The 115 best lonely phrases

Being alone sometimes can be positive, feeling lonely is one of the worst feelings a human being can have. In reality, people are social beings and no one likes to be isolated or marginalized.

In fact, according to a study from Brigham Young University, published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, feelings of loneliness even increase the risk of death by 26%. This percentage increases by 32% in cases where social isolation is not a perception, but a reality.

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    Loneliness phrases

    This negative feeling has inspired many writers or poets who have uttered many sentences on this subject. In this article you can find a list of the best phrases about loneliness.

    1. When we realize we are truly alone, it is when we need others the most.

    Sometimes we don’t value the people around us until we’ve lost them.

    2. The eternal search of the individual human being is to break his loneliness.

    Happiness and loneliness are antonyms.

    3. No one is really alone in this world: everyone has their own God, their own pain or their own pride to keep them company.

    Religious do not feel alone when they think of the divine.

    4. Man’s loneliness is nothing other than his fear of life

    Eugene O’Neill, a sentence that invites us to the deepest reflection.

    5. Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.

    No one likes to feel alone in this life.

    6. Connection is life; disconnection, death

    Feeling surrounded by people makes us happy.

    7. Everything is now gone light, heat, loneliness, last love …

    A poetic phrase that deals with loneliness in its most difficult to describe aspects.

    8. You are good and you will be alone

    Mark Twain gives us this beautiful irony.

    9. Writing is an antidote to loneliness

    If we want to stop feeling alone, Writing is the solution.

    10. We must live with our loneliness and the destiny that leads each person to the order of things

    Cecile from France. A reflection that we can share on loneliness.

    11. The great global project of our time is competition and that is why the individual remains largely alone in the world.

    Competition does not encourage teamwork, but individualism.

    12. Loneliness is proof that the innate search for connection is intact.

    Loneliness is an opportunity to connect with yourself.

    13. Novelty is a new kind of loneliness

    A curious quote from Wendell Berry that refers to the novelty.

    14. If we are alone, we become more alone. Life is weird

    I know Paulo Coelho, a philosopher on this subject.

    15. The worst thing about loneliness is that you have a face to face with yourself

    There are people who they are afraid to spend time alone with themselves.

    16. I want to be alone with someone else who wants to be alone

    A play on words by Dimitri Zaik on how to be without anyone to accompany us.

    17. Being alone is an opportunity to get to know yourself

    When we are alone, we can get to know each other.

    18. Poverty is clearly a source of emotional suffering, but there are others, such as loneliness.

    There is no doubt that loneliness can bring us sadness and suffering.

    19. Loneliness is the universal problem of the rich

    Money and greed they can lead us to loneliness.

    20. Loneliness is never more cruel than when you feel close to someone who has stopped communicating

    You can be in a relationship and feel very lonely.

    21. Love was a guest, loneliness is always the companion

    In fact, loneliness is a time when we are alone with ourselves.

    22. No one ever discovers the depths of their own loneliness

    Loneliness can be detrimental in the long run, as well as overwhelming.

    23. A person can feel lonely, even if many people want to be.

    A sentence from the “Journal of Anna Frank”.

    24. You did not leave me alone, that I am with me and I have had enough, as I always have been

    When they leave you, it’s time to find you.

    25. The loneliness begged you and the loneliness you gave me, and it is the joy of my sad existence

    A rhyme that speaks of loneliness and sadness.

    26. There is no loneliness higher, more cruel and closer than that of two loving bodies, their confusing ivy, their saliva and their dreams, their overflowing breath, their bones and their death.

    There is nothing worse than having a partner with whom you have no connection

    27. But the silence is true. This is why I write. I am alone and I write. No, I am not alone. There is someone here who is shaking

    A few words about loneliness with a poetic touch.

    28. Friendship with oneself is of the utmost importance, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone.

    There is no greater loneliness than the one who does not want himself.

    29. I only go out to renew the need to be alone

    Referring to the fact that the world is a hostile place and therefore it is better to be alone.

    30. Loneliness is a good place to meet, but a very bad place to stay

    It’s okay to spend time alone, but it’s not good to be like this for a long time.

    31. Loneliness is being surrounded by people and only thinking about what you lack

    You can have it all, but if you’re not with the person you love, you might not feel full.

    32. I’m alone but it’s not bad, on the contrary, this way I can protect those I want the most

    Loneliness can be positive if you know how to take advantage of it.

    33. Loneliness gives us the pleasure of good company: ours

    Loneliness is a time to connect with yourself.

    35. There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage

    There are times when it is better to be alone than married.

    36. Let’s not be fooled, we will always be alone, born alone and die alone

    A phrase that can elicit different opinions about the human condition and the trajectory of life.

    37. He who does not know how to be alone, does not know how to be happy

    When someone is afraid of himself, he is afraid of life.

    38. Loneliness is the only thing you find when you aren’t looking for it

    We are usually alone, although sometimes people accompany us.

