The 100 Best Altruism Phrases

Altruism is the maximum capacity for altruism that a person can show when helping someone else.

This term was created by Augusto Comte, a French philosopher who wanted to define a concept that opposes selfishness. It consists of seeking the good of others in a disinterested way even when it may go against one’s own interests. If you want to deepen this concept, you will be interested in this selection of the best phrases about altruism.

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    The most inspiring phrases about altruism

    With this compilation of quotes and thoughts on altruism, we will be able to reflect on our actions and the importance of helping others, without expecting any kind of reward.

    1. A friend, a truly understanding person who takes the trouble to listen to us and consider our problems, can change our view of the world. (Elton Mayo)

    A true friend is one who not only listens to our problems, but also gives us advice on how to deal with such a situation.

    2. The great passions can give us an accelerated sense of life, the ecstasy and pain of love, the various forms of enthusiastic activity, selfless or not, which are natural for many of us. (Walter Pater)

    You have to live each day in such a way that neither the problems nor any situation trigger positive or negative enthusiasms that you may regret later.

    3. Man is an uninteresting miracle. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

    The help we give to others must be selfless.

      4. It’s time to stop seeing our friendships as a luxury and start recognizing them for what they really are: a powerful way to invest in our well-being, our development and our community. (Miriam Kirmayer)

      Friendship is a union that will last according to our behavior.

      5. Humanity needs dreamers, for whom the selfless development of a business is so captivating that it is impossible for them to devote their care to their own material benefit. (Marie Curie)

      We need to focus on helping others as if they were part of the family.

      6. Generosity is, by definition, selfless. (Piero Ferrucci)

      Being generous should be a selfless act.

      7. Satisfaction lies in effort, not in achievement. Total effort is total victory. (Mahatma Gandhi)

      Don’t focus on the goal, but on the path to it.

      8. Of all the varieties of virtue, generosity is the most esteemed. (Aristotle)

      A generous person is worth knowing.

      9. The best way to remember is to show a generous heart. (George Sand)

      Generosity is a way for someone to remember us.

      10. With time and maturity, you will find that you have two hands; one to help you and one to help others. (Audrey Hepburn)

      Just as you seek a better quality of life for yourself, you must also do so with others.

      11. Generosity, kindness, honesty and a sense of humor make us truly rich. (Waylon Lewis)

      It is not material things that generate wealth, but those that come from the heart.

      12. True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. Unattached No Expectations (Suze Orman)

      When you give help, it should be selfless and full of love.

      13. When you give alms, do not sound the trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to be praised by men. (San Mateo)

      That others don’t know how nice you were.

      14. Those who love each other are very affectionate, generous and kind; they express their self-confidence through humility, forgiveness and inclusion. (Roman of Sanaya)

      Humility and forgiveness must be the fundamental basis of every person.

      15. The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more. (Bob Proctor)

      With the same measure you give to others, life will reward you.

      16. The most generous people are those who give in silence without expectation of praise or reward. (Carol Ryrie Brink)

      If you’re going to help someone, do it in a way that others don’t find out.

      17. We must give as we would like to receive, with joy, speed and without hesitation; since there is no grace in a performance that sticks to the fingers. (Seneca)

      If you receive, you must also give.

      18. The great lesson is that the sacred is hidden in the ordinary, in everyday life: among neighbours, friends, family; in our own backyard. (Abraham Maslow)

      Every day is a new opportunity to give to those who need it.

      19. Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. (Theodore Roosevelt)

      Not only does money represent a form of help, but it is also a hug or hug from someone.

      20. Even the most selfless love is, after all, just a kind of market, in which self-love always aims to win one way or another. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

      When you help someone, do it with real love.

      21. Interest, which blinds some, enlightens others. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

      Don’t do things out of self-interest, it’s useless.

      22. If you want to draw attention to a good deed, then it’s not a good deed, it’s a selfish act. Why? Not only are you congratulating yourself, but you are encouraging others to do the same. (Donna Lynn Hope)

      When you lend a hand, make sure no one sees you.

      23. No worthy man will ask to be thanked for what costs him nothing. (Terence)

      Don’t ask for anything in return for your help.

      24. The most generous tend to be the most humble. (René Descartes)

      Humility is a great act of love towards others.

      25. If they never give you the expected smile, be generous and give yours. Because no one needs a smile as much as someone who can’t smile at others. (Dalai Lama)

      Smiling can change a tristeza por alegría.

        26. The heart that gives, gathers. (Tao Te Ching)

        Whatever you give selflessly will come back to you abundantly.

        27. My intention is to be generous in spirit and to live with total integrity every day of my life. (Deepak Chopra)

        Being generous is a lifestyle that pleases the mind and comforts the heart.

        28. Generosity, kindness, honesty and a sense of humor make us truly rich. (Waylon Lewis)

        Generosity should not be openly disclosed.

        29. Generosity is produced in the heart, selfishness is approved by the mind. (Dr. TP Chis)

        Keep your heart away from selfishness.

