The 100 best phrases of Charles Baudelaire

Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a French poet, essayist and art critic. He was known both for his exquisite works and for his disorderly and extravagant life, which was not well regarded in the 19th century, causing him to be called “the Dante of a decadent age” and placed on the list of “accursed poets”. ” of France. .

In this article you will find a selection of The best phrases of Charles Baudelaire who express their way of conceiving life and art.

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    Charles Baudelaire’s most inspiring phrases

    Despite his decadent and bohemian lifestyle, which did not conform to the standards of the time, his poetic works were acclaimed and inspiring for future generations. Therefore, we bring you a list of the best Charles Baudelaire phrases that show his life philosophy.

    1. How many times must I shake my rattles and kiss your evil forehead, sad caricature?

    About the sacrifices we sometimes have to make.

    2. For the child, a lover of maps and engravings, the universe is at the height of his immense appetite.

    Never lose that insatiable spirit of curiosity about the world.

    3. Show us in the caskets of your rich memories these admirable jewels, made of stars and ethers.

    In this sentence of Baudelaire, the author is invited to appreciate all our lived moments.

    4. Whether it comes from heaven or hell, it doesn’t matter.

    What matters are the deeds we do on this earth.

    5. To know happiness, you have to have the courage to swallow it.

    To get where we want to go, we have to get away from what is holding us back.

      6. Love is a crime that cannot be committed without an accomplice.

      Love is a game of two people.

      7. Brilliant love game, in which one of the two players must lose control of himself.

      When we love, we tend to abandon everything without measuring the consequences.

      8. How many arrows must I waste, O my carcass, to hit this mystical target?

      There are places we can’t reach

      9. To tell the truth, I fear that my zeal has brought me happiness.

      At a time when social appearance was paramount, it is possible that Baudelaire was quite alone.

      10. For a few hours we should not possess silence, but rest.

      Rest is necessary in our lives.

      11. So as not to be martyred slaves of time, get drunk, get drunk constantly!, wine, poetry or virtue, as you choose.

      There must be some kind of distraction from social pressures.

      12. I think there are few examples of a life more run down than mine.

      A man who was never fully understood.

      13. Irregularity, that is to say the unexpected, surprise or amazement are essential and characteristic elements of beauty.

      The ingredients that make up true beauty.

      14. Oh, Beauty! Huge, horrible and naive monster! If your gaze, your smile, your foot open the door to an infinity that I love and that I have never encountered.

      An impossible love and the desire to get there.

      15. A book is a garden, an orchard, a warehouse, a party, a road trip, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.

      A book is a marvel enclosed within its pages.

      16. The best cure for all evil is work.

      Work helps us grow and develop in the world.

      17. It is through dreams that man communicates with the world of shadows around him.

      It is a place to access the deepest part of us.

      18. She is beautiful and more than beautiful: she is amazing.

      A beauty that goes beyond appearance.

      19. The ability to dream is a divine and mysterious ability.

      It’s how we can use our creativity for something bigger.

      20. Always be a poet, even in prose.

      Poetry can take many forms.

      21. Talkative Humanity, which in its porfía and mad genius, today as before, with the light as a witness, cries out to God, in its angry agony.

      The rhetoric about people’s complaints about God.

      22. To work, you just have to be convinced of one thing: that working is less boring than having fun.

      That’s why it’s so important to do something we love to do.

      23. I am the wound and the knife!

      You can hurt and be hurt in the same way.

      24. Free man, you will always love the sea! The sea is your mirror; contemplate your soul In the infinite development of its waves, And your spirit is no less bitter abyss.

      The sea is the ultimate expression of freedom.

      25. There are women who inspire desires in order to overcome them or enjoy them; but it instills in him a desire to die slowly before his eyes.

      Different types of passions that kindle in the soul.

        26. Your empty eyes are filled with night visions, and again and again I see reflected in your complexion Madness and horror, cold and taciturn.

        Ghosts of past actions that never cease to torment.

        27. A big smile is a giant beautiful face.

        The smile is the first beauty par excellence.

        28. A poet’s greatest honor is to accomplish exactly what he set out to do.

        Put words on everything inside.

        29. The most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity.

        Especially those who get carried away by envy and strive to be unhappy.

