The 100 Best Horror Movie Phrases

A classic of Hollywood cinema will always be a good horror film, whose story leaves us with that feeling of fear and adrenaline that makes us search for a new film that is even more intense.

This kind of cinema that appeals so much to the emotions has given rise to memorable dialogues and interesting reflections. Therefore, here we will consider several best horror movie quotes.

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    Great Horror Movie Quotes

    Below we will see a compilation with the best phrases from cinema horror movies, which have become part of pop culture and how they are cinema classics.

    1. What a great day for an exorcism. (The Exorcist)

    One of the horror films that marked the history of cinema for its very realistic special effects.

    2. Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. (Freddy)

    In all horror movies, sleeping means losing.

    3. No tears, please. It is a waste of good suffering. hellraiser

    When evil knows no bounds.

    4. I’m afraid to close my eyes, I’m afraid to open them. (The Blair Witch Project)

    The fear that leaves us frozen without knowing what to do.

      5. It’s not a dream! This is really what is happening! (Devil’s Seed)

      There are things that seem so unreal that we are unable to process them.

      6. How much blood will you shed to stay alive? (Saw: The Fear Game)

      A strange game where to escape death, you have to cling to life to anything.

      7. What if they float? Or yes, of course. they float, they float, georgie. and when you are here below, with me, you will also float. (this)

      An enchantment that leads children to their loss.

      8. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. (Go out)

      Spirits can be a person’s greatest attraction.

      9. They are afraid. They are very afraid. (Fly)

      A warning of the evil that is about to be unleashed.

      10. Towards a new world of gods and monsters! (Bride of Frankenstein)

      Love in a cruel world?

      11. If you had learned a little from me, you wouldn’t be begging for a living. i am a rumor (candy maker)

      How much is our life really worth?

      12. If you want to see strange things, I have the power to show them. (The magician)

      Be careful with the things you wish for, because they can backfire.

      13. Evil is only a point of view. God kills indiscriminately, so do we. (Interview with the Vampire)

      A strange justification for unleashing his macabre pleasures.

      14. Knowing that we are going to die changes everything. You feel things in a different way and the smells are very different. (seen II)

      It is said that when you are about to die, you value the things you have more.

      15. If they are all dead, who buried them? (The Exorcist, the beginning)

      There are questions that remain unanswered.

      16. Then, when the video is over, the phone rings. Someone who knows you just saw it; and he only says, “You will die in seven days.” (the hoop)

      A warning that many took for a joke and that ended very badly.

      17. Horror movies don’t create killers…it just makes them more creative (Scream)

      The killers will be on the streets one way or another.

      18. All towns have an Elm Street. (The Final Nightmare, Freddy’s Death)

      Evil can lurk in any corner.

      19. They say I shed innocent blood. What use is blood if it must not be shed? (Candyman: Mind Mastery)

      Almost like a religious ritual that has to be performed.

      20. I am your number one fan. (Misery)

      We must also take care of those who “admire” us.

      21. I would give anything if the portrait grew old, while I remain young. Yes, also my soul. (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

      I wish him not to grow old which cost him his soul.

      22. I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a person! (The Elephant Man)

      No one can avoid becoming evil if pushed into this choice.

      23. Pablo, write it all down, for your fucking mother! (received)

      Even if the situation is terrifying, it is better to stay in front of the camera.

      24. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (The Shining)

      A film that shows us how quickly a person can fall into madness.

      25. Trust is hard to come by these days. (The thing)

      Even in this world, trust is fundamental.

        26. Do you like horror movies? (scream)

        When our tastes become a weakness that others exploit.

        27. I say we lift off and bomb the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure! (extraterrestrial)

        Extreme answers for a dead end situation.

        28. The most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no matter how much you rent, no matter how much you beg, you never feed it after midnight. (Gremlins)

        Lamentations and pleas that become a trap.

        29. 1, 2, 3 hit the wall. (The orphanage)

        A game that has no fun ending.

        30. Sin never dies. Sin never dies. At first everything was fine. We live without sin. (Carrie)

        No one is free from sin, but there are fanatics who take it as perpetual penance.

        31. Have I known this 6 year old boy, white, pale, with an emotionless face and the blackest eyes? halloween devil eyes

        Don’t trust those who seem innocent.

        32. The lucky ones die first. (The hills Have Eyes)

        Sometimes death is the best thing that can happen to us.

