The 100 best quotes of December

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times for many people as it is full of special things like spending time with family on vacation, Christmas Eve gifts, New Years Eve dinner, telling the review the year and other traditions that every family has.

Therefore, if you want to celebrate the last month of the year by appreciating all the nuances and reasons why it is a special time, keep reading; Here you will find the best phrases about december enter with enthusiasm and motivation.

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    The most inspiring December quotes

    To remember the true spirit of the special moments of the last few weeks of the year, here we’ll go over the best December phrases and the festivities that take place this month.

    1. What is Christmas? It is the tenderness of the past, the value of the present and the hope of the future. It is the sincerest wish that every cup overflows with rich and everlasting blessings, and that every path leads us to peace. (Agnès M. Pharo)

    A beautiful meaning about Christmas.

    2. To be able to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes, you have to be in the middle of the cold. (Aristotle)

    Winter also has its charms.

    3. December, being the last month of the year, can only help us think about what lies ahead. (Fennel Hudson)

    It is a time to reflect and create new plans for the coming year.

    4. Merry Christmas, whoever is home.

    There is nothing more special than celebrating Christmas with the family.

      5. He always fights against your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and that each new year you find yourself becoming a better man. (Benjamin Franklin)

      Wish to improve the new year.

      6. Wet December, freezing January.

      Winter increases in January.

      7. Christmas is the season to light the fire of hospitality in the living room and the great flame of charity in the heart. (Washington Irving)

      It’s not about impressing with the adornments, it’s about having an open heart on these dates.

      8. Sweet hearts understand Christmas beyond words.

      Not everyone appreciates the true meaning of Christmas.

      9. Remember December, this love weighs more than gold! (Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon)

      We can all create our own unforgettable December month.

      10. Christmas is not an event, but a part of the house that we always carry in our hearts. (Freia Stark)

      Christmas is a mental and emotional state.

      11. The gifts of time and love are certainly the basic ingredients of a real Merry Christmas. (Peg Bracken)

      The most popular gifts.

      12. The spring of the spirit blossoms in the winter. (Antonio Porchia)

      In cold winter our hearts are warmer.

      13. What is the heat of summer for, without the cold of winter to make it soft? (John Steinbeck)

      All seasons have their balance.

      14. We are like snowflakes; all unique and different.

      A very beautiful reflection.

      15. Winter should be very cold for those who do not have warm memories.

      Everyone sees Christmas according to their own experiences.

      16. Winter can be nicer than summer if you spend it with someone you love the most.

      The magic of Christmas is spending time with the people we love.

        17. An optimist is one who stays awake until midnight to welcome the new year, a pessimist is one who stays awake to ensure that the old year is over. (Bill Baughan)

        Two different ways of seeing New Year’s Eve.

        18. For Saint Lucia, the night decreases and the day increases, and until Christmas, as such.

        A popular saying about Christmas.

        19. A man says a lot of things in the summer that he doesn’t mean in the winter. (Patricia Briggs)

        In winter, just sweet things.

        20. When Christmas Day comes, we feel the same warmth as when we were children, the same warmth that surrounds our heart and our home. (Joan Winmill Brown)

        We cannot help but remember our childhood on these dates.

        21. Christmas is worthless without someone to share it with.

        Do you agree with this sentence?

        22. Winter, which is such a long season, is the time to collect the golden moments, to embark on a sentimental adventure and to enjoy every hour of leisure. (John Boswell)

        A moment of relaxation and pleasure.

        23. I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it throughout the year. (Charles Dickens)

        Christmas is one of the most anticipated dates of the year.

        24. Blessed be the meeting which unites everyone in a conspiracy of love. (Hamilton Wright Mabi)

        A time of union.

        25. Christmas is the time that unites us all.

        An opportunity to mend bonds and create new memories.

        26. Here is the bright new year, let’s say goodbye to the old one, receive the things to come and always keep the memories with us. (Unknown author)

        It’s time to embrace the new things that lie ahead and lovingly remember what we’ve been through.

        27. The cold of December brings with it snow, a burning fire and a Christmas feast. (Coleridge Room)

        Indispensable items for December.

        28. This is the Christmas message: we are never alone. (Taylor Caldwell)

        Surround yourself with those who make you feel at home.

        29. To value peace and generosity and to have mercy is to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

        These dates are when we need to think more and appreciate good deeds.

        30. No matter what my fortune or where I walk, in December I will go home. (Floyd Huddleston)

        The desire of many people.

        31. Christmas is a time full of magic when the best are not the gifts but the beautiful moments that we live with our loved ones. (Anonymous)

        Yes, gifts are special. But time with our loved ones is even more so.

          32. Christmas is a homesick time when you are still at home. (Carol Nelson)

          A nostalgia full of emotion and love.

          33. A colorless winter burst to show without leaves to tear. (Kawai Chigetsu)

          The trees remain bare in winter.

          34. A man says a lot of things in the summer that don’t make sense in the winter. (Patricia Briggs)

          All promises don’t last and are broken.

