The 110 best phrases about cats

Many prefer to have dogs as pets, due to their endless love, peace and spirit imparted to all. However, cats are also excellent companions and, despite popular belief, are incredibly affectionate, docile and kind, and also provide many benefits to people’s well-being, such as reducing stress.

Therefore, in this article we will consider the most inspiring and interesting phrases about cats.

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    Great quotes and phrases about cats

    To show cats as great pets, we have in this article a list of the best phrases about cats for reflection.

    1. What better gift than the love of a cat. (Charles Dickens)

    A cat’s love is the most special and sincere.

    2. No home is complete without kitten kicks. (Unknown)

    If you like cats, they are part of the domestic and family context.

    3. It’s good to have cats around. If you feel bad, your company fills everything.

    Having cats at home has a relaxing therapeutic effect.

      4. I believe that cats are incarnated spirits on earth. A cat, I’m sure, could walk on a cloud without crossing it.

      About the mystical character of cats.

      5. The smallest kitten is a true work of art and as such you need to take care of it.

      Every animal deserves to be cared for.

      6. If a universal sound were to be chosen for peace, I would vote for purr. (BL Diamond)

      Overall, the purring of the cat brings a lot of peace.

      7. The house actually belongs to the cat and we are paying the mortgage. (Anonymous)

      Cats will always believe that humans are the ones who live in their territory.

      8. God created the cat to give man the pleasure of petting a tiger. (Victor Hugo)

      They are miniature big cats.

      9. Time spent with cats is never wasted. (Sigmund Freud)

      You don’t waste time when you’re with an animal.

      10. Cats have absolute emotional honesty; Humans, for one reason or another, can hide their feelings, but the cat cannot. (Ernest Hemingway)

      Many believe that cats are selfless when they are only respected.

      11. A cat can also be your best friend.

      Cats also have their own domestic component.

      12. Sleeping with a cat is the best medicine.

      Some studies claim that spending time with cats reduces our stress levels.

      13. What better gift than the love of a cat? (Charles Dickens)

      A love that you know is real.

      14. Dogs come when called; the cats get the message and then take care of you. (Maria Bly)

      Kittens are self-loving creatures.

      15. In the eyes of a cat, everything belongs to cats. (Unknown)

      Cats think they own everything.

      16. Cats are supposed to teach us that everything in nature has no purpose. (Keillor Garrison)

      Cats flow with life.

      17. I love cats because I love my home and little by little they become their visible soul. (Jean Cocteau)

      A house is not the same if there are no animals.

      18. Angry cat, spider even with its tail.

      Cats show their character when they get angry.

      19. I learned from cats that no matter how fast you drive, you can always stop for a moment to scratch behind your ear. (J. Alfredo Diaz)

      Cats are a symbol of tranquility and serenity.

      20. Heaven will never be heaven unless my cats are waiting for me. (Epitaph)

      How beautiful to imagine that our pets are waiting for us.

      21. The cat possesses beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, all the virtues of man without his vices.

      A clean and elegant nature.

      22. In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten it. (Terry Pratchett)

      Gods are still believed, but now from our homes.

      23. Cats randomly refuse to follow commands to show they can. (Ilona Andrews)

      A fine example of independence.

      24. Elegance wanted body and life, so she turned into a cat. (William of Aquitaine)

      If there is an animal that is elegant as a whole, it is the cat.

        25. When cats dream, they adopt the august attitudes of sphinxes reclining against solitude, and seem asleep in an endless sleep; Magical sparks fly from her fluffy hips and golden particles like fine sand vaguely spangle her mystical pupils. (Baudelaire)

        There is always a mystery surrounding cats that keeps us in constant curiosity.

        26. Cats don’t like changes very much, especially if they haven’t decided on them. (Roger A. Caras)

        Showing his authoritarian character.

        27. Having a chat later is the only tolerable way to be alone, together. (Gianna Manzini)

        A company that understands the value of solitude.

        28. As any cat owner knows, no one owns a cat. (Ellen Perry Berkeley)

        The funny relationship of cats with their owners.

        29. If cats could write history, their history would be mostly about cats. (Eugene Weber)

        A story in which they are the absolute protagonists.

        30. A cat will be your friend, but never your slave. (Theophile Gautier)

        They make you see clearly the difference between friendship and slavery.

        31. Dogs see us as their gods, horses as their equals, but cats see us as their subjects. (Winston Churchill)

        Without a doubt, cats exude superiority.

        32. When I feel bad, I look at my cats and my courage returns.

        Animals have the power to make us feel better without making any effort.

        33. Like all pure creatures, cats are practical. (William S. Burroughs)

        Cats help keep homes pest-free.

        34. All you need is love and a cat. (Unknown)

        For those who like to have a chat with them.

