The 110 Most Inspirational Age Phrases

Time is relentless because it never stops no matter how we decide to enjoy what we have; and there is no better way to see this than by seeing how a person grows.

Age is a symbol of what we learn as we change throughout life, which is why many famous weighers, artists and intellectuals have thought about it throughout history. You will therefore find in this article a selection of the best phrases about agecommented.

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    The best phrases about age

    It is said that with age we become wiser, and this happens as long as we can live happily and learn from our mistakes to improve ourselves. To reflect on this, we bring in this article the best phrases about age.

    1. Memory and time move in opposite directions. (William Gibson)

    An appreciation of the nature of memory.

    2. All my possessions for a while longer. (Elizabeth I)

    Time cannot be bought.

    3. Old tickets, new games. (Anonymous)

    You shouldn’t stop solving one problem because it can lead to a bigger one.

      4. Never waste the years a woman takes, they will end up with any of their friends. (Chinese proverb)

      Removing his age does not affect his age.

      5. I think that at fifty, everyone has the face they deserve. (George Orwell)

      Each stage of life is unique and must be lived fully.

      6. Why will God put the best of all life in the beginning? (Victor Hugo)

      There are no problems in childhood, we only think about playing.

      7. Neither April without flowers, nor youth without love. (Anonymous)

      In every period of life, there are loves to remember.

      8. At twenty, a man is a peacock; at thirty, a lion; at forty, a camel; at fifty, a serpent; at sixty, a dog; at seventy, a monkey; at eighty, nothing. (Baltasar Gracian)

      Each stage that man lives has its teachings.

      9. In old age, sleep shortens and grunts lengthen. (Anonymous)

      As we age, we stop sleeping and grumbling.

      10. Age is no obstacle. It is a limitation that you put in your mind. (Anonymous)

      Age knows no bounds, spirit does.

      11. Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, that’s okay. (Mark Twain)

      Only you can decide whether age affects you or not.

      12. Age is not counted in intervals of time, it matures at the end of time, in the sealed count of the unfathomable passage of time. (José Carlos Valverde Sanchez)

      Life has its way of teaching us to mature.

      13. Shameless self-promotion for ballistic products.

      Childhood and old age have their charms.

      14. Time, which changes everything, also changes our character; each era has its pleasures, its particular genius and its customs. (Nicolas Boileau)

      Each age brings its own lesson.

      15. After all, you have to feel young: it doesn’t matter at what age you decide to be young. (Henry Duvernois)

      Feeling young is not a question of age, but of attitude towards life.

      16. If the young man knew and the old man could, there would be nothing that could not be done.

      The young man is old, but not experienced, and the old man is experienced, but not enough time.

      17. Youth: a treasure that can be had at any age, even among young people. (Adrien Decourcelle)

      Youth is a treasure that young people do not know how to take advantage of.

      18. Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind. (german german)

      Being young is not associated with appearance, but with spirit.

      19. Each age has its own fruits; you have to know how to pick them up. (Raymond Radiguet)

      Man rarely knows how to live his life in the right way.

        20. At twenty, they all have the face that God has given them; at forty the face that gave them life and at sixty the one they deserve. (Albert Schweitzer)

        Age is reflected in the face.

        21. When there are new saints, the old ones don’t work miracles.

        Refers to new friends or acquaintances.

        22. You are old when you have more joy for the past than for the future. (John Knittel)

        Older days are usually better.

        23. Time is the most precious thing a person can spend (Theophrastus)

        There is no need to waste time unnecessarily because it cannot be recovered

        24. Those who love deeply never grow old, may die of old age but die young (Arthur Wing Pinero)

        Love rejuvenates.

        25. To idle youth, industrious old age.

        If you don’t work in your youth, you spend a lot of work in old age.

        26. Five minutes is enough to dream a lifetime, as time is relative. (Mario Benedetti)

        Time cannot be measured, which for one is a century, for others a minute.

        27. Love is space and time measured by the heart. (Marcel Prout)

        There is no age to love.

        28. If you are old, don’t try to change yourself, change your environment.

        If you can’t change your inside, focus on the outside.

        29. Young people may not know how bad they feel and feel, but old people are responsible if they forget what it means to be young.

        We must never forget the years of youth.

        30. At the age of forty, illness comes easily.

        Over the years, diseases appear.

        31. Childhood companions keep getting old. (Graham Greene)

        They don’t age when the memories are in effect.

        32. Let’s not waste time; Maybe they were nicer, but this is ours. (Jean paul Sartre)

        You don’t have to dwell on the past, the present is worth it.

          33. From the age of forty, do not wet your belly. (Proverb)

          From a certain age, gravity takes effect.

          34. There is always something in us that does not mature with age. (Jacques Benigne Bossuet)

          Every man bears a child who has not matured.