        30. Even karma rewards generosity. The good you do must be returned to you. (Chinonye J. Chidalue)

        What you give today will come back into your life tomorrow.

        31. Liberality is the first daughter of love and the most attractive magnet for the irons of the will. (Lope de Vega)

        Altruism is synonymous with love.

        32. Only a happy person can make someone else happy. (Phil Bosmans)

        Happiness is contagious, so learn to be happy.

        33. Be good, be kind, be humane and charitable, love your neighbour, console the afflicted; forgive those who have hurt you. (Zoroaster)

        Treat others as you would like to be treated.

        34. Discover the inner energy and release it to renew the world; here is altruism. (Raphael Barrett)

        Give the best of yourself, give your heart.

        35. Anonymity is the most authentic expression of altruism. (Eric Gibson)

        Don’t brag about the charity you do.

        36. We have been taught that ego is synonymous with evil and altruism the ideal of virtue. But while the creator is selfish and intelligent, the altruist is an idiot who does not think, does not feel, does not judge, does not act. These are functions of the ego. (Aynrand)

        There is no point in doing a good deed if you do it to look better.

        37. Where grace occurs, generosity follows. (Max Lucado)

        Every moment is an opportunity to practice generosity.

        38. No one has more love than he who gives his life for those he loves. (Paul Claudel)

        Who gives everything with love, receives the same.

        39. Life is not about understanding, but about loving, helping others and working. (Alexis Carl)

        Helping others should be every person’s goal.

        40. There is no better springboard than a bad conscience to embark on philanthropy. (John Erst Steinbeck)

        If a person wants to redeem himself, he has only to practice philanthropy.

        41. Sometimes we are selfless and sometimes selfish. Without selfishness we could not survive, and without altruism we could not live together. (Mario Bunge)

        There are times when selfishness is stronger than the desire to help.

        42. If we can make someone more and more happy, we should do it anyway. (H. Hesse)

        Seeing others happy for our actions is priceless.

        43. It is by giving that we receive. (Saint Francis of Assisi)

        The more you send, the more you will receive.

        44. Love is the only thing that grows when shared. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

        The satisfaction of giving is what really matters.

        45. It is the power of generosity that gives life: do good to others, just because you can. (Jan Grace)

        If you can help someone, don’t miss the opportunity to do so.

        46. ​​By nurturing selfishness, you will never be among the builders of peace. (Antonio Paez Pinzon)

        Selfishness does not generate peace.

        47. You will recognize a true master by his selflessness. (Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov)

        A good teacher is one who teaches with generosity.

        48. To be humble towards superiors is a duty; for equals, a courtesy sample; para con los superiores, a proof of nobility. (Benjamin Franklin)

        Don’t help someone who is on your level because it doesn’t make sense, but focus on those who need it the most.

          49. A man has the right to despise another only when he has to help him up. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

          No one has the right to humiliate others just for helping them.

          50. Anonymity is the most authentic expression of altruism. (Eric Gibson)

          When giving help, make it anonymous.

          52. We excel at earning a living but often fail to build our lives. (David G. Myers)

          Focusing on self-help also has its rewards.

          53. Each man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive egoism. (Martin Luther King)

          Each person has the opportunity to choose their path.

          54. The person who does not have a charitable heart suffers from the worst heart diseases. (Bob Hope)

          Evil does not let the heart smile.

          55. He does not give in order to receive; dar is, of course, exquisite happiness. (Erich Fromm)

          Don’t give anything with the intention of getting something back, that’s not how generosity works.

          56. Generosity is what keeps things from getting the better of us.

          Don’t accumulate wealth, well, you don’t know if you’re going to enjoy it.

          57. Money makes it possible to live better, but it is not what inspires me, I live to play football not for its economic benefits, I also play for the team and not for me. (Leo Messi)

          Things should be done because they fill us with happiness.

          58. Love never claims; of time (Indira Gandhi)

          You don’t claim what you give.

          59. If you ever doubt yourself, do it as God would: with love and selflessness. That’s what I try to convey to the world. (Madonna)

          Do not doubt your abilities, generosity is also towards yourself.

          60. The social and virtual distances that characterize life have generated an anomaly that we now consider normal. And this distance prevents the development of empathy, without which altruism is impossible. (Daniel Golemman)

          Don’t let someone’s social status stop you from helping them.

          61. A worthy man should help the needy, but not increase the wealth of the rich. (Confucius)

          Help those who really need it.

          62. The greatest pleasure I know is to secretly do a good deed and let it be discovered by accident. (Charles Lamb)

          Shake things up so no one notices and let others find out.

          63. There is generosity in giving, but gentleness in receiving. (Freya Stark)

          When someone is generous with you, be nice.

          64. People who practice gratitude are generally more generous. (Lalney Garretson)

          Gratitude is fundamental in life.

          65. Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are all born selfish. (Richard dawkins)

          Generosity is learned like selfishness.

          66. What does not live to serve does not serve to live. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

          Helping others is a duty we all must have.