        35. Cats have it all; admiration, endless sleep and company only when they want it. (Rod McKenn)

        Creatures very close to perfection.

        36. A cat will always tell you the truth with its gaze.

        Cats don’t bother to hide their feelings.

          37. When the cat’s tail is up, there is nothing on the plate. (Proverb)

          How to protest when they are hungry.

          38. Man has two ways of taking refuge in the miseries of life: music and cats. (Albert Schweitzer)

          Cats help us feel comfortable in our homes.

          39. A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution. (Hazel Nicholson)

          Do you think cats can be understood?

          40. People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts out there. (Susan Easterly)

          They are people who understand that love should not be stuffy, but free.

          41. Stealth cat is always by your side.

          Cats have protective personalities.

          42. When I feel bad, look at my cats. (Charles Bukowski)

          Animals fill us with new energies.

          43. If man could be crossed with a cat, the man would get better, but the cat would deteriorate. (Mark Twain)

          Animals will always be better than humans.

          44. Cats take away all evil.

          They teach us to deal with any type of situation.

          45. I am a cat lover and always will be.

          Once you love cats, it’s hard to stop.

          46. ​​The problem with cats is that they always look exactly the same on their face, whether they see a moth or a killer with an axe. (Paula Poundstone)

          About the “poker face” shown by the cats.

          47. I love cats. They are one of the few creatures that cannot be exploited by their owners. (Umberto Eco)

          They are real free creatures

          48. The only mystery about the cat is why he decided to be a pet. (C. Mackenzie)

          Maybe they have a purpose in their cat life.

          49. Writers love cats because they are such calm, kind, and wise creatures, and cats love authors for the same reasons. (Robertson Davies)

          Writers and cats, they seem like a good combination.

          50. The cat lives alone. You don’t need any company. He obeys only when he wants to, or pretends to be asleep to better observe and scratches everything he can scratch. (Francois Rene de Chateaubriand)

          Controlled anarchy or ultimate expression of freedom?

            51. Cats choose us; we don’t own them. (Kristin Cast)

            A sample of his own decision.

            52. It’s good to have cats around. If you feel bad, your company fills everything.

            Remembering the healing power of cats in people.

            53. What greater gift than the love of a cat? (Charles Dickens)

            When you like a cat, it means you are a good person.

            54. I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. (Hippolyte Taine)

            Do they know something we don’t?

            55. The cat does not caress us, it caresses us. (Antoine Rivarol)

            A love where he is completely involved.

            56. There are no ordinary cats. (Colette)

            All cats are special.

            57. The cat is an independent creature, not considered a prisoner of man and establishes a relationship with him (Konrad Lorenz)

            The cat is the one who decides whether or not to be a pet.

            58. A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden. (Robert Sudey)

            A very nice comparison on the beauty of cats.

            59. Cats are great connoisseurs of comfort. (James Herriot)

            They are looking for the best to feel comfortable.

            60. In the eyes of the cat, everything belongs to cats. (English proverb)

            Cats will always think they own the things around them.

            61. The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat. (Jules Fox)

            An image with which it is impossible not to feel serene.

            62. Cats instinctively know the exact time when their owners will wake up.

            So they go to them to make their presence felt.

            63. A dog will pet you but you have to pet the cat. (George Mikes)

            A cat will never ask you for love.

            64. I lived with several Zen masters, all cats (Eckhart Tolle)

            The greatest masters of Zen teachings.

            65. Cats have absolute emotional honesty; Humans, for one reason or another, can hide their feelings, but the cat cannot. (Ernest Hemingway)

            All cats show their emotions without restraint.

              66. It is impossible for a cat lover to banish those alert, sweet and discriminating friends, who give us enough consideration and complacency to make us too hungry. (Agnes Replier)

              An affection that becomes more and more deep and rooted.

              67. I like the independent and ungrateful temperament of the cat, which prevents him from feeling attached to someone; the indifference with which he goes from the living room to the roof. (Francois Rene de Chateaubriand)

              They teach us that we must love ourselves above all else.

              68. Dogs regard us as their gods, horses as their equals, but cats regard us as their subjects. (Winston Churchill)

              The different ways animals look at us.

              69. I have a cat, the pet that is placed just above a pillow in terms of acquired responsibility. (Anna Quindlen)

              Marking your territory.

              70. A lie is like a cat: you have to stop it before it leaves the door or it will be very difficult to catch. (Charles M. Coup)

              A very interesting analogy.

              71. Cats are independent, which means smart.

              Animals that always show their intelligence.

              72. When I play with my cat, who knows if it doesn’t make me a better athlete than me? (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

              Animals keep us active.

              73. My cat never laughs or complains, he always reasons. (Miguel de Unamuno)

              About that introspective appearance that cats have.

