The 16 best famous quotes of Parmenides from Elea

Parmenides of Elea (530 BC – 450 BC) was a brilliant Greek philosopher born in Elea, present-day Italy.

Author of only one written work, he brought about a revolution in the thought of the time which influenced later thinkers, such as Empedocles, Anaxagoras and even Plato.

Great phrases of Parmenides

In this article, we will deepen the philosophy described by Parmenides and his legacy.. Through the best phrases of Parmenides, we will discover his vision of matter, life and death.

These are somewhat cryptic and convoluted aphorisms, so knowing how to correctly interpret each of his famous quotes requires a detailed analysis of his theories.

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1. And what need would have prompted him to be born sooner or later, out of nothing?

About existence.

2. There is only one clear path left: ie. And on this path, signs abound.

The path of life and its questions.

3. The same remains in the same, and rests in itself.

A sample of his philosophy of matter.

4. The same can and can be smart.

Completely consistent with the previous sentence.

5. A single story remains as a path: the Being is.

Reflection on the subject.

6. I don’t care where you start; because there I will return.

Cryptic sentence of Parmenides of Elea on the non-existence of mutability.

7. You will know the ethereal nature and, also in the ether, all the signs and destructive effects of the pure and clear torch of the sun and where they were generated.

One of the concepts developed by this Greek thinker: Ether.

8. For there is and there will be nothing other than what it is.

Another sentence from Parmenides in which he tells us the question.

9. The same can and can be smart.

If we can apprehend it, maybe it is a being.

10. The mares that carry me as far as my spirit within reach carried me when, leading me, they led me on the sign-abundant path of the goddess.

Incredible metaphor taken from his poetic work.

11. Everything there has always existed. Nothing can come out of nothing. And something that exists cannot become anything either.

A sample of his philosophical monism, which opposes the constant change proposed by Heraclitus.

12. Reason will eventually be right.

Brutal aphorism of Parmenides in which he guarantees us that the truth will prevail.

13. The universe, for those who knew how to cover it from a single point of view, would not be, if I could say it, more than a single fact and a great truth.

Another of these sentences of Parmenides of Elea in which he clearly shows us his monistic vision of the existing.

14. Music that does not describe something is nothing more than noise.

A famous quote about music.

15. War is the art of destroying men, politics is the art of deceiving them.

Impressive political and communicative reflection.

16. The same is to think and to be.

We close this list of Parmenides’ thoughts with this almost identical sentence.

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