The 110 Best Resilience Phrases

Resilience is one of the most important capacities of people, and one of the least known, to the point that it is often underestimated.

This is what allows us to deal with various types of important problem situations, such as crises at work or large personal losses, in a practical and healthy way. If we are resilient, we can not only help ourselves, but also those around us.

Therefore, in this article, we will review several of the resilience phrases more inspiring, which help to understand their characteristics and importance.

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    The most interesting phrases about resilience

    To test the importance of this human capacity, here we are going to take a tour of the best phrases of resilience, with commentary.

    1. Resilience is about overcoming the unexpected. Sustainability is a matter of survival. The purpose of resilience is to thrive. (Never Cascio)

    Resilience is based on moving forward despite all the problems.

    2. Part of resilience is deciding whether you’re going to feel unhappy about something that matters, or whether you decide to feel unhappy because it doesn’t matter. (Elisabeth Edwards)

    How do you handle problems?

    3. In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity. (Albert Einstein)

    There are opportunities that come in the worst of times.

    4. If your boat doesn’t come to your rescue, go for it. (Jonathan Winters)

    Even when opportunities arise, you have to fight for them.

      5. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane is taking off against the wind, not in your favor. (Henry Ford)

      To move forward, you have to know how to overcome obstacles.

      6. You can choose courage or comfort, you can’t have both. (Brene Brown)

      You can’t go far if you stay in your comfort zone.

      7. Character cannot be developed in stillness and stillness. It is only through trials and suffering that one can fortify the soul, clear the vision, inspire ambition and achieve success. (Helen Keller)

      Tests are for showing your strengths.

      8. A little crack in you doesn’t mean you’re broken, it means you’ve been tested and haven’t crumbled. (Linda Poindexter)

      Failure does not determine your future success.

      9. A good half of the art of living is resilience. (Alain de Botton)

      Life is full of good times and bad times.

      10. Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s not as good as before. (Elisabeth Edwards)

      All beginnings are difficult, but if you know how to work around it, you can improve.

      11. He who has a reason to live can endure almost any way. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      Having a goal to fight for gives us the motivation to keep going.

      12. Life isn’t about having good cards, it’s about playing well with a bad hand. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

      Having all the advantages does not guarantee that you will win.

      13. When you return to the path, return to the point where you left off, not where you started. (Henry Nouwen)

      All the knowledge acquired is in our minds.

      14. Failure is not in falling, but in refusing to get up. (Chinese proverb)

      Your mistakes don’t count, but the times you learn from them and try again.

      15. Falling is part of life, getting up is part of life. (Jose N. Harris)

      Recovery from failure is entirely up to you.

      16. I am more than my scars. (Andrew Davidson)

      Your scars count all the struggles you have won.

      17. It is not adversity, but your reaction to adversity, that will determine the development of your life. (Dieter Uchtdorf)

      The issues are as big as you think.

      18. Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can’t do. (John Wooden)

      You can’t control everything, so focus on what you do best.

      19. Learn to be happy with what you have while pursuing whatever you want. (Jim Rohn)

      If you are grateful for what you have, you will appreciate every little success.

      20. Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. (Roger Crawford)

      It all depends on how we handle the issues.

      21. I know it can seem difficult to get up, breathe and even move. But do it, there are many doors waiting for you. (Tamara Brown)

      Life can seem exhausting, but in time you will see your rewards.

      22. In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: Keep going. (Robert Frost)

      The lessons teach us to seek our horizon.

      23. The greatest glory is not never to fall, but to get up every time you fall. (Confucius)

      Courage is trying something again.

      24. Resilience is not a single skill. It is a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. (Jean Chatzky)

      Although it is an ability, we practice many human virtues that help us out of trouble.

        25. If you fell yesterday, get up today. (HG Wells)

        All we have left when we’re down is climbing.

        26. Those with the strongest character are plagued with scars. (Kahlil Gibran)

        The big winners have been through terrible recessions.

        27. Adversity has the gift of awakening talents which would have fallen asleep in prosperity. (Horace)

        It is in adversity that some find their potential.