        30. What is love? The desire to get out of oneself.

        Do you think this is true of love?

        31. What does eternal condemnation matter to him who has found for a second the infinity of enjoyment?

        We focus on enjoying the present rather than the future.

        32. He who does not know how to populate his loneliness does not know how to be alone in a crowded crowd.

        If you are not comfortable with yourself, you will never feel accompanied, even if you are surrounded by thousands of people.

        33. Dance can reveal all the mystery hidden in music, and has the additional merit of being palpable and human.

        Dance is the expression of what music makes us feel.

        34. His eyes are stars in which mystery shines vaguely, and his gaze shines like lightning: it is an explosion in the darkness.

        An attraction that makes a lot of noise.

        35. Do not despise anyone’s sensitivity. Everyone’s sensitivity is their genius.

        Sensitivity is someone’s true cover letter.

        36. Art is long and time is short.

        Art is perpetual and constantly evolving.

        37. This power needs solitude to develop freely; the more you concentrate, the more likely you are to dream fully and deeply.

        Loneliness is necessary in many cases to grow.

        38. Darkness abounds there; and it’s nocturnal and deep as it inspires.

        An enchanting darkness perceived as a unique beauty.

        39. Dance is poetry with arms and legs.

        Compare dance to the magic of verse.

        40. In order not to feel the horrible weight of Time which tires your back and makes you bend to the ground, you have to get drunk relentlessly. But of what? Of wine, poetry or virtue, as you choose. But get them drunk.

        The dependencies that we must acquire.

        41. I can hardly conceive of a kind of beauty in which there is no melancholy.

        The poet believed that melancholy is the greatest of muses.

          42. For the merchant, even honesty is financial speculation.

          Traders are the most suspicious people of all, and for good reason.

          43. Hate is a drunk in the back of a tavern, who constantly renews his thirst with drink.

          People who hate others will always find new motives that fuel their disdain.

          44. Loneliness is the state of genius and the chosen one.

          A solitary state seems to be something all geniuses have in common.

          45. God would be unjust if we were not guilty.

          Do we deserve all the bad things that have happened in the world?

          46. ​​What is created by spirit is more alive than matter.

          It is because it is created with a true and honest will.

          47. Two rights should be added to the list of human rights: the right to disorder and the right to leave.

          Two rights which for the poet were necessary for true human freedom.

          48. Energy in pleasure creates discomfort and positive suffering.

          The only fatigue you never get tired of.

          49. More than one flower painfully unfolds its sweet fragrance like a secret in deep solitudes.

          Loneliness is part of life, you can’t escape it.

          50. Wine is like man: you never know how much it can be appreciated or despised, loved or hated.

          A strange comparison, but it is completely accurate.

          51. The poison of power that irritates the despot.

          Tyrannical leaders are blinded by power.

          52. I know pain is the only nobility.

          For Baudelaire, pain is the most real feeling of all.

          53. It is never excusable to be bad, but there is some merit in knowing that one is.

          Meanness should be about determination, not about hurting others.

          54. This need to forget oneself in foreign flesh is what man nobly calls the need to love.

          Many hide behind their relationships to forget the pains of their lives.

          55. Strangeness is a necessary ingredient of beauty.

          The most beautiful things are those that are unique and different.

          56. Dreaming beautifully is not a gift given to all men, and even to those who possess it.

          It’s not just about imagining better things, but having the ability to go through them and achieve them.

          57. Nothing can only be done little by little.

          It is better to go slowly but surely than in a rush where you make irreparable mistakes.

          58. God is the only being who did not even need to exist to reign.

          The one leader that most people look up to.

          59. How big the world is in the light of the lamps! And how small he is in the eyes of memory!

          The world must be seen through the eyes of adventurers.

          60. The worm will gnaw your skin like remorse.

          The weight that keeps growing in our heads with regret.

          61. Pure love is a sun whose intensity absorbs all other tasks.

          Love has the ability to eliminate all sadness.

          62. It may be said that men go to sleep every day with a boldness which would seem incomprehensible if one did not know that it is the result of ignorance of danger.

          Ignorance is the worst disease of humanity.

          63. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let’s choose.

          A decision that can change the course of your life.