          35. Year of snow, year of goods!

          A saying to attract fortune.

          36. Rain in winter shows what the eyes see as if it were an old thing. (Yosa Buson)

          An essence of yesteryear and nostalgia.

          37. If you remember the flowers in winter, they will bloom like magic.

          Everyone has Christmas at their heart.

          38. The stars in the sky light up because Christmas is finally here, dreams come true and bring us happiness.

          Bright lights are an essential part of Christmas.

          39. Breath, breath, winter wind, you are not as cruel as the ingratitude of man. (William Shakespeare)

          Sometimes what hurts us the most is the treatment of others.

          40. Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, making everything sweeter and more beautiful. (Norman Vincent Peale)

          What will Christmas have that will become an indescribable and magnificent moment?

          41. Winter is the time of comfort, good food and warmth, the touch of a benevolent hand and a conversation by the fireside: it is the time of the house. (Edith Sitwell)

          A very interesting way to see winter.

          42. Keeping a warm heart in winter is the real victory. (Marty Rubin)

          Not everyone can take advantage of these dates.

          43. There is no ideal Christmas, only the Christmas you decide to create as a reflection of your values, your desires, your loved ones and your traditions. (Bill McKibben)

          Everyone has Christmas in their hearts or not.

          44. Christmas, my son, is love in action.

          This is where you find out who has a real Christmas spirit.

          45. So they sing, young hearts full of joy, without any thoughts of sadness, the old year is leaving, but the young and happy new year is coming tomorrow. (Emily Miller)

          The atmosphere to continue in December.

            46. ​​Who doesn’t look for love when December arrives? Even the children pray to Santa Claus. (Rod McKuen)

            Love and December go hand in hand.

            47. If my smile is your Christmas garnish count on it, if my hand helps you have both, if my heart brings you happiness is all yours.

            A time to give and receive love.

            48. Yes we are getting until December, everything will be tighter than I think; it is the coldest time of winter and I shiver as I see the snow fall. (Merle Hagard)

            Feel the blow of the winter cold.

            49. A cup of excitement, four tablespoons of tenderness, a little friendship and a lot, a lot of genuine love: the recipe for a perfect Christmas. (Anonymous)

            Do you think this is the perfect recipe for Christmas?

            50. I wish we could put some Christmas spirit in jars and open a bottle every month. (Harlan Miller)

            It never hurts to leave some Christmas spirit behind for the rest of the year.

            51. People do not know if it is winter or summer when they are happy. (Anton Chekhov)

            When people are happy, don’t worry about the little details.

            52. Goodness is like snow; it makes everything it covers more beautiful. (Kahlil Gibran)

            An interesting way to relate goodness to snow.

            53. The winter bride is generally described as having Christmas, frost and fairies. And although the weather is variable, its virtue never varies.

            Never lose sight of this magical belief in Christmas.

            54. The purpose of the new year is not to have a new year. It’s just that we need to have a new soul. (GK Chesterton)

            It’s about changing ourselves to be better people.

              55. I had all my childhood in winter waves of vanilla around the stove. (Jack Kerouac)

              A great way to spend our childhood.

              56. Everything in winter must sleep peacefully to bloom vigorously in spring.

              Spring always returns after an intense winter.

              57. Looks like a day in December, looks like we’ve reached the end of the road. (Willie Nelson)

              How are your days in December?

              58. A nougat is enough for Christmas, but your friendship nourishes me for life.

              Friendships are special every day of the year.

              59. December, a month of lights, snow and festivals. A moment to straighten things out and tie up the loose ends. A moment to finish what you started and wait for your dreams to come true.

              A month where all dreams are present.

              60. We meet today to thank the year that is ending and to begin what is to come. (John Greenleaf Whittier)

              We should always be grateful for what we have had and for the new opportunities that arise.

              61. I heard a bird singing in the December darkness, something magical, something sweet to remember. We are closer to spring. (Olivier Herford)

              The darkness of winter is not eternal.

              62. Christmas is the day that unites all times. (Alexandre Smith)

              Where we can observe everything we’ve done, celebrate successes and rewrite plans.

              63. Summers always fly, winters walk. (Charles M. Schulz)

              On how the passage of time is viewed in the two seasons.

              64. If we did not have winter, spring would not be so pleasant: if sometimes we did not have a taste for adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. (Anne Bradstreet)

              Winter is necessary to enjoy the rest of the seasons.

              65. As children, we were grateful to those who filled our socks for Christmas. Why don’t we thank God for filling our socks with our feet? (Gilbert K. Chesterton)

              Why not rediscover that magic of childhood in December?

              66. How many lessons in faith and beauty would we lose if there was no winter in our year! (Thomas Wentworth Higginson)

              Christmas is a date full of lessons and thanksgiving.

                67. From harvest to Christmas, it’s all about blowing and making bottles.

                Events that only happen in December.

