The 110 best phrases against sexism

People should be appreciated for their abilities, for the way they deal with problems, for seeing the world and for interacting with others.

However, there are many groups that discriminate against others because of their biological traits or characteristics. A clear example of this is sexism, a type of discrimination that is based on the idea that women are inferior beings, while men are considered responsible for carrying out the main responsibilities.

In this article you will find a selection of the best phrases against sexism who invite us to fight for a world without this kind of injustice.

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    The most inspiring anti-sexism phrases

    This is a collection of anti-sexist phrases to reflect on and question ideas based on stereotypes and prejudices.

    1. Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish. (Albert Einstein)

    Our abilities are not determined by our sex.

    2. Gender equality is more than an end in itself. This is a prerequisite for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. (Kofi Anan)

    The goal behind gender equality.

    3. The man also took the reins in the house; woman was degraded, transformed into a servant, a slave to the lust of man, a simple instrument of reproduction. (Frederic Engels)

    How female oppression began.

    4. Neither in equal opportunities, nor in equal pay for equal work, is there, by far, parity between women and men. (José Luis Lopez Aranguren)

    It is especially the field of work where sexism abounds.

      5. Equality is the soul of freedom; in fact, there is no freedom without it. (Frances Wright)

      There can be no real freedom if a group of people is oppressed.

      6. Sex is between the ears, not between the legs. (Chaz Bono)

      Our gender does not carry specific gender roles.

      7. Until we have equality in education, we will not have an egalitarian society. (Sonia Sotomayor)

      It all starts with a good education.

      8. Equality may be a right, but no human power can ever make it a reality. (Honoré de Balzac)

      A dark future for equality.

      9. The cause of the woman is that of the man: the two rise or fall together. (Alfred Tennyso)

      It’s not about favoring one over the other, it’s about having the same opportunities.

      10. I don’t want women to have power over men, but over themselves. (Mary Wolstonecraft)

      The true cause of feminism.

      11. The sun comes up for everyone, and when it rains, we all get wet.

      We are all going through the same thing.

      12. Women’s issues have always been men’s issues. (Simone de Beauvoir)

      It is a problem of humanity.

      13. When women are empowered, they dramatically improve the lives of everyone around them. (Prince Henry of England)

      Women don’t tend to be selfish with their accomplishments.

      14. To call women “the weaker sex” is slander; it is the injustice of the man towards the woman. (M. Gandhi)

      What are the reasons for qualifying a woman as a weaker sex?

      15. I would dare to say that “Anonymous”, a person who wrote so many poems without signing them, was almost always a woman. (Virginia Woolf)

      Without a doubt, this is the most likely scenario.

      16. The level of civilization reached by various human societies is proportional to the independence enjoyed by women. (Flora Tristan)

      Progress also depends on the freedom of women.

      17. Wherever someone fights for their dignity, for equality, to be free… look them in the eye. (Bruce Springsteen)

      These are people who deserve to be helped.

      18. Equality is like gravity, a necessity. (Joss Whedon)

      A need that we must all have solved.

      19. Labeling gender-based violence a “women’s problem” is part of the problem. It gives a lot of men the perfect excuse not to pay attention. (Jackson Katz)

      Letting women solve a problem where men are also involved is to aggravate the conflict.

        20. A woman will truly be equal to a man the day an incompetent woman is appointed to an important post. (Francoise Giraud)

        Do you think that’s true?

        21. If you practice fairness, even if you die, you will not perish. (Lao Tzu)

        Change begins within us.

        22. A feminist is someone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men. (Gloria Steinem)

        The sentiment of any feminist.

        23. Women are worth more than gold, what happens is that they don’t know, that’s how people are submissive because they don’t decide to act and claim their freedom. (Alex Pimentel)

        There is still a need for women to recognize their value.

        24. I would like to eliminate all sexists, racists and homophobes from our audience. I know they’re there, and it bothers me. (Kurt Cobain)

        I wish it could be eradicated as if it were a disease.

        25. All citizens of a state cannot be equally powerful, but they must be equally free. (Voltaire)

        This is what equality is based on.

        26. The test of whether or not you can do a job shouldn’t be the organization of your chromosomes. (Bella Abzug)

        To do a job, you have to take into account the skills for it, not the sex of the person.

        27. The first equality is equity. (Victor Hugo)

        That’s how we started to be the same.

        28. Where equality is not disputed, there is also subordination. (George Bernard Shaw)

        Every change starts with a discussion.

        29. All human beings have their own dignity and each is an end in itself. (Immanuel Kant)

        We all deserve respect for the people we are.

        30. All men are equal in at least one aspect: their desire to be different. (William Randolph Hearst)

        Every person wants to stand out in their life.

        31. Racial, sexual, sexual and other discrimination and violence cannot be eliminated without a change of culture. (Charlotte Bunch)

        Everything can change, even a culture that oppresses some of its inhabitants.

        32. Economic and professional discrimination is determined much more by sexist social attitudes than by law. (José Luis Lopez Aranguren)

        Discrimination is a social creation.

        33. The saddest thing a woman can do is fool herself into loving a man. (Emma Watson)

        No woman should change her essence to please someone else.