          35. As you get older, you become more cautious and go crazy. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

          Old age is a very beautiful stage where reason and madness reign.

          36. We barely understand ruins until the day we become one ourselves. (Heinrich Heine)

          We only understand when we are going through a problem.

          37. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. (Steve Jobs)

          Accept your life as it is.

          38. How we spend our time defines who we are. (Jonathan Estrin)

          We are responsible for what we do.

          39. Don’t stop laughing because you’re getting old. You get old because you stop laughing. (Maurice Chevalier)

          Laughter gives life and rejuvenates.

          40. Old spirits are like old horses; you have to exercise them if you want to keep them in good working order. (John Adams)

          We must at all times prepare and acquire knowledge.

          41. After a certain age, we began to wear a mask for protection and safety. Over time, this mask sticks to your face and cannot be removed. (Paulo Coelho)

          We must always be ourselves regardless of our age.

          42. Age alone does not make anyone better or wiser, it only accentuates what everyone has always been. (Isabelle Allende)

          Unconscious age makes no sense.

          43. To live too long is to lose even memories. (Jacques Chardonne)

          With age, the spirit fades.

          44. The philosophy of one age has become the absurdity of the next, and the folly of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow. (William Osler)

          All ages have their lessons.

          45. We all yearn to be old and we all deny that we have come. (Francisco de Quevedo and Villegas)

          We all want to grow up, but when we do, we deny its existence.

          46. ​​A beautiful old age is the reward of a beautiful life. (Pythagoras)

          You have to live old age with dignity.

          47. A lot of people don’t make it to eighty because they try to stay in their forties too long. (Salvador Dali)

          You always have to move forward.

          48. Old age is an irrevocable condemnation. (Marcello Mastrolanni)

          All human beings go towards old age, there is no turning back.

            49. The past limits us, but the future scares us. The only safe place is the present (Isaac Lopez)

            The here and now is what really matters.

            50. You can’t help but get older, but you don’t have to grow up. (Anonymous)

            Old age can be experienced with youth.

            51. Time changes everything except something in us that is always surprised by change. (Thomas Hardy)

            As time is dynamic, nothing stays the same.

            52. Count your age in friends, not years. Count your life for smiles, not tears. (John Lennon)

            If you have a lot of friends and you have laughed a lot, then you have lived to the full.

            53. Everyone is the age of their heart. (C. Alfred D’Houdetot)

            Age is not in the physical but in the heart.

            54. How insane is the man who lets sterile time pass. (Goethe)

            Never waste time with nonsense.

            55. Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength. (Betty Friedan)

            Old age is a new youth, but with experience.

            56. When we are young, we lose our youth wanting to grow up and when we grow up, we mourn the lost youth. Forget it, live the years you have. (Javier Berger)

            Don’t waste time regretting the past, live your life today.

            57. That the years pass very quickly? Yes, for the elderly. (Knut Hamsun)

            The aging human being is the one who does not fully live his life.

            58. In youth the days are short and the years long; in old age the years are short and the days long. (Nikita Ivanovich)

            The young see life very long and the old very short.

            59. Enthusiasm is the daily bread of youth. Skepticism, the daily wine of old age. (Pearl S. Buck)

            The young live with enthusiasm and the old with distrust.

            60. If you let time pass without doing anything, you will quickly realize that you will only live once. (Anonymous)

            Every experience is a learning experience.

            61. The trick is to grow without getting old.

            Personal growth has nothing to do with age.

            62. Youth is immoderate in its desires. (Emile Zola)

            Young people are very unbridled in their desires.

            63. The past was youth and joy: the present, nostalgia and wisdom. (Barbara Apolonia Chanupiec)

            Old age is a time of nostalgia, but full of wisdom.

              64. Adolescence was the only time in my life when I learned something. (Marcel Prout)

              For many people, adolescence was a time of learning.

              65. Blessed is he who was young in his youth, happy he who knew how to mature in time. (Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin)

              Maturation comes when we know how to appreciate our experiences.

              66. Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind. (german german)

              Being young is not only a question of years, but of attitude.

              67. Age is not measured in years. Some people are born old and tired, while others are full of energy in their 60s. (Dorothy Thompson)

              Youth is not for young people and old age is not for old people.

              68. How old would you be if you didn’t know your date of birth and didn’t have doomed calendars committed to depression once a year? (Jack Canfield)

              Age should not just be what we have, but what we think we have.

              69. A man is not old until remorse has replaced his dreams. (John Barrymore)

              Until repentance comes, man does not mature.

              70. He who stops learning is old, whether he is 20 or 80 years old. He who continues to learn stays young. (Henry Ford)

              Knowledge keeps both mind and body young.

              71. In all our actions, fair value and respect for time determine success or failure. (Malcolm X)

              We have to accept our age, it depends on success.

              72. The problem is that you think you have time. (Buddha)

              As long as we believe we have life, anything is possible.

