The 110 Best Resting Phrases

After a day at work or a week full of activities, it is advisable to have a rest period that allows you to regain your strength, clear your mind and replenish your energy to face all the tasks again. that happen on a daily basis. When we rest, we enjoy well-being and, together with a good diet and practicing sports, they contribute to having a much healthier life.

In this sense, here we go a tour of the most interesting phrases about rest; Reflections of Aryan authors on this important element of our lives.

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    The most inspiring rest phrases

    To understand the importance of taking breaks in everyday life, we bring you the best phrases about rest and how it helps us lift our spirits and recharge our batteries.

    1. No one needs a vacation more than they’ve had. (Elbert Hubbard)

    Usually after a vacation we long to have them again.

    2. Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before getting tired. (Jules Fox)

    Laziness is not synonymous with rest.

    3. Working without haste is the greatest rest for the body. (Gregorio Maranon)

    Working slowly is a way to keep the mind and body at rest.

      4. No rest redeems me from work; the night pursues my rest the day and the day the night. (Horace)

      Rest does not mean stopping work.

      5. The secret of good health is for the body to tremble and the mind to rest. (Anonymous)

      The rest of the metal is also important.

      6. For me, sometimes a sky of silence is more expressive than the roar of the sea. (Munia Khan)

      To rest, you only need peace and quiet.

      7. Sometimes you have to know how to rest. (Marina Castaneda)

      Resting well is an art that few know.

      8. Leisure always makes the mind incoherent. (Lucano)

      It’s good to rest, but don’t make it fun.

      9. First your peace and fuck the rest. (Okemaku)

      There is nothing more important than having peace of mind.

      10. It’s Sunday, so I’m 100% motivated to do anything today! : (Anonymous)

      Sundays should be calm and relaxed.

      11. The best pillow, that of a good conscience. (Unknown)

      A mental break is ideal for having a productive mind.

      12. I really liked this piece. Especially at rest. (Groucho Marx)

      There is always time to rest.

      13. There are three hard things: keeping a secret, enduring a grievance, and making good use of leisure. (Kilo)

      Many people find it hard to take a break because they feel like they’re wasting their time. A false idea.

      14. What could be more pleasant than rest mixed with literature? (Cicero)

      There is nothing more pleasant than resting while reading a good book.

      15. As I rest, I don’t have time to work. (Miguel de Unamuno)

      Give the same value to your rest as you give to work.

      16. He who does not have two-thirds of the day for himself is a slave, whoever he is, a politician, a merchant, a functionary or a scientist. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      Look for a space to stop and rest every day, even if it’s just for a while.

      17. Your commitment to your well-being is part of the revolution. (Danielle LaPorte)

      If you don’t take responsibility for your inner well-being, sooner or later your health will suffer.

      18. Sometimes you need a break when you’ve had a lot of life changes. (Barbara Freethy)

      Rest isn’t just for work, but it’s also for taking a break when life demands it.

      19. The greatest pleasure, without admixture of annoyance, is rest. (Immanuel Kant)

      At the break, we also do something we like.

      20. The art of rest is part of the art of working. (John Steinbeck)

      If you know how to work, you will also know how to rest.

      21. Reputation and rest don’t mix. (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

      If you want to stand out more than others, then rest is not part of your life.

        22. When there is no rest in itself, there is no point in looking elsewhere. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

        The rest is up to you, not others.

        23. Without work there is no rest, just as without struggle victory is not achieved. (Tomas de Kempis)

        Rest is the best reward for hard work.

        24. If you have the bow still taut, you will soon break it. (Gayo Julio Fedro)

        The body is very wise, it always knows how to rest, listen to it.

        25. I am king of my will, I do not mind business, and being very rich in leisure is extreme happiness. (Felix Lope de Vega and Carpio)

        A period of rest is worth more than a long period of work.

        26. Too much rest rusts. (Walter Scott)

        It is also a bad decision to have a very long free time.

