The 110 Best Rhyming Phrases

Sentences are not limited to expressing literal information; they can also express themselves through sensations, sounds or even the musicality of words combined together. They help us to express an emotion or a state without having to explain it in depth, especially if we cannot find the most appropriate words for it.

The charm of rhymes is that they activate our brain when we find the relationship between the words or the implicit message they convey due to the musicality of these phrases. For example, here you will find a selection of the best rhyming phrases (in Spanish).

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    The most interesting rhyming phrases

    Here is a short list of rhyming phrases that you can use anytime you need to express something funny, beautiful, or witty.

    1. Arancha, the one who remains so pancha.

    A very popular phrase that shows how nouns can rhyme.

    2. The moon is very smiling tonight… because the rising quarter begins!

    The moon and its beauty as protagonists.

    3. I have renounced you, serenely, as the offender renounces God.

    A rhyme of a lost love.

    4. In the absence of love, a few tacos to the pastor. (Mexican proverb)

    There are ailments that only food can cure.

    5. Spread your wings and try again, celebrate life and return to paradise.

    When we fall, we just have to get back up.

    6. Faces we see, hearts we don’t know. (popular proverb)

    Not all people who claim to be good are good.

      7. You absorb my space and slowly make me yours, the pride dies inside me and I can’t be without you. (Luis Miguel)

      A rhyme of passionate love.

      8. Sitting in the bathroom mug, I start thinking about the price of food and where it should go.

      A strange phrase about indigestion.

      9. Heal sanita, culito de rana, if you don’t heal today, you will heal tomorrow. (popular proverb)

      A saying widely used to tell children to calm down when they hurt themselves.

      10. The sun can be forever cloudy, the sea can dry up in an instant; the axis of the earth can break, like a weak crystal.

      A poem that shows metrical rhyme.

      11. To him whom heaven has sent for our good and our protection. (Anonymous novel)

      About sending good energies.

      12. How could I love you, woman, how could I love you, love you like no one ever knew. Die and love you even more. (Pablo Neruda)

      One of the most famous love poets.

      13. You ask me to be friends. Tell me, what do I win? I love a friend, but you… I love you.

      When friendship becomes an impossible love.

      14. If I was Superman, I’d take you flying…but since I’m not, fuck off and walk.

      An ingenious phrase to annoy an interested person.

      15. Give me a moment, you might find this interesting.

      Time enough to change things.

      16. Men in the wheat field for a piece of bread. (Atahualpa Yupanqui)

      Work to survive.

      17. Madam, love is violent, and when it transfigures us, thought ignites madness. (Ruben Darío)

      Love is the cause of many losing their minds.

      18. Even if time passes and you are not with me, remember that I will always remember you.

      A distant promise.

      19. Don’t fool fools.

      Interestingly, there are more ignorant people than open-minded people.

      20. God praying and giving with the hammer.

      No one escapes his pain.

      21. Belmonte, which is like mountain goats.

      About someone who is very active.

      22. Some think he was killed by time and absence, but his train was selling a return ticket.

      Disinterest can kill any type of relationship.

      23. I thought of his many eyes and feet. (Caesar Vallejo)

      That person who never leaves your mind.

      24. It’s not that I’m dying for love, I’m dying for you. I’m dying of you, love, of love of you, of my urgency of my skin of you, of my soul, of you and of my mouth and of the unbearable that I am without you. (Jaime Sabine)

      It’s not just love, it’s loving that particular person.

      25. Where the heart bends, the foot walks.

      Let’s go where we are happy.

      26. If only you knew that a kiss from your lips would be enough to steal my soul, my appearance and even my breath.

      A kiss is a love spell.

      27. The more years, the more disappointments.

      Time is responsible for revealing the true face of people.

        28. The guy who wants a woman to suddenly tell him not to complain after being thought a fool.

        Never hide your feelings, you may miss this opportunity that you so desire.

        29. God helps those who get up early.

        A popular saying for getting up early and energetically.

        30. Let him who has eyes see, and let him who hears hear, and he who does not find peace. (Break it)

        Seek that peace you deserve.

        31. Marina, which makes sardines thinner.

        For those who believe a lot.

        32. They are of those kisses that are neither cold nor hot, but if they are from your mouth, I want them too. (Alejandro Sanz)

        There are loves that do not bring us good things and yet we cannot let go.

        33. Many years may pass, distances may separate us, but love and hope will always unite us.

        Hope is the last thing you lose.

        34. To him who has much, more comes to him.

        So think a lot of positive thoughts.

        35. Irene, the one who only calls you when it suits you.

        Of those people who only seek others out of self-interest.

