyrics again, and I thought we were a band again.

    White Album was an album released in 1968, which, as we see, amazed the good Ringo Starr.

    61. When we landed we saw the same reaction as in other places we had been. There were fans on the rooftops who went mad. It was fabulous.

    The fan phenomenon had arrived and the Beatles were finally in the United States

    62. When I was a teenager, I thought that all people over 60 should be shot because they were useless, ”he continued. When I was 40, my mother said to me: “My son, I guess you don’t think like that anymore”.

    When I was young, this drummer had a rather particular way of understanding life, and a great contempt for the elderly. Something that has certainly changed over the years.

    63. “I was pretty bitter at 40,” Ringo said. But after that, we go with the flow. In fact, it is a miracle that he is still walking around here. I have a lot of drugs in my body and I could have gone anytime.

    Now is the time to celebrate life and give thanks for continuing here. At 40, Starr realized he was a very lucky man.

    64. I care about a radish. I keep singing the song. I’m not hurting anyone and we’re just having fun.

    This drummer intends to continue doing what he loves most, playing the drums and making great music.

    65. I have noticed that the pasodoble is a type of music that has something to do with the polka. No, it is not much different. I had a great time.

    In 2008, Ringo Starr released a song called Pasodobles, a song where you can see Spanish and Latin influences.

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