        27. Oh, memory, mortal enemy of my rest! (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

        To have a good rest, you need to calm your mind.

        28. The idle life is an anticipated death. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

        You have to make the difference between relaxing and succumbing to laziness.

        29. When will you take a break? (Etienne Feyder)

        Having time to rest is a priority for every human being.

        30. What cruelty! Great talents need a rest from their creativity. (Anonymous)

        No matter what you’re doing, rest is a priority.

        31. Take as much peace as you let us rest. (Anonymous)

        A good moment of relaxation helps us find our inner peace.

        32. When you are present, you can allow the mind to be as it is without becoming entangled in it. (Eckart Tolle)

        One of the benefits of relaxation is that we are more aware of our thoughts.

        33. I meditate, so I know how to find a quiet place to be calm and at peace. (Roseanne Barr)

        Meditation also helps to have a good rest.

        34. I know of no greater pleasure in my whole life than being able to sleep. (Fernando Pessoa)

        Life offers us many pleasures where sleep is included, so don’t miss it.

        35. When a man is busy, he dreams of resting with delight; but as soon as he rests, he immediately feels the need to occupy himself. (R. Browning)

        Everything has its time and you have to live it to the fullest.

        36. Rest is good for the dead. Contemplation is not a luxury, it is a necessity. (Thomas Carlyle)

        Find time to rest, your health will thank you.

        37. Day to work, night to rest. (Unknown)

        Make sure you have a moment of disconnection at the end of your day.

        38. In this life, you have to take a break from time to time. It’s good for the thyroid. (Haruki Murakami)

        Rest helps keep the body healthy.

        39. The only place the mind can find peace is in the silence of the heart. (Elisabeth Gilbert)

        If your heart has no rest, neither will your mind.

        40. Solitude is the house of peace. (TFHodge)

        It’s good to have a moment of solitude.

        41. Rest belongs to work, like eyelids to eyes. (Rabindranath Tagore)

        Everyone who works has the right to rest.

        42. Free time is the best of all acquisitions. (Socrates)

        It is important to have moments of distraction to strengthen the mind and the body.

          43. Peace begins with a smile. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

          If you want to have peace, in moments of rest.

          44. Stay calm, serene, always master of yourself. Then find out how easy it is to get along. ” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

          By having a good rest, the mind is more active and allows you to have more control over yourself.

          45. Happiness lies in the leisure of the mind. (Aristotle)

          When we are serene, everything changes.

          46. ​​Free time is a good time to do something something worthwhile. (Jonathan Swift)

          During rest time, productive things can also be done.

          47. I sleep, then I exist. (Anonymous)

          Refer to the importance of rest.

          48. I will have time to rest when I die. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

          For some people, resting is a waste of time.

          49. He who lives modestly rests in his own work. (Ramon Llull)

          All hours are good for resting.

          50. The greatest pleasure, without mixture of annoyance, is rest. (Immanuel Kant)

          Taking a break does not mean giving up pleasure.

          51. The wicked sometimes rest; crazy ever. (José Ortega and Gasset)

          The worker takes a long time to escape for a while and rest.

          52. The great rest is to be free from guilt. (Marco Tulio Cicero)

          Rest is not of the physical body, but also of the mind.

          53. Reputation and rest do not combine. (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

          If you want to stand out, the station wagon is not for you.

          54. Be modest and gentle, and you will have rest. (Anonymous)

          Don’t cover more than you can handle.

          55. Wisdom is knowing when to rest, when to be active, and how much of each to take. (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

          Everything has its time, it seeks this harmony.

          56. There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and neglect neither. (Alan Cohen)

          Seek a balance between work and rest, both are important.

          57. Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. (Bryant McGill)

          If your mind is calm, you can face all adversities.

          58. We must always change, renew ourselves, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we will harden ourselves. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

          Rest brings security, confidence and energy to move forward.

          59. If you are tired, learn to rest, not to give up. (Bansky)

          Resting does not mean giving up.

