Robert Redford’s 80 best quotes

Charles Redford is a famous American actor and director, Born in the Californian city of Santa Monica in the year 1936.

This winner of 5 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes, was undoubtedly one of the most important actors of the second half of the 20th century, achieving truly remarkable fame throughout his career.

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    Excellent quotes and thoughts from Robert Redford

    Some of his most famous films have been “All the President’s Men”, “Memories of Africa” ​​or the famous “The Man Who Whispered to Horses”. Great movies that if you haven’t seen it can be a great opportunity to check them out.

    Then you can enjoy Robert Redford’s 80 best quotes, An actor who we can consider as one of the most famous and acclaimed gallants in the history of cinema.

    1. I believe that the environment should be placed in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is as important as defense abroad. If not, what is there to defend?

    The natural environment should certainly be much better preserved, unfortunately large administrations rarely care.

    2. In general terms, I’ve been there. I came to a place where I realized what true value is. It wasn’t the money. Money is a means to an end, but it is not the end.

    Material wealth is not the most precious thing we can have, as some things like health or family are certainly much more important.

    3. The golf course has become so well maintained, so perfect. The greens, the streets. I don’t like golf carts. I like to walk. Some clubs won’t let you in unless you have a cart.

    Golf has always been considered an elite sport, but now the situation is becoming very radical.

    4. He’s supposed to be the classic Homer, Ulysses, Hercules, some character who comes out or has some kind of gift. He embarks on a journey of discovery and part of it falls into darkness: the temptations of life.

    Life will always bring us both positive and negative experiences, the way we deal with them will be what truly identifies us as people.

    5. I’m not interested in a golf movie, but I’m interested in golf as a metaphor.

    As we can see, golf is a sport that has always interested Redford, thanks to him this famous actor has certainly managed to live a much fuller life.

    6. Sport is a wonderful metaphor for life. Of all the sports I have played: skiing, baseball, fishing, there is no better example than golf because you are playing against yourself and against nature.

    In golf we have to take into account many factors, both physical and climatic, handicaps that make it a much more interesting sport.

    7. You can’t completely control the sport: Tiger Woods is approaching. The test is against yourself and against the way of nature. Golf strikes me as a particularly good metaphor for this story.

    Golf is a fight against adversity, as is the life of all of us.

    8. Healthy eating can be good for the conscience, but Oreos taste so much better.

    Scrap metal is very tasty, but if we do not consume another type of food, our health will inevitably suffer in the long run.

    9. As an actor and as a person, you join me in being in family territory, even though it hasn’t been my whole life. This is part of it. I think a lot of people associate me with the West because of Sundance.

    Cinema has always been a fundamental part of his life, thanks to him this famous actor has managed to find his place in the world.

    10. I am a cynical optimist. Big opening weekends are like cotton candy. The movies that you will remember over time are movies that stick in the public consciousness the right way.

    Some films that we will remember a lifetime and perhaps in more than one of these works, Robert Redford is its most relevant performer.

    11. I believe in mythology. I think I share Joseph Campbell’s notion that a culture or society without mythology dies, and we’re close to that.

    Mythology teaches us how we should live our lives. It is therefore through mythological fables that we have all learned the basics of how we should act in the face of life’s vicissitudes.

    12. I don’t know what your childhood was like, but we didn’t have a lot of money. We would go to the movies on a Saturday night, then on Wednesday night my parents would take us to the library. It was a big deal to get in and get my own book.

    Being able to go to the library and have a book about your life should definitely be a really interesting experience.

    13. Like my children and people today, I did not grow up with television in my life.

    During his childhood and youth, television was something that had not yet been implemented in homes, which allowed him to live during those years a life very different from what we all enjoy today.

    14. I had just arrived in New York from California. He was nineteen and was excited beyond imagination. I was an art student and a theater student and behaved like most young actors, which means there was no such thing as a good actor, because you hadn’t introduced yourself yet.

    At that time, the actors led a very fast-paced life, a way of life which, fortunately, is no longer in style today.

    15. I am not a facial stretcher. I am who I am.

    Easy operations have never been an interesting contribution for him, ok life goes on and old age comes to us, it is a natural thing that we all get upset.

    16. Today, it is difficult to pay attention because of the multiple effects of information technology. You tend to develop a mind faster and faster, but I don’t think it’s necessarily larger or smarter.

    The bombardment that we receive through the media is constant, we could even say that we are all currently suffering from a serious information problem.

    17. It is an honor to place art above politics. Politics can be seductive in terms of reductive things to the soul.

    Politics in most countries of the world are totally corrupt, which is why Robert Redford knows how to say a lot of other things very sensibly.

    18. In fact, your hands are tied behind your back when someone chooses to take a path towards you, there is nothing you can do about it, so live with it and carry on.