                68. On colder days, seek warmth from those around you.

                A heat that never goes out.

                69. Between All Saints’ Day and Christmas, it’s real winter.

                A time when many saints were also honored.

                70. Bad weather always looks worse through the window.

                Things tend to look more complicated in our minds.

                71. In winter, we snuggle up with a good book and dream away from the cold. (Ben Aaronovich)

                A good book, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a soft blanket.

                72. In the dead of winter, I finally learned that there was an invincible summer within me. (Albert Camus)

                The strengths we need are within us.

                73. Peace on earth will be established when we experience Christmas every day. (Hélène Steiner Rice)

                Maybe we need a little more Christmas to live peacefully.

                74. Christmas is built on a beautiful intentional paradox: that the birth of one who had no home to be born be celebrated in every home. (GK Chesterton)

                About the birth of Jesus and the celebration of life.

                75. But my heart loves the December smile as much as the golden ray of July. (Emily Jane Brontë)

                Each station has its own charm.

                76. Christmas is not a date … It is a state of mind. (Mary Ellen Chase)

                Christmas is in all of us.

                77. We cannot forget our mistakes, but we are filled with wisdom with every lesson. May happiness await you at the start of the year!

                Mistakes teach us new lessons.

                78. The cold is approaching. The December winter solstice. Departure from the station. (Robert Pettit)

                About the winter solstice which begins on December 21st.

                  79. The happy year is born as the brilliant fruit of a bare thorn. (Hartley Coleridge)

                  One way to remember that we have another chance to be better.

                  80. Love your gifts, but love those who give them to you.

                  Rather than appreciating the gift, it’s about appreciating the intention of those who want to make you smile.

                  81. I have always thought of Christmas as a good time for doing good, for forgiveness and for generosity; a time when men and women spontaneously open their hearts, and that is why I say, God bless Christmas! (Charles Dickens)

                  A great lover of December dates.

                  82. I hope you make mistakes this year, because making mistakes means doing new things, learning, living and changing the world. (Neil Gaiman)

                  A particular desire but which certainly pushes us to grow.

                  83. It seems that everything sleeps in winter, but it is in fact a time of renewal and reflection. (Elisabeth Camden)

                  What winter really brings, reflection.

                  84. Christmas is the spirit of doing without having the idea of ​​receiving. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It’s about forgetting yourself and finding time for others. It’s about rejecting nonsense and emphasizing real values. (Thomas S. Monson)

                  An era that should make us more human than ever.

                  85. He comes every year and will come forever. And with Christmas come memories and customs. (Marjorie Holmes)

                  Every year there is hope that Christmas is approaching.

                  86. May this Christmas be a source of great happiness. And the new year a hope of success and prosperity.

                  Wishes that are always given on these dates.

                  87. Christmas at my house is at least six or seven times more enjoyable than anywhere else. We start drinking early, and when the rest of the population sees a single Santa, we see six or seven. (Champs WC)

                  Tell how Christmas is experienced in your home.

                  88. We welcome a new year and a new opportunity for us to do things right. (Oprah Winfrey)

                  A opportunity to create new experiences and to conquer our dreams a little more.

                  89. The loneliness of winter makes the deepest thoughts bloom.

                  We just hope that the good thoughts are more abundant than the negative ones.

                  90. In winter, take a nap, show laziness.

                  Winter is synonymous with rest.

                  91. In the dark winter night, The next beautiful day!

                  Not every day is dark in winter.

                  92. The color of spring is in the flowers; the color of winter in fantasy. (Terri Quotes)

                  A season that invites us to dream.

                  93. Sometimes our destiny is like a fruit tree in winter. Who would have thought that these branches would turn green and bloom? But we wait because we know it. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

                  A successful comparison that we can always try to remember.

                    94. Blessed is the time when everyone is engaged in a conspiracy of love. (Hamilton Wright Mabie)

                    We need more of this time and more often.

                    95. A good conscience is a continual Christmas. (Benjamin Franklin)

                    The way we can spend Christmas with us all the time.

                    96. In the December ring. There are bells every day. Let’s go for that Fire. Sing them louder and louder until nightfall! (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

                    Christmas as an important part of the December holidays.

                    97. Even though other things are lost over the years, let’s keep Christmas as a luminous thing, let’s go back to our childhood faith. (Grace Noll Crowell)

                    Each person can store some of the Christmas magic inside.

                    98. Christmas is the time of year when we run out of money before our friends. (Larry Wilde)

                    Lots of shopping, but the reward is spending time with your loved ones.

                    99. December shaking, January happy and a better year.

                    A saying that reminds us of the prosperity that awaits us.

                    100. A fresh new year has come, another year of life, to cast out worry and doubt and fear, to love to laugh and to give. (William Arthur Ward)

                    Leave your fears and worries behind and focus on new achievements for you to achieve.

                    A series of phrases and thoughts that lead us to analyze the real magic of Christmas and the ability of people to show gratitude in abundance, on a date when all is love.

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