          60. It is precisely those who are the busiest who need respite the most. (Pico Iyer)

          People who keep doing things are the ones who need downtime the most.

          61. Rest is good for the dead. (Thomas Carlyle)

          There are people who don’t want to rest, they don’t know how important it is.

          62. Rest your heart by telling your passion. (Unknown)

          Relieving our sorrows is also a way to rest from negative feelings.

          63. I do not consider free those who sometimes do not have their free time. (Cicero)

          Without any free time, the man falls ill.

          64. Rest kills; only he who works lives. (Theodor Korner)

          Rest does not mean that nothing should be done, on the contrary, it is an impulse to move forward with more courage.

          65. When there is time to be bored, I try to be bored, because boredom is a form of rest. (Juan Jose Arreola)

          You don’t have to be afraid of boredom, live it, enjoy it and take it as a break.

          66. The objective of this weekend is to leave the house as little as possible. (Anonymous)

          Staying home after a busy week is a perfect plan.

          67. No work is shameful, only leisure is shameful. (Hesiod)

          Do nothing if it is wrong, work makes a man worthy.

          68. If you are idle, do not stay alone; if you are alone, do not leave them idle. (Samuel Johnson)

          Finding company to spend some free time is a great alternative.

          69. My bed is the most possessive being: it doesn’t want me to leave every morning. (Unknown)

          There is nothing tastier than sleeping in a good bed.

          70. Lack of occupation is not rest. An absolutely empty mind is a distressed mind. (William Cowper)

          Work gives vigor, rest is a necessity.

          71. To judge a man, ask not what he does, but what he does. (Anonymous)

          Leisure is not a reason to judge someone, he only receives his reward for his work.

            72. Being able to occupy one’s leisure intelligently is the last product of civilisation. (Bertrand Russell)

            Leisure should also be productive.

            73. Lack of occupation is not rest. An absolutely empty mind is a distressed mind. (William Cowper)

            You must always be busy because the mind must be busy.

            74. There can be no pleasant rest without fatigue, just as there is no pleasure in eating because one has no appetite. (Mariano Aguilo)

            It’s nice to enjoy a well-deserved rest after hard work.

            75. The work in which we find pleasure heals the pain it causes. If it were a year-round party, sport would be as tedious as work. (William Shakespeare)

            Not everything should be work and not all time should be a break.

            76. He who rests in time, gives double and does not get tired. (Unknown)

            A resting person has more energy and productivity is high.

            77. Take your rest. Your mind will regain its energies and you will have a new and obvious idea before your eyes. He who rests in his work produces much more than he who is enslaved by it. (Efrain Gutierrez Zambrano)

            To be productive, you must have a rested mind.

            78. Peace, rest and sleep are all we know of death and all we can ask of well-being. (Algernon Charles Swinburne)

            When we talk about death we associate it with sleep and rest when in fact that is what is needed to be more effective.

            79. A means is work and an end is rest. (Unknown)

            Two elements that coexist in a perfect cycle.

            80. Fatigue hums on the pebbles; while laziness finds the feather pillow hard. (William Shakespeare)

            A good rest relieves everything.

            81. Rest! Shouldn’t we then rest for eternity? (Antoine Arnaud)

            Rest doesn’t mean things are over.

            82. Rest must be sacrificed to conscience and honor. (Ugo Foscolo)

            Rest is a priority for everyone.

            83. I began to experience this truth which says that in all evil there is always something good, and that, say what you will, great pain is great rest. (Alfred de Musset)

            Sickness is also an opportunity to rest.

            84. Oh, what a soft, soft, healthy pillow, where a firm head rests, is ignorance and lack of curiosity! (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

            Never lose your ability to look around because life demands it.

            85. Return your property to its owner and you will sleep well. (Anonymous)

            Sleep is good rest.

            86. I know how a duck. Quiet on the surface, but pounding like a demon below. (Michael Cain)

            Stay calm so you can control your emotions.

