Risto Mejide’s 18 best quotes

Today we have a collection of phrases from Risto Mejide, A famous character who spent years filming on television, a medium in which he even directed his own programs.

Risto Mejide (Barcelona, ​​1974) started in the music business at a very young age and then made the leap to the big screen. His professional background is linked to the world of advertising, he is also the author of various books and viral articles.

He underlines his contribution to television programs like Operation Triumph, You are worth or the interview program that he himself directed, Traveling with Chester, which later came to be called the corner of reflection. As of this writing, he is the presenter of this latest program, in which he interviews various celebrities in an abrupt and intrusive manner. trying to steal his most precious secrets, as he did to Rubén Doblas Gundersen.

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Risto Mejide’s best quotes

Risto is a controversial person who may appeal to more or less all viewers.But what no one can deny is that he is a person who knows how to get the most out of the interviews he conducts, and who has a great ability to put against the ropes anyone who dares to be invited to his program.

1. “The time of pasteurized love, of kisses that don’t even rub the cheeks and of the affection of all over the place.”

Liquid love, in the eyes of the Catalan publicist.

2. “Firmly believing that nothing is difficult … helps you make things end during.”

When we hang on from day to day without further demands, the comforting tends to stay.

3. “Is there anyone else whose dog, canary or grandfather is dead and wants to leave the Academy? There are many gooseberries who are dying parents but never quit not their job. “

A phrase he said during an Operation Triumph gala, and which emphasizes the capacity for sacrifice that, in his opinion, the competitors had lost.

4. “They dress like whores and we dress like clowns.”

Another OT phrase that many competitors saw as an offense … and no wonder.

Famous quotes from Risto Mejide

5. “I have fallen in love enough times to change my mind.”

Love may not be forever.

Risto is currently romantically involved with Laura Escanes, Famous YouTuber and Instagrammer of the fashion industry, who arouses great anticipation in the hearts of magazines and leaves no fan indifferent. The particular and charismatic character of this young Catalan, in addition to her impressive body, has aroused the interest of many brands and media.

6. “You are sort of like a dildo, let me explain: you are perfect in the execution, but extremely cold in the feel.”

Another reflection devoted to a competitor who, in this case, did not have to leave the gala very happy.

7. “I wasted my time. Let someone help me because I don’t know where I left them.”

Another sharp sentence.

8. “Letting go of a dream is like dying in papers. The only difference is that you don’t finish this collection yourself, but she is probably the one who finishes it with you.”

One of those thoughts from Risto Mejide that makes us reflect on life.

9. “If no one is bothering you, what you are saying is that you haven’t said anything at all.”

Of course, if important things are said, more than one is usually disturbed.

10. “Tonight you just got nominated because we can’t kick you out directly.”

Another gala in which Risto released his most difficult version with a competitor.

11. “The difference between a diary and a vulgar notebook is not who writes it, but who reads it.”

A praise of subjectivity.

12. “If you have a stable, well-paying job and the preparation that suits your reality, chances are you are not young. If you do not know what it is to tie up unnecessary contracts with masters who do not offer more outlets than girls in the last row, it is very likely that you are not young, and if when you turn on the TV you cannot find those who are supposed to be your age , treated as the cause of any harm, acts of bottle vandalism, noise, pollution, graffiti, anorexia, squatting, anti-globalization or teleportation, it chances are you aren’t even remotely young. People he still insists on falling in love, working, having children, living normal lives and just trying to get out of it? “

Risto in the most philosophical version.

13. “When a person is named boss, supervisor or supervisor of something, he is automatically struck with an attack of stupidity directly proportional to the number resulting from the multiplication of his salary increase by the number of new words in the definition. of his post. . “

It’s true: in large companies, senior executives usually have very little idea of ​​how to start the business.

14. “From a simple and pure” I love you “you go to” I love you very much “,” I love you like I never wanted before “,” like I never want anyone ” etc. that that first “I love you” you spent so much time using it with so many people that in the end it was gone, each carrying their own share of truth. “

Words are blown away …

15. “You must live as if your life is an Eternal Plan B.”

Improvisation is the best solution.

16. “Death be with you.”

Your negative thinking can be very stimulating.

17. “We shudder biting the dust, eating the ‘I never’, clinging to a few ‘I already told you’. Falling over and over again, so it is imperative to stand up on so many other occasions. “

We hope you enjoyed Risto Mejide’s collection of best phrases, If you want to contribute, write in the comments and we will put them in the list.

18. “Great lessons are those that come at the worst times.”

In the most complicated situations, we show our true face.

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