            64. The lover, panting, leaning over his beauty looks like a dying man caressing her grave.

            The weight of the abandonment of a loving heart.

            65. What a boring writer! A dusty chronicler! A boring pile of messy descriptions.

            There are writers who do not suit our tastes.

            66. Life is a hospital where every patient is possessed by the desire to change beds. He would like to suffer in front of the radiator, and he thinks he will be better near the window.

            An interesting way to look at life.

            67. Being a servile man has always seemed disgusting to me.

            Despising the idea of ​​adapting to social norms.

            68. Laughter is satanic, so it is deeply human.

            Laughter is a natural human instinct.

            69. Nations are like certain families: it is only in spite of themselves that they have great men.

            A way to connect nations.

            70. The most beautiful game of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.

            Many believers claim this is the epitome of the devil’s movement.

            71. There are only three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the soldier, the poet. Know, kill, create.

            Everyone offers valuable things to their society.

            72. Every minute we feel overwhelmed by the idea and feeling of time.

            For those who cannot live, time is running out.

            73. I am like a painter whom a mocking god condemns to paint, Ah! About darkness; Oh, cook of funereal appetite, I boil and eat my heart.

            A form of self-perception of his works.

            74. Time can only be forgotten by using it.

            The way to master time is to learn from it and accept it.

            75. Our sins are tenacious, our repentances cowardly.

            It’s never too late to do the things you want.

            76. Remembering is just a new form of suffering.

            The memory of what could not be is the pain that drags on into the future.

            77. In a social act, each enjoys the other.

            About profiting from the misfortunes of others.

            78. What is not slightly distorted looks useless.

            Perfection is in the strange and natural things.

            79. You gave me your clay, and I turned it into gold.

            As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

            80. Modernity is the transient, the fleeting, the contingent, half of art.

            Modernity is what is happening now. But that’s not all.

            81. The years only leave our limbs invalid, and we have distorted the passions.

            The passage of years should not affect the way we are.

            82. Those who say “I’m unlucky” are those who haven’t had enough success yet and ignore it.

            It is important to celebrate every victory, no matter how small. We are therefore motivated to continue.

            83. A succession of small wills produces a great result.

            Goals are achieved through small achieved goals.

            84. Never give up on your dreams, the sane know nothing of the admirable dream of a madman!

            All great things start with dreams.

            85. The one who has never woken up in an anonymous bed, next to a face he will never see again, and left a brothel at dawn, wanting to throw himself into a river out of physical disgust of existence, has lost something.

            A sign of his extravagant behavior, which went beyond immorality.

            86. A charm is a bottle of wine, a woman is a bottle of wine.

            For Baudelaire, wine was incredibly precious.

            87. Genius is nothing but childhood regained at will.

            The ability to cross all our imagination without limits.

            88. Destiny has a certain elasticity which is often called human freedom.

            Freedom can easily turn into decadence.

            89. If the word does not exist, invent it; but first make sure it doesn’t exist.

            Encouraging us to do new and original things.

              90. We make our confessions pay for a long time, And we willingly enter the muddy path, believing with vile tears to wash away all our stains.

              Even if we confess our wrongdoings, we still have to pay the price.

              91. Beauty is always strange.

              The things we love have a touch of rarity.

              92. To consent to be honored is to recognize in the State or the prince the right to judge, to enlighten, etc.

              A critique of the pressure to follow social norms when they recognize the work you do.

              93. Look no further my heart; the beasts devoured him.

              There are people who cannot take care of others because they are too hurt to do so.

              94. What is art? Prostitution.

              A strange way to see art.

              95. Let us feed our good remorse, As beggars feed their misery.

              Remorse is the worst weight you can carry, because it is not easy to get rid of.

              96. A healthy man can go two days without eating, but not without poetry.

              Culture is an essential part of any person.

              97. The marvelous envelops us and permeates us like the atmosphere, and yet we do not see it.

              Incredible things are happening around us, but we are very blind to see it.

              98. To skillfully use a tongue is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.

              Never underestimate the importance of learning a new language.

              99. There is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by giving him more than he expects.

              Let them see your full potential.

              100. Holds and persists; the current pain will benefit you another time.

              Many lessons can be learned from painful times.

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