          67. Altruism is the doctrine that requires man to live for others and place others above himself. (Aynrand)

          Teaching others to be self-sufficient is a way of being generous.

          68. If there are two moral attitudes urgently needed in our time, they are self-control and altruism. (Daniel Golemman)

          Control your spending and focus on helping people in need.

          69. The greatest joys, on the other hand, are not those we enjoy ourselves, but those we bring to others. (Baron Pierre de Coubertin)

          The joy of the people we help is the best reward we can have.

          70. Lack of generosity in victory diminishes the merit and fruits of victory. (Giuseppe Mazzini)

          Don’t let your life lack generosity.

          71. What you do for others will pay off. (Sinhalese proverb)

          Do good without looking at who will reward you.

          72. Remember that the happiest people are not those who receive more, but those who give more. (H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

          True happiness comes when you give from the heart.

          73. Generosity does not give me what I need more than you, but gives me what you need more than me. (Khalil Gibran)

          Letting go of what we think we need is the essence of altruism.

          74. It is the power of generosity that gives life: do good to others, simply because you can. (Jan Grace)

          Do not stop being generous because, even in the case of poverty, there is always something to give.

          75. When our attitude towards ourselves is great and our attitude towards others is generous and merciful, we attract great and generous portions of success. (W. Clement Stone)

          Success depends on how generous we are.

          76. Generosity gives more than you can. (Khalil Gibran)

          Generosity is not giving what you have, it is giving what you have.

          77. Charity begins in my house, and justice at the next door. (Charles Dickens)

          You have to start altruism at home and respect for your neighbour.

          78. True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. Unattached No Expectations (Suze Orman)

          May your generosity be free and full of love.

          79. The hidden root asks for no reward for filling the branches with fruit. (Rabindranath Tagore)

          Do your acts of generosity in silence.

          80. Vanity always betrays our prudence and even our interest. (Jacinthe Benavente)

          Don’t think you are superior to others just because you are generous.

            81. Our culture places a high value on self-expression, but is relatively disinterested in producing worthy “yous”. expressed. (Matthew Kelly)

            Self-centeredness does not go hand in hand with altruism.

            82. Friendship has a profound effect on physical well-being. Having good personal relationships helps improve health and fight depression. (Eugene Kennedy)

            Friendship is a way to help you have catharsis.

            83. Love as you can, love who you can, love all you can. Don’t worry about the purpose of your love. (Beloved Nerf)

            Love without measure, be generous in this.

            84. Generosity is compassion in action, and it is love in action. (Barbara Bonner)

            Compassion is full of love, it is an act of generosity.

            85. Calling attention to one’s own generosity is tantamount to indicating that others are indebted to you and that you expect redress. (Marvin Harris)

            Don’t divulge your generosity because if you do, you expect something that may not come.

            86. For me, true generosity is like this: you give everything and you always feel like it costs you nothing. (Simone de Beauvoir)

            If you complain about what you give, then don’t.

            87. Be a warrior when it comes to achieving your ambitions and a saint when it comes to treating people with respect, showing generosity and showing absolute love. (Robin S. Sharma)

            stop the fight achieve your goals, but also try to be humble with others.

            88. You are not done living until you have done something for another that they will never give back to you. (John Bunian)

            Don’t let your day end without helping someone.

            89. I am blessed. As you transform your life, transform the lives of others around you. (Paulo Coelho)

            Just as you seek to change your life, do so with others.

            90. Love is forgetting yourself. (Henri-Frederic Amiel)

            Who really loves, focuses on others and not on himself.

            91. I love how you can be the most selfish and generous person at the same time. (Vera Farmiga)

            You can be selfish at times, but at the same time be generous.

            92. But the generous will think generous, and by generous will be exalted. (Biblical proverb)

            Generosity means that people who practice it are recognized at the right time.

            93. Not to take revenge on an enemy when the occasion presents itself is a test of humility; but to pity him when he has fallen from grace is the greatest sign of generosity. (Plato)

            Do not respond with insults to those who have offended you, life will take care of putting everything back in its place.

            94. Generosity needs no reward; he pays himself. (Hippolyte de Livry)

            Being generous makes the reward you get bigger.

            95. Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in harmony. (Mahatma Gandhi)

            Find that your thoughts and actions are on the same path.

            96. True friendship should sustain the things we share and the things we will share in the future, with no intention of getting anything in return. (Jorge Bucay)

            True friends support each other without expecting any reward.

            97. I want you without wanting you, which is true love because wanting you to want me is wanting out of self-interest. (Juan Balderrama)

            Love should be given without any type of interest.

            98. To write is to be selfless. There is a certain renunciation in art. (Anthony Burgess)

            Some things have to be let go when altruism is truly practiced.

            99. Friendship is an emotional relationship based on communication, understanding, mutual support, affection and harmony between its members. (Carl Rogers)

            Friendship is a bond that depends a lot on helping each other.

            100. Lack of generosity in victory diminishes merit and the fruits of victory. (Giuseppe Mazzini)

            If you weren’t generous, life wasn’t pleasant.

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