    We will all experience betrayals throughout our lifetimes, as most of the people around us are usually not quite who they appear to be.

    19. The radio, the newspapers were part of my normal life. These days you had to go somewhere to watch TV and leave something to watch.

    Today we all have many more ways to be informed, at other times the world might seem to turn much slower.

    20. Once the festival reached a certain level of notoriety, people started coming here with programs that were not the same as ours. There is nothing we can do about it. We cannot control this.

    In 1980, Redford founded the Sundance Institute, an educational center for young filmmakers, where in the summer they organize their own film festival.

    21. It is dangerous to never visit the past again. You know, keep going.

    Life has only one direction and that direction is forward, not everything that was left in the past should have any real relevance to us.

    22. Finally, connect emotionally with your story so that you can convey it, you know, if you can’t convey the emotions in your script, your story is meaningless. History is the key.

    The great stories are those which manage to touch the sensitive fiber of the spectator, for this to be possible the actors who play them, must have a great emotional connection with their character.

    23. I can’t do nothing about these things and I’m pretty good with the fact that I think Sundance won’t be shut down for this, because the Festival is on right now, and I don’t need to. talk about it like I did years ago.

    The Sundance Festival is currently in good health, so Redford can already take a deep breath knowing that this festival will likely outlive you.

    24. The technology available for making films is now incredible, but I firmly believe that it’s all in the story.

    Without the right script, our film will never be a huge success, no matter how many special effects we can put into it.

    25. In general, I like to improvise. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the piece, I like to improvise because I think it brings freshness and reality to it, as long as it doesn’t come out of the box too much.

    Spontaneous improvisation can bring a scene to life, a way of playing this famous actor has always loved.

    26. Sundance was launched as a mechanism for discovering new voices and new talent.

    The cinema is an art which is always in full development and this actor knows very well that the only way to innovate is to seek new talents who will carry it.

    27. Butch Cassidy is the only movie I enjoyed making.

    “Butch Cassidy” was a Western genre film starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, a play which, as we discovered from this quote, was a lot of fun for this famous actor to play.

    28. What I did was when I was younger I would draw in a sketchbook something that had happened in my life and then write something small about what happened. ‘was past or on the story.

    Drawing is a practice that can allow us to express all of those emotions that we feel about a given situation, Redford used this art very commonly when he needed to express everything he was feeling the most.

    29. If money is a means for a filmmaker, money is the end. Right now I think independent film is very confusing because there is too much pressure in the market to make the entertainment worth it.

    For any filmmaker, being able to express his art has to be his biggest task, because simply going in search of the economic benefits can be something that seriously hinders the creation of an eventual film.

    30. Because, you know, you’re in Utah. And because of its political conservatism, if you can do it, you can do it anywhere.

    Some states in the United States are much more conservative than others, a curious fact that even drastically affects their own laws within each state.

    31. I work because I want to work. Work keeps me going.

    You could say that work is life, because only by keeping ourselves physically and mentally active can we reach old age in a very good state.

    32. Movie buffs crave new ideas, voices and visions.

    Cinema is constantly evolving, the new generations who make their debut here today will most likely be the big stars of tomorrow.

    33. We schedule the festival, after 20 years, exactly as we did on the first day.

    The festival that Robert Redford created in his day is still fully in place today, we all hope to enjoy it much more in the future.

    34. If you talk about a problem, what comes up is a description of what you are wearing. Journalists just want to know how tall you are and if your teeth are covered.

    Many journalists are generally more interested in the simple image than in the real personality of an actor. Something that certainly shouldn’t happen today.

    35. The important thing in a sport is the people who dedicate their lives to it.

    Sport is one of the most popular activities of human beings, some people even dedicate their lives to it, arguably considering it their greatest passion.

    36. People say I was against Hollywood, but I tried to be independent in Hollywood, I tried to be my own person.

    Like him, we must all be fully consistent with our ideals. We must never allow society to tell us what to think.

    37. I am really responding to the ambiguity. I like its complexity.

    We must never show our letters prematurely. Not proving our true intentions can be something that can bring us closer to our goal.

    38. For me personally, skiing has it all. I used to do performances, but skiing is a step beyond. Remove the machinery and get a little closer to the objects. And it is a full physical expression of freedom.

    Skiing is a truly complete sport which in certain circumstances can also be quite dangerous, an ideal exercise for all those big fans of strong emotions.

    39. If you want to move to the United States, it’s pretty red, white, and blue in terms of how everything works, but there’s a gray area there, and I’ve always wanted to know where things were complicated.

    The United States is so vast that a myriad of different societies live there, starting with simple social classes and ending with many ethnicities of different nationalities.