    39. Loneliness is the person who always rejects us

    Feeling isolated is one of the worst experiences you can have.

    40. Solitude is only recommended for spiritual balances and to filter what remains

    Being alone can be a great time for personal reflection.

    41. Loneliness is not so sad, there are those who appreciate it.

    Being alone can be an opportunity to connect with our emotions.

    42. This is my loneliness, this is my moment of growth

    Being alone, we do things we wouldn’t do as a couple.

    43. Loneliness is not being able to speak with your heart

    When someone feels lonely, it is not the same as being alone.

    44. Better a poor horse than no horse at all

    A classic saying full of meaning.

    45. To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone

    When you are not accepted by others, loneliness challenges you.

    46. ​​Even the company of fools was better than being alone

    Sometimes you might think a business is good, even if it isn’t.

    47. Loneliness why fear? Could you be afraid to be with yourself?

    Unfortunately, there are people who are afraid to spend time with themselves.

    48. Seeing you when you wake up is a gift I think it can’t be

    When you love someone but can’t be with that person, it’s easy to fantasize.

    49. Who says that loneliness teaches us nothing, it is because he has never known it in its entirety, it teaches us how horrible we are and leads us to overcome. Loneliness is beyond any business. You just have to know how to look …

    Like any bad experience, loneliness you also learn.

    50. Loneliness is the worst disease

    A sentence that considers loneliness with pathology.

    51. Loneliness is the disease in which we think we are the only ones suffering from it

    The sadness of being alone makes us think we are miserable

    52. Loneliness is the fate of all excellent minds

    Arthur Schopenhauer sees a positive side in loneliness.

    53. My loneliness is the aimless voice which unconsciously cries out from the silence of my conscience

    When we’re alone the only voice we hear is that of our internal dialogue.

    54. A person can feel lonely and still have a lot of friends

    Feeling alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone.

    55. Loneliness is sometimes the best business

    A phrase similar to “better sun than bad company”.

    56. Cinema can fill the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness

    A good movie can make you have a good time when you are alone.

    57. What a pleasant surprise to discover that, after all, being alone doesn’t have to be lonely!

    You can be alone for different circumstances, however that does not mean that there are no people who love you.

    58. The best of all lives is filled loneliness

    A Voltaire reflection that makes you think.

    59. Loneliness is not so lonely, don’t you see what does not leave me?

    A meeting full of humor and sarcasm.

    60. It is easy to live according to the opinion of the world, it is easy to live in solitude according to us, but the great man is the one who, in the midst of the crowd, maintains with perfect serenity the independence of solitude .

    Whole people are the ones who decide for themselves, even in the most confusing times.

    61. Loneliness is not the most pleasant situation, but it can make you grow taller

    Spending time alone is ideal for reflecting on life.

    62. I have never found a companion who keeps me as good company as loneliness

    Loneliness can be used to put things in order.

    63. Nothing makes a room more empty than loving someone in it

    When you want someone and you don’t have it, it’s like you’re on your own.

    64. Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you need to be with yourself the most, the cruelest irony of life

    Douglas Coupland., A far-fetched but meaningful quote.

    65. Loneliness breaks out in the loveless world

    Where there is love, there can be no loneliness. They are incompatible.

    66. We believe that being an adult means being independent and not needing anyone. That’s why we all die of loneliness

    A sentence that talks about beliefs about adults and their relationship to loneliness.

    67. If you’re afraid of loneliness, don’t get married

    A beautiful irony by Anton Chekhov, according to which marriage makes us lonely.

    68. The strongest man in the world is the loneliest

    Loneliness can make you grow and empower you.

    69. Loneliness and the feeling of not being loved are the greatest of poverty

    The great Mother Teresa of Calcutta left us appointments like this.

    70. There is no loneliness in which one does not live as a hobby

    Every now and then we all need to relax and be alone.

    71. My inspirations are femininity, friendship and loneliness

    A phrase from singer Enrique Iglesias. Loneliness is a source of inspiration for writing lyrics.

    72. Why am I writing? It’s not that I want people to think I’m smart, or even that I’m a good writer. I write because I want to end my loneliness

    Writing is a way to convey our feelings to others.

    73. Encounters and, at the same time, solitude, are the conditions of a writer’s life.

    Jerzy Kosinski, counting what it is the daily life of writers and their usual isolation.

    74. A person can feel lonely even though a lot of people like him.

    Although many love you, if you know that the person you want is not for you, you can feel very lonely.

    75. One of the things that reading does is make your loneliness manageable if you are essentially a single person.

    There is nothing better when you are alone than devouring a good book.

    76. Leadership is the flip side of loneliness, and one who is a leader must act alone and accept himself alone.

    People who exercise leadership are often left alone.

    77. I am not much, but I am all that I have. Me and my loneliness.

    One can have a lot of material things, but he never ceases to be himself when he is alone.

