The 100 best phrases to learn to let go

Letting go is never easy, whether it’s walking away from someone or leaving a place, but there are times when it’s necessary to let go in order to progress. Pasar página often involves accepting a resignation and looking to what the future has to offer.

Therefore, even if it hurts us to leave something behind, we must always keep in mind that it is to achieve the positive change that we need in our life if we want to go where we want to go. In this direction, phrases to learn to let go that you will find here can help you.

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    The most inspiring phrases to learn to let go

    With this selection of the best phrases to learn to let go, you will understand the implications of moving on, and that saying goodbye is not synonymous with weakness, but in many cases it is an expression of strength.

    1. Last night I let go of the world and gained the universe. (C.Joybell C.)

    To gain something, sometimes you have to give up something else.

    2. The truth is that unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation is over, you cannot move forward. (Steve Maraboli)

    To let someone go is not just to walk away, but to forgive for forgetting.

    3. If you constantly look back and don’t let go, you won’t be able to enjoy the present let alone focus on your future.

    You can never achieve the future you want if you drag the past.

    4. Whatever comes, let it come, whatever remains, let it stay, whatever goes, let it go. (Amit Ray)

    Things happen for something and for the same reason they also go away.

      5. If you really want to be respected by the people you love, you have to show them that you can survive without them. (Michael Bassey Johnson)

      Love is never a prison and less dependent on someone.

      6. When I let go of who I am, I become what I could be. (Lao Tzu)

      We have to accept change so that we can be our best version.

      7. The art of living involves knowing when to hold on and when to let go. (Havelock Ellis)

      When you let go of something that pulls you down, you were able to appreciate your freedom.

      8. Our distrust of the future is what makes it difficult for us to let go of the past. (Chuck Palahniuk)

      Everything that is unknown frightens us and sometimes prevents us from moving forward.

      9. Letting go is releasing images and emotions, grudges and fears, past attachments and disappointments that bind our minds together. (Jack Kornfield)

      Release all those emotions that consume us inside.

      10. Pain will leave you when you let it go. (Jeremy Aldana)

      There are those who cling to pain because they don’t want to leave behind what is behind.

      11. Holding on is believing that only the past exists, letting go is knowing there is a future. (Daphne Rose Kingma)

      When we free ourselves, we are able to walk towards a righteous future.

      12. The problem with looking too much at the past is that when we look to the future, it will be gone. (Michael Cybenko)

      When we don’t let go of the past, it becomes a burden that does not allow us to enjoy life.

      13. Some people believe in holding on to things and holding on to them is a sign of great strength. However, there are times when it takes a lot more strength to know when to let go and really do it. (Anne Landers)

      Nothing that makes you feel bad and keeps you from growing is good.

      14. You’ll never realize what you were capable of if you get too attached to the things you have to let go of.

      Remember that in order to achieve anything, you must detach yourself from what does not allow you to grow.

      15. Sometimes there are things in our lives that aren’t meant to stay.

      It is better to say goodbye to something that no longer makes us happy, than to cling to a false illusion.

      16. If you were brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with another hello. (Paulo Coelho)

      A goodbye is not necessarily the end, but a new beginning.

      17. Start giving up what you want to give up. The future awaits. (Danielle LaPorte)

      The future is moving forward, not backward.

      18. I tore down all the bridges behind me so I had no choice but to move forward. (Fridtjof Nansen)

      You can only walk towards the horizon if you have nothing to tie yourself to.

      19. Letting go of the past is an act of letting go.

      Knowing that while we can’t change anything, we can learn from it to shape a better future.

      20. Although no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start right now and make a new end. (Maria Robinson)

      We can all start over, it’s never too late.

      21. Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation, who deserves only an answer, and who deserves absolutely nothing. (Alexandra Remon)

      There are people who just don’t deserve to be with us.

      22. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer useful. (Nina Simone)

      The first sign of ending a relationship is when love isn’t enough.

      23. When they leave you for no reason, they don’t come back with an excuse.

      No one can claim to recover something they destroyed with their own mother.

      24. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. (Guillaume Apollinaire)

      Not only do you have to learn to let go of the bad things, but also the expectations.

        25. Action cannot always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action. (Benjamin Disraeli)

        If we don’t take the first step, we will never know if we can achieve something.

        26. Explore the past, explore the present, predict the future. (Hippocrates of Kos)

        All the lessons we learn are for building a better future.

        27. Life is like a bicycle: you have to move to keep your balance. (Albert Einstein)

        When you fall, we just have to get up to continue, otherwise we won’t continue walking.

        28. A man will remain locked up in a room whose door is open but opens inwards; siempre y cuando do not have the idea of ​​pulling instead of pushing. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

        The danger of staying in the comfort zone is that it doesn’t let us see what we can become.

        29. I’m not really here right now. I should have gone yesterday and I’m just my own delay. (Milan Kundera)

        Staying in the memory for a long time takes us away from wanting that life we ​​dream of.

        30. And if you don’t give more, just find what you have in your hands, think that giving love is never in vain. Continue without looking back. (Pablo Neruda)

        You can do more with your tools than you create.