    40. It’s okay to say: Look, I can’t always be right, but my gut tells me so, and then you back up with your gut.

    We should always be true to our thoughts, regardless of what everyone else is thinking.

    41. As you get older, learn some life lessons.

    Over the years we all mature, little by little, we all learn from the mistakes we make in our lifetime.

    42. Whenever I have seen people treated unfairly on the basis of race, I believe that anything has caught my attention.

    Respect must be a totally fundamental value in any society because we all deserve to be treated the same in our everyday life.

    43. I have never been a good student. I must have been dragged to the nursery. It was difficult to sit down and hear someone speak. I wanted to be outside, educated by experience and adventure, and I didn’t know how to express it.

    College never interested him, his gut always told him that life had so much more to offer him there.

    44. I think a lot of people thought my career started with “Butch Cassidy”.

    Although Butch Cassidy had always been a great movie for him, before working on it, Redford had already appeared in half a dozen films.

    45. It seems to me that the United States has always wanted to solve problems too quickly, without considering what the costs and consequences would be and how that would affect a person living in this world. Then as I grew older and went on with my life, I think I got more and more interested in this gray area where things are not so easily quantified.

    In life, not everything is white or black, gray areas are usually more common than you might think.

    46. ​​In previous years, my family members and people in positions of authority saw me as a waste of time. I had issues with the compliance restrictions. It made me nervous.

    Those around him didn’t think acting was a really suitable job for him, silly words a young Robert Redford still knew he couldn’t hear.

    47. I started doing a lot of character work on TV, just fun parts of acting.

    Television was the stepping stone to the fame he needed, an interesting strategy that many players are also following today.

    48. I was able to create spaces for myself. At Sundance, I am in the mountains, my property is private. I ride a horse and cycle for three, four hours. Sometimes five. I am sorry. But when I am on the inside, I am on the inside.

    His ranch in Utah must be just a massive property, a secluded place this famous actor can lose without fear of being watched by prying eyes.

    49. When I succeeded, I put a warning. I didn’t think it was right to have a shadow of that kind of success in my family. And I was careful not to be taken for things that might destroy you.

    Redford was never carried away by fame or success, keeping his feet on the ground was always something that allowed him to live his life the way he really wanted to.

    50. Hollywood was not a place I dreamed of going. I could never take people’s obsession with being a celebrity or going to Hollywood seriously – I was born into the band.

    Since Redford was born in Santa Monica, he was always two blocks from Hollywood, you could say that for him, Hollywood was a place that was always going to be around the corner.

    51. Part of me is drawn to the nature of sadness because I think life is sad and sadness is not something to be avoided or denied. It is a fact of life, just like contradictions.

    To be honest with our emotions we can start to fight with them, if instead we deny them we can never really heal.

    52. Beware of success; He has a dark side.

    Success has its lights but also its shadows, because the desires that we will often arouse when we achieve it can be very detrimental to us.

    53. I started out as a theater actor playing a lot of characters, and all of a sudden I found myself in this place where I felt like I was caught in some kind of stereotype, and that made me feel bothered.

    Theater and cinema are two very different art forms, because as spectators we will never be able to feel the actor as intensely as we will in a theater.

    54. I am fascinated by journalism. I put a keen eye, not a negative eye, on its role, especially how it changes with the times we live in.

    Journalism is a task which, as we can see, is very interesting for him, a profession which is in fact much more complicated than one usually thinks.

    55. The highlight for me was doing “All the President’s Men”. It was not about Watergate or President Nixon. I wanted to focus on something that I thought a lot of people didn’t know: how do I get the stories from the journalists?

    “All the President’s Men” is perhaps one of his best works, a great film released in 1976 that no one can miss.

    56. I remember my father was from Ireland and Scotland, so he had the fear of poverty with him. Then, when I wanted to let go, I made him very nervous.

    Coming from a humble family, Redford was given values ​​that many actors do not have today, family has always been one of the most important aspects of his life for him.

    57. Journalism has changed enormously due to the democratization of information. Anyone can put something on the Internet. It is more and more difficult to find out the truth.

    The so-called “Fakes News” circulate on the Internet like wildfire, we must never take it for granted that the information we receive through this medium is completely lawful and truthful.

    58. Times are changing; Hollywood is not the same as when I entered the business world. It felt like I was starting to shrink and centralize around what … would make money.

    After so many years Hollywood has changed and evolved both in the way it operates and in the people who inhabit it, they just aren’t the same as they used to be.

    59. All the films I’ve made are about the country where I live and where I grew up … And I think if you want to put an artist’s eye on it, you are going to put a critical eye on it. I’ve always been interested in the gray area between black and white, or red and blue, and that’s where the complexity lies.

    American society is deeply varied and complex, after all the United States is a relatively new nation, populated by people of a myriad of nationalities.