          34. Whatever freedom we fight for, it must be a freedom based on equality. (Judith Butler)

          A freedom where everyone can have access to various opportunities.

          35. There are no bosses in this family, we are a cooperative.

          The company should function like a big family.

          36. Gender equality must be a living reality. (Michelle Bachelet)

          It must stop being a dream and become a reality.

          37. If someone thinks they are limited by gender, race, or origin, they will become even more so. (Carly Fiorina)

          Limitation begins when you build barriers around yourself or another person.

          38. The soul has no sex.

          So we should start seeing each other from the soul.

          39. It is only after women begin to feel at home in this country that a Rosa Luxemburg, a Madame Curie, appears. (Simone de Beauvoir)

          When women gain self-confidence, they become unstoppable.

          40. The woman is like the backpack of the soldier. Without it, it struggles tirelessly; but what about the end? (Santiago Ramon and Cajal)

          Many women are underestimated.

          41. Our men believe that earning money and giving orders are the foundations of power. They do not believe that the power is in the hands of a woman who takes care of everyone all day and gives birth. (Malala Yousafzai)

          Everyone has important jobs in society.

          42. I am not saying that everyone is equal in ability, character or motivation, but I am saying that everyone should be equal in their chances of developing their own character, motivation and ability. (John F. Kennedy)

          Everyone should have access to a good education and a job.

          43. Don’t walk in front of me, I can’t follow you. Don’t walk behind me, I can’t guide you. Walk beside me and be my friend. (Albert Camus)

          No one is superior to another.

          44. What greater happiness or what greater glory than to belong to a country where the laws, justice and the judgment of public opinion are respected! (Francisco de Paula Santander)

          A dream country.

          45. No man is good enough to rule a woman without her consent. (Susan Anthony)

          No man has the right to control a woman.

          46. ​​If women and girls were treated the same as men in terms of rights, dignity and opportunities, we would see political and economic progress around the world. (Hilary Clinton)

          The importance of not creating labels based on gender.

          47. If we don’t bend, we fall.

          We succeed together or they all beat us.

          48. Our true nationality is human.

          Our first identity is to be human.

          49. Of course … The bad thing is that the woman, instead of playing a role, has played a rag in the history of mankind (Mafalda)

          Throughout history, it has been ominously obscured.

          50. Better go take a look, and if there’s freedom, justice and that kind of stuff, wake me up, whatever world of numbers, right?

          I wish we could wake up to a better world.

          51. Our society is masculine, and until she enters it, she will not be human. (Henry Ibsen)

          We humans are men and women and we deserve a world for both of us.

            52. It is time for us to have the same pay (as men) and the same rights for women in the United States of America once and for all. (Patricia Arquette)

            Labor equity sought by women.

            53. If half our businesses were run by women and half our households by men, things would be better. (Sheryl Sandberg)

            A fair distribution.

            54. What we women still have to learn is that nobody gives you power, you have to take it. (Rosseanne Barr)

            Only women have control of their destiny.

            55. Lies are very hard to kill, but a lie that attributes to a man what was actually a woman’s job has more lives than a cat. (Marie Curie)

            Lies about gender roles.

            56. The pursuit of human freedom can never be complete without the freedom of women. (Betty Ford)

            A totally free world cannot exist if there are women who still suffer.

            57. Mom, what future do you see for this women’s liberation movement…? No nothing just forget about it. (Mafalda)

            There are women who transgress.

            58. If it wasn’t for the fact that girls have humanity from the navel to the south, where would they have been born?

            We must remember that life begins in the womb.

            59. If justice exists, it must be for everyone; no one can be excluded, otherwise it would no longer be justice.

            Justice is the first institution that must be egalitarian.

            60. If you educate us the same way, we will be the same.

            An egalitarian education forms adults who will not pursue discrimination.

            61. The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They weren’t made for humans, just like blacks weren’t made for whites, or women for men. (Alice Walker)

            No one exists to please the other.

            62. Humanity needs both men and women. So why do they see us as less than equal? (Beyonce)

            A question that makes no sense.

            63. Love cannot be tamed, cannot be improvised, cannot be imposed; it is built between two. In all fairness. (Yasmina Khadra)

            Love is built with teamwork.

            64. Educating for equality and respect is educating against violence. (Benjamin Franklin)

            The fight against violence begins with the education of children.

            65. Raise the banner of equality, women! Fight for your rights and count on my loyal cooperation! (Louisa May Alcott)

            The insatiable struggle of women.

            66. Women are responsible for two-thirds of the work in the world and yet only earn 10% of their total income and only 1% of their property…So are we equal? Until the answer is yes, we can’t help but wonder. (Daniel Craig)

            Why is there such a radical difference in work between men and women?

            67. I was raised to believe that excellence is the best way to deter racism and sexism. And that’s how my life works. (Oprah Winfrey)

            A great way to fight discrimination.

              68. They show vividly that it is not the inferiority of women that has made them insignificant. (Simone de Beauvoir)

              It is the inferiority imposed by men and even other women.

              69. Equality for women is progress for all. (Ban Ki-moon)

              This is a step forward for the company.