    78. People who lead lonely lives always have something in mind that they are eager to talk about.

    We all have to relate to others. At least if we want to be happy.

    79. Being with someone and feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world

    In reference to a relationship. Have a partner though hearing it makes us miserable.

    80. I locked myself in solitude. It was a tough fence I lived in. They said of me that I am proud. But that’s not true, they misunderstood me. Loneliness is a working condition for me.

    Pride can make us lose loved ones. Better put it aside.

    81. No one would choose an existence without friends in exchange for all the other things in life

    Friends are one of the most amazing things a human being can appreciate. A real treasure.

    82. Nothing makes us more lonely than our secrets

    Our inner world is ours. Here we can be alone.

    83. I approach the autumn maple trees and loneliness comes over me

    Another of the sayings about loneliness that have a poetic touch.

    84. We find ourselves in loneliness with sadness

    You cannot be happy to live in absolute solitude.

    85. Loneliness is a consolation for a sad soul, who annoys those around him like a wounded deer leaves his herd, to take refuge in a cave in which he will ring or die.

    When we consider the world to be unfair, we can come to isolate ourselves and find ourselves alone.

    86. He who stays with himself for a long time is degraded

    Being alone for a long time is degrading.

    87. I killed a spider: “Cold night loneliness!

    a sentence extract from a poem by Masaoka Shiki, A Japanese poet.

    88. You are not alone without me. My loneliness accompanies you. I banned, you absent. Which of the two has a homeland?

    A quote from screenwriter and filmmaker Manuel Altolaguirre, in reference to a passionate love.

    89. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than bad with someone

    Another variation of the popular saying “better to be alone than in bad company”.

    90. For most people, war is the end of loneliness. For me it’s infinite loneliness

    A memorable quote from Albert Camus, about war and its effects on people.

    91. Citizen life: millions of people living together in solitude

    An iron criticism of modern societies.

    92. Fame does not end loneliness

    You can be famous and have a lot of money and feel extremely powerless and the sun.

    93. The social instinct of men is not based on the love of society, but on the fear of loneliness

    Arthur Schopenhauer, we humans are panicking about being alone.

    94. Sometimes being surrounded by everyone is most lonely, because you realize that there is no one to turn to.

    You can have a lot of acquaintances and find yourself without friends.

    95. A warrior of light uses loneliness, but is not used to it

    We can decide to be alone with ourselves or they can reject us and make us feel lonely.

    96. Loneliness is a condition that can be changed. People can feel lonely, even in a crowd

    We have the ability to relate to other people and enjoy life in the company of others.

    97. Just think of the loneliness of others not to feel alone

    Not everyone lives a perfect life, even if they claim to.

    98. A man’s worth is measured by the degree of loneliness he can endure

    Friedrich Nietzsche on the floor. Courageous men are not afraid to be alone.

    99. I have never found a companion more sociable than solitude

    A Clear Irony by Henry D. Thoreau. Loneliness is always with us.

    100. Loneliness is a great force that preserves many dangers.

    A quote from Herni Dominique Lacordaire that makes you think deeply about the meaning of loneliness.

    101. Sometimes silence is the loudest thing in the room.

    Silence can sometimes say more than words.

    102. Memories do not populate our loneliness, as they say; rather on the contrary, they make it deeper

    When we’re alone memories can make us sadder.

    103. Rousseau thought that it was good to be alone sometimes and that perhaps our natures blossomed with the greatest purity on these occasions.

    Seine Jeter Naslund in reference to the words of Rousseau.

    104. Fame always brings loneliness. Success is as cold as ice and lonely as the North Pole

    Fame can cause people to relate to us in a more superficial way.

    105. I was overwhelmed by the loneliness of his person, and at the same time I believed to see in him an infinite abyss which I could not help but look at.

    When there is no connection with someone, the distance between the two hearts is very far.

    106. Loneliness is in the mind what diet in the body

    The Marquis de Vauvenargues adds a positive moral charge to the idea of ​​loneliness.

    107. The worst loneliness is realizing that people are fools

    A sour phrase from the writer Gonzalo Torrent Ballester.

    108. I feel lonely when I look for a hand and find only the fists

    Ralph Bunche talks about how violence isolates us.

    109. Loneliness is the empire of consciousness

    Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer speaks of loneliness as a place where there is only the consciousness of “I”

    110. In solitude, one finds nothing other than what is brought to solitude

    Juan Ramón Jiménez talks about the limited potential that we find in this state.

    111. Loneliness is admired and desired when there is no pain

    This reflection of Carmen Martín Gaite underlines that our state of mind conditions our vision of things.

    112. Loneliness is the great cutter of the mind

    Federico García Lorca explains how loneliness affects us.

    113. Nothing can be done alone

    Picasso questions the idea that we exist isolated from the rest.

    114. Man alone is a beast or a god

    Aristotle offers a curious dichotomy.

    115. I only go out to renew the need to be alone

    A line on humorous loneliness, by Lord Byron.

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