        28. Adversity is like a strong wind that tears us apart except the things that cannot be torn apart. In it we see ourselves as we really are. (Arthur Golden)

        Difficulties let us know who we really are.

        29. If you have joy in your heart, you can heal at any time. (Carlos Santana)

        Having a positive attitude gives us a better perception of finding a way out.

        30. Resilience is the ability of a system, business or person to maintain its primary purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changing circumstances. (Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy)

        Resilience can be applied to any area of ​​life.

        31. Courage is the resistance to fear, the control of fear, not the absence of fear. (Mark Twain)

        This is how we can overcome fear.

        32. The dripping of water makes a hole in the water, not by force, but by persistence. (Ovid)

        When we do something step by step, in the end we accumulate great achievement.

        33. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. (Vivian Greene)

        You cannot escape problems, so deal with them in the best possible way.

        34. Warriors must endure their sufferings in silence. (Erin Hunter)

        Each person has an inner struggle that he has been through daily.

        35. Prosperity does not exist without many fears and disasters; and adversity does not exist without comfort and without hope. (Francis Bacon)

        Good and bad things happen to maintain some sort of balance.

        36. The strongest and most intelligent species does not survive, but the one that responds best to change. (Charles Darwin)

        It is our adaptation to change that allows us to improve.

        37. If I have eight hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend six sharpening my axe. (Abraham Lincoln)

        When you create a solid foundation, the rest is easier.

        38. The works are half finished when they have started well. (Seneca)

        Every beginning, no matter how difficult, is necessary.

        39. Think of yourself and also help others.

        It’s not about forgetting yourself, it’s about sharing your kindness with others.

          40. Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by the times I am fallen and risen. (Nelson Mandela)

          The way we know the true character of a person.

          41. The trick is to metabolize pain into energy. (Julia Cameron)

          Use your negative feelings as motivation to emerge.

          42. When you suddenly feel like you’ve lost everything you thought you had gained, don’t despair. Your healing is not a simple process. We must wait for delays and regressions. (Henry Nouwen)

          You need time to grow and become the best version of yourself.

          43. Enthusiasm is common, but endurance is strange. (Angela Duckworth)

          Not everyone appreciates this ability.

          44. My barn may have burned down, but now I can see the moon. (Mizuta Masahide)

          In every bad moment, we can find a piece of something positive.

          45. When you believe all is lost, the future remains. (Bob Godard)

          The future will always be there, giving you a new opportunity.

          46. ​​Although no one can go back and have a new beginning, everyone can start now and have a new ending. (Carl Bard)

          Don’t cling to what couldn’t be, focus on starting what you want to do now.

          47. You can fight, you can complain about everything you’ve lost… or you can accept it and try to make something good out of it. (Elisabeth Edwards)

          This decision is entirely up to you.

          48. You may have to fight a battle more than once to win. (Margaret Thatcher)

          Achievements are not given on the first try, you must be aware of this.

          49. Use your scars to remind yourself that you survived deep wounds. (Steve Goodier)

          Your scars are not to embarrass you, but to show you how strong you are.

          50. It is during our worst fall that we die or learn to fly. (Sira Masetti)

          A moment that pushes us towards our destination.

          51. At all times pay attention to the task at hand. Perform each task as if it were your last, avoiding distractions, drama, vanity, and complaints about your situation. (Marco Aurelio)

          Dedication and perseverance are essential to achieve this goal.

          52. Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is in doing, not in getting; in the attempt, not in the triumph. (Zig Ziglar)

          That’s why we should celebrate every little achievement we make.

          53. Set small goals and never give up.

          If you’re overwhelmed with a goal, break it down into smaller goals that will get you working every day, but without losing motivation.

          54. The human spirit is a formidable instrument of adaptation, and it is not clearer than its mysterious powers of resilience, self-protection and self-healing. (Thomas Wolfe)

          Our mind is our greatest enemy or our greatest animator.