              70. There can be no friendship without equality. (Swami Vivekananda)

              No friendship is based on superiority and inferiority.

              71. Equality implies individuality. (Trey Anastasio)

              This is how the quality of individuality is magnified.

              72. Educate for coexistence, to acquire awareness of justice, so that no talent is lost for lack of opportunity. (Josefina Aldecoa)

              Basic elements that must be present in education.

              73. Feminism is the radical idea that women are people. (Angela Davis)

              The right of women to express themselves without any inconvenience.

              74. Until we have equality in education, we will not have an egalitarian society. (Sonia Sotomayor)

              Education must change.

              75. Different look, same value.

              Value is not determined by our sex.

              76. It is fear that makes us lose consciousness. It’s also what makes us cowards. (Marjane Satrapi)

              Fear of what they will say is a woman’s worst enemy.

              77. It is time for us to see gender as a spectrum rather than two opposing ideals.

              How gender should be viewed.

              78. The same amount of respect and attention is due to every human being, because respect has no degrees. (Simone Weill)

              Respect is not measured by our sex.

              79. I want for myself what I want for other women: absolute equality. (Agnes Macphail)

              The goal that all women pursue.

              80. The problem with equality is that we only want it with those above. (Henry Beque)

              Equality concerns all sectors of society.

              81. A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. (Gloria Steinem)

              No woman needs a man to survive and vice versa.

              82. I have never claimed that you consider me superior, as long as you do not consider me inferior. (Gonzalo Torrente Ballester)

              We should all see ourselves as companions walking together.

              83. It is obvious that the values ​​of women often differ from those created by the opposite sex, and yet it is the male values ​​that predominate. (Virginia Woolf)

              This is the case of patriarchal societies.

              84. Well-behaved women rarely make history. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

              It is the rebellious women who stand out.

              85. I can’t tell if women are better than men. However, I can say without a doubt that they are no worse. (Golda Meir)

              They are people who complement each other.

              86. Privilege is the greatest enemy of the law. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

              Privilege breeds discord.

              87. Women are capable of anything; and men are capable of all the rest. (Henri Francois Joseph de Regnier)

              They all have different virtues and abilities.

              88. A woman is made inferior, it’s not that she was born that way. Religion and the dominant system have relegated it to women. (Alex Pimentel)

              It is the social systems that have diminished women.

              89. There is a plan and a purpose, a lifetime value, regardless of your location, age, gender or disability. (Sharron’s angle)

              We all have a purpose.

              90. The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. (Ralph W. Sock)

              With understanding, we managed to unite.

              91. We are better off when women are empowered: this leads to a better society. (John legend)

              Empowered women build a better world.

              92. I am a woman and I write. I am a plebeian and I can read. I was born a servant and I am free. I have seen wonderful things in my life. I have done wonderful things in my life. (Rosa Montero)

              Our conditions do not define us.

              93. Anyone familiar with history knows that progress would be impossible without the female figure. (Karl Marx)

              It is the female figures who take care of future generations.

              94. Equality is a vital necessity of the human soul. The same amount of respect and attention is due to every human being, because the human being has no degrees. (Simone Weill)

              All human beings deserve the same respect.

              95. I consider myself a feminist man. Isn’t that the name of someone who fights for women’s rights? (Dalai Lama)

              Men can also be feminists.

              96. Fighting for women’s rights often makes us synonymous with hating men. All I know is to stop thinking. (Emma Watson)

              The belief that feminism is against men must be reversed.

              97. Gender inequality diminishes the ability to see others as such.

              With this perception, only people are looked down upon.

              98. Achieving gender equality requires the participation of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility. (Kofi Anan)

              Everyone must participate in this fight.

              99. There is no barrier, lock or lock that you can impose on the freedom of my spirit. (Virginia Woolf)

              Mental freedom is impossible to break down.

              100. I don’t want women to have power over men, but over themselves. (Mary Wolstonecraft)

              It’s about women taking control of their lives.

              101. A man has the right to despise another only when he has to help him up. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

              The only way to watch someone from above.

              102. Equal rights for all, privileges for none. (Thomas Jefferson)

              Privileges are the main evils of society.

              103. As soon as woman obtains equality with man, she becomes superior to him. (Margaret Thatcher)

              Women have the potential to do great things.

              104. The good of many is preferable to the opulence of a few. (Jose Martin)

              An unjust society is one that favors a few over a group.

              105. It is always more valuable to have respect than to admire people. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

              Respect shows how much people appreciate your abilities.

              106. To be free is not just to get rid of one’s own chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. (Nelson Mandela)

              Which means to be truly free.

              107. The longer we live, the more we realize that we are like others. (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

              We all go through the same stages of life.

              108. Women’s equality must be central to any attempt to solve social, economic and political problems. (Kofi Annan)

              A solution that can solve other social problems.

              109. All men should be feminists. If they cared about women’s rights, the world would be a better place. (John legend)

              Men who put themselves in women’s shoes are the ones who really understand their situation.

              110. No one will ever win the war of the sexes because there is too much brotherhood with the enemy. (Henry Kissinger)

              A war that can only be fought with love.

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