        31. The first step doesn’t get you where you want to go, but it gets you out of where you are. (Anonymous)

        The first step is always the most difficult but it is the most necessary.

        32. You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. (CS Lewis)

        We all deserve to do what we love most in our lives.

        33. Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you have to learn to let it go. (Roy T. Bennett)

        Emotional pain only heals when we work on it.

        34. Letting go doesn’t mean getting rid of it. Letting go means letting go. When you let things go, things will come and go. (Jack Kornfield)

        Detachment from something does not mean that we forget it.

        35. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, it’s learning how to start over. (Nicole Sobon)

        You have to learn to have the courage to go back to zero.

        36. When you give freedom to others, when you let them go, you regain your freedom. (Aleksandra Ninkovic)

        It’s a double act, no one deserves to feel trapped.

        37. Loving and letting go, loving and letting go, loving and letting go… is the most important thing we can learn in this lifetime. (Rachel Brathen)

        True love is wanting another person’s happiness, even if it’s not on our side.

        38. I realize there is something incredibly honest about trees in the winter, how adept they are at letting things go. (Jeffrey McDaniel)

        Not only do you have to let go of what you don’t need, but flourish when a new season begins.

        39. The hardest part of growing up is letting go of what you were used to and moving forward with something you weren’t.

        It is easy to stay in what we consider comfortable, even if it does not allow us to grow.

        40. If you can’t do anything about it, let it go. Don’t be a prisoner of things you can’t change. (Tony Gaskin)

        Keep in mind that there are things we can’t control, so it’s best not to hold on to them.

        41. Life happens in the blink of an eye. Therefore, living nostalgia for the past means letting the future slip away from us.

        One of the most notable consequences of clinging fervently to the past.

        42. Unless you consciously decide to let go, unpleasant things will continue to haunt you. (Press Ja Gyasi)

        You may not be unlucky, but you still don’t let go of what hurts you.

        43. Remember that without the final points, you couldn’t continue writing your story.

        If something doesn’t end, he won’t let you start.

        44. A man who has not gone through the hell of his passions, has never overcome them. (Carl Gustav Jung)

        To overcome something, you have to feel all the emotions that this situation entails.

        45. Love is a wonderful flower, but you have to have the courage to go looking for it at the edge of a horrible precipice. (Stendhal)

        Love also requires courage and change, if we want to build a life based on it.

        46. ​​Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. (Georges Santayana)

        There is no point in ignoring the past if you are going to repeat the same mistakes.

        47. The cave we fear to enter has the treasure we seek. (Joseph Campbell)

        Sometimes that change you’re resisting is what you need to get where you want to go.

          48. You don’t need strength to give up something, what you really need is understanding. (Guy Finley)

          Why should we detach ourselves from something? To be able to flourish.

          49. There is a victory in letting go of your expectations. (Mike White)

          When we are able to face what we fear the most, we become winners.

          50. The main thing in creating art is often to let go of your expectations and ideas. (Agnes Martin)

          All of your emotions can be used as motivation to create something.

          51. Forget what hurt you, but never forget what taught you. (Shannon L. Alder)

          By letting go of the pain, that experience just becomes a bad memory that no longer affects.

          52. Don’t be afraid of change. Change happens for a reason. ride with her It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

          Change is always necessary, because it is part of universal nature.

          53. Life is Y, we should go. (Spencer Johnson)

          Stay in tune with the movement of life, don’t get left behind.

          54. There is an important difference between giving up and letting go. (Hermann Hesse)

          We give up when we stop trying, we let go when we want to evolve.

          55. Never give anyone the opportunity to waste your time twice.

          It’s only when someone is truly sorry and wants to change that they deserve a second chance.

          56. We are our memory, we are this chimerical museum of inconstant forms, this heap of broken mirrors. (Jose Luis Borges)

          Good and bad memories, everything leads us to build what we are today.

          57. Old dreams were good dreams. They didn’t work, but I’m glad I got them. (Clint Eastwood)

          We don’t always achieve what we dream of, but the end can be much better.

          58. Failure is an opportunity to start over with more intelligence. (Henry Ford)

          Failure helps us see the things we need to change to be unstoppable.

          59. There’s no way to hold on to something that wants to leave, you know? You can only love what you have while you have it. (Kate Dicamillo)

          Quién se quiera ir tu vida, nunca será gall.

          60. Change can be scary, but do you know what’s scarier? Let fear keep you from growing, evolving and progressing. (Mandy Hale)

          A lot of people don’t get what they want because of the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen.

          61. We should use the past as a trampoline and not as a couch. (Harold Macmillan)

          The only way we can use the past.

          62. In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself again. (Deepak Chopra)

          When you work on yourself, you recognize the people you really want around you.

          63. Trust in time, which usually gives sweet solutions to many bitter difficulties. (Miguel de Cervantes)

          We need time to improve and heal.

          64. When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so much and with so much pain at the closed door, that we do not see those which open for us.

          Opportunities present themselves, but we can miss them if we don’t keep moving forward.

          65. When you forgive, you don’t change the past, but you change the future. (Bernard Meltzer)

          To forgive is to let go of all those negative emotions that consume our time.