              74. The way to get along with a cat is to treat it as an equal or even better, as the superior being it knows itself to be. (Elisabeth Peters)

              The right way to treat a cat well.

              75. I have been told that the training procedure with cats is difficult. It is not like that. Mine trained me in two days. (Bill Dana)

              We always give in to our pets.

              76. Those who play with cats should expect to be scratched. (Miguel de Cervantes)

              It won’t always be rosy love. As in any relationship.

              77. Cats have everything; admiration, endless sleep and company only when they want it. (Rod McKenn)

              Beings who know what they want in life.

              78. If a cat was talking, it would be to say things like “hey, I don’t see any problem here.” (Roy Blount Jr.)

              Maybe they will show us that our problems are big, because we believe it.

              79. A meow is a message to the heart.

              A sound that many fall in love with.

              80. Cats deserve all your respect.

              Every animal deserves to be respected.

              81. The cat is above all things. (Margaret Benson)

              And all cats know it.

              82. People who hate cats will become mice again in their next life. (Faith Resnick)

              A destination for those who mistreat cats.

                83. If I prefer cats to dogs, it’s because there are no police cats. (Jean Cocteau)

                Cats and their discretion for everything.

                84. Cats effortlessly tell me everything there is to know. (Charles Bukowski)

                Do you think it is possible to understand what cats tell us?

                85. Cats have a greater sense of responsibility than people.

                A very interesting statement.

                86. Cats are good masters, while remembering your own place. (Paul Gray)

                Remember that cats seek an equal relationship.

                87. There are few things in life more comforting than being greeted by a cat. (Tay Hohoff)

                Someone who will always welcome you home.

                88. People who don’t like cats were probably mice in a past life. (Unknown)

                Is that why there are people who hate cats?

                89. Of course, you can love a cat more than a man. In fact, man is the most horrible animal in creation. (Brigitte Bardot)

                If there is one thing that many agree on today, it is that animals are superior to the human race.

                90. I love my cats more than most people. Probably more than healthy. (Amy Lee)

                Do you identify with that?

                91. A kitten is the delight of a home. Throughout the day, a comedy is staged by an incomparable actor. (Jules Champfleury)

                A being who always makes our day happy.

                92. If cats could talk, they wouldn’t. (in carrier)

                They already say everything necessary, in their animal state.

                93. Like a pretty vase, a cat, when standing still, seems to float. (George Will)

                It’s like a floating Buddha.

                94. Cats achieve effortlessly what man still lacks: getting through life quietly. (Ernest Hemingway)

                If there’s one thing we should learn from cats, it’s to value moments of stillness and silence.

                95. A cat is not demanding, as long as we remember that it likes to drink milk from the pink plate and eat fish from the blue plate, from which it will take it out to taste it on the floor. (Arthur Bridges)

                The cats are simple creatures, so they prefer cardboard boxes.

                96. The man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that cannot be learned otherwise. (Mark Twain)

                Learn how good love is.

                97. How do you know if someone is a true friend? This friend will take care of your cat while you are away. (William S. Burroughs)

                It is said that cats know who the right people are and who they are not.

                98. The smallest feline is a masterpiece. (Leonardo DeVinci)

                All animals are pure art from nature.

                99. All cats like to be the center of attention. (Peter Grey)

                The greatest divas of the animal kingdom.

                100. When I play with my cat, who knows if he doesn’t have more fun with me than I have fun with him.

                Every cat enjoys playing with your owners.

                101. Love is like a cat. No one can understand. (Joe Barcala)

                A love that speaks of commitment, equality and respect.

                102. Curiosity killed the cat, you know?

                One of the most popular sayings.

                103. Basically, we are all driven by the same impulses. Cats have the courage to live for them. (Jim Davis)

                Even cats have their reasons for moving on.

                104. Man is civilized to the extent that he understands a cat. (George Bernard Shaw)

                Will cats also teach us to be civilized?

                105. Cats are misunderstood because they do not deign to explain themselves: they are enigmatic only for those who are unaware of the expressive power of silence (Paul Morand)

                The reason behind a cat’s halo of mystery.

                106. Cats seem to behave on the principle that it’s never wrong to ask for what you want. (Joseph Wood Krutch)

                They show us the benefits of being more open.

                107. Any household with at least one feline member does not need an alarm clock. (Louise A. Belcher)

                Cats act as natural alarm clocks.

                108. To keep a real perspective on what we are worth, we should all have a dog that loves us and a cat that ignores us. (Derek Bruce)

                It may be the perfect balance.

                109. One day he was counting cats and inadvertently told me. (Bobbie Ann Mason)

                When they accept us, we become part of their flock.

                110. Of all the creatures of God, there is only one that cannot be enslaved by the belt. The cat. (Mark Twain)

                The cat as a total ambassador of absolute freedom.

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