        33. From the eternal sea shall arise one who will create mighty armies, and will turn man against his brother, until he is no more… (The prophecy)

        The sea is a mysterious world to which we have not been able to fully access.

        34. Say goodbye to classic reality, as our logic breaks down on a subatomic level…into ghosts and shadows… (Prince of Darkness)

        Do you think there are other types of worlds?

        35. Sometimes the world of the living mingles with that of the dead. (Others)

        It is said that the gate only opens on Halloween night.

        36. I give you eternal life, undying love, the power of the storm and the beasts of the earth. Walk with me and be my beloved wife forever. (Dracula)

        A love that lasted a lifetime.

        37. Sometimes being dead is better. (Animal cemetery)

        It is perhaps in death that we will have true rest.

        38. Tasty, tasty, hermoso miedo. (this)

        For criminals, the fear of their victims is like a balm.

        39. I’m sorry, I let a werewolf attack you and, you know, it ended the world. (The cabin in the woods)

        There are people who become mean because of a bad experience that has marked them negatively.

        40. Basically, they are malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and do evil for their own amusement. (Paranormal activity)

        Explain which spirits do harm.

        41. By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term, if I could have. (Exit)

        Enemies can appear as allies.

        42. There will be food, drink, and ghosts…and maybe even murder. Everyone is invited. (House on the Haunted Hill)

        A tempting invitation for some.

        43. It is we who live inside. (The Exorcism of Emily Rose)

        It is the evil that arises when there is no more hope.

        44. She is always there. (Hereditary)

        When the spirits don’t want to go home.

        45. They think like us. They know where we are. They won’t stop until they kill us, or we kill them. (we)

        The enemies the more dangerous are those who seem to know us.

        46. ​​Solving the following riddle will reveal the terrible secret behind the universe, assuming you don’t go completely insane trying. (John dies at the end)

        Is it possible that we are not able to bear the truths of the universe?

        47. My mother always said there were no monsters. There are no real ones. But there is (Stranger)

        Monsters don’t have to be in the closet, they can be regular people.

        48. They are cuatro de la madita mañana! (shaun of the dead)

        The perfect time to scare.

        49. What is a ghost? A tragedy destined to repeat itself again and again? A moment of pain, perhaps. Something dead that still seems alive. (The Devil’s Backbone)

        How do you explain what ghosts are?

        50. Where are we going, we won’t need eyes to see. (event horizon)

        No one knows what awaits us on the other side.

        51. Never look back. The past is a wasteland of horrors. (The werewolf)

        There is no point clinging to what has already been and will not return.

          52. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to her! (Friday 13)

          Loss can change us for the worse.

          53. I killed a lot of people. American psycho

          A man who seems perfect, but is actually struggling with his inner demons.

          54. I think death should be repulsive, so we don’t get too attached to it. (Fear dotcom)

          Although it was not a very successful film, it left us with many unpleasant feelings and iconic quotes.

          55. Wouldn’t it be dramatic, assuming the people inside were dead, all lying with the lights on silently around them? (The Old Dark House)

          A vision that could traumatize anyone.

          56. He came home. (Halloween night)

          When our house is invaded, there are no safe places.

          57. I’m an English teacher, not the fucking Tomb Raider. (Lowering)

          No one really knows what he’s capable of until he’s cornered.

          58. It’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s your son. (insidious)

          They say we are able to attract paranormal things that stay with us.

          59. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our own destiny depends on who we choose to follow. (the spell)

          The endless struggle between good and evil.

          60. Gamera doesn’t want to step on people. He is simply alone. Even turtles sometimes feel lonely. (The world under terror)

          A person’s pain does not justify his evil deeds.

          61. You, sin ayuda, you created a man. Now together we will create your companion. (The Bride of Frankenstein)

          Even monsters can have a partner.

          62. I’m collapsing! Oh, Mother of God, I’m collapsing! (The Amityville Horror)

          A story that has long divided many people, on what was real or what was an excuse.

          63. Look what your brother did at the door! (The Texas Massacre)

          Material things have become less important in this massacre.

          64. Time to go on your date with Wicker Man. (The Wicker Man)

          A date no one wants to have.

          65. I spent eight years trying to catch him and another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what lived behind this child’s eyes was plain and simple, the eyes of the devil. Halloween

          A pursuit that led to coming face to face with the darkest thing in existence.

          66. Next time you scare a man, make sure he’s really dead! (I know what you did last summer)

          No one escapes his actions.

          67. It’s Halloween; I guess everyone gets a good scare. Halloween

          Do you think weird things happen on Halloween?