          66. The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday. (Steve Maraboli)

          Although you want to keep walking, if you carry the past on your feet, you won’t make much progress.

          67. The truth was that he was now in my past, and it was time for me to start accepting him, as much as it hurt me. (Tamara Webber)

          When love ends, it is better to leave a relationship that will only cultivate unhappiness.

          68. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be.

          The process we need to focus on.

          69. Abundance is a process of letting go; what is empty can receive. (Bryant H. McGill)

          Don’t be afraid to start over, because you have plenty of space to fill with good things.

          70. The secret is not to forget but to let go. And when it’s all gone, you’ll be rich in losses. (Rebecca Solnit)

          Losses don’t always mean something bad, sometimes they represent baggage you no longer need.

          71. If you want to fly in the sky, you have to leave the earth. If you want to move on, you have to let go of the past that is dragging you down. (Amit Ray)

          It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

          72. When I give up what I have, I get what I need. (Tao Te Ching)

          If you don’t appreciate what you have now, you won’t know how to be grateful for the things that pass.

          73. Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties. (Gail Sheey)

          If you were a creative person at work, you can put your creativity into practice to live your life.

          74. Every moment is a new beginning. (TS Eliot)

          Every day can be a good day to start.

          75. At each instant, the counter is reset to zero and the be human has a wonderful gift: the opportunity to start over and try again. (Arturo Perez Reverte)

          No matter the day, all you have to do is make the decision to start.

          76. Letting go is releasing images and emotions, grudges and fears, past attachments and disappointments that bind our minds together. (Jack Kornfield)

          It is not enough to distance yourself from people, but from the emotions that affect you.

          77. It is useless to return to what has been and is no longer. (Frédéric Chopin)

          This is the real impossible goal.

          78. Every exit is the entrance to somewhere. (Tom Stopard)

          If something ends, it’s because something new is about to begin.

          79. Success seems to be linked to action. The victorious men and women continue to advance. They make mistakes, but they don’t give up. (Conrad Hilton)

          Things happen when we keep moving.

          80. To change your life: start right away. Be extravagant. (William James)

          Don’t hold back when looking for what you need to achieve your dreams.

          81. Learn to let go. It is the key to happiness. (Buddha)

          Happiness is not compatible with attachment to something or someone.

          82. There is only one way to happiness and that is to stop worrying about things that are beyond the power of our will. (Epictetus)

          There is no point in worrying and spending our time on what we cannot control.

          83. Those who are in a hurry to leave are those who never intended to stay.

          If someone wants to leave your life, let them. It will always be better to keep those who don’t want to be around you away.

          84. Kisses that come laughing, then crying, and life is gone in them, never to return. (Miguel de Unamuno)

          Not all loves are forever, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

          85. Do you know the best of broken hearts? That they can only really break once. The rest are scratches. (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

          Todos los corazones rotos have the ability to heal

          86. Remember that one who leaves seldom decides to do so with the intention of returning.

          And it is better not to rush it, because it will be like a heavy obligation.

          87. A mistake is only a mistake if you focus on it. Let go and forgive. (Curtis Tyrone Jones)

          Only you decide if it is a mistake or a new lesson.

          88. Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best decision you can make. (Roy T. Bennett)

          If we are unable to see what we are worth, we cannot leave behind what harms us.

          89. Life can only be understood by looking back, but it can only be lived by looking forward. (Soren Kierkegaard)

          It’s impossible to continue success if we stick to yesterday’s mistakes.

          90. Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition of happiness. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

          Freedom is necessary to live the life we ​​want.

          91. When you choose not to act on something because you realize you have no control, that’s letting go. (Darren L. Johnson)

          Doing nothing is also a wise decision.

          92. Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for what you deserve. (Anonymous)

          You weren’t weak for letting go of something that hurt you in life.

          93. As we get older and wiser, we begin to realize what we need and what we need to leave behind. Sometimes walking away is a step forward.

          Time helps us realize what things we really need.

          94. Letting go helps us live in a more peaceful mental state and helps us regain our balance. It frees us from unnecessary stress. (Melody Beattie)

          When we stop worrying about past things, we release stress.

          95. You have to learn when to worry. And when to let him go. You will grow a lot. (Brandon Sanderson)

          Letting go is synonymous with having more time to evolve.

          96. The sooner we heal our traumas, the sooner we will be free from the people who hurt us. By hating them, we cling to them and cannot heal. (Vironika Tugaleva)

          That is why it is important to undergo psychological therapy when we have to overcome a trauma.

          97. When you resent another person, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional bond stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve this bond and set yourself free. (Catherine Pondre)

          Holding a grudge affects us more than those for whom it is intended.

          98. Pain will leave you, when you leave it. (Jeremy Aldana)

          To let the pain pass, you need to get away from everything around it.

          99. Holding back is believing that only the past exists, letting go is knowing that there is a future. (Daphne Rose Kingma)

          / Why focus on the past when we have the future ahead of us?

          100. The best way to let go is to focus on what to do next. Spend your energy moving towards this answer together. (Denis Waitley)

          By prioritizing the things we love the most, they help us let go of what bothers us.

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