          55. The fact that resilience has not been studied, even though all doctors have found it, is very indicative of our culture, a culture of which survivors remain suspicious. (Boris Cyrulnik)

          There are things that society does not consider important, simply because they are not observable.

            56. A champion is someone who gets up when they can’t. (Jack Dempsey)

            He is someone who keeps trying despite the risks.

            57. 90% of life tries to stay calm. (Chris Feudtner)

            You cannot solve a problem in a state of agitation.

            58. I like the man who can smile at problems, who can take strength from anguish and become brave through reflection. (Thomas Paine)

            When we have a positive attitude, conflicts stop being catastrophic.

            59. Never be a victim of life…be the conqueror. (Mike Norton)

            Choose the role you want to play in life.

            60. Resilience is born when you cling to self-love, when you dare to reach heights you never thought you could reach. (Gregory Boyle)

            The first step to resilience is to have self-confidence.

            61. Success seems to be linked to action. Successful people keep moving. They can make mistakes, but they never give up. (Conrad Hilton)

            You cannot succeed if you lie in bed doing nothing.

            62. Always make an all-out effort, even when the odds are stacked against you. (Arnold Palmier)

            Don’t let the risks intimidate you, there is always a success rate.

            63. You learn to be resilient, to survive, when you know you are capable of making a positive contribution to the world. You fight when you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. (Mala Naidoo)

            Resilience is natural, but we strengthen it each time we manage to face conflict and recover.

            64. The human spirit has measureless strength, the kind of strength that is capable of tearing down all walls and walls that appear in our path. (Nikki Rowe)

            It is always necessary to nurture our self-confidence.

            65. Success is the sum of small efforts made day after day.

            Things are accomplished by doing something every day.

            66. There are no secrets to success. This is achieved by preparing, working hard and learning from failure. (Collin Powell)

            The only secret to success is to be consistent.

            67. No matter how you define success, you need to be resilient, strong, authentic, and nimble to get there. (Joanie Connell)

            To succeed, you have to be resilient.

            68. You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left. (Bob Marley)

            You can’t underestimate your strengths until you test them.

            69. Life doesn’t stop, and neither do you. (Akirog Brost)

            If there’s one thing life teaches us, it’s that you can always start over.

            70. If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away the obstacles that stand in your way. (Suzy Kassem)

            The first force is the spirit.

            71. The human ability to manage difficulties is like a bamboo; much more flexible than you might think at first glance. (Jodi Picoult)

            No one believes they can do it until they put their knowledge to the test.

            72. Whatever part of your path you are on is where you should be; the end is always ahead. (Oprah Winfrey)

            Everything has its time, do not despair.

            73. There are far better things ahead of us than the ones we left behind. (CS Lewis)

            Yes, the past hurts, but if you hold onto that feeling, you won’t be able to see what’s good for you.

            74. Do you not see how much a world of pains and troubles is needed to form an intelligence and make it into a soul? (John Keat)

            It is through challenges that we manage to acquire our strengths.

              75. If your heart is broken; make art with your coins. (Shane Koyczan)

              Parts can form a new part.

              76. Life does not get easier or more forgiving, we become stronger and more resilient. (Steve Maraboli)

              Life does not change, we do.

              77. Do not tell yourself, “All is lost; I have to start all over again.” It’s not true. What you have won, you have won… (Henri Nouwen)

              The things you have now are the things you got through your struggle.

              78. Know that there is a good side, trust it and act as if it exists in any case, provided you agree to work differently or enter through another door, a door you have perhaps eluded in the past. (Julia Cameron)

              Look for every good moment you can and you will see that nothing is as disastrous as you think.

              79. A positive attitude in the face of adversity is long overdue.

              In fact, this is what can change everything.

              80. Rest, that’s enough for today.

              Remember that breaks are the ones that help us regain energy for Continue.

              81. Success is based on your willingness to work hard no matter what obstacles stand in your way. (David Goggins)

              Obstacles have to be overcome.