        36. Now flattering, tomorrow treacherous.

        Not everyone who flatters you does so sincerely.

        37. Sometimes or voice or time, we can be together or be together, live, die in this great silence of hardness, mother of radiance. (Pablo Neruda)

        Hope for a future with that special someone.

        38. When I met you, I was afraid to look at you. When I looked at you, I was afraid to love you. And now that I love you, I’m afraid of losing you.

        The fear that abounds in love.

        39. I know you will be better when I leave, and I know that everything will be as if nothing had happened. (The Fifth Station)

        Even if we are overwhelmed by certain situations, the world continues to turn.

        40. I would like to be a butterfly and fly from flower to flower, come to your house and say “Hello my love”.

        A fun and very romantic date.

        41. Friend reconciled, enemy doubled.

        Most enemies were once our friends.

        42. Love can’t be bought, you don’t need money, what you really need is courage to say I love you.

        When you “conquer” someone with money, you are fabricating a fake relationship.

        43. Although the monkey is clothed in silk, the monkey remains.

        A derogatory phrase about physical appearance.

        44. La Libertad is an old woman whom I met in Bohemia, next to many people, and without anyone seeing her. (Facundo Cabral)

        Freedom is only enjoyed when it is no longer available.

        45. From evil to good it is said that one passes easily; but from bad to worse, I say that it is more common. (Barca’s Pedro Calderon)

        Unfortunately, bad things have more range and travel faster.

          46. ​​My dreams are yours and my heartbeat, I would like you to answer me in order to calm my reason.

          This anxiety of not knowing if we are reciprocal.

          47. With bread and wine you walk the path.

          Foods that, for many, are essential.

          48. I hope she loves you even halfway, she is crazy that she loves you that you release.

          No one loves the same manner.

          49. He loves me… who knows. I love him and he knows it.

          Have you known unrequited love?

          50. There is a long way between saying it and doing it.

          Not everyone keeps what they promise.

          51. He acts elegantly in the face of his ignorance. (Break it)

          Great life advice.

          52. This heart that beats and thinks of you every day, I could never forget you because you will always be in me.

          When that special someone goes deep inside you.

          53. Against fortune there is no art.

          When you shape your luck, no one can stop you.

          54. Just as iron cannot be frozen, my heart cannot forget you.

          A promise of eternity I remember.

          55. The naughty puppy doesn’t want cheese because he likes the bone.

          About those bold people.

          56. He who robs a thief has a hundred years of grace.

          Do you think that’s true?

          57. Bridge of my loneliness through the eyes of my death, your waters go to the sea, to the sea from which it does not return. (Emilio Prados)

          This love lost forever.

          58. My life, my life, the world and color, my life, my life, silences and song. (Facundo Cabral)

          Life is made up of good times and bad times.

          59. He who apologizes accuses himself.

          There are many excuses for not taking responsibility.

          60. The whale looks like a mermaid.

          They all have beauty.

          61. With glories, memories are forgotten. (popular proverb)

          There are those whose fame blinds them to the point of losing their humanity.

          62. In the solitude of silence, I wonder the reasons, as was the beginning, of these beautiful emotions.

          Loves we don’t know how they started.

          63. A greedy heart has no rest.

          Greedy people are never satisfied.

          64. I’m going to be honest with you: I don’t want the moon, the sky, the gold, or the diamonds… I just want to see you smile.

          When you really love someone, their smile fills you up completely.

            65. You will learn to fly, but they will not steal your flight; you will learn to dream, but they will not dream your dream. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

            Be an inspiration, not to be imitated but to be better.

            66. Whoever follows it, gets it.

            If you seek, you can find.

            67. How sad it is to walk and not know where to go, but the saddest thing is to love you and not be able to tell you.

            There are those who prefer to keep their love a secret.

            68. Don’t hate me for loving you, hate me for forgetting you.

            When you forget a person, you also forget how we feel about them.

            69. I sell advice and I don’t have it.

            Has this happened to you?

            70. When you look at the stars, remember me, because in each of them there is a kiss for you.

            A beautiful message of love.

            71. Love me this year, love me every season and keep all those beautiful emotions in a corner.

            A love that wants to be eternal.

            72. If you give me fortune, don’t take away my reason, if you give me success, don’t take away my humility, if you give me humility, don’t take away my dignity. (Mahatma Gandhi)

            Every time you win something, you run the risk of losing something else.

            73. It is wise to forgive insults and forget grievances. (popular proverb)

            Resentment affects us more than the person who created it.

            74. Everyone talks about the fair according to the way it takes place there.

            Everyone’s experiences are different.