              73. Each age of life is new to us; Regardless of our age, we always suffer from inexperience. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

              Every stage of life is full of hope and knowledge.

              74. In old age, customs become tyrannical. (Gustave Flaubert)

              Old age can be very difficult to manage.

              75. Age is just a number, something to put on the records. Man cannot withdraw his experience, he must use it. With experience, more is achieved with less energy. (Bernard M. Baruch)

              The years we have are only a number, experience and knowledge are worth much more.

              76. You are the age you want to be, and also the money age you are. (Jean Anouilh)

              The chronological age is different from that reached artificially.

              77. It is healthy to unclog the pipes of memory and finish making peace with whatever is left. (Maria Duenas)

              Maturing is about facing mistakes and accepting the consequences.

              78. Young people are happy because they have the ability to see beauty. Anyone who retains the ability to see beauty does not age. (Franz Kafka)

              If you see the beauty in life, then you will never grow old.

              79. A woman’s age means nothing. The best melodies are played on the old violins.

              Women are beautiful at any age.

              80. Too many people think they have to live by the schedule.

              Do not live by your date of birth, but by each day lived.

              81. It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter the time, the greater our ability to wait. (Elisabeth Taylor)

              As you get older, life takes on a different perspective.

              82. Not old enough to tease, not young enough to shake.

              A young woman is as pretty as a mature woman.

              83. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. (Leo Tolstoy)

              If we are patient, time will not seem eternal.

              84. A fearless young man leaves no memories.

              The madness of youth is no longer in people’s minds.

                85. Do you love life? Because if you love life, waste no time, because time is the good of which life is made (Benjamin Franklin)

                Try to do productive things, avoid wasting time.

                86. Love is eternal, the appearance can change, but not the essence. (Jeff Zinnert)

                Your appearance may change, but not your soul.

                87. The coffin awaits the old and the young. (Anonymous)

                Anyone can die young or old.

                88. Tell someone how young you are! It’s also a way of telling him: how old are you. (Archibald Alexandre Leach)

                Youth and old age are only appearances.

                89. Age has its very healthy benefits too, it knocks down a lot of the alcohol we like to drink. (Andre Gide)

                Many excesses are committed during youth.

                90. Old age is not sad because our joys cease, but because our hopes end. (Johann Paul Friedrich Richter)

                Old age is the decline of life.

                91. Honestly, there shouldn’t be any closed doors. (Anonymous)

                Gray hair is not a sign of old age, but of love for life.

                92. His deeds are what make a man old. (Publication Ovidio Nason)

                A man is as old as his actions.

                93. A young man is in good health, even though he is eighty years old; and old and afflicted, though twenty years old.

                Being young does not guarantee good health, and old age does not mean sickness.

                94. It’s been a while since I was young. (Pablo Picasso)

                Being young takes effort and dedication.

                95. Maturity comes when you stop growing at the ends and start growing in the middle. (Anonymous)

                When you learn to value things and recognize that time has passed, maturity has entered our lives.

                96. Youth is the only defect that heals with age. (Anonymous)

                Youth is also over.

                97. Don’t protect yourself from age, that’s how you age. (Carmen Martin Gaite)

                Don’t deny your age, accept it with love.

                98. It’s kind of a tribute to say that someone 16 years younger than me finally helped me start playing age-appropriate.

                We can have friends of any age.

                99. Live life and forget your age. (Norman Vincent Peale)

                Live each day of your life as if you were just born.

                100. No one is as old as those who have survived the enthusiasm. (Henry David Thoreau)

                Madness is not just for young people.

                101. If you have too much time when you’re young, when you’re old, you hide. (Anonymous)

                When we are old, we want to do things that we often cannot do.

                102. Do you want to be invisible to men? To be poor. (Johann W. Goethe)

                Poverty makes time pass slowly.

                103. Each age gives us a different role. (Napoleon)

                What we are today is a reflection of yesterday.

                104. There is nothing more uncertain than the number of years of women said to be of a certain age. (Lord Byron)

                Women often lie about age

                105. The young to act and the old to advise. (Anonymous)

                Youth is to create and old age to inspire.

                106. I don’t feel old because I have so many years behind me, but because of how little I have ahead of me. (Ephraim Kison)

                At a certain age, the road becomes slower.

                107. Maybe time is measured in words. In the words that are said. And in which they are not said. (Dulce Chacon)

                Words are carried by the wind, so it does not determine time.

                108. She dreamed of being old enough to have time for many things. I didn’t want to be young, because I was wasting my time only loving. (Silvina Ocampo)

                Always invest your time in good things.

                109. The old man has nothing to say, neither the sun nor the house. (Anonymous)

                The elderly also have their stories.

                110. Age is a matter of a young man’s choice. (Hanuszkiewicz)

                Youth is the mood that always accompanies us.

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