            87. Everything is calm now. So quiet you can almost hear other people’s dreams. (Gayle Forman)

            Tranquility is a joy to rest.

            88. Lower your heart rate, stay calm. You need to shoot in the middle of your heartbeat. (Chris Kyle)

            Your health is at stake if you don’t rest.

            89. Where the water reaches its greatest depth, it remains calmer. (William Shakespeare)

            Learn from the sea, to be calm when its depth is greater.

            90. I practice staying calm all the time, from tense situations. (Martha Beck)

            In difficult times, always keep calm.

            91. Some nights I need to be hugged. Today I want to listen. It is very pleasant to rest in the scrambled bed and listen. Cover me with words. (Don DeLillo)

            Rest also comes through the words of others.

            92. If you rested well, you can do two, three or five times more than if you didn’t rest well. (Brian Tracy)

            When you rest, your body and mind are at their peak.

            93. Leisure in itself, however exalted, does not make never happy. Only the free expansion of energies creates the feeling of happiness. (Hermann Von Keyserling)

            Leisure does not bring happiness, work does.

            94. Leisure is a perverse siren to be shunned. (Horace)

            Yes to rest, not to prolonged leisure.

            95. Leisure, if not accompanied by study, is death and burial in the life of man. (Seneca)

            In times of rest, study and prepare.

            96. Idleness is like rust: it wears away faster than work. (Benjamin Franklin)

            If you don’t keep your mind occupied, it atrophies.

            97. I felt it was my natural way to rest. (Mario Levrero)

            Each person has their own way of having a rest period.

            98. I am king of my will, they do not take care of my affairs, and being very rich in leisure is extreme happiness. (Felix Lope De Vega)

            We must all seek this time of rest.

            99. All types of life, without alternative breaks, do not last. (Ovid)

            If you don’t rest, your health will play a bad game.

            100. I took the pill the next day and nothing, it’s still Monday. What a scam. (Unknown)

            It’s a very funny way of saying that the weekend is very short.

            101. Some nights I need to be hugged. (Don DeLillo)

            Having company when you are resting is very pleasant.

            102. I like chess because it is a good rest; it works the mind, but in a very special way. (Leo Tolstoy)

            Playing a sport is a way to clear your mind.

            103. I found brief rest and happiness in the emptiness of your lips. (Miguel Visurraga Sosa)

            Feeling loved is a way of knowing that you can rest in someone’s arms.

            104. He who seeks rest finds boredom. Whoever seeks work finds rest. (Dylan Thomas)

            To enjoy a good rest, you have to know how to work.

            105. I’m just kinda taking a break and enjoying the freedom to make my own decisions. When you’re on a TV show for six years, stick to your schedule. (Andrew Shue)

            You need to take time off to be able to make important decisions.

            106. From my father, I learned the importance of sincerely working on the things I committed to and persevering tirelessly, even in the face of little progress. (Koichi Tanaka)

            They do not teach the importance of work or the benefits of rest.

            107. When I worked with Jamie Lee Curtis on True Lies, he said to me, you need a plan B, because when you have six months to a year off, you can go crazy. You need to take a different approach. (Eliza Dushku)

            Starting over when you have plenty of time to rest is difficult at first.

            108. Rest is not idleness, and sometimes lying in the grass under the trees on a summer day, to hear the murmur of the water, or to watch the clouds float in the sky , is not a waste of time. (John Lubbock)

            Rest is not a waste of time, it is a boon to physical and emotional health.

            109. I disappeared from Twitter for a while. Do you need a bile break? Local damage only seems to bring out the worst in some people. (Gary Lineker)

            Staying away from social media for a while helps to have peace and peace of mind.

            110. I’m delighted to be back in Formula 1 after a two-year break and I’m grateful to Lotus Renault GP for giving me this opportunity. (Kimi Raikkonen)

            After a moment of stepping back to clear your way, opportunities can bloom.

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