            75. The thrill of undressing and slowly uncovering the fire; the rite of caressing by setting fire. (Jeanne-Manuel Serrat)

            This emotion of abandoning oneself body and soul.

            76. How sad the moon is when the sun does not accompany it, how sad you are when your love deceives you.

            There are those who, even victims of infidelity, cling to their relationship.

            77. You are what I always think about, with every thought I always fall in love. (Juan Santa Cruz)

            Love begins in our head.

            78. Love without jealousy is not given by the heavens.

            Jealousy can end any relationship.

            79. As a friend I met you, as a friend I looked at you and one day without thinking about you I fell in love with you.

            It is very common for friends to fall in love.

            80. Everywhere I went I fell for reason, scoffed at virtue, scoffed at justice, and sold women. (José Zorrilla)

            An act of wickedness continues.

            81. Blue is the sky, blue is the sea, and fire is the kiss I want to give you.

            An interesting comparison of passions.

            82. Before you get married, watch what you do.

            Marriage brings out the true character of couples.

            83. Love hurts, without you it rains until it gets wet, love hurts, without you it hurts to kill, love hurts, without you everything is so Grey. (Alex Sinteck)

            When that special someone isn’t around, everything seems to be in shadow.

            84. The water you don’t have to drink, let it flow.

            Give up what you don’t commit to.

            85. The warmth of your hands, the shelter of my skin, the bonfires are your eyes, your face my honey.

            When you complete yourself perfectly with someone.

            86. You cannot change your heart like a hat without suffering first. (Andres Calamaro)

            All lost love needs its mourning.

            87. Don’t think I love you, because I really love you more than you think.

            Everyone knows how much he really loves.

            88. If I were the sea and you a rock, I would raise the tide, to kiss your mouth.

            What can you do for love?

            89. A dead king, a dead king.

            When someone misses an opportunity, someone else seizes it.

            90. Don’t give up that life is that, keep on the journey, chase your dreams. (Mario Benedetti)

            Life is an eternal journey.

            91. To another dog with this bone.

            When someone tries to trick you.

            92. Sighs and perfumes in the shade of the branches. (Juan Ramon Jimenez)

            Hidden loves.

            93. Each teacher has his booklet.

            Everyone has their tactics for success.

            94. I need you, like the sunlight, in this cold winter, to give me your warmth. (Amaral)

            When that person becomes the most important thing in your life.

            95. There is another world of palm trees and horses, where man alone owns what he does with his hands. (Facundo Cabral)

            A world of fantasy or reality?

            96. The liturgy of farewells, the stray bullet that comes for me, the nostalgia that soured the flight, the soundtrack of what I’ve been through. (Fito Paez and Joaquin Sabina)

            That moment when we realize how much we have lost.

            97. If you go to the fridge and only find one tomato, remember that your love is a crazy auction.

            A rhyme that connects two different things.

            98. You won’t go to bed without knowing one more thing.

            Every day we learn something new.

            99. By mouth, only porcelain and charro. (Mexican proverb)

            A custom shared by Mexicans and Chinese.

            100. I dreamed that the fire was frozen and the air was burning, so dreaming impossible, I dreamed that you loved me.

            Of these loves that one thinks, they are impossible.

            101. I have to pretend there are others. This is a lie. It’s just you. You, my misfortune and my fortune, inexhaustible and pure. (Jorge Luis Borges)

            When you are so attached to a love that it is impossible to think of anyone else.

            102. Zamba of my hope, grateful as a will, dream, dream of the soul, which sometimes dies without blossoming. (Luis H. Morales)

            Not all dreams come true.

            103. Late in the dark garden, a butterfly arrived late, turning the depressing summer evening into a miraculous dawn. (José Angel Buesa)

            About those who give us hope.

            104. Dew, which does not can’t be called peep.

            Those who get upset when you don’t tell them what they want to hear.

            105. Teach me that forgiveness is a sign of greatness and revenge is a sign of smallness. (Mahatma Gandhi)

            Forgiveness keeps you going, while revenge gets you nowhere.

            106. If I love you it’s because you are my love my accomplice and everything and in the street side by side we are much more than two. (Mario Benedetti)

            These loves that are partners in crime.

            107. Grateful for life, I looked up to the sky and felt blessed.

            A moment of inner realization.

            108. Seeing the blooming rose is my favorite thing in this life.

            Take care of the nature around you.

            109. I have a pity that does not let me fall asleep and that is that for you I could give up all my desires.

            Would you be able to give up everything for love?

            110. The poet forged in his mind verses of love and pain, darts of silk and steel, which he nailed to my heart. (Miguel Angel Yusta)

            Love and pain go together.

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