          68. We traced the call… it came from inside the house. (When a stranger calls)

          When home is no longer a safe place.

          69. Congratulations. you’re still alive Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you Not anymore (seen)

          The lens the creator wanted players to observe.

          70. Have you ever felt those sharp things on the back of your neck? Son ellos… (The Sixth Sentido)

          The way you know something is wrong.

          71. Hello! I’m Chucky, wanna play? (Chucky)

          The movie that made us start taking care of toys.

          72. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. (Dawn of the Living Dead)

          A prophecy that no one wants to see coming.

          73. Jason was my son and today is his birthday. (Friday 13)

          The pain of a mother that never fades.

          74. I have good news and bad news, girls. The good thing is that your appointments are already there. The bad thing is that they are dead. (Terror knocks at his door)

          A hopeless situation.

          75. Long live the new meat. (Videodrome)

          Creating something new is a particular motivation of criminals.

          76. 1.2 Freddy is coming to pick you up. 3.4 close the door. 5.6 take the crucifix. 7.8 keeps me awake. 9.10 you will never sleep again. (Nightmare on Calle del Fierno)

          Freddy Kueger, the nightmare of the 80s.

          77. They are here. (Fighting spirit)

          When spirits feel at home, it is difficult for them to leave.

          78. People do not appreciate the value of their life. They continue to drink a glass of water, but they don’t taste it. (seen II)

          What inspired the creator of the game to take his players to the limit.

          79. Would you like to live deliciously? (The witch)

          Our desires can lead us down the wrong path.

          80. Honey. Light of my life. I won’t hurt you. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said I wasn’t going to hurt you. I’m just going to break your brains out. (The Shining)

          Not knowing what someone we love is capable of is what terrifies us the most.

          81. Everyone will laugh at you! (Carrie)

          A story that made us think about religious fanaticism and what abuse can do to young people.

          82. It is a blessed condition, believe me. It is whispered on the corners of the streets. Living in other people’s dreams, but not having to be. (candy maker)

          I’m happy to live in people’s rumors, like something that may or may not be real.

          83. You’re going to need a bigger boat! (Jaws)

          A film that made us fear sharks.

          84. An interviewer tried to analyze me once. I ate his liver with beans and an excellent Chianti. (The silence of the innocent)

          Hannibal calmly recounted one of his exploits.

          85. You will die in seven days. (The hoop)

          A warning that made us fear night calls.

          86. We all get a little crazy sometimes…Hasn’t that happened to you? (psycho)

          Lack of control leads to criminal acts.

          87. Meet Johnny! (The Shining)

          The most iconic scene from The Shining and the one that catapulted Jack Nicholson to fame.

          88. I see dead people. (sixth Sense)

          A very tough load for a small child.

          89. He is not of this world. It is Sadako’s fury. And she put a curse on us. (Ring)

          Why do things from other worlds seem to have more power than us?

          90. I’m going to invite an old friend over for dinner. (The silence of the innocent)

          A dinner where people are the main course.

          91. We will catch you. We will catch you. Not another tweet. It’s time to go to sleep. (The diabolical death)

          It is in the night that the monsters wake up.

          92. Psychopaths don’t explode when the sun shines on them; I don’t care if they are crazy! (Dusk to dawn)

          / Why do we think the day is over safe ?

          93. We are born, we grow old, we die. The reverse never happens. None of this is true! (Prince of Darkness)

          The natural cycle of life.

          94. Do you know the role in horror movies when someone does something really stupid and everyone hates them for it? That’s all. (Lianes Jeepers)

          There are scenes in horror movies that just don’t make sense.

          95. There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god. (not breathing)

          Could it be that those who do not believe in God are lost?

          96. You can take me to the child. You can take me to the boy. You can take me to the child. (The Babadook)

          Many dark beings have an insatiable desire for infantile innocence.

          97. Have you ever seen something so scary that you wanted to show it to someone else? (The Ring)

          Maybe share the fear, reduce it.

          98. Never open a door that is not locked. never (Saw IV)

          A warning that we can bring to different situations.

          99. If you want people to listen to you, you can no longer just tap them on the shoulder they turn. You have to hit them with a hammer, so you will realize that you have their strict attention. (Se7en)

          There are murderers and criminals, whose actions are a wake-up call.

          100. I’m torn because there are logical explanations but there are also things that can’t be explained. (Annabelle)

          Science has not yet been able to explain some paranormal experiences.

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