              82. Stoicism teaches how to keep a calm and rational mind no matter what and helps you understand and focus on what you can control and not worry and accept what you can’t control. (Jonas Salzgeber)

              Every bad moment leaves us with a valuable lesson that serves us well for the future.

              83. Failure is never beyond me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. (Og mandino)

              Believing that you can do it will make you indestructible in the face of any difficulty.

              84. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

              The bad times go away sooner or later.

              85. Resilience is born when you cling to self-love, when you dare to reach heights you never thought you could reach. (Gregory Boyle)

              Resilience comes from self-love.

              86. The strongest souls are born from suffering. (Kahlil Gibran)

              Pain builds our character.

              87. You may find many defeats but you must not be defeated. It may even be necessary to face defeat to know who we are. (Maya Angelou)

              Knowing who we are makes it easier for us to build the path we want to take.

              88. Perseverance, perseverance and perseverance despite all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities: this is what distinguishes strong souls from weak ones. (Thomas Carlyle)

              The best things are built little by little, but without stopping.

              89. Every adversity, every failure, every anguish carries within it the seed of equal or greater benefit. (Napoleon Hill)

              Any problem, it offers us a new lesson that we must learn.

              90. And it must be understood that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the strength to move forward in spite of fear. (Paulo Coelho)

              Fear will always exist, it’s up to us whether it paralyzes us or not.

              91. In the depths of winter, I finally learned that an invincible summer lived inside me. (Albert Camus)

              Feed this inner strength, because it is the one that will take you far.

              92. It takes courage to grow and become who you really are. (EE Cummings)

              The greatest courage is to conquer our insecurities.

              93. Victory is the most persevering. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

              Success belongs to those who do not allow themselves to be defeated.

              94. To recover from roadblocks as well as setbacks, you need to focus on emphasizing the positive. (Jean Chatzky)

              The only way out is to keep a positive mindset.

              95. Success in life is not always about winning, but about never giving up.

              The real secret of life.

              96. Resilience is understood as the capacity of human beings to face, overcome and be positively transformed by the adversities of life. (Edith Grotberg)

              The real reason for resilience.

              97. Get up and make the day wonderful despite the obstacles. (Tamara Brown)

              Only you can make your day good or bad.

              98. Resilience defines the resilience of those who, having received a blow, have been able to overcome it. The oxymoron describes the intimate world of these wounded conquerors. (Boris Cyrulnik)

              It is that, despite the stumbles, we continue to walk.

              99. If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant or weak, come back to yourself, to who you are, here and now, and when you get there, you will find yourself like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong. (Masaru Emoto)

              When we feel bad, we need to take a break to reconnect with ourselves.

              100. We must accept that change is part of life.

              All changes can be beneficial.

              101. Always remember that you are bigger than your circumstances, you are bigger than anything that can happen to you. (Anthony Robin)

              The right way to approach problems is like something only you can overcome.

              102. A problem is an opportunity to give your best. (Duke Ellington)

              A more assertive way of approaching problems.

              103. Perseverance and resilience only come to those who have had the opportunity to show how they act in the face of the most difficult times. (Gever Tulley)

              You can’t be resilient if you don’t try again.

              104. The oak struggled against the wind and broke; the willow bent when necessary and survived. (Robert Jordan)

              Sometimes we have to give up something to get something much better.

              105. It is not adversity, but your reaction to adversity, that will determine the development of your life. (Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

              Many problems transform depending on how we perceive them.

              106. The world breaks us all… so some are strong in broken places. (Ernest Hemingway)

              Life is tough for everyone, but getting back together is a personal decision.

              107. What happened to me can change me. But I refuse to let go of what happened to me. (Maya Angelou)

              You need to make sure that every change is beneficial to you.

              108. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. (Martin Luther King)

              Disappointments pass, but hope is eternal.

              109. Obstacles should not stop you. If you hit a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Find out how to climb it, cross it or go around it. (Michael Jordan)

              Problems will keep popping up, so it’s better to know how to deal with them instead of letting them pile up.

              110. Always remember this: every time you told yourself you couldn’t go on, you did.

              So keep clapping.

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