The 110 best phrases of Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne was a French painter known for being part of the post-impressionist movement, but above all he stuck in history as “the father of modern painting”.

It is said that his works were a necessary transition to the way of painting in the 20th century, also becoming known as “the painter of painters”. To better understand his way of thinking and his work, we will here do a review of Paul Cézanne’s best phrasescommented.

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    Great phrases of Paul Cézanne

    As a reminder of the great work and influence of this painter, here we will see a list of Paul Cézanne’s best phrases, which show us his way of applying creativity and art to life.

    1. There are two things in a painter: the eye and the mind. Each helps the other.

    The most important tools of any painter.

    2. Genius is the ability to renew everyday emotions.

    A way of seeing genius.

    3. Art is a harmony parallel to nature.

    Art seen as a rergalo of naturalexza.

      4. Shadow is a color like light, but less bright.

      Shadow is also a color.

      5. The day will come when a single carrot, observed with fresh eyes, will spark a revolution.

      It’s not about what we see, but how we perceive it. So that’s how life changes.

      6. The painter must devote himself entirely to the study of nature and try to make paintings which are teaching.

      The duty of the painter according to Cézanne.

      7. Awareness of our own strength makes us humble.

      Knowing our worth makes us humble, because we have nothing to prove to anyone.

      8. Do not paint what you think you see, but what you see.

      Each painting is the way of seeing the world according to the painters.

      9. Contrasts and the ratio of forms are the secret of drawing and sketching.

      The right technique makes a big difference.

      10. Discussions about art are almost useless.

      Study is necessary, but it is impossible to improve without practice.

      11. As a painter, I become more aware of Nature.

      Nature being his greatest source of inspiration.

      12. When color has its greatest richness, form has its fullness.

      Color brings paintings to life.

      13. Line and modeling do not exist.

      For Cézanne, rigid structures do not exist.

      14. Work that advances one’s own profession is compensation enough for fools not to understand.

      Dedication is the key to progress.

      15. Nature must be treated through the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, establishing an overall perspective, so that each side of an object, of a plane, is directed towards a central point.

      The way nature should be seen in art.

        16. Design is produced by the contrast or ratio of tones.

        The way drawing was born.

        17. Light and shadow are just the two-color relationship.

        They are two poles that exist in the same world.

        18. It’s not about painting life, it’s about making the painting come alive.

        Each painting is full of life when the artist places a part on it.

        19. The more harmonious the color, the more precise the drawing. When the color is richer, the form is full.

        Color is an essential part of what we see in the picture.

        20. Everyone loves the Impressionists, what art needs is a chick that’s more in line with nature.

        Propose a necessary change for Impressionism.

        21. Drawing and color are no different, because you paint, you draw.

        They are elements that complement each other and merge into one.

        22. There is a logic of colors to which the painter must adapt, which is not the logic of the brain.

        It is an emotional logic.

        23. All theories confuse you inside.

        That’s why you have to find your own way.

        24. Color is where our brain and the universe meet.

        A direct relationship with the universe.

          25. Nature is not on the surface, it is at the bottom.

          Nature is more than what we observe with the naked eye.

          26. The Louvre is the book we learn to read. But let’s get out of there to study the beautiful nature, try to extract the spirit from it, try to express ourselves according to our personal temperament.

          The museum as a teacher who encourages us to seek our place in the world.

          27. Art that is not based on feeling is not art.

          Art is not free from feelings.

          28. Painting nature is not copying an object, it is realizing a sensation.

          To draw nature is to harmonize with the world.

          29. I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years non-stop, and still feel like I know nothing.

          There are things we will never know at all.

          30. Don’t be an art critic. Paints. There is salvation.

          We all have the ability to appreciate art.

          31. The painter has two things: sight and brain, both must help each other: we must try to develop each other; sight by natural vision, the brain by the logic of organized sensations, which gives the means of expression.

          The way the artist develops his most powerful tools.

          32. Keep good company, i.e. go to the Louvre.

          The Louvre Museum as an art reference.

          33. We live in a rainbow of chaos.

          Chaos is part of life.

          34. When judging art, I take my painting and place it next to an object created by God like a tree or a flower. If it hits, it’s not art.

          The particular way in which he judges art.

            35. My nervous system is weakening, only oils can sustain me.

            The weakness he felt when he was in his last moments.

            36. One does not replace oneself by the past, one more who joins a new link.

            The past will always be with us.