    60. I have never had a problem with my face on the screen. I thought that was what it was, and the actors and actresses who tried to stay young discouraged me.

    Knowing how to carry our old age with dignity can help us to live it in a much more honest way. We all need to be aware that time is something that happens to everyone.

    61. I don’t look so pretty. I was a freckled boy, and they called me hayhead.

    As we see in this quote, he never saw himself as an attractive man, as if over the years he had secured the title of “Don Joan” in fact Redford is a man like any other.

    62. I’m always drawn to stories that people don’t know, especially when they’re in a story that everyone knows.

    The details can completely change the possible morality of a story, because as they say the devil is hidden in the details.

    63. I think people should pay a lot more attention to other topics, rather than who’s the top 10 or … who’s sexiest or prettiest.

    Society is often ruled by purely superfluous concepts, we should all try to be a little more honest in our personal lives.

    64. Fame is an important part of the American social system. I am certainly grateful for what he has done for me, but I think the fame is overblown in our society. I think he has a dangerous side.

    Fame can get very tedious at times and robs those who have it of all privacy.

    65. I have always liked speed. I have someone I shouldn’t talk about because I’m an environmentalist, but the 1955 Porsche Spyder 550 RS is the best sporting event there is.

    Cars are generally a weakness for almost any man, and the Porsche Spyder that Redford tells us about in this quote is probably one of his possessions.

    66. Going to many celebrities change gears. They range from the environment to animal rights to obesity or whatever. That’s why I don’t have a lot of respect.

    It is very common that many celebrities are interested in some revolutionary ideas, but only a few are really involved in them.

    67. I have a lot of land that I bought because there was a very strong feeling. He was a little over twenty years old, had grown up in Los Angeles, and had seen this city slide into the sea from the city he had known as a child. He lost his identity: all of a sudden there was cement all over the place and the green was gone and the air was bad, and he wanted to get out.

    Having a good place to retire is a very enjoyable thing for everyone, something that this famous actor was able to enjoy with pleasure.

    68. When I go to a project, I wonder what support will have a project that will give the audience emotional access.

    Only these best-thought-out stories manage to really connect with audiences, a movie has to be really good if we are to want the target audience to always remember it.

    69. Movies do not always tell a story; some movies can take effect just by being dazzling or rock n ‘roll. This is part of the fees that exist. And it’s good. For me, I appreciate a story more.

    For this famous actor, the plot is the most important part of a film, a way of understanding cinema that he will surely share with many of us.

    70. Storytelling is important. Part of human continuity.

    Stories tell us how we should act in certain complicated situations, thanks to them we all learn very valuable lessons since we are children.

    71. I am not as interested in sport as I am in sport. I wouldn’t be interested in making a golf or baseball movie or a fishing movie.

    Sports films do not interest him, it is just a subject that does not have him. never interested.

    72. I am interested in what happens when there is a turning point for some people and not for others. You go through such hardships, things that are almost impossible, and there is no sign that you are going to get better, and that’s when people stop smoking. But some don’t.

    Critical situations encourage us to show the best of ourselves, we are all capable of doing more than we imagine.

    73. I always thought that almost all the roles that I played were part of the character. I mean, I see it that way. I can’t help but know what I look like or how people see me.

    His roles do not represent who he really is, acting is just for him a profession that has made him stand out.

    74. When people start to see you more as a person, they are less inclined to allow you to move into different areas. Sometimes they are wrong. Sometimes they are very stereotypical or limited in their own thinking about what they will allow you to do.

    Some people have set false expectations of him, but that never deprived him of being the person he really is.

    75. I think that librarians need as much protection as possible under the privilege of journalists. How else can the public know what is going on?

    Audiovisual media are a formidable tool for disseminating information, because many of us today know that the written press is in great decline.

    76. I think that independent filmmakers, documentary filmmakers, are journalists.

    Filmmakers can also convey useful information about a subject in a given film. The line between a film and a documentary is actually thinner than many of us usually realize.

    77. I’m not a lawyer, but I know it: we need to protect our ability to tell controversial stories.

    Freedom of speech is a frankly important fundamental right, because if in the future we were to restrict this freedom, there would come a time when we could not comment on any relevant issue.

    78. I don’t regret it, because I did everything I could to the best of my ability.

    We all need to live in a way that we should never regret because we only have one chance to be able to do things right in life.

    79. I am not a person on the left. I am just a person interested in the sustainability of my country.

    This actor does not clearly identify with any political ideology, what we can be sure of is that he cares about the well-being of everything around him.

    80. I have the freedom to take risks, to say no. I have the freedom to be who I really want to be, instead of having to settle for this or that just to stay alive.

    When we achieve success, that’s when we start to be able to do what we’re really passionate about. Success can be the life path we’ve always dreamed of.

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