            37. Light is not something that can be reproduced, but something that must be represented using something else… Colors.

            Light is one of the colors.

            38. When I draw the skin of a beautiful peach with soft touches of paint or an old sad apple, I see in the reflections that exchange the same soft shadow of renunciation, the same love of the sun, the same memory . dew.

            His way of handling details.

            39. Nature is the best instructor.

            Nature was Cézanne’s best teacher.

            40. In this moment, a moment of time passes!… We must become this moment.

            Motivating us to be part of the present and to live.

            41. Let’s not just memorize the beautiful formulas of our illustrious predecessors. Let’s go out and study the beautiful nature.

            Again, this reminds us that it is useless to learn everything if we are not going to take matters into our own hands.

            42. Why do we divide the world? Does this reflect our selfishness?

            What is the use of dividing the world and creating more chaos?

            43. Literature expresses itself through abstractions, while painting, through drawing and color, concretizes sensations and perceptions.

            The power of literature.

            44. Truth is in nature, and I will prove it.

            To prove that all inspiration is in nature.

            45. The painter deploys what has not been seen.

            It does not offer a vision of the world that we do not know.

            46. ​​The prism is our first step towards God, our seven beatitudes.

            Art as something divine.

            47. I ask you to pray for me, because age once it has passed us, we find solace only in religion.

            Be aware of the passage of time in your life.

              48. The painter must confine himself to his work, but must answer not with words, but with paintings.

              Painting is a form of expression.

              49. If I think about it, all is lost.

              A person who preferred to get carried away.

              50. The most alluring thing in art is the very personality of the artist.

              An enigma that can be observed in each work of art of his paternity.

              51. Time and reflection they change their view little by little until we understand.

              Time is a cruel and wise teacher.

              52. You have to hurry if you want to see something, everything disappears.

              Some things don’t last forever.

              53. The sun penetrates me noiselessly like a distant friend who takes away my laziness, fertilizes it. We produce life.

              The sun is the greatest life giver in nature.

              54. Art should make nature eternal in our imagination.

              One of the goals of art according to the father of modern art.

              55. The eye absorbs… The brain produces forms.

              The way they both work together.

              56. It’s not just about watching and copying, it’s also about feeling.

              When feelings are placed in a work, it comes to life.

              57. You have to think. The eye is not enough; you also have to think about it.

              To put something on the canvas, you must first see it in your mind.

              58. Sometimes I imagine colors as if they were vivid ideas, being pure reason to communicate with.

              Your way of seeing colors.

              59. The eye absorbs… The brain produces forms.

              60. Pure drawing is an abstraction.

              Each artist has their own way of expressing themselves.

              61. Impressionism, what does it mean? It is the optical mixing of colors… which are broken down on the canvas and reassembled by the eye.

              Explain what impressionism is.

              62. People who say that the artist is always inferior to nature are idiots! It is parallel to it. At least, of course, he does and intervenes voluntarily.

              For Cézanne, every artist must be in tune with nature.

              63. Everything we look at is scattered and gone. Is not it ?

              Things don’t stay the same.

              64. Under this light rain I breathe the innocence of the world.

              The extent of his feelings for nature.

              65. The artist makes concrete things and gives them individuality.

              Each painter offers his personal essence in his works.

                66. In my ideal of a good painting; there is unity.

                What he thinks is a perfect job.

                67. The more the colors harmonize, the more precise the drawing becomes.

                It’s all about harmony, even chaos.

                68. It feels so good and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.

                A mixture of sensations that can inspire you or consume you.

                69. If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling block for the uncertain.

                Speaking of isolation, something that was well known.

                70. I miss the magnificent richness of colors that animates nature.

                It is impossible to replicate nature to perfection.

                71. Is art really the priesthood which requires the pure heart which belongs entirely to it?

                A critique of what some think is art.

                72. You say a new era in art is brewing; you wanted to come, to continue your studies without weakening. God will do the rest.

                Everything brings new changes.

                73. The landscape becomes human, it becomes a thinking being, living in me.

                The landscape mingles with the human essence when it is embodied in a canvas.

                74. At this moment, a fleeting moment of time passes! Capture your reality in paint! To do this, we have to drive everything else out of our mind.

                The way the greatest paintings emerge.

                75. I try to create perspective through color.

                His way of creating perspective in the drawing.

                76. But if there is the slightest distraction, the slightest hitch, especially if I interpret too much one day, if today I let myself be carried away by a theory that contradicts that of yesterday, if I reflect while painting, if I interfere, well! collapses.

                Distraction is the punishment of many artists.

                77. I can tell you that you can do things on the surface…but as you go deeper, you automatically access the truth.

                The truth is within us.

                78. But there is better. Simplicity, be direct. Everything else is just a game, just building castles in the sky.

                Simplicity can defeat all extravagance.

                79. I see colors, I joyfully strive to convey them to my canvas as I see them. They are organized as they see fit, the old fashioned way. Sometimes it takes a picture.

                Use the technique of photography to perceive colors in your mind.

                80. I am more a friend of art than a producer of paint.

                This is because art was a natural part of his life.

                81. I have come to the conclusion that it is not really possible to help others.

                Help is effective for those who want to be helped.

                82. Nature for us men is deeper than superficial, hence the need to introduce into our luminous vibrations, represented by reds and yellows, a sufficient quantity of blue to give the sensation of air.

                About what nature means to some people.

                  83. The painter owes fidelity to peace, not to the logic of the brain. If you abandon this logic, you will be lost.

                  Logic can be an enemy of art.

                  84. You really have to see and feel your subject very clearly, and then, if I express myself with distinction and power, there is my Poussin, there is my classicism.

                  Inspired by who else he admired.

                  85. The world doesn’t understand me and I don’t understand the world, that’s why I withdrew from it.

                  Have a bad relationship with the norms of society.

                  86. What I am trying to translate for you is more mysterious, it is entangled in the very roots of being, in the implacable source of sensations.

                  His art leads us to think further.

                  87. I wish I was just on the grass and the tears in the sky.

                  It’s a way of mixing nature.

                  88. The reading of the model and its realization are sometimes things that take time to happen.

                  Everything has its time, even in inspiration.

                  89. Long live the sun that gives us such beautiful color.

                  The sun gives us all its energy.

                  90. Here, by the river, I could occupy myself for months without changing places, just leaning a little more to the right or to the left:

                  Nature being your home.

                  91. I would like to combine melancholy and sunshine.

                  For Cézanne, joy has certain shades of melancholy.

                  92. Basically, I don’t think of anything when I paint.

                  He lets himself be carried away by what he feels.

                  93. You feel a healthy need to be sincere. You prefer to dismantle your canvas rather than invent or imagine a detail. You want to know.

                  Hold the truth in esteem.

                  94. In this Renaissance (Cellini, Tintoretto, Titian…) there was an explosion of unique veracity, of love for painting and form… Then come the Jesuits and everything is formal; everything must be taught and learned.

                  The way art has changed.

                  95. Color, if I may say so, is biological.

                  How he saw the nature of color.

                  96. We must become at that moment, become a sensitive recording plate… To give the image of what we really see, forgetting all that was seen before our time.

                  Become one with the moment we want to live.

                  97. I become one with my image…we merge into iridescent chaos.

                  Be in harmony with your interior.

                  98. My age and my health will never allow me to realize the artistic dream that I have pursued all my life.

                  Life is sometimes very short.

                  99. I have nothing to hide in art. The initial force alone cannot lead anyone to the goal he must reach.

                  Art is not a mask, but a space to express the truth.

                  100. Because an impressionist painting of nature does not consist in painting the subject, but in realizing the sensations.

                  Impressionism is based on feelings, not logic.

                  101. There are certainly things in nature that have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, the way is open for his successors.

                  Each artist leaves an important legacy to those who follow him.

                  102. I feel colored by the shades of infinity.

                  Feel a special connection with infinity.

                  103. With an apple I will amaze Paris.

                  Demonstrate that great things can be done with simple things.

                  104. I know this from experience. When the color is richer, the form is fuller.

                  An expert on how to work Colour.

                  105. The landscape thinks of me and I am its conscience.

                  Become one with nature.

                  106. Everything, you understand. This is how I gather the lost hands of nature… Everywhere.

                  Each element of nature as a whole.

                  107. Nature is always the same, and yet its appearance always changes.

                  It shows us that we can change without losing our essence.

                  108. Its whole purpose must be silence. He must silence all the voices of prejudice within him, he must forget… And then the whole landscape will be engraved on the sensitive plate of his being.

                  The aim of the painter is to do his job.

                  109. I must seek the end only for the pleasure of being truer and wiser.

                  Looking for the sequel.

                  110. I have to keep working, so as not to finish, which arouses the admiration of fools.

                  A rebel in impressionist art.

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